Does the diet pill Medifast really work?

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Quick question... Does the diet pill Medifast really work? Looking forward for any response. Another question... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Ye, however you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

Comment #2

Any new Crew members.

....we're having our own little.


Challenge to help us all get through the holidays. It's already started, but you can jump in - it ends Jan 2, 2011..

About our Challenge.

Here's the format:.

Report daily with a summary on Sunday. I will track the summary numbers and post.


- daily reporting is for our own accountability..

For your starting week, please tell me:.


(Weight Loss, Transition or Maintenance).

Medifast Starting Weight.

Challenge Starting Weight.

(Any day this week that you weighed will work if you don't have a Sunday/Monday weight).

Goal Weight.

Each day, report the following:.

OP: On our plan (5+1, 4+2, transition, maintenance): yes or no.

Water: _____ ounces.

Exercise: ______.

On Sunday or Monday report your weekly summary:.


Days OP:.

Days with water:.

Days with exercise:.

For those in Maintenance, I'm going to invoke the "fuzzy rule" - if you're within your goal range, report your goal number. That way, minor fluctuations aren't interpreted as gains.

Or losses.

Here's the banner - take out ALL the ***.


WE CAN CREWS through the holidays HEALTHY!!..

Comment #3

Happy Sunday, All!.

We've been having internet issues so have not been online to read.


Post...but I'm all caught up now..

Can't remember if I reported Friday's, so here it is:.

OP: - yes.

Water: - yes.

Exercise: yes.


OP: almost, which I know doesn't count, but had a few too many BLTs.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes, but minimal.

Since I'm the 'score-keeper' and I don't officially weigh til Monday, I'll do my summary then...too lazy right now to go back & look things up..


- cute new avi!! Wish I had some explanation, excuse for my scale stall - no TOM for me - perhaps it's that third week stall that I didn't have the first time.....


- SNOW - OMG!! I'm so not ready for it, but can understand you looking forward to it. Keep it all up there.

Barb & Melissa.

- I should have been texting you yesterday - no internet, no texting led to BLTs for me...and I.


When I was doing it that I should be texting...all part of the addiction and denial..


- Was that the Ohio State game yesterday or will that be this weekend? I'm such a football fan.

Season's almost over, if not already..

Getting caught up & reading sure helps me get focused, though. I'll be close to my PC most of the day, so I'll be checking in to help me stay OP!.

Waving to all the crew - Have a FABULOUS OP Sunday!..

Comment #4


I knew I shouldve texted you yesterday but I was running around Orlando yesterday. Hope today is better for you!.


Sounds like you guys are doing a nice play. Do you do a different one every year?.


THANK YOU for the Hugh picture! Oh he is so dreamy. I think the crew should meet up in NYC for Hughs new musical. We can all celebrate how healthy we are!.

Busy weekend so I didn't get to post. Went to Orlando with a friend so we could see the new Harry Potter movie on IMAX. No problems staying within my calorie limit. I have Panera and Whole foods to thank for that. Love that Panera has calories clearly listed on their menu..

Weight 128.

OP 7.

Water 7.

Exercise 5.

Sunday stats.

OP yes.

Exercise ran 7 miles!.

Water 120 and more to come..

Comment #5

I am also experiencing a nonmoving scale. I weighed l54.4 Sun morning.2 up. I know why: I can't stay OP..


OP No.

Water: 72 oz.

Exercise Yes.

The birthday party was more OP than I thought. She had sub sandwiches, a salad, chips & nacho dip. I ate a sandwich with no bread and salad. My buffalo meatballs went over so well I didn't even get one. I did OK yesterday but again I did more of a 4 & 2 instead of 5 & 1.

Weight: 154.4.

Days OP: 4.

Days with water: 6.

Days with exercise: 4..

Comment #6

Wow what a weekend.... my son getting that great job offer at his college and now it is snowing at my house. YES you heard it right.... no rain, no overcast, just beautiful white snow. It is about 3 inches and still going strong. I am so excited, I love snow and we rarely get it.

My weight is up this week, dont know why but it is 139. Not eating poorly so I guess it is just a flucuation.


7 days op.

7 days water.

Lots of exercise.... 4 days I think..

Hope you all have a great day..


Comment #7


OP: no, close but not perfect..

Water: 120+ ounces.

Exercise: yes.

