Does Medifast Diet really work? ?

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First of all Does Medifast Diet really work? ? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Yes sir! however you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

Comment #2

Any new Crew members.

....we're having our own little.


Challenge to help us all get through the holidays. It's already started, but you can jump in - it ends Jan 2, 2011..

About our Challenge.

Here's the format:.

Report daily with a summary on Sunday. I will track the summary numbers and post.


- daily reporting is for our own accountability..

For your starting week, please tell me:.


(Weight Loss, Transition or Maintenance).

Medifast Starting Weight.

Challenge Starting Weight.

(Any day this week that you weighed will work if you don't have a Sunday/Monday weight).

Goal Weight.

Each day, report the following:.

OP: On our plan (5+1, 4+2, transition, maintenance): yes or no.

Water: _____ ounces.

Exercise: ______.

On Sunday or Monday report your weekly summary:.


Days OP:.

Days with water:.

Days with exercise:.

For those in Maintenance, I'm going to invoke the "fuzzy rule" - if you're within your goal range, report your goal number. That way, minor fluctuations aren't interpreted as gains.

Or losses.

Here's the banner - take out ALL the ***.


WE CAN CREWS through the holidays HEALTHY!!..

Comment #3

Repost of stats for this week:.

On plan: 7 days.

Water: 7 days.

Exercise: 5 days - with some running and painless peas!.

Weight: 138 - back in my zone..

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #4

The challenge is not easy but it's worth trying. Perfect I have not been. But in the past I wouldn't even try anything for fear of failure. Tomorrow is another day!..

Comment #5

JAN - the candy cane graphic is my favorite so far, too. It's just spectacular. I can't wait to see what's new each time I check in. (uh, no pressure, lol.).

BARB - keeping you all in thought and good job this week hanging OP, what a challenge, but you are the guru.......


Just a quick drop in to say Good Evening to everyone and hope you are staying safe and warm. It's brutal out there if you live in the snow region - The wind is so strong, it has ripped my flag in half and bent the flagpole pretty far..

Every football fan in Detroit is elated that the Minnesota Vikings will be playing in our stadium tomorrow night. Of course, that means it was very bad news that Minnesota's stadium roof caved in because of the snow...yikes!!.

Off to clean up my many messes for the day, cooking, wrapping, sorting papers, paperwork, cleaning off the snowballs on the dogs' legs and belly, oh and mopping the floor when they melt all over the kitchen.....

The Christmas lights sure look nice with a covering of snow.....


Comment #6

Woops, I posted this in last weeks....

Here's a link to MF's holiday survival guide:.


There's some good tips, mostly we've heard them all here, but now they're all in one place. Also some recipes..

Sherry, I can't decide which is my favorite, so I'm using them all! Here's a cute Mickey one...

Comment #7

Thanks, JAN - these are wonderful tips to keep at hand...

Comment #8

Morning Checkin - Weekly Summary:.

Weight: 154.8.

OP: 4.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 1.

It's amazing the scale moved at all with those stats! So, this morning, I'm back on track with exercise - just did a mile and a half on the treadmill - 30 minutes. So, I'm starting the week off on the right foot - OP yesterday, and all my water..

Have a great Monday, everyone!!.

P.S. Melissa is stuck in DC - she was supposed to fly up to Boston yesterday, but flights were canceled. She's with her friend in DC and trying to stay warm...

Comment #9

Sunday Dec. 12..

OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise no.

JAN - here are my stats for the week:.

Weight 121.3.

OP 4/6.

Water 6/6.

Exercise 0/6.

I seem to have lost Monday's stats (12/6) so am using 6 days as my total.....

Thanks again for doing this. Today's graphic....too cuuute. I'm enjoying them..


Comment #10

Hello all! I am beginning the challenge again. I cant catch up with last week. I just dont remember it all..

Jan I love the cute pics of christmas. I really like diana and her santa mouse in the signature. So cute..


Op yes.

Water 96 oz.

Exercise yes.

Have a great day!.


Comment #11

Good morning, Crew!!.

It's a busy Monday morning for sure. My head is spinning with details of everything I need to get done...but I'm sure I'm not the only one in this dilemma!.

Our weekend was good but I must say, the temptation of baking 10 dozen cookies for a mission trip our church is going on was stronger than I anticipated!! I also baked cookies for DH to take to his co-workers...I would like to say that I baked everything without a BLT, but I'd be lying!! It was nice to bake and then know the temptation was out of the house!! I think that is part of the reason why I want to bake this year - enjoy the experience but not have the ongoing temptation and regret afterward!!.

So I'm within 3.5 pounds to goal. I am hoping for a strong week and want to hit it before Christmas. That would be a great present!! We're having friends and family over on Christmas Day and are planning our menu with healthy options - what a change!!.

