Does bein on the Medifast Diet affect your fertility?

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Got a quick question: Does bein on the Medifast Diet affect your fertility? Thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. We are entering the month of gratitude!!! Let's make sure great health is on that list..

Let's face it ~ there is always a reason to go off plan ~ a special day, a birthday, a blah, blahblah .... but there is always a hundred more reasons to stay on plan espeically the most important ones ~.


Health is physical and mental and don't you feel better on plan??.

Let us strive to be our best selves this month by giving it all to our plans. The way it is written. No excuses. No off plan choices..

One day. Each day..

Happy November!!!!..

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The answer is Yes, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

Comment #1

OK, Just what I need on a Monday morning, and the beginning of a month. I have about 10 family members coming for Thanksgiving. None of them know that I am doing this, none of them have seen me. No one has noticed my weight loss yet, but I am hoping to have lost enough by then to impress. The family that knows what I am doing, is helping me a lot. So, I am in. Thanks!!!..

Comment #2

THe great news about hosting dinner is you have a lot of control of what you serve and there is lots that is on plan!!!!..

Comment #3

I totally agree.....I actually find it a thousand times easier to host and stay on plan than to go elsewhere..

Good morning!!!.

I actually have 15 minutes to spare this am and will be going for another cup of jo in a minute!.

Michael and I were in bed by 9:20 last nite!!! Lights out, snoring within a short while after. The kids had a blast trick or treating, even Jordan who was like the dictator yelling at every doorbell that it was HIS turn to ring. Luckily he still got candy tho he refused his costume ( no surprise there.

- cute as a button anyway..

So Renie you got the laptop and iphone! Good luck - the figuring out is waht always prevents me from venturing out into new technology. We were just given a brand new computer from my step mom's office - they upgraded and now I will set it up in my playroom off the kitchen so I dont have to run up and down - plus it makes me feel safer with the kids on it since I can supervise..

FUnny thing about Halloween - the anticipation. I was blowing it slowly weeks before it anticipation or anxiety of memories from last yrs halloween. Now I feel strong again - resolve is here. Back on track etc blah blah etc!.

Ok lovey ladies - have a great day.

Pamela enjoy the "light" week....I do believe we have different definitions of a light week - but I know you can't keep yourself still!.



Comment #4

Good Morning Merry Melters!!!.

I love the title for the thread....since it says "No Excuses" I thoguht I would just pop back in on ya'll and say I missed you all, sorry for bieng absent for awhile and NO EXCUSES!!.

A new day, a new week, and a new Month....I am here ready and able! TOM is just ending and hopefully the aches and pains leave with him....

I did have some Halloween candy and need to repent...I felt so confident and cocky in my Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader costume that I ate candy....needs to STOP!.



Comment #5

Hello everyone. I just got through reading the posts from the last thread and.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes.

We never made it to Austin, my cousin called late Thursday night to tell us that my uncle passed away so we never got to see him. I am so sad for my Dad, it's just horrible to see him cry. So now we are headed to a funeral instead. Rosary is Thurs night and funeral is Fri morning..

On a happier note, I managed to lose 3 lbs this week, got through Halloween with flying colors and didn't eat a thing off plan. Around 30 friends came over for chili and lots of other stuff but I was so busy that I only managed to have 2 Medifast meals the whole day.

I know I shouldn't do that..

Hope everyone is feeling better, seems I read a lot of posts with people who had the sickies. Oh, and Amanda, I love watching Oprah too. I saw part of the Sound of Music episode but didn't finish it. I can't wait to see the one where Oprah and Gayle go camping in Arizona, I think that's where they go. Hate that it's her last season..

Have a good week everyone...

Comment #6

Morning Melters!.


So sorry to hear the sad news. It must be hard to see your dad cry. It would break my heart. Take care of yourself.....congrats on being down, but you must eat your meals!.


Good to see you! A little cocky were you in your cheerleading outfit.? Okay Halloween is over, new month, clean slate for all of us!.

Yep Monday, new month, fresh restart. I went bar crazy that I had to reorder when I just go a delivery, sheesh! This time I think I am giving them to DD to hide.....I do need them for the convenience of being on the go. I am up a few pounds because of gorging on extra Medifast meals. Does anybody do that, I mean really!.

More shout out's later....I have to take DD to the doctor for a shot. Then we will do some shopping......

Comment #7

Oh Marie - I am so sorry for you loss. Take care of yourself during this time ~ okay?.

Here is a Confucius saying to help make us (me) think ....

When it is obvious that the.


Cannot be reached, don't adjust the.


, adjust the.



Oh yuck - I just noticed I spelled November WRONG in the thread title!!!! I need my spell check ... forgive me everyone. I got straight A's in everything all my life except for spelling. Oh well ... have to make a new thread sooner rather than later..

Comment #8

Marie - so sorry about the loss of your uncle. Watching one's dad cry is never an easy thing. Hope much healing is on it's way for you and your family..

Backf rom work and the orthodontist. abby broke her retainer and we only needed it is another couple of months - bummer. ANyhow - need to get downstairs asap bc these kiddos are going nutso and not doing homework like they should be..



Comment #9

Bet no one would have noticed the typo if you hadn't pointed it out!..

Comment #10

Oh, Melters, Melters.....

I started out my day with the thoughts "Welcome November! Today this means 24 days until Thanksgiving, 25 days until Christmas tree decorating/house decorating, and one month closer to baby #2!".

Marie~so sorry for your loss. That would be tough to watch your dad go through his pain as well. Lots of warm thoughts your way..

I ended up canceling my last appointment for this evening. I'm not as bad as yesterday, but still have a headache from the congestion and two other late nights ahead of me, so I am glad I made the decision that I did..

Jodi~there were times those bars could have gotten me in trouble, specifically the smores and PB crunch. They were more like a candy bar fix for me in a way and, yes, there were days I wanted to eat one after the other. Goes to show that moderation really is key with anything that you eat, whether it's 'diet' food or not! Get strong, my dear, you can do this!.

Nothing new here. This cold junk must be going around as two people that I supervise canceled their supervision with me due to not feeling well. 'Tis the time of year, I suppose!.

Ok, I'm supposed to be playing dominoes with Delaney and she keeps telling me to get off the computer, so off I go....

Good night!.


Comment #11

My post dissappeared! Now I'm rushing to get a set out and I'll pop back in later..

