Does Medifast supplements really help dieters?

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Quick question... Does Medifast supplements really help dieters? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... Welcome to the home of the SHORTIES all those vertically challenged MFers..

We are newbies and goals-met successes, young and well seasoned, single and married or divorced. We are diverse. We cover every area except the tall ones. You know the ones - the overhead bins in airplanes, the top shelf in the grocery store, the light bulb in the dark closet, those elusive lofty places.

Some people call us.


, and we actually think that is a compliment, as we are.

Slim Hotties On the Road To Intelligent Eating and Stability.

We have to deal with special issues due to our height (or lack there of), and we can really relate to each other. We like that saying, The best things come in small packages, and people often say that about us we are small, but mighty! We also tend to be feisty, daring, passionate, vocal, and we have a lot of love to give..

We are always welcoming new SHORTIES to the group (and anyone else that wants to hang out with us), so come on in, introduce yourself, let's get acquainted, pull up a chair and sit a spell! We're here to help each other as we travel together down that road to health!.

Heres our banner code, so you can add it to your signature. Just copy & paste, then edit it to delete all the little * in the text:.


Of course, you are free to make your own SHORTIES banner, if you like..

The Questions of the Day:.

"Creation Sunday" What is something you plan to do this week to make a change in your life?.

"Measuring Monday" What are your measurements this week (bust, waist, hips) and your total inches, all measurements, lost since you started?.

"Tempation Tuesday" What temptation did you face this week & how did you handle it?.

"Wonderful Wednesday" What victories are you celebrating this week?.

"Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

"Favorite Friday" What was a new food that you tried this week that you consider one of your Favs now?.

"Sharing Saturday" Whatever you want to share with the group....

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Comments (96)

Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Hello Shorties! (Hey, I get to be the #1 message for the month!).

So, the.

Thanksgiving meal challenge.

I like the idea of offering to cook/co-shop/co-prepare (if your SIL is a kitchen control freak, she may only let you get involved at a certain level). You can also buy your own food and add it to the refrigerator/meals. If your SIL/other family members are really insistent, I developed the "trick" of putting the teensiest portion of the.


Food on my plate, loaded it with salad and roasted turkey, then "spilled" something weird on the "cheat food." In my case, since my temptation is dessert, I would take a slim slice of whatever dessert looked fabulous, and then "somehow managed" to slosh ketchup or something salty on it. Suffice it to say, once I saw my lovely dessert swimming in a puddle of gravy, I no longer wanted it..

Also, I am a Trident-gum-a-holic! I LOVE the layers apple/pineapple flavor, though the melon mint is quite lovely, too. After eating my requisite L & G, I will often discretely pop a piece of gum in my mouth to keep it "busy." If this doesn't work, sipping a hot cup of tea takes time and can be very satisfying (I LOVE Good Earth Original/caffiene-free flavors; this tea is naturally "sweet" and does not need sugar.).

At your wit's end, maybe you can suggest relocating the diners? Can you go to a porch or another sitting location so you are away from temptations? Maybe you could say something like, "I'd love to strech my legs. Shall we move to the living room and take our coffe/tea with us?".

AFM, I have been MIA, as I have contracted a lousy throat/nagging cough/stuffy nose thing. I have not felt like doing anything but the bare minimumtaking a shower, going to school ,and making sure the household is buzzing along. The worst part? In order to sleep the last two nights, I used a nasal spray. But this has the side effect of deactivating my taste buds; food looked pretty, offered a variety of textures, but was BORING to eat. I never thought I'd see myself typing the following line, but "I had to force myself to eat/drink a little something each of the last few days." I am finally feeling a bit spunkier and thought I would check in with all the fun-sizers..

Halloween is TONIGHT! Hope we all enjoy an OP day and week..

Happy Sunday Shorties...

Comment #2

Here's a trick I learned years ago for avoiding sweets at parties or holiday gatherings:.

Keep a Diet Coke in your hands at all times. If you give into temptation, take a good sip of Diet Coke immediately before putting the sweet thing in your mouth..

The goody will taste absolutely vile!.

Something about the combination of Diet Coke and sugary stuff makes for a truly unpleasant experience. This trick doesn't seem to work as well with other diet drinks, just the Diet Coke...

Comment #3

Hi Shorties,.

Thanks Shelly for getting the new thread started, and for the new banner. Hard to believe that we are ready for November already!.

I'll be flying home tomorrow - I've been mostly on plan, but had quite a few off plan episodes this week. I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine of 5&1. I also dropped a "wad" on new clothes - shopping is definitely more fun as a more "fun sized" person!..

Comment #4

Thanks Shelly for starting the new thread. I'm off to bed, ready to start a new week...

Comment #5

Happy November Shorties! Thanks Shelley for the new thread and the new Banner - Love it!.

Hope everyone made it successfully through the candy holiday. Everyone stay strong from now to the New Year. I started Medifast on 10/1/09 and it was so nice being 30 pounds DOWN on January 1, instead of having more pounds to lose!.

Time to get to work - everyone have a great day!..

Comment #6

Morning Shorties. Happy November. Hope everyone had a great weekend..

It's a new week and a new month. Let's make the most of it!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #7

Just a quick note before DD1 and I go out for our morning walk/jog. Today is WI day and I have lost my second 10%! Huzzah! Only two more 10%s and I will be at goal. I see photos of me from early Sept and WOW - I HAVE lost weight. Awesome..

Onward and downward...

Comment #8

Good morning, my short friends! Did everyone survive Halloween? I did great and feel so good about it. I just enjoyed seeing all the little kids and their costumes and didn't pay attention to the candy I was giving out. Made sure to give it ALL away, too, LOL! Of course, my son's haul is sitting on the dining room table, but it's in a brown bag and I can't see through it, so it's all good..

Have a great Monday, everyone!..

Comment #9

Wish I could say I survived Halloween 100% OP. Getting back on the cart this morning. Weight was still down, so I guess I didn't do TOO much damage, but anything not OP is just the first step to disaster (for me, anyway). So today I will have to be extra careful..

Happy November, Shorties!..

Comment #10

Hello one and all!.

So glad you are seeing results in the mirror Morada! Isn't it fun?.

Marble, you remind us of the very important idea that despite our starting Medifast date, challenges will always be there, so why NOT do our best now and every day thereafter. When you think about the old self in 2009, the Virginia Slims slogan comes to mind, "You've come a long way, baby!".

