Does Nutri System and Nutrisystem actually work?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does Nutri System and Nutrisystem actually work? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... For some FOOTBALL!!!.

NFL Training Camps start opening this weekend!.

Bills - 7/25.

Eagles - 7/26.

And most importantly,.

Redskins - 7/30..

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Yup, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Thanks Damon! BTW, based on this pic, I'm now a Panther's fan too..

Comment #2

I live in the DC area and have been to the Ashburn facility. Let's see if Campbell can do better this year. I'm just happy the 9ers beat them on the last game of the season last year...

Comment #3

Rothlisberger will be distracted with the "rape" charge all year. I can see it now: Browns, Bengals, and Ravens fans wearing masks of the girl in the crowd...

Comment #4

A little schedule info for all my Titans peeps out there...

Comment #5

Nothing but college ball for me. Living in Texas, it's all about OK v. UT. But I know Florida, LSU, Penn State, and USC are always contenders..

I am still waiting for Obama to make good on his promise to deliver a college football playoff series. I need that way more than the bankers need a bailout...

Comment #6

Bring on the SEC football and more fat men scoring! 310 lbs of glory!.



Go Big Blue!..

Comment #7

No, i'm not ready for some football....

Too much baseball season yet to go....

What's next - a "have you started your christmas shopping yet" thread???..

Comment #8


If everybody would evaluate his own life with the same criteria he evaluates the Notre Dame football teams, the world would be a much better place. Coach Holtz..

Comment #9

Damon, been a Panthers fan from the beginning (and now to the end)!..

Comment #10

That is why I am glad I played football! I never had to learn those stupid cheers! LOL..

Comment #11

I played a little in 11th grade. Was not very good. Fun game though. Had little man's disease and played D-back (mostly strong safety). HS, so mostly running...but nothing like being the one who gets to initiate contact..

And loved to hassle recievers (played when you could bump any time ball not in the air). They were tall and fast and used to ask me why the heck I was hitting them like that (if the coach had told me to screw with them). But I just did it on my own initiative..

Figured if it was a pass play, then no way I could keep up to cover, so better to hammer them a lot before ball thrown. If it wasn't a pass play, then that would be pretty boring to not be in any kind of tackle or blocking, so at least I got a hit in every play..

I was pretty clueless though. Was embarressed that I didn't understand the difference between flankers and ends and wide-outs and the rules for how much of the offense has to be on the line..

But running plays are more instinctive...except for the pitch man...well...the whole thing kinda confused me...I got more time in practice than elsewise.....

Comment #12

Looks like Michael Vick is on his way back. I hope there are enough animal lovers out there to keep him off the field...

Comment #13

So Leonard Little kills a dude and only gets like 90 days and a few games suspension, meanwhile Vick does the same to dogs and gets far worse. Something's terribly wrong here. And listen, I'm NOT a Vick fan, and I AM an animal lover, but seriously...since when is animal life more valuable than human life?..

Comment #14

Here's a great 'webticle' that debates your point exactly. good read..


Comment #15

Vick should be allowed to play again. He was remorseful and did serve time unlike some NFL players who were implicated or partially involved in murders and never even went to trial. If someone were cruel to animals, but was a great doctor, should he not be allowed to be a doctor again?..

Comment #16

I am soooo with you-what is wrong with this picture?????????.

Oh, go BAMA..

Comment #17

I have always believed that Dallas lost it's edge when they stopped raping hookers and doing cocaine..

I can remember Tom Landry yelling at Tony Dorsett, "Run for the white line."..

Comment #18

I remember Darrell pulling TD down from a 10 yard head start. 7 turned to 3...

Comment #19

I can't forgive what Vick did. His actions were inflicted upon innocent animals and I think for that reason he should at least have to sit out a year and prove he's changed..

I also think that 4 games for drug use isn't enough. Time to clean up the game. Being part of the NFL is a priviledge for someone who has the talent but it's not a right...

Comment #20

He and his brother have a mean streak, no doubt. I think a lot of people don't want to admit that a lot of pro athletes are thugs...

Comment #21

Regardless of whether or not he should play, if he does play again, he's hauling along an entire truck of baggage and the team that picks him us will also have to deal with the baggage. There's going to be everything from catcalls (pardon the pun) to boycotts to season ticket holders leaving. He doesn't have any support either in that the pro-cruelty demographic is non-existant. The only thing that the team could gain besides his skills is that because pro football is an entertainment enterprise, controversy and colorful players sell tickets. They might sell a few tickets to people who want to see the notorious Vic but there can't be that many of those..

I'm waiting to see if anyone picks him up, perhaps a losing team... Detroit?..

Comment #22

Agreed...the best part of the Baseball season is just about to start..

That being said......

Comment #23

You've just made my point Ron! Football is fast paced and still has a view like this one on the sidelines.

Baseball is slow and looks like this:..

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