Xxxooo Jodi..

Comment #12

GOod morning lovelies! Got hubby home today so he is at the bus stop with the girls. Jordan is still asleep in my bed - lengthwise! Only the dog is sleeping with him now. Darn scratching kept us up ( and Jordan), last nite. Seems that ever since we put on the master bedroom addition their is a spot for critters to crawl in. Sounded like one active bugger last nite so hubby will get nto that crawl space today and set a trap. Every am the cats go nuts sniffing at the walls adn listening..

Amanda isn't it funny how before kids if we were sick we cld cancel work adn take care of we still go to work and dont take care of ourselves....try to find the time bc being preggos ads an extra whamo to being sick..

What are you all up to today? Voting I hope! I think it is great that we are from all such varied backgrounds - hee hee see how politics never come up here!?.

Ok gals hubby needs his laptop for work now..


Hv a gr8t one..

Comment #13

Good Morning Melters...

After I complete three (3), yes THREE cleaning jobs today I am meeting hubby at the polls!!! LB scheduled me off for the day and a nieghbor asked me if I could squeeze in some cleaning jobs this week.

So, it worked out perfectly!!.


Comment #14

Good morning Melters!!!.

I woke up today feeling like a truck hit me! Major head cold I think ~ Jeff yhinks I just push too hard.

Me???? Really???.

So this week I am kicking it back a notch and just going with the flow ... skipping the gym this morning and just catching up on work..

I am back on plan and cannot wait to have my pants feeling big and baggy again!!!!One day at a time .....

Judy - I am making yoru spaghetti squash dish today - yum yum ... how are you? where are you???.

Today I will vote and hope you all will too!!!.

Need to get some breakfast ......

Comment #15

Morning Ladies.

Kids are off today......cold but sunny outside. I need to get into that walking rhythm again. Day 2 OP nose to grindstone. Get er done...........................................


Comment #16

Yeah, didn't even notice the misspelled word until you mentioned it! LOL!..

Comment #17

I noticed the misspelled word, but with the great content, why would I focus on that.

Okay so us Melters need a good November under our belt. I'm in!.


How are you feeling today? I'm sure cold plus pregant is rather draining! Take care of yourself.

Moderation is the key......It is definitely doable when thinking in the right state of mind. That is a life's work!.


Feel better my dear! Aaahhh a slower pace while your not up to par is a great idea. Give you time to spend on yourself, on your Medifast journey, etc..


Oye critters? That's not fun music to sleep by! Good luck with that!.

Did you watch last weeks episode in What's Eating you? It was very good..


Feel better honey? Geez even your computer has a virus! Just kidding, but it's a bummer when it's running so horribly. Hope your friend can do wonders on it..


I hate killing a sunny day inside. Wow eight hours on technology? Can't wait to get a Howdy text from you. I'll know you are in business!.


You are remaining strong during a stressful time. Good for you. That is progress.


That's a lot of cleaning jobs! Terrific, I know the money will come in handy..


How are you fairing without your own car? Nice and sunny today even the the cold weather is nipping at our heels. Finally put the heat on yesterday!..

Comment #18

For my SAD Melters...just rec'd a flyer from my Happy Light people.......go to if you sign up you can save 20% off any order over $100...

Comment #19

Hi Melters.......I'm back in action..

Not really. I'm typing this message on my old laptop..

Hubby picked up both laptops today from Apple store. Now I have to spend time to set up my new laptop. Ugh. Thank God I have this old one to fall back on..

My IPhone is fun for the limited amount I'm able to do for now. Got on-line to read My Medifast but the screen is too small for my liking..

I set up training lessons for the next year with Apple for my laptop and IPhone so hopefully they will teach me all the shortcuts..

First of all.........

Marie, I'm so sorry for the loss of your Uncle. Safe travels and extra hugs for your Dad during this time..

Shucks, phone call and I have to take it. Everything is good on the home front. I'll write more later as long as I don't mess up my connections when I start working on the new laptop..

Miss you guys, gotta go.


Comment #20

Hi all! Had a great day. Hubby and I had some much needed time to ourselves this am and the kiddos have been happily playing since school and Brownies endedEarly dinner and tonite since hubby is at a late are going to bed early early early. Starting bedtime as we speak so I can read to everyone and get these kids out for the count - am's have been especially difficult bc it is pitchblack when I wake them..

Hope all is well..

Day 3....I see we are in all stages here as usual! LOL Feeling good, carb bloat is leaving. Had a urge for some pb or some candy and talked myself out of it and ate two pickles. Very helpful!.


Comment #21

Hi Mish!.

Slower day here ... taught class, voted, teacher conferance, dinner and now off to Bunko!.

My friend is running for re-election so hopefully I'll be celebrating her reelection ( she has a 19 year old independent running against her!).

I am off ... in my too tight jeans that wil soon be loose ......

Comment #22

Hi Renie -.

I miss you my lovely!!!! Soon you will be in love with your iphone..

Comment #23


Great going Michele Melter! You used your super human strength. Isn't the mind very powerful tho when used for good instead of evil? That's a joke btw. Seriously, I'm always so amazed out how once I ride that way of a craving, how invincible I feel! How's your back and foot?.


Do you have to pay for the classes or do they throw them in?.


Feel any better? Good luck to your GF!..

Comment #24

Jo - Are you going to post pics of you and DH and that darling couples outfit you celebrated Halloween in? I am dying to see that..

Comment #25

Marie - That is so sad for your dad to have missed his brother. Wishing you and your family only the best and great comfort at this time of loss..

But, I did love your "happier note" too.

Great job on the weight loss and keeping your fingers out of the candy jar! Keep up the good work. You are doing awesome. XXOO Judy..

Comment #26

Sheesh, Jodi, if you're going to go crazy, don't do it on Medifast food!!! I don't even think that is a remote possibility for me. I actually don't eat any Medifast food at all although I still have some. I've converted to Atkins bars and shakes for meal replacements. Because they're more calories I eat only 5 times a day instead of 6. I have fewer problems with my system with Atkins vs. MF.

Me ... NONE! I think Medifast food and binge are mutually exclusive terms.

Have a great day in NY. XXOO Judy..

Comment #27

Pamela - That's a great quote. And, I changed the spelling in November so if someone quotes me, the right spelling will come up and we won't live with it for two weeks.