Feeling even better today. Amazing what a day of complete and utter rest without much to do except sleep and eat (and drink water) will do for the healing of one's body. Oh yes, handed out 68 Halloween treats last night! Yikes. Still have a dry nagging cough, but felt so good I went for a short run with the Dear dog (Dd) this morning. Was really wonderful to start in complete blackness and end with the sun coming up to greet us..

Wishing Shorties of all varieties, a HAPPY NOVEMBEER!!!!!!...

Comment #11

Hello Shorties :-) Happy November!.

My daughter and her hubby are hosting Thanksgiving this year. My Son in law loves to cook, and he's actually looking forward to surprising me with some OP dish just for me for dinner. I've sent him a list of OP food, and he's on a mission. It's actually very sweet!.

For me, for dinners with people who don't know I'm on MF, or who don't support it, I don't make excuses, I just eat whatever is available that's OP, and that's that. I admit I don't get many snarky comments I really really feel for everyone who doesn't have the support system I do!! but, when I DO get comments, I laugh them off, and then turn to talk to someone else, or change the subject quickly. I know that might be rude...but so are the comments most of the time! My struggle isn't with's more with having to talk about my diet or my food choices..

So..."Wonderful Wednesday"... I'm celebrating the extra energy I have. I've started walking in the evening with hubby, and also cooking (for a long time, my staple L&G was string cheese and green beans) I've never been a fan of cooking, so even just picking the seasonings for the plain L&G is a learning experience for me. I'm feeling more and more like a brand new person!.

Happy wonderful Wednesday everyone..

Comment #12

LOL it's only Tuesday! Please don't lose a day on me Cat, I can't afford it! Too much work to do. LOL.

So work has me transitioning to a new role within the same organization. It's a resume builder (which doesn't matter much at my age but hey it's not like I can afford to retire either) and a good opportunity so I'm going for it. Just spending a lot of time reading and doing through on line training for the new position. I've surprised myself. Not doing too badly at learning something completely new. It's actually pretty easy so far. Hope everyone has a great week!..

Comment #13

Oh no!! Wonderful Wednesday isn't feeling so wonderful when it's Tuesday! Sorry about the confusion (where's the "I'm a goober" emoticon?)..

Comment #14

It's always good to learn new things, even if you may never use what you've learned. It keeps the brain fresh. I once read "The minute you stop learning is the minute you start dying." I agree wholeheartedly..

I'd love to learn some new languages (German, Italian) or re-learn an old one (Polish, spoke it as a toddler), but without someone to speak them with, I doubt I'd retain much of it for long. I've also bounced around the idea of taking some riding lessons, or pottery or stained glass classes, but they tend to be rather expensive. So, I try to catch informative TV shows (history, astronomy, etc.) when I can..

By the way, how's the house hunting going?..

Comment #15

House hunting is going slow. Not expending a lot of effort since I haven't listed my house yet. I need to repaint the kitchen and do a little furniture shuffling in the 2nd bedroom to make it show better. I also have about 4 thousand books I need to dispose of. It breaks my heart to say that but it needs to be done..

Kitchen painting blitz most of this weekend. I love to paint! So this kind of redecorating is fun for me. I put on some music and find myself doing shimmies while I roll paint. LOL..

Comment #16

Oh MT, I feel your pain about the books. We would love to turn one of the bedrooms into a library, but we decided to thin out our books as well as ourselves. Turns out it was easier for US to lose weight than thin out the books. We are also finishing up some paint jobs, like the kitchen, before painting our bedroom - it needs the ceiling done and we hate doing ceilings...

Comment #17

Hi Shorties! Now it is Wednesday.

Donna - congrats on the second 10% gone. You are doing great, and breaking it into 10% increments is a great idea..

Cat - glad you are feeling good and doing well on MF. Sounds like you are all set for Turkey Day and have a lot of great support in your family, which is a huge factor to success!.

MT - it is always good to learn new skills, can't ever hurt. Good luck with the painting and "staging" for your sale. Do you watch those shows on HGTV? I love to get tips from them..

Hello to Mia, tabitha, kerry, woozy, shelley and all the other great Shorties! I hope everyone Voted yesterday!.

On short notice I am off work today, I had to call a "critter control" place yesterday. We have some uninvited guests in our eves I think - yikes! I think maybe a Squirrel, but DH thinks Bats or Birds. Well, I'll find out today when the guy comes by to take a look..

Everyone have a great day!..

Comment #18

Ugh - unwanted "guests". I can so relate. Since we've lived here we've had numerous creatures take up residence under our front porch, namely raccoons and most recently, a red fox family. The last straw for me was when I walked out the door one morning and a half-eaten rabbit was lying by the steps. My dog was *really* interested in it, but I almost barfed. We managed to get rid of them and blocked up the holes with wire fencing (again, I might add).

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!..

Comment #19

DH and I are big readers, too, and have always hated having to unload books every time we've moved. A year or so ago, we invested in a pair of Kindle e-readers and haven't bought a paper book since. No more hunting for space to put new books or places to donate our old ones, and each Kindle can hold 1500 titles and we can store the rest of our library online. We've saved a boatload of money on books, too. Some of our e-books were free, some 99 cents, and no more than $10-12 for new titles that are still in hardback in the stores - the Kindles have more than paid for themselves in book savings. We still have 3 bookcases full of books - mostly series that we intend to read over and over through the years (no sense in replacing what we already own with the e-versions)...

Comment #20

Morning Shorties! It's a new day!.

I love painting and I love books. There's nothing like a new fresh book to read unless it's Harry Potter for the tenth time. My poor book is falling apart. It's ten years old and I'm still rereading it. I love to listen to books on CD as well. A Kindle does sound like fun..

Unwanted guests are not fun. I wish you luck in getting rid of them..

The Polls where I live were busy all day. I work the polls every year. 17th year! This was our first year with new ones. All went well..

Time to get errands done..

Drink Water!..

Comment #21


, I SOO identified with it being easier to lose weight than to thin out my book collection! I feel for you too.




I got a Kindle quite a while ago, and I love it!! I've tried out several different e-readers, and am kind of the go-to person at work for people investigating getting one.

More recently, my husband got me an iPAD, and I've been using that to read also, but lately I've gone back to the's lighter, and more convenient to carry around. DH calls it going "retro" lol.


