Does anyone work for Nutrisystem as a consultant?

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Question I have... Does anyone work for Nutrisystem as a consultant? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I am 45 years old 6'0" 265.

Got to 198 4 years ago on no carbs and no exercise..

This time I am trying Nutrisystem and exercise. looking to go to 195..

I really do not know what I am supposed to do other then order the food and eat it..

Any help anyone can give me would be great...

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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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Don't sit around waiting for your food. Start today! Start thinking about every single thing you eat before you eat it and start exercising daily. Walk 20 min a day minimum. You'll have a good jump in the right direction by the time you get your box. It's not the food as much as it is your ability to make up your mind and do the right thing that will ultimatly help you the most..

Welcome in!..

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Welcome to Nutrisystem bdc4u!!.

While you are waiting for your food, please check out our community! There's lots of help and support available here! You may want to check out the General Forum as well. Good luck with the program and have a nice day!..

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You can also start putting a routine in place and working out some logistics. For me, planning ahead what I was going to eat, and when, kept me out of a lot of trouble..

Think about where you will store food during the day so that you can have 5 meals, i.e. breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner. Make sure you have a place to keep salad fixings, paper plates, utensils, etc. at work. Get rid of any junk food that might be in the house. Make sure you have significant other's support, or at least that they won't be sabotaging you.

Place water bottles at the locations you frequent, work, home, etc. You should plan on drinking a gallon or more per day, so work out when that will be..

I think it's important to also devote some time thinking about what your goals are, why you're doing this. Like for me, it's about a lot more than just a number on a scale. It's about being a good example for my two small boys, being healthy, and being able to participate in the sports I like. Use this time to get focused, make a plan, and you'll be better able to stick with the program when things get tough, (although you'll be surprised really how easy it is)..





Comment #4

Even though you don't have the food yet, start eating on the same schedule. Look at the planner on this website and work out a breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and desert. Eating smaller amounts at smaller intervals is a big part of what makes this plan work. So is the water. Start drinking more than the recommended amount to get a head start on becoming accustomed to that too...

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As is usually the case, the men of this forum have hit the mark and given you some excellent advise. I would only add by having you take lots of.

Before pictures.

And get your.


In just a couple of short months you will be totally amazed at your progress. Keep the pictures handy to remind yourself of why you began the journey..

Welcome Aboard...

Comment #6

Bdc4u - You really need to get the grocery item list and look at it before your food arrives. Follow Hugebear's advice and get rid of the junk food in your house. That food needs to be replaced with these grocery items. Everytime my wife asks me for grocery list items it's always the same, bags of salad, frozen fruits and vegetables, apples, yogurt. I remember my first day. I was not prepared.

Also, take stock of your plastic containers. You are going to need a couple of days worth..

Evil Jeff is right, go ahead and start doing some cardio. Figure out your routines both for cardio and weight training..

Start drinking water. Somewhere on this board I got the forumla of drinking 1/2 oz of water for every pound I weighed. This has really worked for me. You need to determine if you need to buy water or a tap filter if your are that particular..

Start weighing yourself regularly. I weigh myself daily. A lot of people disagree with that frequently, but again that works for me..

Finally, prepare yourself to stick with the plan 100% for the first month. No excuses either. You will be amazed at your resluts and how easy it will be..

By the way, welcome to NS...

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Welcome! I am not going to say anything different. I will just place it in one place for you: 1) start drinking lot's of water now! 2) grocery store for fruits, salad, salad dressing (Low fat), and yogurt. 3) think 5 small meals a day..

Comment #8

If you live alone...Throw away/give away all the craptastic food you have stored up in that bear den you call a home. Any white food, gone. That means sugar, rice, flour, salt and anything that contains these...GONE!.

Now, go to the store, buy ....


Salad stuff.

Many veggie items.

FF yogurt/FF milk.

1 loaf of 40 cal bread.

Walden's no calorie dressing.

Many cans of 'no sodium added' mushrooms (and/or raw).



Lots of spices.

Do what these wise guys say and post/lurk daily..


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Welcome and Enjoy...I too am 45, 5'10" and started at 265...Currently I have just broke into the 2teens.

....I agree start now and drink all the water plus,,,,fresh fruits and vegtables...think of it as fuel...put crap in the tank and you run like crap...put the good stuff in and it's all good. It is as easy as order the food and eat it...that is what I I am riding my mtn bike and training for a 50 mile endurance race...never felt better...I will be reducing the BP cholesteral meds...this month...

This WILL chage your life!!!.