You were probably a math ace where I was a spelling ace (but a math nerd!). XXOO Judy..

Comment #28

Michele - You are one busy lady. Hope you get the kiddos calmed down and nose into their books!..

Comment #29


How are you feeling?.

Actually it's safer for me to binge on MF, I can only do so much damage that way..I have remained eating only OP foods for my entire Medifast journey. Works for me anyway. So when I go into transition, it will truly be one!..

Comment #30

Ahhhhhhhhh, how could you give us those numbers????? I was so happy in my oblivion..

Comment #31

I was able to vote on my way to the airport ... YEAH! I hate it if I miss voting..

We are so blessed to be able to vote for those who "serve" Americans. Hope you voted! XXOO Judy..

Comment #32

I am feeling so much better, but still get tired early. Went to bed by 9:30 last night which for me is VERY early! I will probably go to bed again at 9:30. I'll have a cup of tea and a nice hot bath and snooze away Zzzzzz. You're up late ... are you watching election returns? XXOO Judy..

Comment #33

Pamela - So sorry to hear that you are now suffering from that horrible cold syndrome! Hope you feel better quickly. I'm so glad you continue to make th spaghetti squash recipe. I often will just heat up some organic marinara sauce (found a good low sugar brand) with Italian turkey sausage cooked, sliced and simmered in the sauce and then poured over the spaghetti squash as if it were pasta. BTW if you haven't tasted the spaghetti squash plain, do it! It is very sweet and tasty all by itself. So take a forkful the next time you cook it. XXOO Judy..

Comment #34

Renie - Before you know it, you'll be teaching me tricks of the trade with all your techno-gadgetry wizardry.

(I think I just made up a few words there ... just for you!)..

Comment #35

Pamela - Bunko ... I played Bunko only once when I was at my sister's house (she lives in Puyallup, WA). It was pretty fun, but it was pretty fast for my first time and trying to get the hang of the scoring thing. I do have a Bunko game, but have never used it. Maybe I should plan a Bunko night .... next year!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #36

Greetings Melters! I am up in beautiful Portland, coming home Thursday afternoon. The Marriott Courtyard I stay at (close to the regional office and the airport) also happens to be very close to a great shopping area.

I took a trip to the Marshall's (I can catch the "Metro train" and it's only one stop) and found a great dark brown sweater and a really cute, kinda "sexy" nightie that's for DH.

It's a surprise for him this weekend.

Time to go press my suit and get myself ready to relax and go to bed. I'm watching the election returns, but since I'm in a different state I'm not hearing anything on California! Gotta give my DH a call to get an update. Night all. Sleep tight and have a great OP day. XXOO Judy..

Comment #37

She's backkkkkk... welcome back Judy!!!!.

It is way too cold out for me! And dark.

I took a test on FB of where I shoudl live and guess what won out ~ Miami, FL!!! Look out Jo I am moving your way ......

Only have 2 classes to teach today and then a meeting and Trevor's eye doctor's appointment ..

My friend won yesterday! Yeah! as well as most of the people I voted for! That was a relief! I get fascinated with the political process ... the after party was filled with people who live and breathe this stuff! I just try to absorb it all..

Bus time. coffee time. me time. BBL..

Comment #38

Good Morning Merry Melters.


.....another "No Excuse" day..

Comment #39

Morning Melters.


I'm with you....get er done..........I do need to hop on board the exercise train again. It seemed to have left my grasp on a routine basis since the cold..


I'm with you! My electric blanket calls my name constantly in this chill onto the recliner...not good!.

Good for your friend. Your probably a good mingler, are you? I would feel weird at the afterparty..


Good to listen to your body and get the rest you need..

In your honor a bought a spaghetti squash about a week's just sitting there. I need to search for your recipe and get motivated to make it instead of looking at it for decoration purposes..

Marshalls.......ahhh you cannot beat those prices! In my coat search, Macy's wanted $215 for coats that were $79 at Marshalls. So even at 40% off, plus a coupon, it was still way over priced!.

Okay more shouts later....meeting a friend for coffee, then may have to check on my foster kitty..she has been throwing up and nipping at people interested in her, oye.......

Comment #40

Good morning Jodi!.

Believe it or not I struggle with chit chat and small talk at parties but I am learning ... this crowd is one that I have held signs with and made calls with and put on fund raisers with so I know a lot of them. I tend to know a lot of people but close to very very few..

I hold you Melters close in my heart, truly I do...

Comment #41

Happy "Day After Elections" Melters.........

WOW, aren't we glad they are over so we now can enjoy the holidays..


I'm still using my old laptop. Haven't even taken out the new laptop from the box yet..

After spending hours on the IPhone, I decided I needed to do "other" things around the house and misc. errands..

My youngest DGS turned 13 yesterday (Maddie's big brother). He's been sick since Sunday and hasn't been able to go to school. Now Maddie is sick. So my DIL is staying home with them so they won't get me sick. That's very considerate of her but I do miss the kids..

I hope all of you are doing well and concentrating on eating right, losing weight or maintaining your weight losses. The food ladened holidays are approaching and we really need to find our commitment and eat healthy..

I need to leave and run my errands.......why do I make to-do lists (puts too much pressure on me)?.


Comment #42

Slow, cold day at the office!.

You would think the reminder of the dreaded day 3 tiredness would be enough to stay on plan .... here is to knowing I am only days away from that energy splurge..

Comment #43

Where are all the lovely melters?.


What's getting you into trouble? Let's tawk about spurge...hmm I only had it for an afternoon! I did start taking vitamins again and it has helped my energy..


Isn't it crazy how long it takes to figure these things out? So are you a pro now at the iphone?.

Hope the kids feel better...she is the mom and that is her job to get sick instead of you, lol...

Comment #44

Hi ladies - just read up on posts and see that all is well..

Work, then had to rescue a kitty for a coworker which we may foster if the shelter tells me she is leukemia free and not a good adoption candidate. Kitty was sweet and snuggled in their house when I got her but hissing at the shelter. Kids think we are taking her in but I am at my respiratory max!.

Exhausted.....darn squirrel is sleeping in my walls at nite and keeping us up - hope it gets hit by a car and dies and quick death.....hey did I just say that or is that my angry exhausted self talking.....DOnt tell PETA they will revoke my membership!..

Going to sleep - see you all in the am.


Comment #45

Good morning Melters!!!!.