Thanks, Barb, for the comments about being a health coach. It's been a wonderful experience thus far. For anyone who might be considering it, Take Shape for Life has the New Coach Starter Kits on sale for $159 through the end of the month. It definitely has helped me walk the talk. I love it!!.

So guess I better run before my list gets any longer this morning. For those of you buried in snow, stay warm and safe. I'm a little jealous about your winter weather this time of year!!.

Weekly Summary:.

Weight: 133.5.

OP: 5 - baking BLT's -.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 5..

Comment #12


Weight: 141.8.

Days OP: 6.

Days with water: 7.

Days with exercise: 5..

Comment #13

Hey Crew,.

Wow. I feel out of touch up here. Had no idea the Midwest got so pounded. I've not been at the computer much since Friday so I didn't get my usual dose of front page news..

We started on sleds Thursday night and are up to 30 mile runs. Going out in a few hours to do it again today, then back to Anchorage. Hope to get back home in time to decorate the tree tonight. I am having my staff over to the house for the office party Thursday night. I gave the Hygienists a credit card and a budget and let them plan the party because I just don't have time this year. I'll find out Thursday what they came up with.

SherryI can never seem to make it thru Costco without sampling all the samples. You are so motivated!!!.

BarbLots of prayers said for your family..

Courtney, OMGa few more pounds!!! I am goiing to have my favorite Medifast root beer float in your honor when you hit goal..

I have lousy stats this week. But I turned it around yesterday and got my motivation back. I am in a better frame of mind and will do better this week. I need to get this done and quit playing around with a few days off here and there. You all know that is non-productive and I know it too. So what makes me have a great week, a great weigh in, and then lose control the next week? When I figure that out I'll share it..

Friday stats.






Water-not even close, bad bad.

Exercise25 miles on the sled!!!!.

WEEKLY Stats (can't believe I have to admit to these)).


OP-2 (meek ouch).

Water4 (another meek ouch).


But here's a new start to this week.

Sunday stats.

OPYes yes yes.

Water80 ounces.

Exercise30 miles on the sleds.

Hope everyone has a great week. Stay warm and dry down there..


Comment #14


I can't imagine drinking all this water if I were in the frozen north. I notice that I drink a lot less when it is cold here...

Comment #15

Wow....I gotta admit it gets harder to drink water in the winter, I can't imagine drinking all that water in Alaska either. Never though about that..

Still busy cleaning. I am going to work tomorrow, to get caught up with the kids, the every other day the rest of the week. After Friday all my bereavement days will be gone and I will only be able to help on the weekeneds. Thankfully my grad class is over. But there is so much work to do. 60 years of stuff in the house..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Fighting the good really is the only way..


Comment #16


, keeping you and your family in my prayers...

Comment #17


OP: yes.

Water: yes.


Even though I'm not counting steps on my pedometer as exercise, I'd like to mention that I got over 12,000 steps the other day, just running around @ work!..

Comment #18

Evening everyone! I'm happy to report a Blue Ribbon day - OP, Water & Exercise, all YES!.


Made it to Boston and texted her summary:.

Weight: 128.

OP: 6.

Water: 7 (of course).

Exercise: 6.

DH had a snow day today & I got to go to the backup center (16 miles vs. 60 miles). It still took me twice as long - roads were icy from the rain Saturday night. Hopefully they'll be better tomorrow because we HAVE to go to HQ..

Looks like it's just going to keep being a crazy zoo at work, and not just for the holidays. We're upgrading our system so there's TONS of extra work..


I'll keep you in my prayers. I don't envy the job you have cleaning out MIL's house..

Sherry & Courtney.

- You're both spittin' distance to goal!! WTG - what a fabulous Christmas gift to yourselves!.


- nice to see you back! Just jump right in for the challenge. I just carry the previous week's weight along to the current week for folks that don't report..


- I totally missed your previous post! I laughed about the dogs' snowballs. Cassie gets them too - DH has to towel her down in the mud room..


- My spreadsheet says you lost 8 lbs this week!! YAY for you!!.

Waving to everyone! Way past my bed-time.....

Comment #19


We were posting at the same time....


Comment #20


OP: yes, it was a hard day, TOM is visiting and made me hungry!.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes.

Hope you are doing well. I am not confident that I will make goal by Christmas, but I am happy to be so close. Tomorrow I am planning an off plan day, but only for 1 meal. We are having snack and dessert day at work. I won't go overboard, but I will sample a few things and least the things that I bring. I have found that cooking in advance makes for multiple off plan days, so I will not prepare anything until tonight after dinner.



