Does same company provides both internet service connection and iPage web hosting services?

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First off, Does same company provides both internet service connection and iPage web hosting services? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... I can understand how you can get a link within a frame to open up at the '_top' or in a '_blank', but I can't seem to find any info on how to go back to the framed pages. Everything stays in the single window. I may have found something which I MAY be able to use, but is there no way to use pure HTML only to do it?.


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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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Sounds like you made a mistake on the name you put in the class href link. are you clicking on the class link in the nav frame?..

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When I click on the "Class" link in the 'nav' frame, I get what I want: a list of class info in the 'main' frame..

When I click in the "Class" link in the '_top' window (previously linked from the "Gallery" window), I get the "Class" page, but unframed..

I want to be able to link from a small picture in the 'main' frame to a larger unframed picture with details (hence "_top"), then provide a link from there to the relevant class which would be in the main frame of the original frameset..

What I thought might work only provides me with a method of telling the visitor that the page they want is reached from "HERE"..

My visitors are quilters, so they are very patient. I just want them to get what they are expecting, not a bandaid..

Can I do what I'm trying to do?..

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I understand what you are getting at but I'm not sure there is an easy solution to this. It may be a case of rethinking your navigation system. This is the problem with frames, they can get very complicated if you are navigating in and out of framesets like that. Is it completely necessary to open the large picture in a frame free page? If so could you open it in a new window using target="_blank"?.

Just a thought, but you may have to change the navigation system to make it less complicated. They may be a way round it but I would imagine it would be very messy...

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I don't think that it's necessary to use a frame free page for the larger picture, but I did 'version 1' of the iPage site in haste using tables, and the effect has received compliments from visitors. Due to time restrictions, that iPage site was built in three weeks as I was learning. I realized (too late) that maybe framed iPage site would be easier to maintain, (as pictures and classes change on a quarterly - or less - basis)..

Thanks anyway! This is a great site...

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Have you considered tables and pages created with server side includes? this will give you the same updating options as frames, but will keep everything in a clean layout without the additional scroll bar..

Just a thought..


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Server side includes......? Know any examples and/or tutorials that explainhow to use this. I'll keep searching.......


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I dont have a link on hand, but I know there are tutorials on

Try this...

Create a file "header.html" with the following in it..






Look at this, it works!.



Save that file in your root dir. then create a file called "test1.shtml".

NOTE: it must have the .shtml extention.



<title>this is the site!</title>.



<!#include file="header.html">.

This is my base page.



Save this file also in your root dir (same location as the header.html , then open your web browser and check the url for the header...


The header file will show only the "look at this, it works!" then check the url.


The header pages content will display, and then the "this is my base page will display below that!.

That's the monkey's crash course in SSI pages! have fun with it!.


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It might seem a little crude, but if I link the large picture in the '_top' to a copy of the 'index' page, (call it "index2.html") and change the SRC of the 'main' frame to "classes", it produces the effect I was looking for. I would have to do a different 'index' page for each picture enlarged picture in the gallery '_top' page that needs the classes link, but I can live with that. The only annoying thing is that you stay in the most recent frameset instead of navigating around the original framset, but that's okay with me, and it's given me some ideas for my own site!.

Can anybody forsee any problems I might run into?..

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Opening and closing new windows can get tiresome and even confusing to the person browsing the website. You really should try and only open new windows if a link takes the surfer out of the iPage website or the new window can just be closed after viewing the content. Something to think about for next time maybe.....



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That's why I'm using the '_top' not the '_blank' option when open a link in a new window. BACK and FORWARD keeps them within the iPage website proper, without having to open and close windows, and the link to "Classes" takes them back to the frameset within the same window. Works for me! When I finish (maybe a couple of months from now) I'll post the URL for feedback, and see if there's any problems...

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