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First off, Does Google Adsence Work for 123 Many thanks for any answer. My other question... I got an enquiry for purchase of a name. Their offer was like $500, and I definitely have no plans of selling it under $5k..

I've explained it to them clearly. But the person sends mails like:.

The HostGator is long..

The HostGator has non-premium letters..

The HostGator is difficult to pronounce.

The HostGator is not brandable..

Lol.. if the HostGator is soo bad stop mailing me and find some-other name! This guy wants to claim that the name is bad and get it for cheap! lmao.. time-wasters!.

Have you guys come across ppl like this?..

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The answer is Yes, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the 123 reg guys because they can answer your 123 reg question better...

Comment #1

$500 is a standard offer that people start off negotiations with. Although based on your email, it appears the offeror is a reseller and not an end user...

Comment #2

Hmmm, it's THAT BAD he still wants it.


You should tell him it's that bad you decided to keep it..


Comment #3

Yeah. Appears to me that he's brokering for someone. But doesn't move above $700, which is nowhere near what Im looking for..

Yeah, I sent him a mail "[sarcasm] After reading your mail I realised how worthless and useless my HostGator name is. I don't want you to buy this ugly name and end-up in losses. Please find another good name.[/sarcasm]"..

Comment #4

While I suppose that makes you feel better, I hope you're ready for whatever.

The other party might be prepared to do that can aggravate you even more..

Sometimes you can hardly do anything about someone else. But you certainly.

Can do something about.



Comment #5

Well, that was the last reply after 20 odd "Mr.Nice Guy" replies..

Suppose you owned a & someone sends you mails everyday claiming that it is worth only $500, as it is ugly and with bad letters - then you'll also do the same thing. He doesn't wanna move beyond $700 - But persists that I shd sell it for that price! c'mon!.

Oh btw - I dint include the "[sarcasm]" tags on the mail I sent. I'm sure he aint too serious about the domain. All he can do to aggravate more is sending more mails like.

- the HostGator is not on google.

- the HostGator is very old.

- the HostGator has my ex-GFs initials.

Lol.. and I aint bothered anymore...

Comment #6

I've never been in this position (newbie alert), but if the name is that good just forget this guy..

Send a last short stating that you will accept no offer less than $5k and ignore any and all emails until you get an offer you like..

That way you don't waste in more of your time..


Comment #7

I call them bottom feeders. Hoping to get a gem for cheap. I can't complain, I do it too and sometimes score. Makes it worth the effort...

Comment #8

I just acquired my first (I've been domaining for less than a year)..

Upon putting it up on Sedo, I received a few offers right away..

The first one I received was $250! HAHA! I'm not even going to bother with that guy...

Comment #9


I had a conversation where someone was trying to reason that online was not an appropriate keyword for a website, thus they wanted a better deal. Of all the things to pick to haggle on..

I've had people email me and state that they value domains in this way, under this system, which at least has some logic I can look at even if I disagree with it..

Any email/contact is a potential sale though so I don't mind chatting to anyone, even if we are miles apart in valuations, it's my job to close that gap politely or bring a deal to the table we can both agree on...

Comment #10

I once got a $1 offer for a HostGator I make more or less $100 per month..

I replied to him that this is the cost just to reply to this offer...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.