I tried atkins, Jenny Craig etc...This is the best!..

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Well today is officially day one. Made it through so far. Just have dinner and Snack left. I am really amazed at the amount of food I have eaten today. No hunger problems at all...

Comment #11

Big salads. Even when not hungry. They prevent straying...

Comment #12

Great report! Stick hard to the program for a month, be amazed at your loss, get psyched, and join us LOSERS all the way to the goal line and beyond!.


Comment #13

Well middle of Day two. So far so good. It is a little hard to get all the food in. This morning I am driving to work drinking Coffee and eating the apple strudel. Then off to a meeting at 8 as I am eating my blueberries and Cottage cheese. End of meeting and driving back eating yogurt and mandarin oranges.

I am feeling that I might not always be able to get the meals in and I am wondering if it is okay to skip a snack if I miss it and just go straight to lunch? Also How important is the evening snack? and last is it that important that I eat these meals at set times?..

Comment #14

The Dietitians are going to tell you to eat every 2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism cranked up in the burn mode and to avoid the "starvation mode" thing..

That being said the plan is very flexible and can be incorporated into any schedule...

Comment #15

You should eat all the food. Eating at specific times is not mandatory but you need to space these meals out throughout the day. That makes a difference in the way your body feels...

Comment #16

I'm glad I found this thread. I started a few days ago. So far so good. I like the shopping lists. I am lactose intolerant so I get Lactose Free skim plus FF milk. It's actually pretty good! I don't have a scale, so when it says "1 oz" for sandwich meat, is that about 2 slices or so?.

Congrats on the races D_W..

Comment #17

Day 2 down. Tomorrow is going to be a challenge. Must be on the road by 7 am for a 2 hour drive. Meeting from 10 am until 1 pm, Ill be passing on the catered lunch. 2 hour drive home. Just in time for afternoon snack Then to the lake to drive the boat for my sons practice.

Home at 7:30, Is it okay to eat that late?Probably about 8 pm..

Comment #18

You can eat late. Pack the cooler well with stuff that is safe to eat in the car also. I find raw veggies (like a bell pepper eaten just like an apple or cut into strips) are easy to consume when driving...

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Hey bdc4u, You got your ticker working! Cool. Bookmark w8book and make weekly entries. It'll fill in over time..

For a schedule like you've got, I always throw a bunch of the easy Nutrisystem items - bfast and lunch bars, snacks plus some transportable fruits and veggies like apples, oranges, bannana and those little carrots into a bag and go. No refrig needed, except I like my water cold, so pack a cooler for that. The convenience and transportability factor of Nutrisystem is a BIG plus in my mind. Flexing times is no problem. Just don't let the hungries set in. That can lead to stoopid stuff..

Driving boat for son's practice? Very cool. Slalom? Wakeboarding? I thought those days were behind me in my mid 30's. I'm 53 now and after going from 300 to 200, I can do it again! I wish I still had some kids around to have a reason to get the boat out more often..


Comment #20

It's your choice on skipping foods. Official policy is eat everything. They want you to keep regular nutrition and get into a cycle of feeding the body a certain amount. A big part of the Nutrisystem magic is "hunger avoidance". So having to eat when not hungry is a good thing in a way..

I could eat a lot less, especially when tired from workouts...but I force myself. Maybe I would have lost faster if I had...but I never go off plan either. I cringe when I see the same newbie complain about having too eat too much, feeling full...then a day later hear about her binge on pizza and cake..

Anyhoo...good luck...

Comment #21

"her binge"? Funny - ok guys, take your skirts off and diet like a man..

Comment #22

I cringe when I see the same newbie complain about having to.


Comment #23

Well made it through the day on the road. No problems just packed a cooler with my stuff and made it happen. Loving the food. I guess if I could eat MRE's for extended periods of time this stuff is easy..

Gordon He is a professional Wakeboarder. I am looking forward to getting back on the board when I get to goal. It will be alot easier with 70 less pounds..

As far as drinking the water, not a problem. I have a 24 oz water bottle that I just finish 3 times throughout the day and I am good..

It has been almost a week since I weighed myself and this morning the scale said 255 Yahoo 10 lbs in the first week I know is alot of "water" but it still feels good...

Comment #24

That's really cool, bdc4u! Congrats on your first week's results and your 'tude. You've got some.


Things to look forward to. Check out.


Post from July for a hint of things coming your way!.


Comment #25

Good job man. Way to pack the gear and accomplish the mission. Just think: you dumped 10 lbs out of that invisible rucksack you were wearing night and day!..