Has safely arrived in Boston. I would say she will be happy to get home to "sunny Florida", but it is in the 20's here this morning..


, -8 lbs? AWESOME!!!!..

Comment #21

COURTNEY, SHERRY and all you Crewsers who are about to slide across that goal line - we are here at the end, cheering you on (can you hear us and see the pom-poms?).

It's sure a challenging time to the finish right now, but when you get there, we will cheer you in all the way!!!! Keep up the good work!!!.

Have a great OP day everyone - stay warm wherever you are..


Comment #22

Thank you.


You are right there too!!! we are sooo very close I can smell the Medifast brownies of victory...

Comment #23

Good day to the crew,.

Cold and snowy up here too. High wind warnings today and tonight with cold wind chills, like 10-20 below. It is hard to drink a lot of water if it means peeling down 3 layers to pee, whether it be iindoors or out. But I think I have determined that I need the true 64 ounces minimum or I start retaining fluid, especially in the lower legs..

Monday stats.


Water-yes, 72.

Exercise25 miles on the sleds..

Sounds like the rest of the crew is doing well. Just a few more weeks and all the Christmas distractions disappear. But I guess if this was easy no one would be overweight. Dang it, though, this season is hard. One meal at a time is all I can tell myself..

Weighed in this morning, up 4 pounds. Could be due to my lack of water last week and my bad eating but with the activity of the last few weeks I'm actually quite surprised by that. I'll buckle down this week and see if drinking more water reduces some fluid retention in the lower legs. Has anyone else had this problem??.

Glad I'm not planning a FL vacation at Christmas this year. Actually, glad I'm not flying anywhere. Sounds like everyone is having miserable weather..


Comment #24

Thanks, Debbie!! It's a fun, scary time!!.

I love my life and the changes this program have allowed me to make. I'm so grateful for where I am now compared to where I was back in March. I didn't even know what ketosis was!!.

Have a great day, Crew!!..

Comment #25

First, let me thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It was great to get back to work today, even though it is only for two days this week. Of course, when I got there, it couldn't be easy! I had planned out 4 days of a bacterial transformation lab so that I could split it up and stop at times when I could stabilize the bacteria and hold it until the next day. I figured out how to do it so the hard stuff was today and Thursday. I got in this morning to heat up the water baths and some of the other necessary equipment, only to find that my electric was out. My safety shut off had tripped, but I couldn't turn it back on.

Argh....... So I called maintenance, explained my dilemma, and they came in and took care of it immediately. They are the best. Saved my week..

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. This is what I have learned this week. Make sure you have a will, no matter how old you are. Once you decide who is going to get your stuff, start to give it out before you die. If you are sick, it is a good time to do this. Perhaps, most importantly, put everything in writing.

People aren't honest when you aren't around.. that is out of my system..


, I heard it is a little chilly in Florida. My dad, who is in Ft Myers area, is complaining. Only in the 20's with wind chill here today. Melissa is probably freezing!.


, I hope your are enjoying the snow. I will be happy if ours falls at 3:30 on the 22nd. I'm putting an order in for it then. Not a minute sooner!.


, sounds like that pedometer is working overtime! Busy time of the year. I should have one on. I can't believe how many times I've climbed the stairs in the last week..


, a 4 pound difference in one day is probably not real. I think Alaska is here in PA, you might as well stay put..


, might get a great Christmas gift! I know that having met my goal on Black Friday kept me honest on Thanksgiving this year..


I promise I'll be here cheering!.

Bobbie, Heidi, Kim, Ebony, Diana.

And everyone else I may have missed, have a great day!.

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #26

Good Evening, All! Here's hoping.


Gets home safely and gets her doggies. Her flight out of Boston was delayed til almost 7:30, putting her home quite late..

I wouldn't mind the snow,.


, if I didn't have to drive in it. Spent over 3 hours commuting today - would be more fun with.


Dog team! So, that put me way off schedule again - we had dinner after 8 and I'm just finishing my Medifast brownie..

I'm pooped, pooped, pooped...and still have a few more things to finish up before bed, so waving goodnight to one and all......

Comment #27

Good Evening/Night everyone - late posting today, but it has been a crazy day and not structured at all. I had a run in with some candy and, well, I cannot report OP today, darn it.....

Our day has been so wild here today that DS and I just finished eating 'supper', Boca chili and whole wheat pasta (just a little)..

We drove out to a reception this late afternoon, turned out to be a 2 hour commute during rush hour. (Pontiac, Jan) When we got there, the only food around was greasy or dry, overcooked chicken fingers and dried up potato skins, quiches, with a large assortment of veggies. By the time we perused the food tables, we were so turned off, we didn't eat there. It took so long to get home (over an hour) that we were just too pooped to stop and eat out. What a nutso adventure that was, and right in front of the place, I turned my tire a little soon and ended up in a snowbank! Just as I was calling someone for some help, DS pushed me out and we got to the front door without further incident. Had it been yesterday's weather, we would have stayed home, but the weather was dry, only frigid..