, good luck with your critters!!! ugh!! Maybe it's bats that escaped from your ticker! hehe.


, from your post I'm guessing you live in the country? Some wild critter must really like you guys to leave you a nice rabbit meal! They must not have realized you're on Medifast.

MT Cup.

, I love how you're excer-painting! makes me want to paint that last room in my house...well, not really...but when I get around to it, I'll try your "workout"..

Comment #22

I'm 5 nothing and would love to be in on this. Almost done with my 7th wk friday. Love the questions of the day. Thanks! I am celebrating the fact that I started excercising this week...

Comment #23

Today was WI, and I'm down 1.5! After last week's 3 lb loss, I was half-expecting no loss at all, so I'm thrilled. Other people lose 5 or 6 lbs a week, and don't quite understand how I can get excited about 1.5, but I know all you Shorties can relate..

I love to paint, too, and am currently prepping my living room (with cathedral ceiling, yikes!). I won't let my husband help me because I am a bit of a perfectionist, and would sit in the living room looking at all the spots he missed, and it would drive me crazy!.

I toy with the idea of getting an e-reader. Do you think Kindle is the best? I am old-fashioned and really like the feel of the book, turning the pages, the smell, the whole sensory experience, so I am not sure an e-reader is for me. However, we are drowning in books, so it may be the way to go..

Have a great Wednesday, Shorties!..

Comment #24

Cat, no, believe it or not, I'm in a suburb outside a large city! We have all kinds of suburban wildlife here - deer that come right up to my kitchen window (and eat my tulips), fox, raccoons, coyotes... All kinds of critters, LOL! There is a beautiful parkway about a block away from my house that runs alongside a river, and a lot of the wildlife comes from there. While it's wonderful to get such up close views of the creatures, it's not so fun when they want to take up residence with you. The one good thing I CAN say about the foxes under the porch was that they definitely put a hurtin' on the rabbits that were eating all my flowers, LOL!..

Comment #25

Here, I found what we all need on our Christmas List this year (Obviously the top Left T-Shirt)! If you are interested in it, it is from.

Comment #26

Ha, Ha - that is funny! I hope not!.

Still waiting for the "Critter" guy!..

Comment #27


, welcome to the Shorties thread! Glad to have you join us. (let me know if you need help with your signature stuff..

Congratulations on your losses so far!.

I bought a kindle a couple of months ago and I have to say it was the best money I've spent in a very long while. I have a few books that aren't in kindle format (series) that I'll probably still buy in physical format so I can finish the series. I did have a thread started here on ereaders and the kindle seemed to be the fav and looked best based on my research, so that's what I got. Your mileage may vary..

Congratulations on a nice loss,.



Critters! I'm in the woods here. I have to have a bear proof garbage can. We have deer that my dog likes to play with. Raccoons, skunk, feral cats, mice and bats. Only the mice have gotten in the house so far but a feral cat started to take up residence under my front porch. I used stone slabs and heavy wire mess to stop that.

Looks like he was sneaking in the gap under the gate. Not enough for the dog but enough for him. Which means enough for most skunks and raccoons too. Not going to happen so that's all fixed now. LOL...

Comment #28

Love the tee shirts.


! I might have to get one of those. LOL.


, that was too funny about Marble's ticker bats..

Okay, lunch is over, but love spending the time here with my fellow shorties! Hugs to all who need them especially our shorties missing and lurking...

Comment #29

I like the whole sensory experience of books myself, so I was a little hesitant about an e-reader myself - until I got one. It's so lightweight, thin, and portable that I actually read more now than I did before. DH and I got Kindles after he did a lot - and I mean A LOT - of research on e-readers. The Kindle has the the sharpest type out of any we've seen. It also uses electronic ink, so it's not backlit and much easier on the eyes. The screen is no-glare and you can read outdoors in full sunlight.

They were a great investment for us. We actually just upgraded to the newest model and we like these even better...

Comment #30

Hello fellow/fellow-ette funsters!.



I think you are right when you talk about stopping learning and starting dying. If nothing else, the neurons in our brains fire less when they are not being stimulated. To that end, even if one is not a life-long scholar/learner, I heard something on the radio that made me think. Essentially, if we do our daily routines with opposite hand, legs, reverse order, this might be an intriguing way to keep our minds engaged/stimulated. For example, I went to a new (to me, but has been around for a whilerecently renovated) grocery store. The layout was unfamilar and I allowed myself to wander in aisles.

I looked at the variety of colors on the food labels, read some ingredients and did mini-calculationss in my head regarding calories for realistic servings. What fun! Next time, I will start form the right side of the store and work my way to the left; I usually shop from left to right. Weird, huh?.


-House hunting/prepping is not fun. I like the idea that you can sneak in a few shimmies as you are painting/cleaning/organizing. I can often be found grooving to Earth,Wind, and Fire tunes on Saturdays when cleaning the house..


Back with the animal stories? Looking forward to hearing if there are "bats in the bellfry".

Is kitty still the resident hunter?.

With regards to books and the broader discussion of how to thin out one's possessions, I have a theory that there are two types of folks: throwers and savers. I am a thrower by nature, so find it very exhilarating (sp) to purge and organize. I like to have things in order, rows, symmetrical, labeled, color-coordinated etc. (I was told that one of my "past lives" was as a monkaustere and simple.) DH and DS are from the other side of the fencesavers from long ago. We have manged to negotiate our space (1251 sq feet) with BIG seasonal cleanings. I believe that if something hasn't been used for a while, enegry needs to keep flowing.

In the end, books have also been our biggest challenge. I am a HUGE advocate of the library and of sharing with the neighbors. Sharing books and going to the library each week has allowed us to enjoy many books we may not have otherwise considered, had we purchased them. DH was an undergrad English major AND also has his MA in English, though, and feels a nearly emotional connection with some of his UNDERGRAD books (reminding you we are nearly 50 yo!).

One last thoughtI often think of cleaning/purging as a way of letting go of the past. While there are good memories, that's just what they arethoughts. What really matters is the here and now. I am coontinually reminding myself to breathe in the lovilness/messiness/confusion/frustration/disappointment of the moment. Before I blink my eyes, the next momnet has arrived and it often brings a new perspective. Very zen-centric and allows me to truly live in this moment..