Comment #26

Thanks Guys. Quick question. On a normal day how many Calories should I be eating. Right now I seem to be doing 1350 to 1450 a day...

Comment #27



Men's Basic Plan.

Will allow roughly.

1300 - 1600 calories/day.

(for guys with over 100 lbs to lose)...

Comment #28

I thought it was 1500 nominal for men. Maybe higher, like 1700 for men with 100+ to lose. If you start exercising vigorously, may want to add a little also (approved)...

Comment #29

Nope 1500 is usually the high point that I seldom ever reach. Most days I come in at about 1300 calories a day. Clearly it's working...

Comment #30

Well made it through the weekend. I just took a cooler full of fruits and sliced Vegis to the lake with us and everytime I got hungry I would eat a little something from my cooler. Worked great and I lost 2 pounds over the last 3.5 days so it must have worked...

Comment #31

Well 249 today. big busy wekend. We are hosting a wakeboard event that is expecting over 300 people with BBQand fun... Lots of veges and fruit for me..

Comment #32

Darn you are just ahead of me!.

Have fun this weekend!..

Comment #33

244 after a very long very busy weekend. I didnt eat much but I made sure what I eat was the right thing...

Comment #34

Woaw, 5 lbs? no way...i stayed at 250...but I did get a 2.5 mile run in took forever but I got the heart beat up for 30 minutes at least.....

Comment #35

My calories are coming in at 1350 to 1450 each day. Not alot of extra exercise beside the normal on the run day. I am drinking 4 24 oz waters a day. Lots of Salad along with spinach and mushrooms added to my dinner entree...

Comment #36

I tried to waterski this weekend but I couldn't get my fat ass up. It'll happen soon enough...

Comment #37

Wow this last week has been a struggle. I have been at 244 all week. I guess I knew I would hit this wall. I think it is time to see the gym I have belonged to for the last year and never seen the inside of...

Comment #38

It happens to everyone. Just stick to it and you'll be over that wall and back on the downhill slope in no time...

Comment #39

Stick it out. You have to fight the good fight and go hard every play. Even when you don't have instant positive feedback..

If you get hungry...big salads!.

Going to the gym won't hurt either...

Comment #40

I hit the wall 10 days ago - now i'm back moving. - yes, stick with it. throw in a little exercise and make it come off. you and I started the same day at the same weight - looks like you have me by 2lbs - so you may have hit a temporary plateu - once your body gets all balanced out, it will come off. Meanwhile, I can catch up! That damn bakon vodka is haunting me..

Comment #41

The gym it is. Wife is out of town for 3 days and I will fill me late evenings by going to the gym with my 2 boys age 19 and 20. That should help...

Comment #42

Hey I'm just starting again. I lost 60 on Nutrisystem 15 years ago. Had some health issues and over the last 5-6 years gained back 50. It's all good now and I want to get back to Basketball and Baseball. I appreciate the comments. Also, I need accountability or I will cheat. Thanks for the posts so far...

Comment #43

Welcome back, mjonessa. You did this before so you know it's not difficult, you just have to stick to the plan. (hint: Drink the water, even more than the recommended amount).

If you want accountability, check out the thread "Restart Update". It's a challenge thread, but not based on losing a certain amount of weight by a certain time like most of challenges here. It's just a challenge to check in every single day and let us know if you stuck to the plan 100% on the previous day...

Comment #44



Just like life ... keep doing it over and over till you get it down..

Works for learning new pieces on my.


, should work for.



Comment #45

Well it worked. Stepped on the scale this morning and I weighed 241. Yahoo broke through the wall. I also have started liking the night time workout. I just walk on the tread mill at about 3.5 mph for about 2.5 miles or until it says I have burned 350 Calories. Then a little Ab and love handle workout and all is good...

Comment #46

Thanks TxRhino and Gibbous. I'll check out the challenge...

Comment #47

Welcome back Mjonessa. Party Hard with a glass of water!..

Comment #48

You know the drill, Mjonnessa. Let's see you rock the program!..

Comment #49

Well 239 today. Now going to the gym and walking 3 miles a day along with working out my abs and arms. Not hard just to tighten things up. I have noticed the weightloss is slowing but that is to be expected...

Comment #50

Good job bdc4u - you have me by 2 lbs and we started the same day...same are doing somerthing right!..

Comment #51

Whatever you do, go faster than Bob. Make him grow his hair if needed...

Comment #52

Next i'm going military hair cut. don't worry, I should be tied with bdc4u on friday - and that will make me 1lb beyond the 10 lb challenge (i hope)..