The wedding was beautiful. Weather was perfect for the outdoor wedding and reception. I don't typically exercise on the weekend, but I made sure to get in some treadmill time yesterday since I did not know what would be on the menu. There was sliced pork roast, steamed broccoli, salad, shrimp. I stayed away from the potatoes, pasta dishes, and bread. I even ordered a diet coke at the open bar.

Funny thing is, the BIG strawberry is what I couldn't resist. Then I had to have the raspberries. Yes, I ate the little square of cheesecake that it was sitting on too. But, all in all I am happy with my choices..

Hope every one is having a wonderful day. I have been cleaning out closets all day. I have Christmas presents stuck everywhere it is like hunting for easter eggs. But, I was really cleaning out clothes. It is time to bring out the long sleeves. Before bringing everything into my bedroom closet I decided that I needed to try it on.

The really cool thing is.

All those clothes that I have been saving for 6 years that I was bound and determined to wear again some day.... well most of them fit me now. But guess what, I don't like them. LMAO!!!.

It is just satisfying knowing that they fit, so I really don't need to save them anymore...

Comment #8

Hi everyone - busy Sunday, but sitting down any minute now. Waiting for a last load of laundry to get folded...seems it's not folding itself.....

Had a good time yesterday at the Michigan v. Wisconsin game, (JAN, OSU is next week, away) we had an all-day party, actually, lots of temptations and I did have a regular coke rather than diet, but avoided the fabulous desserts that were around and the chips, etc. Was not perfectly OP, but don't feel too badly about it today, and I have had a decent OP day today..

It was a nice day out today and I looked forward to a long walk, but one of the neighbors started burning leaves and it really kicks off my allergies and asthma, so once I started couging and sneezing, etc., I just turned around and went back inside. But have been super busy catching up around here. I switched out bedroom drapes and bedding for winter, lots of up and down a ladder and just putting the comforter inside a duvet cover, well, ours is a LOT of work and a real workout. Also lots of laundry, grocery shopping and cooking, sorting out toiletries and the closet and rearranging shelves of books, so I'm pooped. Made the Morningstar Meatless Loaf today (big yum) and some Morningstar crumbles chili for the week..

OP - not quite, but close.

Exercise - yes, housework, lots of it..

Water - not enough, but did get 64 in. 2 -3 hours to go, so there will be more..

Here's to a wonderful week ahead, with good 'banked calories' to be used on the big turkey day....

I've got some work to do before then!.

Here's to you, CREW!.


Comment #9

Happy Sunday. I blogged today. You may want to check it out. Friday is my big day. I know that I'll be below my goal of 148. I am aiming for that 139, although, if I am up a bit, I won't sweat it.

I have a tendency to retain water for a few days after IV..

Weekly totals:.

On Plan: 7 days.

Water: 7 days.

Exercise: 5 days (I think)..


, thanks for getting us started..


, Saturdays are good text days for me! Dee wrote something about how hard it is to stay on plan after going off on my blog. You might want to check it out..


, I know you ran some of those 7 miles for me. I am all for a trip to NYC to see Hugh, although, I'm not so sure I want to spend the night. They have been having some really bad bed bug issues. I do two shows a year. Usually a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. We had our production meeting for the spring musical today.

We are doing Willy Wonka. Should be a lot of fun..





, don't sweat it. It fluctuates a bit here and there. Some weeks I have sway over a 4 pound range from day to day. Other weeks, it is the same every day. Go figure. I for one know that my weight is directed related to my digestive tract habits.



! I went through the same thing as I was losing, although, there wasn't much that fit me below 198. I hadn't been below that weight for close to 30 years..

Have a great day everyone!.

Fight the good fight..


Comment #10



! We must have crossed our posts...

Comment #11

Hey there, Barb, will be thinking about you all week as you get ready for the surgery. I will say a few prayers for ya' and I know you will have success!.

Happy Evening!..

Comment #12

Thanks Debbie. I appreciate it. We need a countdown to Hugh on broadway count. We could have an at goal with Hugh challenge!..

Comment #13

Hi Crew....

Last week:.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 4.

Have a great evening.....

Comment #14

OP today, water, too, but no exercise..


- I read your blog - inspirational as always. I know I have a lot of work to do mentally - my eating has changed, but my thinking hasn't. That's why 5&1 is where I need to be this holiday season....Just say NO to sugar!.