Off to have an Medifast brownie and cup of tea, then off to bed..

Tomorrow will be a great day for all of us, I just know it!!!!.


Comment #28

Oh yeah,.


OP no.

Exercise no.

Water - almost, but no..

Comment #29

OK, crewsers, you have me swigging my 50-ounce water bottle already, when I'd rather be on a second cup of hot decaf. Happy now? HA!!.


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no..

Comment #30


- I hear your pain on the drive. I had to go to Novi yesterday and although it was dry and no accidents, 275 was moving between 10-25 mph.

It took me over an hour and a half both ways.

A2 today, thank goodness, then Novi tomorrow for the Holiday Pig-Out (more on that when I get to work), then A2 on Friday again. It's our Christmas party Friday night at the Henry Ford Museum, which sounds intriguing. But between the focus on food (various food stations, including one devoted solely to chocolate!), my difficulty hearing in crowds, and yet another long drive, I think we'll skip it..

I realized after I went to bed that I didn't report, so Tuesday's stats: OP, Yes, Water - Yes, Exercise - no..

Gotta keep moving this morning. I'll be back from the office..

Have a FABULOUS OP Wednesday!..

Comment #31

It may be early, but so far, OP!!!!! Honestly, I have put your voices in my head and you will all get me through another hectic day. Water going down easily this morning, I can't believe I missed out yesterday.... I have had to resort to infusers here and there when my sweet tooth calls, but they sure work for me ( 1 a day for the most part.) Also, ladies, that gum is saving me, except yesterday when I indulged indulged in a little candy then couldn't stop....

Gum gum gum celery celery celery infusers infusers infusers.




Comment #32

Debbie -.





Your new Betty Booper!..

Comment #33

Hey CREW!!! I missed you guys! Jan kept me up to date on everyone and I texted her when I could. No real slip ups for me I just accounted for everything and planned. Always following Barbs advice! It helps that my friend in DC is very health conscious and we would have different kinds of food that I am not used to meaning higher in calories but we always split it! Nothing fried either. I went over on calories one day but we did walk 10miles that day so that might have helped a little. All in all it was a great trip except for plane delays! My friend in Boston I was helping her shop for a wedding dress and we were successful! I thought she would want her mom to see the dress but she said she was 100% sure so we went ahead and ordered it. So exciting!.


Thanks for being such a great text buddy! Great graphics as usual!.


Sorry we didn't get to meet up this time I went to DC. Bad timing as it was a quick trip for me and you having the loss of your MIL. Have you found a half for us yet? I actually met a girl my age on the flight out to DC that has done 2 half marathons! She lives about 45min away so we are going to start training together!.




Are you becoming a health coach? So exciting!.


Hope all is well!!.


Came back from Boston and it feels the same temp wise! Did it warm up at all while I was gone?.

Tues Stats.

OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise squats & stairs in airport..

Comment #34

Cold, Cold, and wow was it windy last night. Dogs hid in their houses and barely came out to eat dinner..

I picked up a pair of support hose yesterday and the left calf-leg seems like it's down this morning, although it's still larger than the right leg..

Went a little off plan last night, late. Was listening to Barry Manilow and the sugar bug roared to life. Wonder if there is a connection. Fighting hard to stay away from treats this morning. I'm using.

Debbie's mantra, gum gum gum, celery celery celery, water, water, water..


Melissaso glad you made it home. Sorry about all your delays. Air travel is so frustrating..

Barbglad you were able to save your work..

Jantraffic sounds horrid..

Hi to Courtney, Bobbi, Debbie, Kim, and the rest of the Crew..

Tuesday stats.

OP-all day until late night..

Water58, just a bit short. Fell asleep with my water bottle next to me.

Exerciseday off for the dogs after the big weekend.

Hope everyone stays warm. Don't get too frustrated.......


Comment #35

Hi all,.

Not sure if I posted yesterdays stats..


Op: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes.

Today is off plan, but I will get all my water in and plan on exercise. I'll check in with you all later..

Melissa, Debbie, Glad you are home safe...

Comment #36

Happy Wednesday. Another day spent cleaning MIL's house. I have one more bereavement day on Friday to get some more work done. One of the problems is that it is a 2 hour drive there and another 2 hours back. It takes a big chunk out of the day..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Did anyone watch the biggest loser finale last night? I got the feeling that except for a few of the guys, the weight loss percentages were much less than other seasons..