Comment #53

Once you get below my start weight, I'll shake your taloned hand. You'll be taller than I and weighing less than I did...

Comment #54

I'll try - I do want to be below 230. when I was a frosh in College, my freshman 15 put me at 225 (I was playing football but I got injured)..

I felt fat then - I'm fatter now...tho, I am actually much stronger now..

I saw an idea for the next challenge - I don't think it is original. anyhow, whoever loses the next challenge has to put something quite embarrasing in their signature - lets say for two weeks or one of those bedazzled things or something....praising the winners or something that needs more thinking - what do you think? we can post them up in a thread to vote on. an idea but i'm open for something.....

Comment #55

You are going to be wearing a Hail to the Redskins avatar.....

Comment #56

We do what you're sayin' with NFL picks. I chose the Bills over the Browns last week and my "reward" for losing the bet is one week of the Dionne Quintuplets in my sig..

Really not too bad given that last week's poor choice in team selection had me with a pic of Celine Dion for one week...

Comment #57

Ok, so that must be what triggered it for me...ok - everyone will become Jets fans when I win? or maybe pee wee herman fans.....

Comment #58

237 this fine monday morning. Now up to 3 miles of run walk on the tread mill along with abs and arms on the machines. I am sure that the gym is somewhat effecting my weight loss rate but I know I feel a million times better then before. Actually to the point where people notice the weight loss. Its kind of fun...

Comment #59

You are rocking bdc. I disagree with those who say going to the gym limits your weight loss. Any calories diverted to muscle building are replaced with fat burning. Also the actual calories from doing the motions burn some fat..

Plus the whole goal is to be ripped...

Comment #60

Bdc you have me by 3 lbs!.

I have to catch up this week.

Good job..

Comment #61

Bdc4u - I am going to racquetball again tomorrow morning for another 3 hour stint. you're my inspiration - here I come and then to pass!..

Comment #62

Well this morning I was 235 Not that good but considering I was out of town for 4 days last week going to big dinner parties I think I did well. It is amazing how my eating habits have changed. Huge spread of food and I only had one small plate with all the right types of foods on them. One of the side effects of this has been that my Wife has also lost 13 pounds just by eating pretty much what I do except we use a store bought entree for her meals when I use Nutrisystems meals. She has gone from 148 to 135 with 5 more for her to get to 130 for her goal at 5'8" tall..

Comment #63

Great job! that's 30 lbs! awesome! I hope to be there by the end of the week too...i still need to catch up to you - not at this pace I won't..

Comment #64

Bdc4u: How about entering the Hasselhof bet. Maybe you can hang it on me!..

Comment #65


I'm beginning to worry about you .... I think you're actually looking forward to wearing.

"The Hoff"..

Very Scarey and disturbing...

Comment #66

Dude...I was going to swing my little Hasselhof in circles like a surface-search radar! But you all need to get your act in gear or I will just end up having a little colony of you all...

Comment #67

Well it has been a little while since I last posted. Down to 229 today...

Comment #68

Good job, man! That is less than I weighed when I started. And I am probably a lot shorter and weaker than you. You are more tha halfway done!!!..

Comment #69

36# in two months is awesome! you keep pulling away from me! However, I have the weight loss machine in gear now so look out!..

Comment #70

Yea Right! This coming from a proud donner of.

"The Hoff".


Just breakin your &@%%'s. Keep up the good work.



Comment #71

Keep bustin, I deserve it, I deserve it, I won't let it happen again tho!..

Comment #72

The great thing is that the last time I truly ran for exercises was 1988 just before I got out of the Corps. I said I would never run again. Well, I am now running again the last 2 weeks I have worked up to 3.5 miles a night. last Night I pushed hard and went 4.5 miles. It felt great. One thing that I have added to my bag of tricks is the NIKE + sensor that goes in my Nike running shoes and connects to my IPOD.

Plus it is recorded so there is no fudging to make yourself look good. The wife has hers as well so we are having a friendly comp to see who logs more miles and calories burned this week...

Comment #73

The best advice is to not take advice. We do this in our own way. Find what motivates you-not what motivates us. We all have our own reasons. What is your reason? If it works for you, then use that. Don't use us, we do what we do for ourselves.

Support is nice but when it comes down to it-it's all you...

Comment #74

Well made it through Thanksgiving and was still able to loose weight. 223 this morning. Feeling great and loving the new look. I am also starting to get to the point where I WANT to go to the gym. It also helps a little to have 50 employees that ask me every day how much I have lost. I can say that this program has done more to change my mindset then any other thing I have done since the Corps...

