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Got a quick question: Does anyone know where to get some good coupons for Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Yep. It happened. The @#$% scale finally crossed over. I saw goal last Friday, but hesitated to declare in case it was not real.

Stayed at or under 200 since.

Wahoo! Tomorrow's my "official" weigh-in day, but had to declare tonight..

I've not seen under 200 in literally decades. Nutrisystem has transformed my life and that's not hyperbole. More energy, respect, happiness, etc, etc, etc. Even though it's "only" been 85 on NS, it's been over 100 from the 300+ I was at for the past 5 or more years. Wow, what a feeling!.

I've been more or less stuck scale-wise since picking up serious weight training. Loss per week when lifting were: 0,2,2,1,1. I stopped lifting and hit the cardio and dropped 5 lbs in one week - this week. Prior to lifting, I averaged closer to 3/week, even with deviations. So.. Yes, Lucy, muscle building will slow scale loss, but since Muscle weighs more than fat, that's all good.

I just had to see that stupid magic goal number, so switched back to cardio briefly, saw goal and started lifting again today. It's amazing how you can learn to tailer your eating and exercise to do whatever you want to do!.

Now that that's out of my system, here comes the hard part. The * part..

This is the beginning of the rest of my life. Where will I be 1 year from now? That's the BIG question!! This goal thing is cool, but it's really a starting line, not a finish line..

*I plan to stay on NS, but be more free with deviations. For example, my daughter is bringing our grandkids here for 4 days next week and we have cookouts and boating trips lined up. I plan to enjoy my time with them and eat whatever (I know, BAD idea - but I'm gonna!). When they're gone, back 100% until our August beach week..

So. My goal for July is to end up the month at 200 or below. Basically stabilize the scale as I continue to lift and to enjoy summer family events. I plan to keep on losing fat until my waist size is = or < hip size. I'm 1/2" from that goal, but that takes a lot more time than pounds do. If I were not lifting, I should to to 185 or so, but since I am, I'm going to let the waist be the guide, not the @#$% scale!! I'm DONE with the tyranny of that @#$% thing! (except for the 200 top limit - I don't need THAT much more muscle!).

Sorry to ramble, but I've learned so much about my body, have accomplished so much, and am so excited by the future, I just had to vent..

I've learned that Nutrisystem is key to my success. I in no way could have done it without NS. I also feel that there is no way I can maintain w/out NS. I know you're supposed to learn portion control, etc, but I'm so compulsive, I don't think I can. I plan to stay on it for as long as I need it - perhaps for life on a 5 day/week basis. I'll continue to hang around here to keep me honest, to offer advice and encouragement as appropriate (or inappropriate as the case may be) and because I like it here.

Thanks. Really. Thanks..

Hey - Daoneth - my 34's are no longer as tight as they were! How do you like the vew now, Loser!.


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Yep, there are some Nutrisystem promo codes available. Great opportunity to save mola on Nutrisystem now. I suggest you to register for their emails so you can use their most up-to-date coupons. They usually mail once a week or 2..

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Gordon - if you are wearing 34" pants then it's not that your waist is too big; it's that your ass is too small. Congratulations...

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My hats off to you..

Congradulations my friend..

Now the hard part starts!..

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Gordon -.

Congratulations! Keep up the good work as you enter the maintenance phase!..

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Thanks all!.

Happy - you made me laugh with that one!.

Steve - It's About Time! Nice boat!! I'm a trailer boater who sometimes runs down to Elk Neck to put in and has been in the Peach Bottom pond often. Not too far from where I'm guessing you are. I'm just now getting our boat out when the kids come to visit this weekend. I used to start skiing season on Easter Sunday!.

Anyway - Today is the starting line for me on the next leg of the journey. Appreciate all the support..


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Way to go Gorden, I know exactly how you feel.

Welcome to Maintenance!..

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Congrats Gordon. Glad that exercise is also part of your life...

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Congratulations Gordon! Man that is really awesome, and you look great, (er, in a totally straight kind of way. How about those Bears?)!.





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I'm with you on the "starting line" concept. I was down to where I am now just two years ago and regained 60 freaking pounds (almost 30 in three months) so the idea of maintaining my hard fought victory is, indeed, daunting. I am "stalled" now with my weight loss. In fact I "magically" gained three pounds since yesterday! I know it's just my newly exercised muscles holding on to the water they need to do their thing but the scale has such a hold on me it's hard to shake..

Guys our age have every right to be excited about our success. After all, we're going against the grain here. Most men seem to be comfortable with the idea of reduced mobility, energy, ability, etc. and an increased waist line as they reach middle age (50). I have NOT been happy there so I'm very pleased with what I have been able to do. So, I'm also very excited for your success..

I liked your comment about tailoring our eating to meet our particular needs. I am working to learn the intricate details about how best to accomplish that and am planning to use that knowledge to keep me steady on my maintenance regimen..

I would like to encourage you to remember what got you where you are now as you consider your celebration with your grandkids. Remember, you're a role model. How you use food now will go a long way to teaching these youngsters a proper and healthy respect and appreciation for food..

Allow your relationship with your grandkids to refuel your soul and eat food to refuel your body..

Congrats and best wishes on this new phase of a lifelong journey...

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Congrats Gordon! Be sure to call Nutrisystem and make sure they send you the yellow "Goal" bear. It seems like you just started. Fantastic discipline!..

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Wow... That is fantastic. It's must be a great feeling!..

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Congrats on reaching your goal! you look great!.


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Great Job Gordon!! You have done an.


Job sticking to the plan and making it work for you. I see nothing but continued success in your future...

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