Does Nutrisystem really work? How much is the cost of food?

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First of all Does Nutrisystem really work? How much is the cost of food? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: For a person at about 6' tall what do different wights look like? I cant remember being thin so I can't really comment. Help me fill out the chart below!.

280 - "Fat" Big belly, Fat face, Fat thighs. 44-46".










180 - "Very trim" 32".

Where does a little chunky, or thin kick in?.

This is all for an average build... don't consider big muscles in this...

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You betcha! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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By the amount of posts here, I'de say this is a hard question to answer..

My answer - you are fat till you reach your 180 goal, Nexus...then you have to not be fat forever! (altho I know you probably write this post in jest).

It all depends on several factors....

Go here.


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Yep it all depends on height, frame, muscle mass and how many rocks you have in your pocket. Sadly theres no magic number. Heck even folks that look fine can still be over weight by body fat percentage...

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The love handles are the last to go. Waist thighs and hip (for men) are the first. with the face a close second...

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The hard part is deciding what your goal should be..

BMI is an indicator, but is highly inaccurate for people with muscle..

Body fat % is probably the best way to decide what your tue goal weight should be. You may adjust your goal as you go based on this...

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Ok, I know it's not serious, because we all have very different builds and body types, but I roughly "fit" your sizes. I'll stick in some pics and comments:.

280 - "Fat" Big belly, Fat face, Fat thighs. 44-46".

Probably closer to 300, 44" pants under belly:.





244 - 40 lbs down. 3 months. I was SO psyced at the changes! I almost looked NORMAL (I thought at the time)..



224 - 60 lbs down. 5 months. Getting downright full of myself now......


75 down. 6.5 months. Remaining 30 lbs of fat actually looks better then lower weights where the skin/fat sag more. Thought I was quite the stud..


Actual 204 80 down. 7 months..


Actual 195. 90 lbs down. 8 months. Notice the love handles: Loose skin + redisual fat..

180 - "Very trim" 32".

Actual 183, 101 lbs down. 32" jeans..

Hope this helps! It's fun to see what you've got to look forward to..


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Hulk Hogan would be jealous of those last 2 photos, Gordon. You are the man!..

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I think you will look best at the leaned down version (180 or whatever that ends up being). Especially stripped. But you'll still be good up to 10 or 20 pounds higher. At 30 pounds or higher, you'll just be different levels of a fat guy...but still firmly in that sector..

Think that you can easily carry 10 pounds over 'lean" and it will look fine stripped, but not as "ripped" as truly lean weight. In clothes or in motion (your belly tightens naturally with activity), may even be able to pass off some of the extra 10 pounds of fat as muscle. For instance look at my pics at 170 versus 160..

At 20 pounds over, you might look "ok" in suits, but a bit chunky on the waist, stripped or in revealing clothing..

30 pounds and higher over: You're fat..

N.B. You may have some belly skin, especially on lower abdomen when you get very close to goal. I got a bit of that, so it is harder to look totally ripped, especially on lower abs (even though have light vascularity on my biceps and even a bit of definition in upper legs). I still think lean looks better than fat. And am hopeful that with time it will all improve...

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Great pictures Gordon..

I have to agree with the 1" per 10 lbs..

I started at 276 and 44" pants. I am now at 183 and 34" pants..

Where you lose weight will depend greatly on your body type. Most of my weight was around the middle, so I have seen the biggest improvement there (I can actually get in a booth when I go out to eat.


However, it is simply amazing how much my face changed (hopefully for the better) with the weight loss..


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Gordon, Did the love handles/ loose skin ever go away? That is what I am pushing for...

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Dang Gordon, looking good. And I'm not even a homo...

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Not yet. I bounced back up from my 183 low to 190 now. While I'm sure it's some residual fat, I believe a lot of that is loose skin that may or may not go away over time. I've spoken with a few Dr's and the answer is either "No" or "Maybe" to the loose skin question. I do know that at 183, my 32" pants were basically hip-bone to hip-bone. One thing I'm glad I did was I got a picture of myself when I first hit goal (199) back in July, doing a pushup w/no shirt on the bow of my boat.

It's in my photo album here if you want a really ugly sight. I'm going to try the same "pose" this coming July to see if there has been any change. I'll let y'all know!.

Who knows? Maybe if I drive it down to the 170's (yeah, RIGHT!). I'd just like to get back below 185..

In the grand scheme of things, it's not really a major consideration IMO. The health, energy, and appearance (with shirt on!) benefits far outweigh the loose skin issue. After all, can't blame NS, we did THAT to ourselves!.


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Those pics were just what I was looking for! I cant wait till I no longer have to choose over or under the belly..

And you have gone through an amazing transformation..

I hope my skin deides to shink too!..

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Nexus, you really need to do the same picture thing Gordon did. Start now and you will appreciate it when you get to goal..

Gordon no worries on the love handles. I was just curious. I still have weight around my mid-riff, so I definitely have the handle bars...

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