- what a whirlwind you are! It's that time of year that it's colder INSIDE the house than out. I didn't realize what a nice day it was (no sunshine) til I went to the grocery at 4:30! It was 56 degrees!.


- you, too, can keep the snow. I know it's nice to have in the winter instead of rain - I remember from my Oregon days. BIL lives in Portland and said it was 37 there today - unusual for it to be colder here than there!.


- good work at the wedding!.

My tub is ready, so gotta go....

Waving to the rest of the crew!..

Comment #15

Back for a's past my bedtime, so my tendency is to sleep in to make it up in the morning and skip the TM....I'm here to make a commitment to GET UP and exercise!!.


, I'll PM/email you in the morning...don't want to take the time now...gotta hit the hay after my nice relaxing bath (we have an air tub and it is HEAVEN!)..

Comment #16

Hey Crew! Sorry I've been MIA, I've been traveling since last Wednesday with limited internet access. Now I'm back...and ready to "recommit" - being away was good for me because I didn't have a lot of distractions and I've been moving so fast over the last few months I haven't had much time to just "think" and enjoy myself..without the computers, blackberry, meetings, etc!.

Anyway, it wasn't a great week, but I know this week will be better. I'm super excited because my trainer made a great deal with me based on my weight loss weekly & staying OP, so I think it is cool that he is willing to help me stay motivated...he is willing to cut the cost of my training sessions based on my weekly progress - I know most people wouldn't be willing to do that, but he knows that I'm motivated by money and figures I could put that money towards doing something nice for myself or buying more Medifast meals!.

Last week:.




Lbs lost: 0.

Goal for next week: 6 OP, 7 H20, 5 Excercise..

Comment #17

JAN - Were you at Saline Busch's at 4:30? So was I....!..

Comment #18

Good Morning,.

After a long weekend with 3 sick kids and a sick husband.

They are all feeling better today. Thank goodness!!!.


OP: yes.

Water: 64 oz.

Exercise: yes.

I weighed this morning and I'm down another 3 lbs! 10 lbs gone and I'm feeling really great. Just the motivation I need to keep going.

Have a great day!.


Comment #19

I did it!! Even after oversleeping, I hopped on the treadmill. I was already halfway through my DVR show, so it ended & I had barely gone a mile, so I put on a 1/2 hour show, & did the whole 2miles for 40 minutes!.


Weight: 158.8 - no change.

OP: 6.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 4.

So far today, halfway through my water, exercise YES and I'm having my lunch-1/2 L&G now..


When I got my old summer clothes down, some of which I had been saving for close to 10 or more years, most of them were already too big....I needed to go to FLA last winter when they would have fit.


What day? Last time I was there was Friday over my lunch hour..

Allison & Ebony:.

I don't mean to be ignoring ol' brain isn't working on all cylinders lately. It's nice to have some new 'blood' in the crew..


I've lsot track...what day is your surgery? You're in my prayers for a speedy recovery..


Keep pluggin' away...we'll get there. I've been feeling like the scale is.


Going to budge, but I know it will...eventually. If I keep following the plan, it HAS to move!.

Have a great OP day, everyone!!..

Comment #20


I was definitely thinking of you yesterday during my run. I appreciated every step of that run knowing that I'm lucky my knees will let me do it. I know you will be running soon and we can both start training for a half marathon. Oh you will for sure be retaining water after your surgery. Don't let the scale scare you! Love that you are up for a big crew meet up in NYC. I've never been and would love the chance to go! We for sure need a banner with Hugh on it! Now I just need to figure out how to make one..


WTG on getting up early and exercising this morning even with oversleeping!.

My monday so far.

OP Yes.

Water 120 and more.

Exercise planning on a 75 min Power LevelII yoga class. Hope I make it in time!..

Comment #21

Okay, here's the gruesome details, but I know it could have been worse, but small comfort:.

Weekly summary (looks like I forgot to record a day).

Weight: 124.2.

OP 4.

Water 6.

Exercise 3.

There's my take off point for this week..

Monday - OP so far so good.

Water - 64 so far.

Exercise - off for a walk right now..

More later, Crewsers.


Comment #22

Actually, in looking at what I posted earlier - it is not only gruesome, but eek - what am I doing? Yes, with what wonderful foods I was around all weekend, I did well, but I am slipping too far back and that won't do..

