Does nutri system really work, or is Nutrisystem better?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does nutri system really work, or is Nutrisystem better? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... So my darling wife tells me, "Joey, you eat like I did when I was bulimic. You eat out of emotions. If the Raiders loose to the Broncos, you gorge." I say, "No, Darling, you don't get it! I eat because I'm a pig.

If they whip the Broncos, I celebrate and eat. If I'm happy, or sad, or pissed, or scared, or bored....I eat.

And that's why my doctor told me that if I hope to live more than ten more years (I'm 57) I'd better loose 30 pounds, tho' 40 would be better. I know that there are more "mes" out there. Please tell me there is life after beer and pizza and wings and nachos. God, my first shipment arrives by UPS tomorrow!!!!..

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The answer is Yes, although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

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I'm like you. I like food. No emotion issues. The good thing is I work out hard enough to eat just about anything I want and not gain too much...

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I didn't tie any emotions to it - I too love beer and food. In college that's all I did - drink lot's of beer and lot's of food. I also ran about 20-miles a week and bench warmed for our football team (sigh). After entering the 'real world' I cut out the exercise but left in the food and lots of beer..

Damn you beer!!! Why do you have to be so good and so bad!..

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The next time she catches you looking at another woman just tell her "It's my emotions!".

Stay on plan, don't behave like a fat pig and you'll drop that 40 before you know it!..

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I like that one, "It's my emotions!" A cop out explanation for just about everything. Oh no it had nothing to do with the fact that I downed six packs of beer, ate enough pizza, burgers and fries to feed a family of 4 or maybe 6 every night, of course not, it was just emotions!..

Comment #5

Right On, Jabba!! Me too. Emotions Schmotions. Estro nonsense for many, if not most guys. I'm sure it's a factor for some. Not me. Like you, I just LOVED to pig out.

No mystery on how to lose it either. Nutrisystem has it wrapped up in a nice BBB for 'ya. Follow the PLAN, enjoy the trip. Post here a bunch. Ask questions as needed.

After a few weeks of acclimation, it will not even be hard for you. I never thought I'd welcome water as my beverage of choice. Give it a chance. Welcome to the Men's Room!.


Comment #6

You actually should make your Nutrisystem meals more emotional. After you finish your meal, no mater how you feel, you stand up and exclaim.

"That's ALL!",.

Instead of "That's ALL?".

Seriously, IF you are willing to follow the plan you WILL lose your desired weight...

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Is dedication an emotion? Because that's all you need right now. Stick to the plan and it will work. Welcome aboard...

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I did this diet (over WW) on purpose becuase there was less amateur head-shrinking and other grouphuggery. I knew (from wrestling, from earlier tunafish diet craziness at 29) that dieting was basic math (less calories used than expended) and weight is lost..

I have been pleasantly surprised by how cravings are reduced (from the veggie salad crazy consumption) as well as the painless, gradual learning about food AS I DIET (instead of before). But those are plusses..

Here is a site with some remarks about the different psychology of men and women to dieting: (set of posts about men):.


The post that got me here (Damon, this lady is to blame):.


The last sentence did it for me! I spent 10 YEARS trying to do it on my own. What a WASTE. Finally said screw it and got a (little) help. That's called taking control of your life..

P.s. Oh...and the (very few thank God) freaking shrinking violets who come on OUR BOARDS and want their hands held because they are planning to go off program before the box even SHIPS! GRRR! I don't mind bucking someone up, but this one chick was a complete waste of Earth-space. Negative little coward. And of course when I board-slapped her, instead of manning up, she whimpered. Sigh. Doesn't she know that a little negative leadership shows love.

I put her on ignore, so that I don't get banned for verbal broot-tality...

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Jabba: We will help you. The first 1-4 weeks is an adjustment. Especially with more fiber and less fat in your gullet. But just go hard (I mean do the program right and care about it) for the first 28 days. EVery day it get easier. Really does..

Report in as often as you need to...

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My overeating wasn't caused by emotions either. And there is definitely life after beer and wings. Like you, I like beer, but I also like wine and liquor. And when you are drinking those, nothing goes better with them than some kind of food. And the more I drank, the more I didn't care about how much I ate because I didn't have the feeling of being full. The alchohol killed that..

So, now I've learned how to control those situations. I can have a drink or two but I have to be aware of what I stuff down my gullet. Does my life revolve around food like it did? No, but I have found other outlets and so will you...

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And fore most....



I am sure we ALL have issues with food or we would not be here. As is always the case, there will be those who want to analyze the.


Of our behavior. I suppose that has it's place somewhere, but the reality is when we eat more than we need....

We gain..

Eat less.....


Not very complicated. For me there have been 3 ingredients that have helped me succeed..

1. Portion Control:.

How much can I eat..

2. Food Choices:.

What can I eat..

3. Support:.

Knowing and hearing from others who face the same human frailties as I do..

Ultimately, you will have to find your own motivations. I personally have a.


At home who finds it hard to accept my commitment to change; however, I am now almost 2 weeks into the program and have a.

10 lbs.

Weight loss. This in and of itself is a terrific motivater for me..



Personal responsibility.

Comes into play here. I learned long ago there is no.

"magic pill".

Or any amount of.

"wishing on a star".

That is going to change my current condition..


Comes from doing the work, watching what I eat and getting off my butt (exercise) and sticking with the program..

Add all the above together and.


Will succeed. Simple look around.... There are a bunch of great guys here who have achieved amazing results. I fear to mention names specifically for fear I will over look some one; but look around. These guys are great examples and above all....

Very Supportive and Honest..

They will help you celebrate your victories and call you on your excuses..


Comment #12

Thank you to all my new friends for the encouragement and advice. I believe that I can do this. I must do this. I have read and thought about each word that you all have written. I'll keep reading your messages on this Dan Marino board and let you know when I have success. May the Force be with You...

Comment #13

Jabba don't let some mamby pamby women (even if she is your wife) tell you what you FEEL. It is time to MAN UP. Who cares the reason why you are 40 pounds over weight: MAN UP! We are all here for a reason, and we are all losing for a reason: We Man up'ed! I did it for my back. Some others did it because they couldn't find cloths anymore! Somebody for there health. Others did it because they feel sad.

Who cares! Man'up and show her that if a Man puts his mind to doing something: It will get done!..

Comment #14

Welcome Joey. I'm not gonna call you jabba cause you won't be that way for long..

For me crappy food was an addiction, it took the place of my cocaine addiction. It only took a short while to get up to the 404# I was when I started. I had low expectations that Nutrisystem would help me, even less because I was going to try to stop smoking (3pks a day)at the same time. But I had my mind set to give it an honest try. That's all you can do is give it an honest try..

Here I am 20 months later, have I been perfect? Hell no! Am I gonna be perfect in the future? I seriously doubt it. But while I'm on plan, I'm on plan. The first step is admitting I had a problem..


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