Oh, what we do for love. Anyways, I am off to study..

Happy Wednesdaynearly 1/2 the week gone! Hello to all Shorties!..

Comment #31

Oh woozy, I am a saver, definitely. One of those "just in case I need it" type people. But the same urge that led me eventually to Medifast is spilling into the rest of my life and I am discovering the fun of tossing. Or rather, the space that tossing creates. Clutter was ok when the girls were little, but I am ready for a more grownup living space. We've been painting the entire house and making all these plans for a possible remodel/addition, but every time we get serious, some disaster happens to chew up what we've been saving for that project.

Maybe one day..

My dad was given a Kindle by his younger brother, but at 89, Dad felt he was a bit too old to start a new way of reading. So he is letting me test it out. At first I wasn't sure, but I am getting used to it. My only frustration is learning how to find certain chapters within a book, etc. But I do like that my daughter and I can share it and keep lots of books on it at once. I'm also reading books (that were free) that I would never have picked up in the library, let alone bought.

We gotta have some sort of dream!.

I LOVE going to new grocery stores. And I have a hard time just making a quick run to the store for "dumb stuff". Walking the grocery store has always been relaxing for me, maybe because I was a SAHM for 15+ years and that was frequently my getaway place. I love checking out new products, etc., especially at Henrys and Trader Joes...

Comment #32

Hi Shorties! Just an update on my critters - nothing but Deer Mice. Boy, they sounded like something bigger! Oh well, good to know not something worse, and something DH and I can take care of. Got the traps and PB today to lure them in!.


- no, Marble, the one-eyed wonder cat obviously not earning her keep as a mice catcher! I imagine the mice are smart enough not to come out and play with her too much, but she is declawed, so maybe not the best hunter...

Comment #33

I once had a cat that I had to have declawed (front only) - she was destroying the curtains and upholstered furniture and nothing I did would make her stop. Anyway, even after being declawed and old enough to play outside, she was a marvelous hunter. She brought me tons mice and the occasional bird (gross, but a sign of her affection for me). She used to bring me baby rabbits, too, but those she always brought alive and unharmed for some reason. The bunnies were returned promptly to their warren and the kitty was punished by being scolded and locked in the house for 2 days. She was not a happy camper during "lockdown."..

Comment #34

Happy November everyone! 13 pounds gone in five weeks! It looks like that is about average for a "shortie" so I will take it!..

Comment #35



! Wow! It took me nearly 3 months to consistently show a loss of that much. You are doing great!!!!!!!.


Glad to hear you are coming to the "dark side" (or throwers!) But seriously, I agree that the lightening of one's load (whether that be physical or psychological weight) via the Medifast life-enhancing process of healthier living seems to have the "letting go" effect on many. Guess that after we stop hiding behind our old selves, old self-defense mechanisms, and old comforts of food and drinks, we are then obligated to look honestly within ourselves to reflect on deeper issues with kindness AND ALSO LEARN TO APPRECIATE what we have accomplished thus far..

It is late and nearly time for this Shroties to tuck herslef into bed..

Happy nearly-Thursday Shorties!..

Comment #36

Hi, everyone! Just stopping in to report my great news - I dropped 3.2 pounds this week! I know I had said I was only going to weigh every other week, but curiosity got the best of me and I stepped on the scale this morning. I am over the moon because 3.2 in one week is HUGE for me, LOL! I mean, that's how much I lost TOTAL in my first two weeks!.

I'm heading into my pre-TOM week, so we'll see if my stubborn body disappoints me next week or not. I'm going to up my water intake somewhat to see if that helps with the bloating and whatnot. Any other suggestions for surviving the TOM while on Medifast? I've read about people getting awful cravings and that kind of worries me..

Anyway, I just wanted to share because I am soooo excited! Now I'm off to update my ticker, hee hee.....

Comment #37

Hey guys did you all miss the post by a new person?.


Is joining us. Not like us to give a new person a big welcome..


, glad it's the "normal" pests you have. Shame on the cat! LOL.


, congratulations, nice progress! That's huge for a shortie..


, wowowowow! Great loss!.

On the hoarder/pack rat vs. cleaner/purger discussion. My family has a history of hoarding. Both sets of grandparents had tons of stuff hoarded. My parents are hoarders and all my siblings are hoarders. I have been fighting my seemingly innate nature to hoard and am enjoying throwing stuff out.

A lot of work but nothing a dumpster and some elbow grease can't resolve...

Comment #38

-Slaps head and apologises..

I spent the last two days in migraine-fog (stupid Santa Ana weather), but let me say a big HI to Cdemaio..

I have three daughters, too, but they are all in their 20s and at various stages of college. I hesitate to say they are grown up since there are times I wonder if I am really grown up! Can't wait to hear stories..

Huzzah for losing baby fat!..

Comment #39

Oh shoot! I totally missed that and I'm sorry. Welcome, Cdemaio! Glad you have joined us!..

Comment #40

Welcome Cdemaio!! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

I haven't started "really" exercising yet... but I'll be doing that shortly. Good luck to you!.

Congratulations Amy and Tabitha!!! Great Losses!! You go girls!..

Comment #41

Well, shame on me! I DID miss the new Shortie! We've gotten so many new folks come on board lately that's it's getting hard to remember who's new and who's not quite so new! I'll just blame the "oops" on my sinus headache, Yeah, that's it....




That outta cover everybody...

Comment #42

Welcome Cdemaio!.

And a shout out to all the vet, new, and lurking Shorties!.

Well tonight DS and I are heading out for "crazy dinner." It is too hot to cook, so once or twice a year we enjoy frozen yogurt for our meal. If he gets hungry later, he can have fruit ot veggies. As for me, now that I am in T & M, I can actually figure out how to do this and still stay on plan. Of course, this means a reasanable portion of non-fat/low sugar variety with a teensy bit of toppings. Nevertheless, this is part of figuring out how to live post Medifast 5-1 L & G..

Other than this, tonight is my "Friday" nightno classes tomorrow, so I get to watch my one TV show a week, "Private Practice!" Also, our newspaper has the Food Section (recipes, nutirtion analysis, cultural discussions) today. Lucky me! What more can a girl want? NADA!.

Studying the rest of the weekend and maybe a trip or two to the beach this weekend. Finals are in 3 weeks..

Happy Thursday Shorties...