Michele - I hope Mr Squirrel gave you a good night sleep! It must be bad to wish death on the rodent.

Renie - what got me in trouble??? candy. bite size. more deadly than full size because I would NEVER eat a full size bar but no worries I am back on plan and my head is really, really in it. Besides that my jeans barely fit and I REFUSE to buy a bigger size so 5/1 for me with an occassionally extra shake for those heavy exercise days..

Thanks for keeping me on track..

Today teach in the morning and a much needed massage this afternoon..

This weekend is up in the air ~ I could go to a 3 hr dance workshop or not. We'll see..

I also need to get back on the exercise wagon .... no rhythme yet with all these extra classes I am teaching.....

JUDY - we need a challenge!!!!!!.

How about today - 25 push ups - wall push ups, regular push ups just get it done!!!!!..

Comment #46

Quick flyby Melters.........


I totally get what you are saying about those Halloween much damage can a bite size do? Alot.........yep, get them out of the house. I know some people buy them from there kids.....holidays are approaching, so let's get er done because tight jeans are the worst!.


Oh Mr. Squirrel has to go....sheesh. I guess he knows your an animal lover....Awww another kitty. Breaks my heart with all of them in cages. I am off to volunteer at the store and see Anabelle. Hope she is doing better..



Comment #47

Morning morning morning sunshine! THough there is no sunshine here - I dont mind an occasional rainy day. I think Mr. Squirrel decided to lay his head down elsewhere last nite....not sure if it's "with the fishies" or some other tree in my backyard. My banging on the wall the nite before must have spooked him..

So the school news gets wierder and odder by the moment. The district want to put the kids back in their old school and not pay to rent the vacant school. - Im ok with that as long as the school is safe. Well the other day a well respected teacher went into teh school to do some worka dn left with blisters on her face! I am thinking she is prepping for a sci fi role bc with all the tests you can't tell me that the air is so toxic you can form blisters LOL I actually have to laugh at the absurdity of it all!.

Anyhow I am with you about the gym Pamela - I was off all last week and now this week. Itchy to get back but my day will be Sunday. Backa dn foot are much much better adn I know how overzealous I become so I will wait a couple more days..

SO I have a good friend who has tried Medifast and she has only lost 3 lbs in teh first week and lsess than 2 in the 2nd week. Gotta talk to her bc I ownder if she is weighing things or counting everything. Seems quite odd since she has quite a bit of weight to lose..

So lovelies.....bbl going to get dressed into some comfy clothes - run a few quickie errands after drop off and have a friend over for coffee.


Comment #48

Morning Jodi Ahh yes, on my list is a call to the shelter to see if kitty Charlotte (she is already named oy vey) has neg blood work..


Comment #49

Hi Melters~.

Man, oh, man, what a week it's been. I have been so, so miserably sick. I seriously can't remember the last time I felt this awful. Tuesday night I was so achy all night long and my legs and my whole body just hurt everywhere. I had driven DH's car that night for work and thought maybe it just made me hurt compared to driving my car. I probably only slept 4 hours that night as I was so achy.

Well, we got up Wed. am and I had horrible stomach cramps, continued diar., and achiness. It started to make me nervous with the stomach cramps that kept happening, so called the OB. Well, turns out I had a stomach bug (which lasted through last night) and a urinary tract infection..

I'm still not feeling great today, but definitely not as miserable as yesterday. DH is off and did the preschool run for Delaney and then they are heading down to the in-laws as he will hunt and they will both spend the night down there tonight. I'm grateful for some downtime. She got to watch waaay too much TV yesterday, but it is what it is when I'm down for the count, huh?.

Michele~I can not believe you had a squirrel in your walls?! I would have been FREAKING out! At first I thought you meant a mouse, which would cause me to freak out...don't feel guilt for wishing that squirrel finds another home or finds the 'end'! When it's in your walls, you can think anything and not feel bad!.

Pamela~you can get yourself back on plan, I know it! When I first joined the melters, my perception of you was that you never struggled with this plan and just did it day by day without looking back. I don't like to hear about your jeans being tight! Are you feeling better?.

Jodi~how are you? How is that kitty of yours? Is she at the shop that you volunteer at or do you go in just to see her?.

Renie, Jo, Marie, Judy~I hope you are all doing well. Renie is right, the holidays are oh so near and not to let this be the time that gets you off track. If people can make it through the can make it through anything!!!!.

Judy~are you feeling better?.

Take care,.


Comment #50


Oh you poor thing! Rest, rest, rest, when you aren't in the bathroom! Elmo will help take care of Delaney. Hey when you aren't feeling well you do what you have to do. Just make your life as easy as possible.....

Kitty is in our new store with windows so hopefully she will be adopted. I think adoptions can be down due to the cost. In this economy those little mouths do add up. I was so glad I saw her today and that she purred a little bit and played with the toy I bought for her..


Good luck on those test resullts...I'm crossing my paw for you. Believe me it's hard leaving those fosters. Mine better thrive in the store or best get adopted soon because I don't want her, lol. DH really doesn't and I can't keep taking all my fosters!.

You are smart to rest up, because it will only bite your as* later if you do too much!.

Hope that rascal rabbit of a squirrel is history!.

I am so intrigued by those stories on What's Eating You. Disturbed as well as the pain some people endure, especially starting at a young age. Watch it yet?.


PUsh ups? You are kidding me? How bout I push off out from under my electric blankee and push away from the bars, lol. Twenty five? I don't think I would make one!..

Comment #51

You'll never know unless you try.

Start off with wall push ups ... and now that you reminded me I guess I better go do some!.

Amanda - I hope you feel better soon!!! DOn't worry about a little TV - it is not like it is your every day MO. You need to take care of you!!!!.

And no worries I am back on plan and loving it. Life is much easier OP...

Comment #52



PUsh ups? You are kidding me? How bout I push off out from under my electric blankee and push away from the bars, lol. Twenty five? I don't think I would make one!.

". exact feelings and thoughts!!.

I can't remember last time I've done a push-up.......maybe high-school!.


Comment #53

Good Afternoon Amanda, Jo, Jodi, JodiNY, Judy, Marie, Michele and Pamela..

Hope I didn't forget anyone..

I've been reading your posts and I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner. My mind is all over the place and I don't feel rested or relaxed..

