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First of all Does Nutrisystem Work? Is it expensive? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... -HOW THIS "GAME" WORKS-.

This is one of those games where the more people you have click your link, the better your stats are kind of game. A city has a list of 6 potential links which get unlocked over time. I have 1 of the 6 links unlocked and able to be usedThose 6 links each effect 6 different aspects of the city. Population, Transportation, Industry, Security, Environment, and Business..

This game most resembles your stereotypical Sim City game, however users have much less control over their city. If any of the city's stats become out of balance people may leave to find new jobs, cause riots, or go away because of pollution. Pollution, for example, is cause when there are too many people clicking industry and not enough people clicking environment. Crime is when there are too many people and not enough security..

But click that link, we can grow our city. Feel free to name neighborhoods after yourself..

To increase population.


To increase industry.


To increase transportation.


To increase security.


To reduce pollution.


Comments (67)

Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Nope, just visiting adds a person. It had 15 people when I posted it, it probably shows (at least) 16 now...

Comment #2

Clicking the link adds population. At 50 people (I think) we can add industry, then at 100 (I think) transportation...

Comment #3

Joshy, Ever play Sim City, dude? You would probably like that!..

Comment #4

Haven't played it in years. I play a lot of Sims2 on and off...

Comment #5

Hey can I get a house by the water? need a good investment so I can flip it...

Comment #6

No crime, no unemployment, no pollutionso far so good...

Comment #7

I think you need to build a strip joint to attract some more people...

Comment #8

I put an application in to manage the local golf course...

Comment #9

I saw that. At 50 people, we get industry. I'll post the link for it when we reach it. If you want to be amused, click the ranking button and look at the #1 city...Its HUGE. 315,000+ people...

Comment #10

Okay, we're over 50 people, so we can add industry. Unemployment is at 4%, so we need some factories!..

Comment #11

Okay, somebody left CPAville to find a job elsewhere. Lets get some factories (industry) built. The link is in the 1st thread. Remember, you can click in once/day. In fact, you can click in once/day per computer, so you can do it from home and from work..

We won't need a lot of factories, we just want to get unemployment down...

Comment #12

Low economic opportunities present an excellent recruiting environment for the adult entertainment industry.....

Comment #13

Unemployment is back to 0%. We'll crack the top 5,000 soon. And I'm fairly certain that by the time we get to 100 people we'll have at least 1 high rise up...

Comment #14

Yeah, I got a job this morning. I got off of my lazy butt...

Comment #15

What do you mean name places? Other than visit the link, I don't see where I can do anything but move the map around. Oh, but I do like that hill on the southeastern part of town. I want to buy that...

Comment #16

Get a night job for pshrynk so I can keep his wife company...

Comment #17

I'm already making sure Barky keeps busy all nite. I think you're in the clear..

Good luck with that...

Comment #18

CPAVille is going great. With a little luck we'll pass 100 inhabitants today. At that point we'll need transport. Right now we're okay on factories, although another couple wouldn't hurt. When we get to 100, I'll add a link to the first post for transport. Remember, you can click in once per day.

Oh yeah...we have our first apartment building, too!..

Comment #19

I took a look at the #1 city. Gotta say that Cpaville is sort of a backwater. May have to move my stable to the big city...

Comment #20

I edited the first post to include the transportation link, however that won't be available until 100 population. We're at 88 now..

And our first high-rise (or low-rise) building has been constructed!..

Comment #21

The little red roofed house on the north end of the plat is the *****house. Pshrynk's House of Dininshing Expectations. C'mon over and check out our nightly specials...

Comment #22

I expect to be disappointed..

Okay, folks, we crossed 100. We could use some factories and some transport now. Links in the 1st thread (I'll add them to my signature, too)...

Comment #23

Hey I just recruited anohter hooker for Pshrynk' House of Diminishing Expectations, which from now on will be referred to as PHDE!..

Comment #24

That's no hooker, that's my wife! All good though, she is kind of a "cyber-*****."..

Comment #25

We need industry! Unemployment is at 12%. People will start leaving town soon!..

Comment #26

I always wanted to own a factory. Down to 9% now...

Comment #27

This is down on page 2. It needs a bump. And the city still needs some factories and transport. We can crack 200 people this week. Woot!..

Comment #28

Up to 134 people. Good growth for the day! Thanks for all the clicks!..

Comment #29

Daily bump. I figure we can still use a couple of factories, to keep ahead of the unemployment curve. People keep leaving for other cities. I'm not 100% sure, because we're at 0% unemployment now. We should hit 300 people and need security either today or tomorrow. Kewl..

Also, please note that if you click in 50 times, I do NOT send you a $10 coupon...