Comment #43

Welcome all new SHORTIES!.

I had a bummer day yesterday, and went off program a bit. I had a grandmother's funeral yesterday, and it took most of the day between church, cemetery and funeral home. I thought that I had a plan, but had trouble maneuvering around all of the buffet tables - just tried to make the best of it. Just tried to avoid carbs and sugars. I can tell that even though the foods weren't so bad, I feel bloated today because of likely having too much salt. I weigh on Sunday, so am concerned about how that turns out. This is the first time that I have gone off program more than two meals, and it bugs me that I feel so guilty!! How am I going to manage beyond MF?! I am drinking LOTS of water over the weekend!!..

Comment #44



And anyone else I may have missed..


- just do the best you can, drink lots of water (like you are already doing) and move on to be on plan today..

I'm telling myself the same thing - I didn't stay on plan completely while I was gone, but I was probably over 50% on plan. Is that something you can put percentages on, or is it kind of like being pregnant - either you are or you aren't - no middle ground?.

At any rate, I didn't do as badly as I could have, and came back and was up 0.2 when I returned after being gone for 10 days. I've been drinking lots of water since returning on Monday evening, so we'll see what the damage is for real tomorrow morning (my weigh in day)..


- enjoy your day off!.


- I did some major shopping while I was out of town - and bought boots - and came back to 90+ degree weather. I think the boots will have to wait a while!..

Comment #45

Gkrism - I really hope this Santa Ana moves out soon. I'm tired of 90*+ weather..

Amymccubbin - This is why we go through a long transition phase, so we DON'T go flying off plan at the first buffet. It's why I love that 5&1 is taking a while to take off the weight. The more time I'm on 5&1 the more ingrained eating like this becomes. And habits are hard to break. So you handled it perfectly you ate the best you could in the situation and you got back on plan as soon as possible. A+..

Comment #46

Hello Mighty Shorties,.

Okay Amy, you went off plan. At least you reconginzed it, reflected on it, did the best you could and ARE GOING TO MOVE ON! This is what Medifast is abouthelping us figure out to live our actual lives. To that end, Morada is correct when she reminds us that T & M is a slow process. We have to negotiate life's big and little pitfalls. Perhaps the biggest reminder I take away from reading about your experience is that I am an emotional eaterbeing at a funeral could trigger lots of feelings for me. My strategy might have been to have bottled fizzy water like Pellegrino (yeah, that's kind of an economic "splurge" for me) on hand.

The variety would help me stay distracted, though I wonder if all that sorbitol (if I actually chewed it all in one day) might give me diarrhea..

Despite what you did/didn't do, the experience is over. So, get back on the Medifast band wagon with us and keep going forward.

AFM, a quiet day. DS is playing with the neighborhood kids, the Dd is sleeping by my feet, and I am nursing the last bits of a dry cough. MORE WATER!.

Happy Saturday Shorties...

Comment #47

Painting the kitchen. My butt is sore from climbing up and down the ladder. LOL Even with all the leg and butt work I do for belly dance I'm still a little sore. No where near as sore I would have been when I was till heavier though. Didn't get as far as I'd like, but I've made a good dent in things. Tomorrow is another paint day. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........

Comment #48


I am new to medifast and would like to have a support group. I do I join your club?.


Comment #49

Teesha, welcome! Of course your can join..

Congratulations on your loss so far, looks like you're off to a good start..

So butt not as sore this morning but lower back is complaining. I think I might done a little more twisting that it can take (something I'm not supposed to do at all). *sigh* Debating wearing my corset under my painting clothes to "lock and load" my back. I just don't like having it that supported for that long. Good way to weaken the muscles and make things worse. LOL I guess it's a case of damned if you do and damned if you don't. OH someone just shoot the old gray mare! LOL..

Comment #50

Welcome, Teesha! Of course you can join us!.

MT - "old gray mare", hee hee! That's exactly what I feel like some days!..

Comment #51


You showed up on the Shorties thread, so that means you're in! Welcome!..

Comment #52



, welcome!.


- hope your back feels better today. I know that I wore the brace for my arm when I was travelling - partly for the sympathy factor, and partly for the support if no one sympathized, and I actually DID have to lift my own luggage. Good thing - I had to lift my own luggage!.


- I think you are getting your wish - and I got to wear my boots last night!.


- my six month Mediversary was yesterday - in 26 weeks, I was down 52 - that's 2 pounds per week. So, my out of town trip "cost" me 0.2 pounds gain and none lost in the 10 days. My body celebrated by being HUNGRY all day - it didn't matter how much water I drank! So I ate 5 Medifast meals, one L&G, one snack AND two sticks of gum. I'm hoping that my body is better behaved today!.

I hope all of you shorties enjoyed your extra hour of sleep today!..

Comment #53

I would have enjoyed an extra hour, but my dog thought that I should get up at 4:30 this morning. Not too happy with her. Now she is napping, and I have chores to do..

Welcome to the new Shorties! Hi to all!..

Comment #54


, thanks. Back will take about a week before it's better. I'll just baby it for a few days and take Excedrin for the inflammation..



My dog has been confused today too. Up early, wanting to be fed early. He's on the old schedule and it will take him a few days to get on the new one...

Comment #55




You found the right space for support, feedback, and funny smily icons. This is a FABULOUS bunch of fun-sizerswe have great discussions and many relate to our relative size difference..


The thought of wearing a corset while balanced perilously on a ladder and painting could be a great movie scene! Shot form the right angle, this could be Alfred Hitchcock-ian or Cohen brothers' material.

But seriously, be careful. Being a grey pony, I know that despite my best efforts, my injuries take longer to heal, so I try not to overdue it if I am feeling a little weak. Maybe you can paint lower parts of the wall/house until the back feels less sore?.



So sorry about the hungries. Sound slike you did the right things to get ahold of them!.


-the extra hour would have been lovely, but I was also up too early. So at 6 AM, I was making the egg-white, garlic, edamame bean with lowfat chicken sausage crustless quiche that was going to be part of today's brunch. Came out YUMMO and the guests did not even know that it was healthier (less cholesterol, less fat, less salt, better "cleaner" protein for them.

My tummy is full and now it is time to do some studying for the week and ensuing finals..

Hope everyone is making time for whatever/whomever will make his/her remember what's important in life..

Happy Sunday Shorties!..