DIL is now home sick; good thing I didn't take care of the kids this week. I will usually keep them when they are sick, so parents can work, but this time DIL decided it's best to keep them home. I'm very thankful but miss the kids..

I just realized we are leaving for Kauai in approx two weeks. So much is going on and I hope all will be well or resolved before my trip..

Amanda - So, so sorry that you are feeling sick. Please get some much needed rest and hope the tummy issues resolve quickly. Maybe you should go stay with your Mom & Dad tonight. Or is it easier to just stay in your own home and enjoy the peace and quiet? Just get well soon..

Everything I hear or see the word "holidays," I just cringe. Right now it seems like too much work. I even have "Santa Claus" e-mailing me to set up a visit to my home. I usually do a Santa visit at my home for my grandkids, family members and friends. Right now I don't know my schedule and haven't made any plans..

Jo - Okay, you have been too quiet and gone too long. Please check-in. Just need to make sure you are doing okay. Peace and love to you..

Jodi - So you are doing daily visits to Annabelle and taking her toys? Hmmm..

Did you find a winter coat yet?.

Did you get rid of your halloween candy?.

Maybe you should have shared your Medifast bars with the kiddies!!.

JodiNY - Where are you? How are you doing without having a vehicle? Getting home projects done?.

Judy - You have amazing "shopping mall radar." No matter what City or State you are visiting you are able to find the nearest mall or shopping center. Your reasons for shopping crack me up......

A) "lost or delayed luggage".

B) "need winter coat for East Coast travel".

C) and the best one....."new nighty for hubby.".

Marie - Thinking of you and your family..

Michele - I hope "Alvin" is gone from your inner house walls. How frustrating..

The school situation doesn't sound resolved yet. The district needs to protect the children "at all costs." With winter approaching you don't want the kids in their old school. The district will just have to find the funds!!.

Pamela - Okay, I will try to take your exercise idea serious. I will get out my hand weights and do something today. You sound like you have the Medifast energy back!.

I need to take my new laptop out of the box and see if it works!!.

Plus I need to synchronize my IPhone with my car (Bluetooth). Hope it's easy..



Comment #54

Nope I could sleep right now but I just fake it until I make it.

Seriously Renie - I hope you are taking care of yourslef right now..

Seems to be a common theme here -.


Judy for extra points your answer cannot include the word shopping..

Comment #55


To your friend for winning her election! That's great news...

Comment #56

Jodi - It's really right up your alley, so you need to try it. Even if you just bake it. I'm telling you, it is a delicious squash even plain..

I was at Macy's the other day looking at heavier coats, and I almost fell on the floor. The coats I was looking at were priced between $200 and $400.

I think I'll keep running around Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Ross for a heavier coat. I'm going to need one fairly soon. I thought that thin little wind-proof, water-proof coat was good enough ... au contraire! XXOO Judy..

Comment #57

Renie - Some day you're going to have to get that dang thing out of the box! I desparately need a new computer and would love a Mac, but they are so pricey and I'm just not sure I want to spend that much $$$...

Comment #58

Michele - If you lived closer I'd let you borrow my dogs. After all, they caught a possum..

Comment #59

Amanda - I am almost back to normal! That week where I drank wine and ate too-rich-food really threw me under the bus. I did not even "touch" one piece of Halloween candy and DH finished off his six pieces while I was out of town. Also the bag my co-worker brought in is now gone, so the temptation (which really wasn't much) has disappeared. I think my bad week and the havoc it wreaked on my body made the candy sooooo unappealing.


Sooooo sorry to hear about your being sick. It sounds absolutely horrible. Actually, maybe that's what I had because I also had a lot of diah. after that week..

I'm still working on getting my system back to a better state. Gosh that was a nasty price to pay. Hope I don't go that overboard again!.

Get some rest sweet Amanda. Nighty-nite! XXOO Judy..

Comment #60

Jodi - Don't hate me for this, but one push-up is a GREAT start! Start with one and then keep adding to it. Especially the "wall" push-ups where you are angled toward a wall and then use your arms to push your body away from the wall ... sooooo simple and do-able..

I'm in Pamela ... 25 push-ups of some sort for me tonight. XXOO Judy..

Comment #61

I love my Apple and would never go back!..

Comment #62


Are you taking notes so you can use them too????.

You have to admit they are pretty good...

Comment #63

Well, it's "kinda" a pampering thing, but it didn't quite pan out! I had an appointment for a mani/pedi at the local day spa, but remembered the time WRONG and missed my appointment and they couldn't fit me in.

Because they were booked the rest of the day. It was so sad.

But I like to go to the day spa when I can fit it in. My DH is very good at buying me gift certificates to the spa for Christmas, my birthday, Mother's Day, Valentines Day, etc. He knows he will never miss the mark with a day spa gift certificate ... and he's right..

Comment #64

Hi ladies.....such busy gals..

Oh AManda take care, rest and get better. Were you able to call insick? If not, glad you have family and thank God for the tv - to take care of Delaney during this time..

Mr. squirrel seems to be gone.....which makes me wonder if there is something dead in teh two traps we set....Ill let hubby investigate this weekend..

So something I have done for myself? Well - coming here and being accountable whether op or off plan has been one of the most tremendous gifts I could ever give to myself. But today while Jordan was in preschool and after I finished some paperwork - I had two cups of coffee while listening to ADELE and singing and reading a mag....heaven!.

Off to watch Glee from a few nites ago. Jodi I only caught a little of our show last nite but got it DVR'd. Makes me feel like I am so much better and not nearly as F'd up as I thought I was , when I watch these stories..


Comment #65


I feel the same way, and it also reminds me of how serious eating disorders are and what point they can get to. It also makes me feel like mine isn't too bad, and so workable! The guy is a cutie too, so sad though. Don't forget to watch it.....

So what does Charlotte look like? Did you get the results or do you have to wait a few days?.

Talk to your friend about Medifast to see what's what?.


You can get a down coat at Marshalls, Larry Levine for $50! Keep looking you will get lucky.......I have to say it was a true eye opener going to those other stores!.

Squash will go bad by the time I get the urge! Do you happen to have that recipe handy?.


My plan is to see Anabelle every few days. She is about a twenty five minute drive. I'll be working there on Thurs. a.m.'s so I just need to make that trip a little more. Maybe I'll volunteer anothe shift or two..