Very tired with lots to do. Not much time, but know that I'm thinking about all of you. If I could just get my tree up and my cards done, I'd feel better. Don't even want to think about the shopping I haven't even started. UGH..

Fight the good fight!.


Comment #37

CHRISTINE - that Barry Manilow, he does that to me, too! (just kidding, but I really do like his music.) Glad you had a much needed day off for you and the dogs, you have been hiting it so hard on the trails, I'm exhausted....(: You must just feel so good this year on that sled!! You are doing so well, way to go..

BARB - so glad you are hanging in there. My in-laws both passed away a week and two weeks before Christmas, those were pretty low key years, getting so little else done. I hope you can sit back and really enjoy your decor (once you get it all up. ) A mellow way to end the day. Hope DH is doing okay. Thinking of you..

JAN - at least the driving isn't as bad today, hope you are staying warm and enjoying your fireplace and decorations. Sounds like a plan to miss the Museum party, sometimes you just have-ta...... (I love Betty Boop, but this graphic is so big....oh well, Christmas is over the top anyway, lol.).

MELISSA - welcome back and I know you're glad to be home. Travel takes a lot out of you anyway, nevermind with all of the weather disruptions! You did good with meals, it sounds like, well done..

KITTY - I'm throwing the Crew life preserver your way, all that water! Good job..

COURTNEY - so great that you want to inspire others and the Crew, too!.

SHERRY - hope you are all keeping warm there, too. My folks are heading down on the 27th and those first few months are so chilly for them, ouch! But, they are really in the deep freeze here right now. Stay warm and cozy..

Waving to BOBBI, BRENDA, KIM, DIANA, HEIDI - hey are you all out Christmas-ing?.


OP - yes, yes, yes.

WATER - oh, yes.

Exercse - uh, not really..

Comment #38

Good morning crew - only it's not morning-morning-getting up for work morning. I went to bed exhausted without even checking in, but too wound up to sleep. Another CRAZY day at work.

DH had a meeting so I thought I'd get some Christmas shopping done after work....


I came straight home, hit the treadmill (45 min, 2.5 miles), baked a cake for DH's pot luck and had my COB soup & salad for dinner while it baked (watching a Christmas movie I DVR'd and have been falling asleep to for the last 32 night!). Got the cake out of the oven (a little burned - I'm out of practice!), had my brownie & went to bed. Tossing and turning, flopsy, mopsy & cottentail, so I got up frosted the cake and here I am - I'm exhausted all over again just writing all this!.

Tomorrow is also our Holiday Pig-Out at work. It's a long standing tradition started by the folks who were actually assigned to the backup center before it was the backup center. There were about 30 people and they all brought something, in excess, and they just ate all day long and there were STILL leftovers at the end of the day...which was never a problem because we're 24/7 so the food all went to the controllers who are there all night..

Now that we've grown and moved into our shiny new HQ, the tradition continues, only there's 60-70 people involved. And many of them signed up for more than 1 item. It's all logged in a spreadsheet (what, not a database?) so I copied it down and did a little number crunching on it: as of 4 p.m. yesterday, there were 76 items with roughly the following breakdown: 14 desserts, 15 snacks (more sweet than salty), 10 meat (only 3 are remotely OP), 6 salads (again, 3 possible OP), I forget how many side dishes, non of which are get the picture. There were 8 items that were possible OP out of the 76 - not very good odds. So, I'll be going Christmas shopping during this department-wide long lunch.

I'm happy to report a triple winner for Wednesday: OP YES, Water YES, Exercise YES.

OK, I think I can sleep now - I'm going to give it a whirl...5:30 comes awful early. Oh, and I'm still drinking my water - what day's stats again?..

Comment #39

Too wound up to sleep, Jan? I hear ya!!!..

Comment #40


Op: no.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes..

Happy Thurdays!!! Today is my last day at work till the 28th. Now I am in the holiday spirit!..

Comment #41



! Glad you are so close to goal. Very exciting! Do all the dogs sleep outside or do they have heat?.

This is definitely a busy time of year thats for sure. Since I was gone for 5 days trying to catch up on everything has definitely been a struggle! More Christmas shopping tonight!.

Wed Report.

OP Yes.

Exercise Yes.

Water Yes..

Comment #42

Ugh, bad day, don't ask..


OP: no.

Water: no.

Exercise: no..

Comment #43


On plan: Yes (after cleaning at MIL's couldn't eat).

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Does washing walls, ceilings and floors....make that scrubbing by hand...count? Yes.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes....although not much over 64 ounces....need to drink more.

Exercise: Yes.....Knee still a little weird feeling, but NO pain, NO peas on the knees..


, what a great idea!.


, I hope you are getting warm..