Comment #56

Better yet, Woozy, I called around and I'm getting quotes for a professional to finish the job...

Comment #57

Welcome Teesha!.

I weighed today and lost .6 lb. Guess I can't complain with the week I'v had, but was hoping for at least a pound!.

Anyone have any desert ideas for Thanksgiving? Looked like there wasn't many carbs in pumpkin pie filling, but any ideas how to make it without a crust? I have looked on the recipe boards, but all the deserts I find use Medifast foods, and I am looking for something without using Medifast that I can share with my family..

Also, this marks the end of my 6th week, and I have measured three times. I noticed that I am not loosing ANYTHING in my legs! My jeans are starting to fit funny because I have lost a few inches in the hips and waist. Is that a "shorties" thing? Anyone else noticing odd measurements?.

Have a great week everyone!..

Comment #58

Pumpkin isn't on plan. What I did last year was made the vanilla pudding and added pumpkin pie spice to it. Tasted like a pumpkin pie without the crust. It was very delish. Try it frozen!..

Comment #59

OOOh oops didn't read thoroughly enough. Why not make the Medifast pumpkin pudding for yourself and something else for them? I loved it last year. EVeryone else was groaning and trying to force a slice of pie. Me, I was happily waiting to be hungry enough to eat my pudding. I sipped on my coffee and spent a lot of time playing with the grandkids because I had the energy unlike other years. I plan on eating this holiday season as if I'm still on 5&1 just ensure I don't over eat...

Comment #60


- I haven't measured consistently, but different parts of my body have changed at a different pace. I lost in my neck first (lotta good that does), and then my hips and thighs, followed by my feet (bummer, wasn't expecting that), and my chest. Finally my waist started to budge - I'm down 6 inches in the waist - but 4 of those came in the last two months!.

So, yes, the measurements are odd for me too, but not in the same way!.


- hiring out the rest of the painting might be a great solution!.


- Had a nice time with my family last night watching Toy Story 3. It helped distract me from the hungries to a degree...

Comment #61

That is the way to go! I am all about hiring others to do what I hate to do..

Comment #62

Hi Shorties!.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!.



! Happy 6 month Medifast anniversary - you are doing great!.

I feel like I did get the sleep benefit if the extra hour - but still feel really tired and it is only 8pm. Must have to do with it getting dark at 5:30 - it feels later..

AFM it was a very busy weekend. Yesterday was my Thrift Shop working day, and we were really busy - I didn't even have time to shop for myself.

Today I went to one of my Niece's Lacrosse tournament. It was in Annapolis (at the Naval Academy). It was VERY cold, mostly because the wind was bad right off the water. I drove my Mom to the tournament too, and I figured I spent more time driving than I did actually watching games! Well, it was great to spend time with Mom and see my Sister and One DN (Dear Niece - is that an abreviation for that?!). Didn't get enough H2O in today, didn't want to have to stop while driving, or use port-a-potties at the games!.

I hope all the shorties had a great weekend, and a have a great start to the new week!..

Comment #63

I am new to the program just ordered food, and at 5'1", I think I qualify as a "shorie"!..

Comment #64

Now this made me giggle. I usually hate doing this. I prefer to do things myself if I can. My problem is right now I don't have the time (house is going on the market as of tomorrow) and I need to put my energy into other things in the house (like making it more show ready). I know I can do the other things in the time I have and not worry about my back. So a bit of humble pie and an opening of the purse strings (another thing I hate to do. LOL)...

Comment #65



Love the picture of your doggie. Can never say no to those brown eyes..

Today I was reminded of a very important lesson. Earlier in the day I posted that I made a grand crustless quiche to take to brunch. I had calculated all the calories, carbs etc (so many cool websites that let you do that now) so I thought it was going to be so easy to stick within my plan. Though I was physically satisfied and everyone loved my dish, as I was studying later this afternoon, the "hungries" began. I chewed my Trident gum and became even more obsessed with the idea of noshing/munching! Finally I went to the store (to change my environmentjust a short drive away) and bought a bottle of SOBE Lean Machine Fuji Apple, 0 calorie water. Chugged that and another bottle of water (a total of 32 oz in less than 30 minutes).

The lesson learned and worth reminding myself? Drink water/liquids. The "hungries" may very well be masking as the "thirsties." I know this is a big part of the Medifast thinking, but I guess with the time change and brunch excitment, I "forgot" to drink enough water and my hypothalamus was playing tricks on me..

The journey for better health is one we will be one for the rest of our lives. Aren't we a lucky group?.

Happy Sunday Shorties...

Comment #66

Happy Monday Shorties!.

Welcome to teesha and faith - this is a great group..

MT - glad you are hiring someone. Please take care of that back. One of my goal rewards is a corset to wear under Ren Faire stuff. I LOVE wearing a corset, more than a bra..

Woozy - that is something I've noticedthat I am not really hungry but THIRSTY. So now, whenever I think I am hungry, I grab a glass of water first. 7 of 10 times that takes care of the hunger..

I love the time change. I more of a morning person, so I really appreciate it being lighter in the morning. DD1 and I go walking in the AM, and now we get to watch the beginnings of the sunrise, as the light peaks out over the hills. But it is confusing for our dog, because she is on sun-time. We just feed her dinner a little early and gradually make it later. Fortunately she is NOT a morning dog and is usually the last one up..

Down 2 more pounds which always surprises me, I don't know why...

Comment #67

Hi All!.

Just checking in to say "hello" to all the Medifast Shorties. I've not been MIA, just a bit preoccupied! Halloween, kid's illnesses, my stomach flu (blagh!) - kept me busy for a while....

I was thinking the other day, as the scale only showed another -1.6 loss after a week of diligent 100% MF'ing - there are positives in losing slow, yes? In an effort to remind me of all the advantages I have over some others who may lose 2-5 pounds consistently every week, I'm compiling this list:.


1. Slow losses mean it may be easier to keep the weight off in T&M, as it is less of a shock to your body..

2. Slow losses make those slighter larger losses (of perhaps 2 whole pounds!), even that much more appreciated!.

3. Slow losses attract less attention from others - which I think is an advantage since I really don't want all the constant comments....

4. Slow losses helps your skin shrink back into place, instead of fast weight losses, which your skin may never keep up with (i know this from my own quick weight loss right after pregnancies)..