I received my Land's End Winter white petite small today. I bought the medium too, so that will be returned tomo. I don't think it looks as good as I thought it did, but I'm keeping it! Do you ever drive yourself crazy looking for the perfect something, then change your mind when you narrow it down. Sheesh, enough already!.

Move over Renie, I want to watch the joggers with you. It rained here today so no walking.....How are the grandkids feeling? How about you are you still on 5/1 or what? Inquiring minds want to know!.

Bars: I got my order in and gave them to DD to be the barkeeper not beekeeper. I laughed out loud when you said I should have given them to the tricker or treaters. NEVER!..

Comment #66

Morning ladies!.

Off to feed the colony since one of our helpers left - I am very much looking forward to the end of this colony - only three cats left and one is a new guy so gotta trap him this weekend and emasculate him! no more ***** at my colony allowed. One of the helpers is going to take two or all three and then they are selling the land to the town to make a municipal bldg..

Jodi - my kitty tested negative for everything - yippee. SLowly warming up so I will callin a few days to see if she will be a good adoption candidate...not for me - I am maxed ..

Off to work ladies..

Have a wonderful day..


Comment #67

Wait a minute....they blocked out the word S L U T ???? Is that so risque??..

Comment #68

NOw that I am reading it over it looks like I might have said no more male parts - put in your own word - allowed ! LOL..

Comment #69

Morning Melters....

My post was lost to the I'll check in a bit later..

I need my cup of Jo...Jooooooooooooo where are you?..

Comment #70

Morning all~.

Any plans for the day/weekend? Not much here. I will go get Delaney later this afternoon. I'm feeling overall better, but my stomach still isn't back to normal..

I'm going to get some laundry done this morning and either do some stuff in baby's room or else maybe start on Delaney's blanket...not sure!.

I hope you all have a great day/weekend! Stay strong and check in with your melters!.


Comment #71

Good question Pamela. I think it's ordering the bars which make this journey convenient, yet having plan B and giving them to my DD. Tied into that is not beating myself up for going hog wild on them..


Glad you are feeling better. Hope it continues to work it's way out of your system..

What type of blanket are you making? You prob. mentioned it awhile back but I've got the CRS thing going..


Good news! How do you get the word out about adopting her? So your colony is breaking up. Might be nice to get a break for the winter. How do you feel about it? They say that breaking up is hard to do..


So did you have that less hectic week you were pinning for?..

Comment #72

Hello everyone ~ sitting getting beautified.

This morning was a rush out the door~ had to go teach the kiddos and then yogadance (and I went dancing & drumming instead of lesson planning, hence the rush this am)..

It went really well & 2 people bought 6 class passes!!!! Wooohooo. Today's theme was honoring who wer are and getting rid of the "yes buts). You know when some compliments you and you reply "yes but blah,blah, blah....

I'll be back - as a red head!!!!!..

Comment #73

Oo la la Pamela cant wait to see it!.

Back from work and got a message that Abby's clay class has been cancelled for today - yippee! Also only one soccer game on Sunday and NO Hebrew school....double and triple yippee! We may actually lay low and just go to the library or a movie - how exciting no rushing, no craziness..

Ok off to change into sweats and make a cup of jo before the girls get off the bus!.


Comment #74

Jodi - This isn't the recipe Pamela uses, but it sounds delish. Trade out the Prosciutto for something like Italian Turkey Sausage or don't use any meat at all! Try it and let me know what you think! XXOO Judy.

Zucchini Pasta.

Spaghetti Squash.

2 lb. zucchini.

2-1/2 tsp. olive oil, divided.

4 cloves garlic, minced.

1-1/2 c. grated pecorino Romano cheese.

1 pint grape tomatoes.

1/8 lb. Prosciutto quickly pan fried and thinly sliced.

1. Cut squash in 1/2 and put in baking dish with 1/2" water. Cook spaghetti squash in oven for 45 minutes at 350. Scoop the squash seeds out of the shell first then scrape the spaghetti squash into a bowl..

2. Meanwhile use a julienne peeler, mandolin, or vegetable peeler to form long, thin strips of zucchini (about the same size as the linguine). Toss with the tsp. salt Set aside..

3. Heat 2 T. oil in large nonstick skillet over med. Heat. Add the garlic and cook, stirring, until lightly golden, about 1 minutes. Add the zucchini and cook about 4 min., tossing constantly.

4. Combine the linguine, zucchini, cheese, tomatoes, and the remaining T. olive oil. Serve warm or at room temperature...

Comment #75

Jodi - I went to Costco last night to do some shopping for the camping trip and they had these awesome down coats in brown, black, and white with a fake fur collar for $55.00. Needless to say, I tried it on and it was a great fit so I bought it. It was a great price and the perfect coat, I think, for back east this winter. I'm jazzed! XXOO Judy..

Comment #76

Pamela - I've always "dreamed" of coloring my hair some shade of red, but red is a very porous color and you lose it quickly and I don't want to spend the time nor money on too frequent coloring, so I've always passed on it. I do have a lot of red highlights in my hair and now that I color my hair, I think there's a little touch of red to it. That's good enough for me, I guess. I bet you're gonna look stunning as a red head! Are you going dark auburn-type red or light red? XXOO Judy..

Comment #77

Amanda - Thankfully you're starting to feel somewhat better ... that's great news. Don't know how you can still feel somewhat lousy AND talk about projects!!!.

I must be a big weenie-whimp ... If I'm not feeling good, it's hard for me to do anything around the house. But, of course, house cleaning is not one of my top skills.

I do it because I have to or I'd go crazy, but if I could afford a housekeeper, I'd have one. Jo ... why do you live so far away????.

We arrived at the campground at 2pm today. It is on the bluff overlooking the beach. Today is an incredible weather day. About 78 degrees, clear and sunny! Very little breeze which makes it a bit warm, but tonight should be awesome. The weather should be almost as good tomorrow and then on Sunday starts to cool down. What a spectacular weekend!.

Problem with this campground is there are not hook-ups so electricity is a non-issue. Working on my laptop on it's battery and my phone is just about dead! All is well, though. It's the weekend and time to relax. Have a great one, everyone! XXOO Judy..

Comment #78


Back by popular demand (ha!ha!) is the challenge of the week. This one will start on Monday ....

Each of us has at least one thing that "terrorizes" our ability to stay OP. Tell us what that is and make a commitment to keep it under control for one week..