Just took our walk, probably the fastest 2 miles I've ever walked without the 'shuffle' and it felt so good to be outside, it's 'unseasonably' warm (60) here today and I'm glad it quit raining. The dogs are muddy messes, but I'll count their baths as exercise - or movement anyway..

JAN - I was at Busch's groceries at 4:30 Sunday, thought that's what you meant. Funny that I've never run in to you there, but I'm sure we will one of these days..

Off to make the evening totally wonderful in terms of food (Morningstar Chili and spinach salad) and lots more water. I was able to get the first 32 oz. in this morning, which I hadn't been doing. What a difference that makes for me and my attitude for the day..

Later, Crew pals..


Countdown to New York for Hugh? Somebody pinch me, I think I'm in Heaven......

Comment #23

Hey Crew,.

Sounds like everyone faced down some challenges over the weekend. Way to go Crew!! Keep up the good work. I hope this little challenge of ours is keeping you guys as close as it is me. I'm not perfect on plan some days but I sure keep close, and haven't strayed as far off as I might have in the past..

I love reading about all the activities. Reminds me how different things are in other parts of the country. A balmy 60 degrees sounds nice in November. Tailgating?? I remember doing lots of that in KY..

BarbHaving had knee surgery before, I wish you the best. I'll be thinking about you and bet your recovery is way smoother than mine was when I weighed 340 poounds. (Ouch, did I really weigh that much?).

EbonyLove your trainer already. He will keep you motivated..

We got a little surprise Friday night trying to leave Nome. Fog settled in and no flights came in or went out. Sio Friday was night spent in Nome. Sat at the airport 4 hours Saturday morning and finally got out and home to Anchorage by 2 pm. Rushed home and loaded gear and dogs and still made our campout but didn't finish until 6 am Sunday. Stayed up Sunday morning and made it to the 8:30 Mass, then home for a nap..

The puppies did great on their first campout. It was about 15 degrees for most of the run and camping. They curled right up on their straw and settled in like pros. Wow!!.

We got a hideous surprise in Anchorage this morning. Freezing rain has made a mess of everything. We canceled patients at the office, roads are an icy mess, and anything with snow pack is very slick. The dogs could barely walk around the yard this morning. Yak Tracks rock but they only come in human sizes. The forecast is for more of the same the next two days.

May be lots of indoor activities for a few days..

Here are my stats:.



Water80 ounces.

Exercise3.25 mile walk in slush.



Waterno, pitiful 30 ounces,.

Exercise30 mile dog run.


OP-no, a party after my nap had me nibbling a little bit.

Water-yesmade up for Saturday90 ounces.

Exerciseyes, 30 mile dog run.

Weekly stats coming next post Jan..


Comment #24


Here's last week's totals.

OP 5.

Water 5.

Exercise 5..

Comment #25

Christine - I love your life! Of course, ahem, I wouldn't be caught dead outside in 15 degrees, unless I am walking around in New York or Chicago with lots of warm clothing...but I digress - your activities are awesome!!!! You sound like you should be exhausted every minute, what with all the work and that cold, but you just rock!! You must be elated to be doing these things in your new body..

I'll keep my moaning about the rain in perspective, thanks for that..

Is your sister still posting? Hope she's doing well, too..

Here's to you, our own Miss Alaska!.

You go girl!.


Comment #26

Happy Monday. OK, so here is the day...I'm going to put it in the books as off plan. I ate more calories than I had planned. I had them in the bank, but I didn't plan on eating the piece of pizza I ate, so I am marking the day as off plan. I wanted to save those calories for Thursday, and well, I didn't. I did have my water and exercise..

I could say I was on plan today because I had the calories to spend, but I think that with this challenge, staying on my plan also means sticking to my plan for eating for that particular day. I usually plan my day the night before. I pack my food and write everything down. If I have extra calories and a surprise comes up, I can handle it. That's what happened today, but the fact of the matter is, I really didn't need that piece of pizza. I'm not even sure why I ate it, as I didn't feel very good afterward.

I'm not real sure I was in control..


, congrats on your loss..


, why not try to go all 7 days on plan. One of the problems with going off plan is going out of ketosis. Everytime you go out of ketosis you slow down your metabolism. When you fluctuate a lot with your eating plan, your body gets confused. Eventually your body will come to the point where it doesn't know what you want it to do and your losing will either slow down to a very very slow rate or you will stop losing. When I did Healthy Inspirations, I kept restarting, each time with worse results until I finally gave up.