, just pick yourself back up again..


, I think Barry Manilow puts me to sleep at this point of my life!.


, we finally got some of your snow. Been getting lots of your arctic air though. Brrrr..


I hope your courses went well this semester..

Have a great night all. Fight the good fight..


Comment #44

With lots of help from.


I made it through what she dubbed.

'Food Day 2010'.

What a relief! There was food everywhere ALL DAY - breakfast items, the giant buffet at lunch, then all the leftovers appearing all day everywhere..

I had a plan for survival and a plan for our unexpected workload - neither of them went according to plan...can you hear God laughing? DH tells me that all the time "Want to hear God laugh? Just make a plan." I wasn't able to leave the building during the pig-out. I did make a small plate of almost OP food - my boss came and got me - but I didn't stay in the room with the food. I went back to my desk. Folks were eating all over, so that wasn't real unusual. PLUS, there was just too much going on that needed my attention - I work through lunch quite frequently. I've certainly get my share of stressors at work and these last few weeks have been overload!.

But overload doesn't have to mean my plate..

I'm too pooped to participate right brain is fried (is that OP?), so no shout-outs. Know that I'm holding you all close..

A special.



For helping me through a tough day..

Thursday: OP - yes, Water - Yes, Exercise - no..

Up & at 'em early again tomorrow. Night Crew!..

Comment #45

Hi everyone - hope that you have had a good day, with all of the challenges and distractions. I had to go in to one too many shops today and the last one, well, not so good when faced by carmel corn and the aroma...I got weak. The rest of the meals and the day was OP and good, but gosh, I never ever thought I'd struggle with this when I was so happy to have gotten to goal. It truly is a fight, sn't it?.

Packing for a weekend in Mexico with DH for a company thing. I will be happy to be in the warm weather for a spell, but would also prefer to be home and cozy..

I have packed my bars and puffs so I can keep something with me at all times..

Stay warm and stay OP and fight that fight everyone. I'll check in if we have good WiFi or something for DH's computer. Otherwise, I'll 'talk' to you all on Sunday evening..

Hang in - fight the good fight - let's do it!!!!!.


Comment #46

Hey Crew-.

It's late and I'm diligently trying to get my kitchen in order for us to head out of town for the weekend. Short, fast trip, but plenty of temptation awaits!!.

Another milestone today...I bought two new pairs of size 4 jeans!! And it was a hard choice narrowing down my picks to just two!! I love MF! This program is so awesome if you just sit back and cooperate!! Almost 37 weeks ago I was pushing a size for those of you out there thinking, "I'll never make it that far." GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT! You can do it! In my journal before I started this journey I wrote down things I've missed out on over my life, and I wrote down things I wanted to get of out getting in shape. One comment I wrote down is that I want to be an inspiration to others who will look at me and say, "If Courtney can do it, then I know I can too!".

This is a tough week coming up...but just take control one bite at a time, one drink at a time, one moment at a time..

Have a wonderful weekend crew!! By the way, I've missed posting this week...shame on me! I'm getting my water in, OP 2 of the 4 days (so many easy BLT's!!) and exercise 3 of 4 days.. is the first day of the rest of your life!!..

Comment #47


I will be changing my goal once I make my original goal. I picked the first number that put me in a healthy BMI. But, inside I really want to be less than that, But I was a little skeptical and doubted myself in the beginning. Now, I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!..

Comment #48

Starting off already behind with my water since I didn't swig much before I got into the car...hubs woke me up late...I'm already ******** off...he also misplaced the power cord to my netbook which I so graciously offered to share with him <grrr> so I'm running off the battery....gotta get a grip here!! Barb, thank you. I am dusting myself off from yesterday as I write this. There will be leftovers at work from yesterday's party. I've already got the mind set that NONE of that is for me. Rat poison is what it is. Food is fuel.


Comment #49

Good morning everyone! Busy day ahead of me, but a little time to check in this morning..


, congrats for getting through the worst day fo the year. I just read the morning emails on my school account and it was full of "food" invitations, cookies here, cakes there, slices of Yule Log to be delivered to your room on Monday (thank heavens we can't eat in the lab!), etc. Why is it at this time of the year we have to push food? Why can't we be respectful of the fact that there are people who don't want to have it in the workplace? I am thinking about this today. Kessler talks about it in his book. I think that will be my focus for the next food days..


, food is fuel, food is fuel, fooed is fuel for that skinnier body. Too bad you can't use some of those leftovers for that computer!.


, is it any warmer down there?.


, have you thawed out from your trip up north yet? We have snow on the ground this morning. I don't think it is enough to last until Christmas, but I can hope..