What terrorizes me? Eating foods that are off plan (mostly higher carb veggies).

What is my commitment? No off plan vegetables for one week.

Now, it's your turn!..

Comment #79


Pamela~how'd that red hair turn out for you?! Have you done this before or is it a new shade for you???.

Judy~where are you camping at? Is this one of your last chances to camp for the year or can you do it year round where you are? Our highs were 48 today compared to your almost too warm 78!.

Jodi~don't you hate losing is so frustrating and who wants to go back and retype the same thing again?!.

Michele~sounds like you are ready for a more relaxed weekend-hope you enjoy it!.

JO~WHERE ARE YOU?! Please check in and let us know how things are going in your world...we've all been thinking of you. Remember, no need to stay away on our account..

Marie~hope all is going ok with your family and you're all pulling together at this time..

Renie~have you left for your trip yet? I forgot that you were supposed to go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving~does it seem stressful with your other stuff going on or looking forward to getting away?.

I got the blanket for Delaney from the baby done today! I am so glad I decided to go with that project as I don't know when I'll get that chunk of time with her gone to do it again. Decided I can do the baby room stuff with her around. So, I think my stomach bug is over with, but what I thought was still lingering is actually side effects from my medicine for my UTI~makes me extremely gassy...not fun, but at least it makes sense now..

Delaney's in bed and hubby and I are relaxing. Good night all!.


Comment #80

WOW I have many vices but I will chose .... tic tacs and reddi whip .....

A whole week with neither of them.

I am scared but it is only 7 days, or 168 hours with out ... I can do that huh??.

Really... I will try .....

Comment #81

Good "Late" Evening Melters.

I'm still around. May be going out of town in a few days (hopefully)..

Thinking of all of you and hope you have a wonderful weekend..

My downfall (including yesterday) is B&J's. I went to get an ice-pack for my neck and there it sat waiting for me. I didn't even know it was in the house. I was so happy..

So happy and excited to see it. I forgot about the ice pack and just grabbed the carton..

Then two minutes later my hubby walks in the house......I was busted and just burst out laughing. He said that was the biggest smile he has seen on my face all week. There was only half a carton left. All gone now and I feel in control again..

Jodi, please pm your cellphone number again. I sent a text to you but I think it was your home phone number..

I will write more tomorrow and do shout-outs..

Glad to read you are all feeling better. Get some rest all you busy Melters..

Missing Jo and JodiNY. Hope you are both doing well..



Comment #82




That is so awesome what you do for them kitties. I used to take care of two feral territories and actullay one of my house kitties is from one of them. After 2 years in the wild she got injured I took her in to care for her and fell in love. Whoever said ferals dont make for good pets never met my little white kitty named, "Jedi"..

Comment #83




I am here....just super duper busy everyday. I miss all of you and peroically come and check the boards, just never enough time to actually post....

If anyone ever really wonders if I am OK, just check I try to take a little time there each day to update since not only are a few of my favorite Melters and Shammies there, but my family also...

Comment #84

Good Morning.



So exciting getting ready for a new baby!! Have you had a baby shower yet? Sorry if you have and I missed it. I have not been as faithful a melter post(er) as I should be.

I do remember discussing a dresser for the baby's room and I shared my idea of the one I designed many moons ago...LOL.

Have a great weekend!!..

Comment #85

Well I woke up to the zing of energy that only ketosis can bring!!! YEAH!!!!! Funny the mind is engaged and I feel sooooo much better!.

Amanda this red is my winter color but I think it is truly the color I was meant to be - I feel so good and sexy with it but as Judy mentioned it is a haard one to keep looking fresh!.

I need to go teach class and then I am officially going to hang out this afternoon instead of a 3 hour workshop ... last night we had family game night and it was a blast -.

Apples to Apples JR..

I'll be back!!!..

Comment #86

Hi all~.

Jo, thanks for popping on this morning! Good to see you here. Sounds like you're doing well and keeping B U S Y! Are you glad the cleaning jobs have kept up even though you're back at your regular job?.

I think I am going to go run some errands today. Need to get some general things for around the house. I hope to avoid grocery shopping as I really don't want to do it and it adds up way too fast! I need to return some moisturizer that I bought last smells horrible and about makes me gag each time I've tried it...seriously, who wants that on their face?! They better let me return it even without a receipt, never thought I'd have problem due to the smell!.

Loving this Saturday morning with no where to rush to and feeling better. Delaney and I are both in pj's watching Sesame Street and hubby is snoozing away! Good way to start the day!.

Have a good one melters,.


Comment #87

Hi Pamela~.

Your kids are lucky to have family game night with you and your DH! I don't think that happens often enough for kids these days, sadly. Have a great day! I'm sure the family will be glad to have you hanging around today!!!..

Comment #88


Please don't tell me you just got the brownies???? Okay whatever it is, or was, it's out of your system, and you've moved on. Kudos to you for not keeping the party going. Miss you lady........So you've learned how to work your phone?.


Is it a patchwork blanket or yarn? It must feel good having to accomplish that. Glad you are feeling better. It's nice to just hang in jammies. I've still got my on, but need to get my tush walking!.


Good deal on the coat! It surprises me what nice clothes they do get in from time to time! You've lost all that weight you must rely on materials to keep you warm instead of flesh....woo hoo!.


Good to see you. Yes I do look for you on fb if your not around. I like having that second venue to check up on you.

Have you always taken those was it B12 drops?.


I've always wanted that natural red hair.........It's fun to have a change!.

I wish I had your energy let me tell you! I really never got it from kestosis. Do you take a vitamin?.

I have to call Nutritional Support. I am really dragging my a** lately. I started taking One a Day which is a very horsey vitamin. It made me nauseous once, and the other day I threw up right after taking it. HC says we don't need vitamins. He recommended trying to take it with my L&G.

My friend also said you have to be careful not to take too many vitamins.......What do you guys do?..

Comment #89

Hi Jodi~glad to hear you have enjoyed lounging this morning! I've never taken a vitamin consistently, except prenatal vitamins. I have taken the women's one a day at one point, but was never consistent with it. Have you been walking regularly recently? Do you notice a difference in your energy levels when you do walk regular compared to when you don't? Just a thought to throw out as they say exercise actually improves energy. I'd be worried, too, heading into the winter season and you say you already struggle with SAD (btw, it took me a while to figure out why you referred to some as your SAD melter friends the other day!)..