, the surgery is on Wednesday. I am hoping for a speedy recovery. I've talked to quite a few people who have had the same surgery and have had great results..


, are you writing everything down? That is really important in maintenance. It iwll help you figure out what happened..


, thanks for thinking about me while you ran. Maybe we can do a 1/2 together next fall. I don't think I'll be ready before than. I think it would be so cool to have a crew meet somewhere. We've all been through so much together..


, I'm glad the dogs settled in. I know you didn't expect that..

Fighting the good fight!.


Comment #27

BARB - good point (no pun intended) I am sharpening my pencil and getting out a little notebook to keep in my purse like I did on 5 & 1. I do not write down everything consistently, I am hit and miss - that would make a big difference, I thought I HAD learned that, but evidently I need a voice in my head - or more like an angry mob!!! Thanks..


Comment #28

Evening, Crew!.


, Sunday summaries need a weight, too please. Ditto what Debbie & Barb said, & I've said it before...your life sounds like a movie or TV totally different that what I know. That Alaskan weather seems to be affecting the Northwest as well. Glad the pups turned out to be such pros..


- I was thinking of you when I was at Bush's the other day wondering if we'd ever run into each other...must've known you'd be there soon.

I was at our local grocery on Sunday cuz I didn't have my list on Saturday and forgot half the things I needed..


- but I'm using abbreviations....

So, off I went on Sunday...with the Sugar Monster talking to me the whole way. It crossed my mind that I could get a personal size PMM & eat them on the way home. I popped some gum in my mouth...and when I went to check out, I changed lanes so I wouldn't see the PMM...there are no candy-free lanes at this store (there's only 2 lanes!)...but the other lane only had PBMM, so I was safe. I made it home OP.


Today's report:.

OP Yes.

Exercise YES.

Water Yes and still drinking...I take a bottle to bed with me.

Pleasant Dreams everyone!!..

Comment #29

JAN - GREAT JOB IN THE STORE - changing well done!!..

Comment #30

Hey Crew! It's been a busy last few days. We had family in town over the weekend and since Friday it has just been non-stop! You all haven't been far from my mind, that's for sure..

Here's my weekly tally:.

Weight: 137.5.

Days OP: 7.

Days with water: 7.

Days with exercise: 3.

THANKFULLY it seems my adjusted thyroid medication is helping. I am down 3 pounds this week and only 7.5 pounds to my goal. It's been several weeks since I've lost anything close to that. I certainly need that kind of motivation going into this weekend!.

I really focused on getting my water in this week so I'm sure that helped as well. Sounds like you all are treating yourself well. Certainly wish it wasn't a daily struggle to ensure we make the right decisions. But that is what it is...a decision..

I'd like to encourage you all to sit down and make out a plan for yourself going into the holiday weekend. Decide NOW what kind of gathering you're going to allow yourself. Set boundaries, plan your meal, take some extra Medifast food...don't give yourself an excuse to go off-plan. You've worked too hard!!.

Well, it's late - but I've been hoping to find some time to write in today. Here are my stats for today (Monday):.

OP: Yes.

Water: 84 oz.

Exercise: Yes.

Have a great "short" week to all the working Crew members!!..

Comment #31

Down to 123.8, didn't really need to post, but I just want to remember it for least it's down some...

Comment #32

Nutritionist Joy Bauer is on Today show and get this:.

If you eat a 'normal' Thansgiving dinner, it is typically up to 4,000 calories and that would take an average woman 14 hours of walking to work that off.



Comment #33

Still snowing here, iced over everywhere. The temps arent going to be above zero until thanksgiving day.

Op yes.

Water 96 oz.

Exercise yes, walking.


Comment #34

Hello Crew! My Monday revised stats are as follows because I skipped out on yoga..

Exercise 45min Elliptical.

OP Yes.

Water 180.


I will be thinking about you tomorrow! Send me a text when you can so we know you are out of surgery okay. I would love to do a half marathon together! What a dream. It sounds like such a hard goal but I never thought I would run 7 so what is another 6. Yikes sounds even scarier to type!.


So glad you are resisting those darn tempting sugar foods. We will both keep each other on a short text leash over the Holidays for sure though..


WTG getting that scale to move some!..

Comment #35


- if you text Melissa, me, too, me, too, please!..