, congratulations on size 4 jeans and on buying them. This is how fragile I still am.....I fit into size 4 jeans and won't buy them. I've bought size 4 skirts, but I can't bring myself to buy the size 4 jeans. I am so afraid I'll be out of them. They scare me..

Have a great day everyone!.

Fight the good fight!.


Comment #50


Thanks for the sweet rose! You did all the hard work resisting that junk! I was just the chat support.

Thank YOU for the crafting advice!.


I am definitely thawing out from being up north! It was definitely interesting being in such cold weather especially with all the walking we did. Whats the furthest you have fun so far? I met this girl on the airplane who does half marathons. She was so fun and we are going to start running together. I need help getting my mileage up. Anyway she wants me to sign up for a half April 10th. I feel like thats too early but I might go for it.


OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise 3mile run..

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Hi Crew..

Burr, cold here in Alaska. 10 below in the dog yard this morning. Have my first race this weekend. 46 mile out-and-back trail both Saturday and Sunday. Will definitely have to put booties on the dogs. Snow that cold gets grainy and irritates their feet..


In Anchorage a few of the dogs have a wooden box with straw and I have a "heated" barn with indoor/outdoor runs that houses about 15 dogs. I say heated lightly because at temps under 10 degrees water still freezes in the barn, it's just a bit warmer than being in the open. The heater can't keep it warm enough with the open doggie doors. No plastic or rubber can be used on the open doors because the dogs will chew on it all day. Some nights I sleep out there with them and practice with my warmest sleeping bags and warm gear. Wednesday night I let a few dogs out of their kennels and Sapphire crawled in my sleeping bag with me..

In Willow everyone has their own box and we use the chains to keep them in their own area. Prevents unwanted breeding and fights over territory. But all my dogs have free run time and are pretty well-socialized..

You guys are all hanging in there this week. Menot so great. Too dang many distractions. I can't believe I am failing so miserably. Goes to show me I am still a slave to my addictions, and I have work to do. Just trying to make it through this next week..


, I am so proud of you. And.






I had a day like yours on Wednesday. And Thursday. Trying to get it back this morning. And.

Barb, oh Barb,.

, you continue to amaze me..


, Can't wait for you to hit goal and reassess. You are so close..

Wedensday stats.

OP-no, sadly.


Exercise35 miles on the sleds.

Thursday stats.

OP-no, no, no. oh no.


Exerciseparty night, no.

Waving hi to the whole crew. Everyone has such fun plans for the weekend. Should make for some good reading Monday when we all report our weekend activities..


Comment #52

Christine: Brrrrrrrrr! I can't imagine it! I hope you got your mojo back; I did..

Barb: Ha! I used your quote about overload not needing to be on your plate..


OP:Yes. (whew).

Water: Yes..

Exercise: No...

Comment #53


The farthest I've gone is about 6.5. I can run this fairly easily, so I know that I'll be able to push the mileage, especially this summer when I'm in Maine. I go out and hike all day, so I might as well go out and run for 2 or 3 hours..


When I first set my goal, it was for 158 pounds, the heaviest I could weigh and still be healthy. Once I got there and kept going and going, I found my happy weight, which is where I've been ever since. For me, it was just about getting to that healthy weight. At 246 pounds, I could never have imagined getting to where I am today. It was too overwhelming..


Last year during the holidays I reminded myself that as long as I stayed on my plan, the goodies would be there for me next year....and more importantly, maybe then I could handle them. Well I can handle some things, others I can't, but one this is true, the goodies are still here. I will enjoy what I can, when I can..

Fight on!.


Comment #54


Water: no.

OP: yes.

Exercise: no.

So much rat poison at work! But it didn't have my name on it...

Comment #55

Good job Kitty!.


On plan: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Fight the good fight. It is so worth it!.


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Here's the link for the new weekly thread:..

Comment #57

DIANA - just about the prettiest 'ecard' I have seen this year!!! Thanks so much for keeping us going every week, I just wish we could 'chat' more with you right here. Hope all is well at your house and that you are having fun Christmas-ing..

DH and I returned from our trip to Mexico City around 10:00 tonight. By the time we unpacked, straightened up a little, I talked to DS when he came in and - voila, it is middle of the night!.

We had a great time with our business friends who work for DH's company in Mexico City. It's the third year we celebrated that branch of the company's Christmas party. It was nice to be walking around outside with just a sweater and our friends were all in parkas and heavy scarves. I even used sun screen, that was nice..

Culturally, there was no way that I could avoid some of the foods offered at the 3 meals we shared with them. They would even preface every dish with, "Debbie, don't ask what's in it, you must just eat it and enjoy our lovely dishes." I was able to avoid the dreaded seafood ( I don't ever eat it ) because I have made such a point of that in the past. However, when I ordered the most simple of all the choices, L & G, the portions were so huge that I had the largest servings of all. It was always a big joke and I kept sending 3/4 of my plate home with the younger sons of our hosts..