Comment #75

Way to GO, bdc4!! You're really working it and it shows! Who's that gal beside you? Smokin!.

Maintaining a .5/day loss rate shows you're really sticking to it, man. Glad to hear the exercise bug is starting to take too. I know exactly what you mean! I was a member of my gym for years and only went , like twice until NS. Now I like to go every day! Too weird. An entire life makeover. Keep it up! You're on the home stretch!.


Comment #76

Thanks Gordon, The lovely lady next to me is my Wife. She has also lost 15 pounds just by eating smarter while I diet and also going to the Gym with me. She is one of those that could dump 15 pounds in a month no problem. She use to be involved in the bodybuilding world before it became all about the muscles on women. Not bad for 50 years old..

As far as the gym membership. I have to laugh. I have had a family plan for 4 years and until I started this program I had not been one time. Now it is at least 5 days a week...

Comment #77

Not bad a'tall!! Once again, congratulations on your success!! You'll be joining us in Maintenance in no time the way you're working it..


Comment #78

Gordon, I see you have hit goal and gone below. I am looking at a goal of 195 but I really believe I will need to go lower Initially to get rid of all the Body fat then build back to 195 with lean muscle. Is that what you are doing. I am at the point that I reallly hate the way I look but I know it is change in process so I have to push throught the big floppy fat tire at my belt line but if I truly want to get rid of the gut I will have to go lower than 195...

Comment #79

Bdc you will find as all of us have is that over the years our body has lost muscle mass/tone and therefore what we consider to be our ideal weight is actually 10-15 pounds higher than what we should be. i.e. I went to 218 to get back to College weight. I need to lose at least 8-13 pounds more to get rid of the spare tire!..

Comment #80

You got it, bdc! Drive to GOAL! Celebrate the success! Then - take a good look to see if that's really where you want to stay. Like Robert said, many of us find there's still room for improvement..

As you noted, after a period of stabilizing at goal, I took it down and found sub 190 to be a much better fit than sub 200. I'm currently toying with going sub 180 (Yikes!) just for fun to see what I see then, but as long as I stay sub 200 FOR LIFE, I'm a happy guy..

You'll figger it out..


Comment #81

That's a relief..

I was wondering too with you being all dressed up as a pimp and all...

Comment #82

Well it has been a little while since my last post. During the holidays I took a break. My goal was to go through the holidays without to much of a gain by eating right and still exercising. When I went off the diet I was 219 and this morning I was 217 so I am very happy and back on plan. But what it did do for me was showed me that I can make this a lifestyle and not a temporary thing. So, look out goal here I come...

Comment #83


Nice work. You must have made that lifestyle change. Not easy to accomplish. Good Luck on your Goal.


Comment #84

Nice job navigating the holidays off-NS and not gaining. I find that incredible! Some day I'll learn how to do that......


Comment #85

215 today. feeling very good and liking the way I feel..

Comment #86

Welcome! I am going on week three and I am down 8 lbs as of today! A reward I've recieved is that I am now able to wear a pair of pants that I couldn't get wear before (there is still a pair that is tasking me). Keep posting here. It has helped me. We all face the same struggles. There is nothing new on the face of the Earth..


Comment #87

Way to go BDC4U! 50 lbs is a great milestone; looking forward to hitting my 50 within a week...

Comment #88

Wow bdc - glad to see you back! as usual you still have me beat by a few lbs but we're still rockin! good job on the 50 lbs! I hope to have that next week myself...

Comment #89

Great NSV, E! (Non Scale Victory for all Newbs).


Comment #90

Hi everyone! I'm excited about getting started and a little nervous too. I've never done anything like this. I have a quick question- How will the food be stored? Does any of it go in the freezer? Or is it all stored at room temperature? I got the standard mens' menu..

I'm looking forward to reading more on these discussion boards, especially those of you who have found success with the system. JA..

Comment #91

Your order will come in a Big Brown Box from UPS. Everything is shelf stable, so nothing will need to be refrigerated or frozen (only the Select meals are frozen). Everything is color coded for what meal it's for, so it makes it easy to see and grab the correct items (Just have a lot of shelf space available or plan on living out of the box for awhile)..

For me it took 4 days to get my order. If you want to start right away, then head out and get your add ins a day or so before it arrives(I didn't do that). There is a thread I started where I asked what are things people have on their grocery list for their add ins, so you might check that to get some ideas..

Also, if you haven't read it yet, check out this thread:.


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