Does Nutrisystem really work and how much is it typically?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does Nutrisystem really work and how much is it typically? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Hey guys just ordered first shipment today and wanted if I could get some heads up on additions to plan like fruits, veggies,beverages and any other info a NUBIE may need for the program and the forums?..

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Yep, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

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I've 6 weeks in. My advice is to just keep it simple at the beginning (so it's not overwhelming) and so you're complying...and then over time, you will get more sophisticated about foods and such. The boards are great for that. Plus, each week, I just look at labels more and learn more. But don't worry that you need to learn it all right away..

The food threads are great for questions (food tips, dietician, recipes). Also the "advanced search function" using "search titles" (not posts) will get many questions answered for you (like why aren't potatos on the list of veggies, why is corn a carb, etc.).

Also, at least for me, the "toots" went away after a month. Also, my tastes changed over time so that I enjoy the taste of healthier things and don't really even want fat or alcohol..

Stay away from the booze for at least a month (ideally entire period)..

If you are hungry...overdose on salads. If there is too much bulk in the diet or you feel stuffed or satiated, still finish all the foods each day. If you have to, you can do things like juice or driet fruit or the like (although better to do bulk to keep full feeling)..

Learn to pack your lunch/snacks (veggies, fruit, entrees). I use an insulated mini lunch cooler with ice packs...don't even need to keep it in the work fridge..

Dairy: you can do lite yogurts but will likely be slightly out of compliance for desired calorie/protein mix. Lite cottage cheese works awesome as do skim milk or egg..

Protein: Watch out for some of the pre-packaged lunch meats. Budding brand is half fat. But many others are mostly protein..

Fruits/veggies: First week or two, I was very simplistic and just got a bunch of one kind. Now I mix it up. But if you are going to do that, you need to get less of each. Like an apple, a peach, a pear, etc. Not a bag of each. (If you are single.).

Carbs: Most breads meet the specs (100 calories/slice). Arnold's double protein is good and gives extra protein kick. Special K cereal is 110 cals/serving so decent match...most other cereals are too much calories. I have been doing corn on the cob lately for dinner carb..

Fat: lots of liquid options: lite or regular salad dressing, cooking or dressing foods with butter or olive oil. Can also do nuts (count them). I have been doing humus lately. Yum...

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Hola Paco and welcome!.

Check out the Menz Rulez thread and the tips for newbies from Bella Vita thread and you will find a lot of information. I lost ten pounds just reading them...

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Maxxxed out just bumped the exact right threads to get you started..

The Bellavitaboy thread:.


And the Menz Room Rulz thread:.


Read both of them from the beginning, also another homework assignment is to visit all the links at the top of the page, starting with "My Program"..

Take notes, there will be a test..

Ps. welcome to the Men's Room. Daily posting and reading is a proven weight-loss tool...

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Welcome, Paco! We'll see you around here a lot, I hope!.


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Hey Dude, thanks for the links. Both informative and entertaining..


Welcome Aboard Paco...

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Hi! Looking for a support group as I work my way through NS. Started on July 15, 2009 and am very eager to do well. Some of the food is rough to stomach. How can I doctor up my vegetables without going off NS?.

What's with those "fake " chicken breast patties?!! I threw it out after one bite. I doctored it up with hot sauce, veggies, you name it! It smelled like dog food from the can. Obviously I took that off my auto-delivery order..

Any suggestions on some of the better tasting food choices?..

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I think your tastes will change over time. I find myself liking clean foods better and less desire for fats and such..

Some suggestions:.

-saucy entrees: drip the entree over veggies.

-calliflower makes good "faux potato".

-stir fry tomato with things and throw in some italian spices. HMMM..

-sphaghetti squash..

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Also try doing an advanced search (titles option) for key word vegetables...

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I use lots of red pepper flakes and Mrs. Dash seasonings (no salt). I also use hot sauce and salsa, lemons and lemon juice and fat free and calorie free salad dressings. I also eat lots of them just as they were intended - raw...

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I have 6 kinds of hot sauce..

My Favorite:.

Something new I've been doing with Nutrisystem Spaghetti. It has a lot of sauce so add some WW Spag noodles as your lo-gi carb. Saute some mushrooms in Crisco Butter flavored zero calorie cooking spray. Lots of Garlic powder and Italian Mrs. Dash and a touch of Cholula. Makes almost too much to eat, and I never thought I'd ever say that before NS...

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I had the SAME opinion of the chicken breast patty! Found a good solution - It calls for a roll, so that gives you 2 carbs to work with. I toast 2 slices of my Arnold Dbl Protein bread, put on some mayo (your fat) and ketchup. Makes a very tasty and filling sammich. I'm actually ordering those things now..

Veggies - I "cheat". Check out the Green Giant premixed microwave packages in the frozen veggie section. There are a number of options WITH SAUCE that are under 60 cal/serving and the sauce is low-fat. I eat the whole pouch, which is technically 2 servings, but, heck, I'm a guy. I count that as a fat too. Got to pick the right ones though - like broccoli/carrots, baby veg blend, health vision, etc.

Just read the boxes..

As you progress, you'll learn to "bend" it to your tastes and body needs by observing your loss rate vs. behaviour. Just don't "break" it..

It really WORKS!!.


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Thanks for all the great advice about the veggies and the taste of the food. I gained 3 pounds this week. I think mainly because I didn't have as many veggies/salad portions. I found that I skipped some veggie portions because I wasn't hungry. Onviously the scale tells me that I better eat all that I'm allowed..

The ravioli and the rotini and Lasagna dishes are my favs so far. They don't need any doctoring. Nice surprise!..

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