5. Slow losses give your mind the time to overcome the over-eating habits that a lot of us have. If I lost really fast, would I even be mentally ready for T&M after, say, 3 months, rather than 6 or 8?.

What else?..

Comment #68

I really like the over-coming bad eating habits and less attention parts. I especially need to flush out the bad habits and replace them with good. For me, weight loss is almost more a mind game than a tummy game. Also, the more holidays and special occasions we have to get through on 5/1, the more memory experience we have for maintenance. Like MT - I love that you are celebrating Turkey Day on T/M the same way you celebrated on 5/1. Just shows that 5/1 is a good program that will have relevance in our lives forever. We ARE learning life skills...

Comment #69


Love your post!! I am going to re-read it on those days that I get frustrated with slow weight loss! I am losing at about the same rate as you are, and you sure know how to put a positive spin on it! Thanks!..

Comment #70

Kat and Donna, you two just warm my little Medifast heart...

Comment #71


- that's EXACTLY why I wanted to make this list. I need these little reminders every week to keep me enthused and OP. I am going to keep adding to this list, as I think of more....



Comment #72

Welcome to the Shorties group,.


! I'm also 5'1". My 12-year old nephew has almost caught up - he's now 4'11" and he grew 3 inches this past year..


- love your list - especially #4 - the shrinking skin effect. I hope that when I start exercising again, it'll help even more. And I think #5 is probably the most important, because as we all know (or are coming to learn), losing it isn't the hardest part - it's keeping it off that takes the work!.

And add #6 - Slow losses means you celebrate more Non-Scale Victories..

Have a great OP Week, Shorties!..

Comment #73

About the skin thing... I had two flaps of skin under my chin from my weight loss. I'm only a few months into maintenance and one is already half gone. They say it takes the first year or two of maintaining to lose the loose skin and I was surprised to see progress already. I look at it like the weight loss... just another marathon to run...

Comment #74

I loved your list too, Kat! Those little reminders are helpful for all of us, epsecially when we dream of seeing even half the progress of the first week..

MoradaYippee for two less pounds! That is amazing. SLow and steady wins the race. I think I had about 4 times in my 6 month journey to T & M (not counting week 1) when I posted such a lovely loss. Whatever you are doing, KEEP DOING IT! AS I had read so many times on the Medifast website, "Work the Program and it will work for you.".

Going for my weekly weigh in tomorrow. Feeling pretty excited (did I ever imagine I would say that? Always used tio dread stepping up on the scale.) Felt like I had a pretty fine week. The funny thing? Now that I can literally eat anything (within reason and make sure it is being accounted for...) I seem to eat the same-ish type of diet each day. My taste buds are excited about the various ways I am learning to dress up my healthier way of eating; my body fat shrinkage is slow and steadyan exciting part of the continuing Medifast journey when the scale numbers remain within goal..

My latest thing? I have found the actual Miracle Noodles (prior to last week, I was eating tofu/whey "Hungry girl" aprpoved Shirataki noodles). The yam flour ONLY noodles are anywhere between 5-10 calories a bag for 7 oz. I can finally have "pasta" with my family again! Our DS of 9 years old was curious about my noodles. I gave him some and he LOVES it! He prefers it to whole grain wheat pasta..

Not much else to share. Keeping hydrated. I like the idea of eating like 5 & 1 on Thanksgiving. What this does for me is give me structure to an otherwise food-frenzy-associated day..

Cheers to one and all Shorties!..

Comment #75

Hi Shorties - hope everyone had a good Monday! (I was going to say great, but that is hard to achieve on a Monday.


So, I just read on another thread that the new T&M guide will be avaliable soon. I just checked the resources here, and still the 2007 version is up. I am interested to see what changes there are. I have a friend who works for MF, and she said in the Spring that one would be out soon (a new T&M guide), I guess her definition and mine of "soon" were different - 6 months?!.


, please ask at your center tomorrow if they have the new one - or when it will be available - thanks!..

Comment #76

Can I join this list? How do I do that? I am 5'4", currently 144 lbs in my first Medifast week. My goal is 120 lbs, and I love reading about people who are going through the same journey as I am! I'm only weighing in once/week so this Thursday morning will tell me what kind of progress I am making. It is only through this list that I know to adjust my expectations based on short bodies needing fewer calories...

Comment #77

Howdy Shorties - so it is a new Quick Start Guide, but T&M are addressed in here as well. I just printed it off, and haven't read it yet....





! You just joined..

Comment #78



, welcome to the shorties!.



For sharing the link on the Shorties Thread to the new Quick Start Guide..

Have a great OP Day!..

Comment #79

Hi there getskinnySD - always glad to welcome another Shortie..

Just another day of letting the Medifast plan work it's magic on me. I enjoy days like today, drinking my water, munching my food, taking my walk and knowing that little fat cells are dying all over my body. Yup, it was a good day!..

Comment #80

Love your ideas for losing a little at a time, especially since I am in the same boat. 1/2 lb one week, 1/2 lb the next; last week was 2 lbs and I thought I had hit the jackpot. I am just glad to not be gaining like I did on so many other diets. Thanks for the inspiration...

Comment #81





! A mega shout-out to all the other Shorties, too!.


, checked with my center. The "newest" version of the T & M booklet they handed me was published in 2009. Is this what you were thinking? Is there somehting even more current?.

Today was our first cool fall-ish day. I wonder if it is in my head, but I think I am I a little colder because I have a bit less insulation. Perhaps it is time to get a few more layers? I was thinking about something like the thin longjohns folks might typically wear in colder regions? Any of you have ideas for what might work? I want a layer that I can wear under my clothes but not be bulky... Of course comfort is key. DO they still sell "long underwear?" A separate top and bottom would be best for me. Possibly even in washable silk? Any idea about where a petite person goes to buy these things? Kids' department?.

Not much else to report. Weighed in today and holding steady at goal. Feeling good and loving the time change in the morningso light and easy to get up, but the evenings I just want to curl up and sleep (at 8 PM?!).

Happy Tuesday, Shorties!..

Comment #82

Welcome to all our newcomers!.

Woozy, LL Bean still sells silk "woolies" as separates. I think they might even have them in petites. I haven't owned any in so long, I don't remember, but I know I see them in their catalog. Just checked and not in petite..

Let's write them and demand it!.