The saving grace of all of this was that Saturday we went to see and explore the pyramids! I studied them in art history a few years ago and was thrilled to finally have time to visit them. We climbed the great Sun Pyramid - I'll post a pic or two soon. I made it almost all of the way up, but the altitude got to me and I got so nauseous I had to stop. DH went the extra level to the top. If it had been our second or third day, I would have made it..

A year ago at this time, I would never have climbed it. The entire thing is 248 steps, very difficult since the steps are uneven, 12-16 inches apart, very narrow and you have to walk up in a snake pattern to get your feet fully on in most places... We figured that I went at least 200 steps. Anyway, we walked the entire plaza and surrounding area. Then the party - DH held up quite well and we danced almost nonstop from 10-2:30. Entertainment and food was finished by 10 and the band started.

Slept on the plane and am finally starting to get sleepy again, so will sign off..

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I know my stats will stink, but I keep fighting every day and hoping for a Christmas miracle. (JUST KIDDING!!!).

Happy Monday everyone - let's do it!!!.


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Hey Debbie,.

Way to go on the climb!!! Ain't it great to do something like that and realize that in the past you would not have been able to?.

I finished my 2 day race in 21st place out of 35 starters. That is the highest I have ever finished in a race. Usually I finish second or third from the last place. I had some good crashes, especially crossing the river. Did I mention we haven't had a lot of snow up here? The trail had minimal cover and the drop onto and across the river was pretty wicked. I wasn't the only one to have trouble there but I did notice that I picked myself up pretty easily compared to the past.

Anyway, had 2 solid 44 mile runs up and down some short steep hills. My triceps are screaming at me today. The knees held up so much better than last year. Huge difference for both me and the dogs with 90 fewer pounds on that trail. We are all taking 2 days off to recover and prepare for our overnight campout Wednesday-thursday. I wasn't even close top OP, though.

Especially on Saturday when the temps stayed at 10 below all day. Not sure how to handle the race days and the increased calorie requirements..

Weekly stats.

Weight-213 up a few.




Sunday stats.




Love reading about everyone's holidays and successes. Love this Crew. You guys are keeping me accountable. While I'm not perfectly on plan I am not straying all that far off. This Holiday season could be so much worse..

Keep the posts coming..


Comment #59


Your trip sounds amazing. I do love to experience the foods of different cultures. Sounds like you got plenty of exercise in to offset the extra calories. I am just not stressing myself over a few BLT's right now. I know that I can set a limit. I would have never dreamed of exercising during this busy time of year, but now I make sure that gets worked in my day..


, WOW, I can't image the excitement of the race or even what you go through. I am freezing when it drops below 60 degrees. My blood has certainly gotten thin since I moved to Florida. So happy for that you that you saw a noticable difference in your performance this year. Do you have a health coach? They might be able to help you work out how much extra calories you would need..

Hello crew.

, I am sure you are all busy.... me too, shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, ect.... {{hugs to everyone}}.


OP: no.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.


OP: no.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes..

Comment #60

Oops, I think I posted on the old thread....


Comment #61

Hey guys,.

Thanks the cute graphics and the warm thoughts. Still riding the wave of a great race and a huge physical difference in my smaller body..

Sherry, I have given considerable thought to that. I don't want to stop Medifast but no way can 800-1200 calories work for me right now. Well, maybe on an off day. I have to figure out how to transition, maybe to a 3-3 while racing, try to stay away from too many carbs, and then in March when my season winds down go back to the 5-1 until I reach goal..

Debbie, I love your stories of your travels. You must have so much fun experiencing all those different cultures..

My helpers ran some of the dogs that didn't race Sunday last night while I shoveled out the house and yard from 5 fresh inches of snow. Fluffy, powdery, light snow. 2 hours of shoveling and I hit the hot tub for the lunar eclipse. Our clouds parted for about 3 hours last night, exactly around the time of the eclipse. How cool was that?.

Now somehow I have to wrap gifts and get Christmas cards in the mail tonight. And shop for just a few more. And get my music together for Christmas Eve Mass. I am lucky enough to be invited to play at the Church in Willow. But boy oh boy I'll be so glad when all this Holiday stuff is over and I can get back to the normal rhythm of life..

Hope all you guys are getting the Holiday stuff done and can have a relaxing Christmas Day..

Monday stats.

OP-no, not quite.

Wateryes, yes, barely.

Exercise2 hours of shoveling snow.

Like Sherry says, {{Hugs to the Crew.}}.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.