It was one of the fleece tie blankets that I made for Delaney. It does feel great to have that done!! One side is solid purple and the other side is white background with different sizes/colors of polka dots on it. I debated doing a princess one, but decided to just do a pattern one..

Ok, need to get my girl down for naptime.....

Comment #90


Sorry I should have spelled that out. It's good that you don't know the abbrevation and are not suffering from it! Ohhhh those prenatal vitamins...makes me wanna gag just thinking of them. I don't remember if I took them. Back then I couldn't swallow and pills and I think the liquid was so thick like Molasses..

You know, I don't get any more energy from walking per say that is lasting throughout the day. Maybe it's just not enough that I realize it? I do feel better and liike when I do it though. It does start the day off right..

Blanket sounds adorable! I love the fleece..

Do you have that keen sense of smell? Oh I remember it was almost a curse? I wonder if that is what's going on with that moisturizer?.

Nutritutional Support is closed for the weekend...I think they should have some hours on a Saturday dontcha think?..

Comment #91

I do think they should have hours on Saturday...I thought they were available 24/7 when I started, but maybe I'm remembering wrong..

I'm not sure if I have an extra strong sense of smell with being pregnant or not, not that I notice really. But the moisturizer seriously reminds me of the smell of sunless tanner that I tried back in the day in makes me want to gag. I am waiting on a Mary Kay order from my sister, but need something in the meantime, so was trying to go cheap-o, but didn't work out!.

Delaney's down for the count with nap!!! I'm lacking motivation and energy, even though I have a lot I want to get done today. I'm crazy...I'm already thinking about starting to wrap Christmas presents! I just think of how much 'easier' (that's easy as in 7 months pregnant easy!) it will be to do it now than in another month when I'm even bigger! Geesh, once Christmas season actually comes, I'll have nothing to do!.

Be back later,.


Comment #92

I say go with what your motivated to do, why not? This when when you are much bigger, you can sit on the nest, hatch your egg, get your last moments of peace and read a book.

Ohhh my sense of smell definitely heightened, but I have a good one anyway. Hmmmm kinda wish I didn't with me tooting Medifast farts all around the house, lol..

Napping is a blessing, maybe you should join her?.

It's kinda interesting how you can damage your liver with taking too many vitamins? Not sure what too much is. Until I get a few answers I'm going to let low and not do anything. I have to go reread a thread that was on Medifast about just my situation...

Comment #93

Happy Saturday Melters:.

We are keeping busy today at home (laundry, packing, cleaning and organizing). My hubby went this morning and bought 4 Tons (200 bags) of pellets for our fireplace insert. He likes to be prepared for the winter and his shop/barn has the space for storage..

So he picked up our 14 yr old DGS (that just went home this past Monday) to help him unload these bags. I know our DGS intends to stay over again after unloading..

I bought the Toy Story 3 and Karate Kid dvd's for the grandkids. So we will have family movie night after dinner (no popcorn). I'm actually thinking of inviting my two other grandkids to spend the night..

It would be lots of work but sounds like fun right now. I need to check to see if they are both "entirely" well after being sick last week..

Big hugs to all my dear Melters. Enjoy your weekend, get some rest, stay healthy and STAY on plan or at least eat healthy foods..

I'm trying to think of a "challenge" for us to do to get through the holidays. My "old" brain is tired but something may come to me. Beware!.


Comment #94

Boy I thought I would get so much more done today ... isn't that always the case???.

Jodi - are you using all Medifast products? If so you really shouldn't need a vitamin however if you ( I can't remember who subs other bars) sub bars you will need a vitamin. getting in all your protein??..

Comment #95


Yep I'm eating only Medifast products...always have. Worst I've done is go nuts over the nuts and Medifast bars pretty much!.

There is only so much time in the day and so much to do sometimes...that's why I run away from the housework because it never ends!.


Aaaaaah you like to have the house full! Is that the latest Toy Story? I only saw the first and it was cute...

Comment #96

Good morning everyone ... on my way out to church ... then time to watch the Pats vs Browns ... I from Ohio ~ did you all know that? Transplanted to MA in 1985!!!..

Comment #97

Jodi - are you going through menopause or perimenopausal symptoms? They do drag you down. I have to agree with what Amanda said about he exercise. I find that the heavy duty exercise really energizes me like no other thing can. Other than that, did you think about a b12 vit shot once a month? My mother in law and good friend get them adn swear by the energy boost -.

Pamela gotta see that red! I went red once....wasn't pretty - red curly hair and olive toned skin....yuck - really cheesy! I always wanted to be fair skinned, green eyed and red headed! lol.

Jo - I think ferals can make terrific pets. My three outside boys never come in the house but 2 of them love a good cuddle and purr like motor boats. I know many in the TNR community who wind up keeping their ferals and they adapt quite well. I wish there was a food supplement that we cld give them all to sterilize them tho bc their population growth worldwide is out of control. - makes for some big environmental showdonws since they eat or kill native species and live on the margin of existence to boot..

Amanda - you are so darn organized I am so so envious. Get it all done now if you can and then you can really enjoy the holidays..

I always find this time so crazy bc we have the girls bdays adn then Hannukah one after another. This year hannukah is the first week of December - plus we are having both girls bday parties that weekend one on Sat one on Sunday AND the outlaws are coming in for a week from Florida! eeh gads!.

Juday camping sounds amazing - If I was to pick one vice I would have to think hard...really really hard....hmmmm...NOT - Peanut butter! No thining needed on that one. My biggest downfall bc I cant stop at one spoonful usually and PB2 is just not the consistency I want ....So I usally need to go to totaly avoidance. THis week - no PB ? Ok I am on!.

Renie - I am so intrigued...what are b&J's?????? I have all these visions of hubby walking in on you and I don't know what they, jackets, tops, soem type of food? Brownies and JJJJJ?????? DO tell dear tell!.

So this weekend has been terrific and relaxing. WEnt for coffee with a good friend yesterday am, supermarket and took the girls to see Megamind. Then out with friends last nite..

This am wanted to get to the gym but Jolie is sick and feverish and just threw up all over the bathroom floor...feeling better now though. Abby has haer last soccer game today at 12 and other than that we are laying low...phew..

Need more coffee.


Comment #98

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.