The updates T&M information is in the new quick start guide and all they've done is double the fruit in week 2 and double the dairy in week 3. That should help make week 4 less of a shock with all the food all of a sudden. LOL I believe they'll be putting out the corrected T&M guide by the end of the year...

Comment #83

Lands' End carries petite base layers. Silk or poly. Pretty colors, too. I may have to get some this year, too. I've been really cold. Not this week, though, as it is in the 70s.

Today was WI and I lost 1.5 lbs. Oops, just remembered I need to update my ticker. Ticker below is incorrect...

Comment #84

Great loss, Kerry!.

Welcome freetimegone! Looks like you are doing great!.

I did a "peek" weigh in today - my official day is Saturday - but so far, I'm down 2 pounds since Saturday. Maybe the hungries that I had all weekend are actually going to pay off. But I won't update my ticker until Saturday's official day..

I know what you mean about feeling colder. At work, I'm now setting the temps higher, and I may just have to turn on the heater here at the house..

Have a great OP day!..

Comment #85

Funny I thought when I got out of ketosis I'd be back to my normal "always hot" self. Nope, I'm still wrapping my hands around mugs of hot water and I'm actually wearing the sweaters people have bought for me over the years (which now fit)...

Comment #86


LLBean and Jockey both have silk long underwear, and I think Eastern Mountain Sports has them, too (or at least nice thin base layers). Check with Target. I think they now carry CuddleDuds...

Comment #87

Hi shorties!.

I buy my silk long johns from wintersilks..


I'm out with clients' dogs in all kinds of weather here in New England. These work well. Also good are Eastern Mountain Sports high tech under layers, but they are a little thicker than silk..

Still creeping down. For me cooling it with the very strenuous exercise seems to be key. Even 45 minutes max. stopped my losses cold. Will take it up again, hopefully in T&M when I'm getting some more calories..

Hope everyone is doing well...

Comment #88

Ooooo...I want some petite silky layers too, for winter - great links!.

I have a question for you, ladies. How many crunch bars are okay to eat in one day? I LOVE the bars (especially S'mores.


Medifast says ALL their meals are interchangeable, however, I have seen on these boards comments from people about "only one bar a day or you will stall", etc....

Thoughts? Experience? I never eat all my Medifast meals as bars in one day, but sometimes I do like to have 2-3 on occasion, if I have a really busy day at work. They're super convenient and I can grab one and munch on it in a meeting, and no one thinks anything of it!..

Comment #89

Hello Shorties. Just stopped in to say hi. I'm still here. I just haven't had to much to say..

The weight is coming off slowly..

Kat- I eat one or two bars a day with out problems..

Have a Great day all..

Drink Water!..

Comment #90

Kat when I was traveling for work I'd eat 5 a day and it made no difference to my losses. When I looked at my weekly losses you couldn't tell which were travel weeks and which weren't..

Sue, thanks for the link. I'm looking to move to NH when my house sells so I will definitely need some!..

Comment #91


- I think the "no more than one bar a day" refers to the maintenance bars (the ones in the green packaging). From what I understood, the yellow "crunch" bars could be 5 per day. I generally have at least one per day - but sometimes 2 or more. I definitely ate 2 per day while travelling..

I didn't lose as much then, but then again, I didn't stay on plan either, so I can't blame it on the bars!..

Comment #92


-I loved the yellow packaged bars too when I was in 5-1, L & G. The problem I encountered when eating more of those than one a day was bloating and evening gassiness. Maybe it is just me, as I also seemed to have had some trouble with adding dairy back in when in T & Mbut Greek non-fat yogurt seems to be okay..


-glad the hungries are proving worthwhile. I never got the courage to do a peek weigh-in. Guess I just figured my weight was official at the Medifast center, so I did not want to mess with my mind. Glad you are still going in the right direction..

Glad to read so many Shortie posts going in the "slow but steady loses" direction! Can you remember when the scale kept going in the other direction?.

Thanks for all the suggestions for silk/poly layers. I will get right on this project! I especially like the idea that they are available in pretty colors. Guess I remember from when I was a childbulky white cotton. Talk about NOT A GOOD LOOK under clothesso not flattering..

Really tired. Guess the time change is still psyching me out..

Happy Wednesday Shorties!..

Comment #93

Hi Guys! I would like to be one of the SHORTIES... I'm 5' 1 & 3/4" so I think that qualifies me as short, lol.

I'm starting the program tomorrow... can't wait!.


Comment #94

Sweetsouthernbelle - welcome! And congrats on starting Medifast at this time of year. You'll be well into your Medifast and be able to enjoy the holidays without stressing over food (you'll know exactly what you are supposed to eat and that really really helps). And if you do start to feel stress - that's what we're here for!.

This week I thought I'd try the puffs (chili nacho variety). They remind me a little (a very little) of chili fritos and I feel like I'm eating junk food again. Not sure how I feel about that, but they do fill me up, so that's a good thing. I'll have to check the amount of salt in them compared to other Medifast meals - I have high BP and need to keep my sodium intake low..

On a related question: with all the water we drink (I'm gulp down close to 3 litres) can we lose TOO MUCH salt? And how would we know that? And is it a big deal? And before you ask, yes, I am a bit medically paranoid...

Comment #95



! Congratulations on your commitment to a healthier you during the holiday season. A couple of us started in October last year and MF'd through the holidays so we're here to help you with our experiences, if you need it..


, you can deplete yourself of sodium, but if you're drinking less than 3 gallons a day ( I think that was the number Medifast threw out once) on MF, and you're following the plan, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. You're drinking less than 1 gallon so you should be fine. 3 liters of water a day is probably about the perfect amount for people our size as that's an easily sustainable amount even in T&M. And that's what this is all about, building healthy habits for life...

Comment #96

Hello everyone, welcome Sweet, and all the other newcomers!.

Kat, I eat three bars a day at work, because they're more discreet and less hassle, and I don't have any problems..

I went shopping at Target yesterday, and got new jammies and slippers. I saw them on a display, and just decided to get them. I didn't have to look for the plus department and hope they had it...I didn't have to try them on...I didn't have to hide the size from my hubby...I just picked out the ones I liked, and grabbed them! When I got home, I promptly put them on and wore them around the house all evening. They were soo cute, and I bragged about the tassles on my slippers all evening. It was fun, and I felt cuddly and tiny in my new clothes!!!..

Comment #97

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.