Comment #30

I was just expanding on your official title. Me, I'm the.

Eminence gris.

Who sits in the background, running all the vice in the city and pointing out who would be a nice deletion by aforementioned hangings...

Comment #31

Hey Pshrink... Can I have a night off? My penis hurts...

Comment #32

All, right, but starting tomorrow, you rotate..

Hey, are you getting yet ANOTHER snow storm? We're getting pasted over here. Another snow blowing experience coming up...

Comment #33


I am planning on driving home, parking my car in the garage and not leaving until it all melts away. My hands froze solid a couple of days ago when I blew away the snow from from the last dump. As soon as I thawed my hands I ordered a set Extreme Cold Weather mittens from a military surplus store. They haven't even been shipped yet, and I have to go back out in zub-sero weather and removed that sh*t again...

Comment #34

The weather is always perfect in CPAVille. We're closing in on 300 and getting into the top 600 in the country. Lets get there today!..

Comment #35

What is needed for me to click on 2day Sir?..

Comment #36

Unemployment is at 1%. Why not knock out a factory?..

Comment #37

Dont let Josh steal all the fun..

Click on his original city:.

To increase population.


To increase industry.


To increase transportation.



Comment #38

Only 20 more people and there will be crime in CPAVille!..

Comment #39

We made it to 300, so there's going to be crime issues. I've added the security link to the first post and my signature...

Comment #40

Aw man that means the law is going to be keeping their eye on Pshrynk's flop house now...

Comment #41

I wanna be the fire chief. Somebody burn something.....but not the *****house. Thats critical infrastructure...

Comment #42

I am burning a fine Montecristo as I type this...

Comment #43

I'ma a big contributor to the Policeman's Benevolent Association...

Comment #44

I just opened a franchise of Pshrynk's House of Diminished Expecations in Gubatopia...

Comment #45

1% unemployment, 97% transport as I type this. Lets boost the transport and build a factory. We're ranked #503. We can crack the top 500 today!..

Comment #46

We were at 500 yesterday, we slipped to 506. Are we going to let that happen? Hell, no! We are NSers...our numbers decrease, not increase!..

Comment #47

At this point, yeah. Everything else was fine when I last checked...

Comment #48

I click it everyday just like the Daily Dose...

Comment #49

Each of us can only add one thing per day (population, transport, etc.) so just let us know each day what you need most...

Comment #50

I try to do that. Today, transport was 100% and everything else was 0%, so I didn't have any preferences at the time..

You can click more than once a day to see how things are progressing, it's just that only the 1st click actually affects the city...

Comment #51

I say we let security run rampant and then claim to have the largest, most crime ridden city of them all...

Comment #52

You need to hire a hacker to work around the computer facists' fun blocking filters at my office...

Comment #53

Y'know, Gubatopia looks strangely like CPAville. At least from the air...

Comment #54

Actually, one of the guys from GUBATopia installed a bot to help pump it up. We're boosting it using good old fashioned willpower, the American way!..

Comment #55

You think so? Look at them side by side. GUBATopia is much more clustered in the center, and has more of the tall brown buildings and shorter flat-roofed ones. CPAVille has a lot of green areas in the center, and those short dark brown buildings. I mean, every big city looks like every other one to some extent, and there are noticeable differences...

Comment #56

How high does the population have to go before pollution kicks in?..

Comment #57

500 for Environment, 1,000 for Business. So, we'll probably hit pollution over the weekend or early next week. You guy are doing a great job helping the city. I'm waiting for us to get the big skyscrapers...

Comment #58

Into the top 400. 2% unemployment, 99% transport as I post this (about 9 PM PST)...

Comment #59

I think a couple of factories and some security, but those numbers are pretty low, so population won't hurt. We might get to 500 population and pollution before the weekend is out...

Comment #60

Just after 6:00am eastern and done my part for overpopulation and stressed public services for the day!..

Comment #61

8:30 eastern Daily State of the City.

Unemployment 3%.

Trans 98%.

Crime 2%.

Rank is 388 with population of 427..

Comment #62

Okay, so lets get some infrastructure today. All 3 categories are needed...

Comment #63

1% unemployment, so if a couple of people want to put up a factory, that would be great. Other than that, we can keep boosting population...

Comment #64

If you scroll towards the upper right (using the blue 'joystick' in the corner) you'll see what looks like a church steeple. That's the first one of those I've seen...

Comment #65

Crime is 1%.

Trans 99%.

That new building - maybe for worshipping BVB and his 10 pound reward "bears"?..

Comment #66

Just clicked ... transportation is now at 100% ... woo hooo!..

Comment #67

Transport down to 98%, criminality at 3%. Lets get some cops and roads!..

Comment #68

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