Comment #36

Bobbiwhere are you??? Send me that snow and 0 degree weather. We need it. Pouring rain up here today. Can't walk outside anywhere. Ouch..

Jan, sorry I forgot the weight. Remember I'm a Tuesday weigher, so last Tuesday's weight was 214. Was up 2 this morning but I'm ok with that. Didn't try very hard this week, and TOM is right around the corner. I'm having trouble right now getting a good idea of calorie expenditure on hard mushing days. Playing with calories to avoid starvation mode and keep my energy up on the long runs.

Hi Debbie, Courtney, Ebony, Barb, Heidi, Brenda, Allison,...did I miss any one? Guess I'll use tonight to get in another bike ride on the indoor spin bike. So boring compared to being outdoors..

Monday stats.


Wateryes, 72.

Exercise5 miles on the indoor bike, 20 minutes worth..

Wishing everyone a good holiday and Barbprayers for your big day tomorrow..


Comment #37


Weight: 143.8 no change.


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercxise: yes.


OP: no almost, but I was cooking all day and licking my fingers..

Water: yes.

Exercise: no, unless standing on my feet all day cooking counts. I am pooped..

It is hard work being on vacation. I will have to go back to work to rest..

Hope you.


Are doing well..


, congratualtions on finally dropping again. I am stuck right now. I am so close to goal yet I am trying to get over this hump and deal with the holidays too..


, glad to hear your puppies had a good run. That sounds so exciting..


We have been watching the WA weather, my sister lives there too. Stay warm..


, saying a prayer for you...

Comment #38

Happy Tuesday. After yesterdays little reality check, I am on plan and focused. Nothing like a little wake up call..


, I find writing everything down to help me be accountable. If I know I am going to have to write it down, I am less likely to eat it. 4,000 calories for Thanksgiving dinner. That is a little more than three days of food for me. Yikes..


, you have me laughing. If I took a bottle of water to bed with me, Id never sleep. Congrats on the lane changing! I always say, if you cant pass in the lane you are in, get in one that you can..


, congrats on a great week. The water really does help. You are right about the planning. I already know exactly what I am going to do and more importantly, what I am NOT going to do!.


, I hope you have a snow blower! Id send you mine, but after last winter, I would be afraid to let it out of my sight..


, I am willing to go just about anywhere to run thatI will start to check my Runners World magazine for some next fall that would be easy for us to get to. Who knows, maybe we can get some support from the crew! Who would have ever thought I would think about running aOf course I have to get through tomorrow. I am wearing one of my 5K shirts to the hospital tomorrow. It seems like the right thing to do. Fighting the good fight! Ill text or get on and post when I can. My surgery is at 11:45.


, on big exercise days, consider 4+2. I did that a few times when I was on 5+1 and did some mountain hiking. It help energize me and didnt give me any gains..


, I think everyone who stands all day should be allowed to count it. Its that fight against the force of gravity. Your muscles are pushing. That should count!.


.thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I know everything will go well. It isnt like last January when they took me in for my twisted small intestine and we didnt know what was happening. I do seem to end up in the hospital a lot. I am convinced a lot of it is the residual effect of cancer and chemotherapy..

Ill be fighting the good fight! Its the only way..


Comment #39

Good evening, crew. First off, the challenge stats...between internet issues and stuff going on at work, I've not compiled them...there's not even 20 of us, I know, but I should be able to get to it tomorrow. Sunday is the summary day, but I won't ever get them started til Monday, especially since I'm a Monday weigher so posting Sunday & Monday, even Tuesday, will get you onto the chart.


- did you post a full summary prior to your recent weight post? Here's the format:.


Days OP:.

Days with water:.

Days with exercise:.

For me, today,.


Water YES.

And still drinking,.

Exercise - yes.

...didn't do TM this morning as I WAY overslept, but had such a frustrating day, I did the backup center version of the stair climb.

It's one story, built into a hilll, so there's a partial lower level. I park on the lower level because it's the quickest path to the bathroom.

And the stairs go right up to my cube area. Anyway, this afternoon, after a particularly frustrating experience with one of my users, I went downstairs and counted on the way down. 11 trips up & down = the 3 trips I do at HQ. Not quite as intense since I'm get a resting flight very often, but still stepped for 15 minutes (528 steps) and got my heart rate going..

Today was humpday and tomorrow is virtual Friday - I love these short weeks!..

Comment #40

Oh barb, you are funny.... here we dont get snow very often and nobody shovels or clear walks.... it usually doesnt last long enough to worry about...we just are hypnotized by it and the beauty of it..

I havent left my house hardly at all since it started but I do go out and build snowmen and such. Oh to need a snowblower.

Christine, I am in washington state between aberdeen and ocean shores. We rarely get the white stuff. I hope you survive the rain. That is what we usually get - yuk..


Op yes.

Water 86 oz.

Exercise yes, elliptical.

Have a great day.


Comment #41

BARB - I'm concerned and will be thinking of you - you will be back on your feet soon, I'll be thinking of ya' !.

Xo Hugh..

Comment #42

Bobbi, I do have a shovel you can have. I actually have 4 of them in the garage. Snow shovels that is. Well and a few garden shovels...

Comment #43

Thinking of you Barb..

I have been babysitting again. Dr for me Mon, Dr. with my mom on Tues. We had a storm Mon & I had to turn off the computer about the time I was going to post. So here is Mon & Tues.


OP yes.

Water 80 oz.

Exercise no.


OP no.

Water72 oz.

Exercise no.

I can not find time to exercise when I am at DD & babysitting...

Comment #44

BARB - I hope that you saw the note 'Hugh' sent you with the pic......

Comment #45

Hehe okay barb. I may need it as it looks like temps are gonna stay so low until thanksgiving. I am glad I shopped early..

I know all will go well for you barb. Of course you will be in my thoughts..


Comment #46

LOL.... we had a menopause club at school. When we couldn't sleep, we would all get on AOL instant messanger and the middle of the night. I am feeling like those old days tonight. Looks like the gang is all here! I'm watching Biggest Loser and trying to get some extra water in so the nurse can find a vein to put my IV in...

Comment #47

That got me laughing out loud! I must have heard you guys chattering last night...I was tossing and turning and the thought passed through my head to get up and log on....

The scale is moving for me again...ever so slowly, but after being at 158.8 for the last two weeks, I'll take it....another sign. Just the motivation I need to help keep me OP over Thanksgiving. My head was telling me my system needed a jolt to get it moving again, and of course, by jolt I mean some off plan food that it's not used to....time to go lurk on the OA thread again..


- enjoy your snow!.

It cooled way off here - more like 'normal' temps for this time of year...40's in the day, 30's at night....good sleeping weather. So, with my tossing & turning, I slept in again today, not as bad as yesterday. So, I got in a mile on the treadmill and will finish up after work. I'll be leaving at 3...but now that I've 'said it out loud', something will come up and I'll end up there til 6!.

Gotta hit the shower....thinking of you.


Comment #48

Good morning crew! I love a day off. I love even more 6 days off in a row. Now if we could just spread out Thanksgiving and Christmas a little more during the school year. The 4 weeks before Christmas fly by. Then we have the eternal long winter to wait until Easter break, which is very late this year..

I weighed in the morning to make sure that whatever happens with the IV and Thanksgiving doesn't mess with my mind. I will be below goal on Friday!.

I've got my sneakers on, a running shirt for good luck and an empty belly. No water since midnight. I will probably soak in that IV fluid..

I was thinking about the empty belly this morning. In the old days, not eating was a stressful time for me. I would be hyperfocused on the food. I remember when I had my ulcer and the doctor had me in the hospital on IV and no food. I went for three days without any food. I was angry, nasty, snarley (I think this is a word), and hostile.

Fast forward to last January and my twisted small intestine. I went a week without food, IV only. I didn't miss it at all..

Today is a good day to think about this and breaking the sugar addiciton cycle. I don't want to get angry because I can't have sugar. I want to be able to get through required fasts easily..

I am ashamed at my behavior when I had my ulcer. I yelled at the doctor, at the nurse, at anyone who would listen. How do you expect a person to go two days without any food? I'm sure he was thinking, you could probably go a month without food! I wanted food more than anything else in the world. How wrong is that?.

Today I am fighting the good fight!.


Comment #49 that led to a blog. I started to think that I should apologize to all those people who I yelled at because they would not let me eat. Made me start to think about my addiciton to food..

This is a lifelong fight. I learn something new about myself every day!.

Fight on!.


Comment #50

'Morning Crew - Thinking of Barb and sending prayers up for a successful surgery - let's all make sure we stay OP for Barb today, she works so hard to keep us all on track..


I have a new strategy for TH. dinner. I am going to take a picture of my plate after I 'fill it' with what should be very small helpings of the things I am going to eat and none of the things I am going to avoid. For sure, when I look at the picture I take, I will see, in another way, the sensibility of a healthy amount of food. At least I am planning that this will work. We were out for dinner last night and I had to tell the guys (DH & DS) that I was committing to a healthy Thursday.

Here's to a healthy Wednesday and some good exercise in preparation for the weekend. One of the things I am looking forward to is exercising/walking whenever I feel like it, not around work hours. YAY!! Enjoy the day everyone!.


Comment #51

I'm caught up's where we stand:.

Stats but no weight:.

Heidi, Barb.

Weight but no stats:.



Diana, Allison, Kim..

Comment #52

Hi Crew! I keep reading but have very little time to post. Here are my challeng stats..

Phase: weightloss.

MF start weight 287.

Challenge start weight...I forget.

Goal: 199 (for now).

Current weight 253 (I lost 6 pounds this week yea).

Days op...umm perfect none. Close 7.

Days with water 5.

Days with exercise 3.

Hanging in there, making progress, slow but sure..

Have a great Thanksgiving. I'm off to work in my grocery store Manager of Customer service job. Today should be a fun one...

Comment #53

KIM - keep going' - you're doing it, you're doing it!!!!!!..

Comment #54

Hey crew-.

Great job on the loss, Kim!! Yeah...have "fun" today!!.


Tuesday stats:.

OP: Yes.

Water: 72 oz.

Exercise: Yes.

Packing today for our weekend away...I'm on track with water and food and hopefully running around packing is exercise!!.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! We all should be thankful for our health this year - there's been significant improvement for all of us over the past year. Even if you're not at goal, even if you slip up, even if you question your commitment to this daily - YOU have made a decision to make a change!! That's something to be thankful for!!.

Be good to yourself tomorrow - have a tablespoon sampling of each of the 3 items you know you shouldn't have - Dr. Anderson recommends it rather than going off plan!!..

Comment #55


Hoping you came through your surgery with flying colors! Definitely love the idea of doing a half marathon together. I definitely don't think I would be as likely to do one alone. Too scary! Although I am very excited at the prospect. I will hopefully run 7 miles tomorrow and be thinking of you !.

Hope everyone has a great OP Thanksgiving tomorrow. I had a small bite of pumpkin pie today and I almost spit it out. Yech. Threw the rest of the pie in the trash. Definitely not worth the calories. Glad I figured that out today so I will be less stressed about wanting one tomorrow! Medifast Definitely changes your taste buds without a doubt..

Tuesday stats.

OP Yes.

Water Yes.

Exercise 45min Elliptical, 15 min ab dvd..

Comment #56

Weight: 143.8.

Days OP: 6.

Days with water: 7.

Days with exercise: 6..

Comment #57

Hi all, just stopped by for a quick check in. I have been cooking to take dishes to my SIL's and to mom's, some things I can eat, some I can't. I have made a lot of veggie salads, but I have discovered that I can not cook dishes to take somewhere without a taste test. So, I am off plan again today. Not bad, just a few BLT's. Good news is I will get all my water in and exercise. Have a great day!..

Comment #58

Hope everyone is having a good day..

Tuesday stats.

OPsigh, not quite.

Water64 barely.

Exercisenothing out of the ordinary chores..

Doing the snow dancemay count that as exercise tonight......


Comment #59

Just got a text from.


...actually @ 4:22 EST. She's home & resting, continuing to.

Fight the good fight.

(FTGF). Let's all have a bottle of water and toast Barb..

I, for one, am grateful to you, Barb, for all of your inspiration, your wisdom, your encouragement. So glad you're home & on the mend..

Was actually able to leave work @ 3:30 - not the 3 o'clock that I was shooting for, but not bad. Got home in time to finish up on the TM before DH got home. Now I'm going to make my Medifast pumpkin pie & mashed cauliflower for tomorrow, then leftovers for tonight..


- my taste buds haven't changed enough. I loved the Medifast pumpkin pie last year - I'm looking forward to having it again. After my foray into sugar He**, I know they haven't changed - no problem gulping that stuff down. Not to worry, that is NOT MY PLAN..

Comment #60

I'm raising my 32 oz. bottle to Barb - here's to you, Barb, may your recovery be quick and easy and give you time to relax..


Comment #61


, I missed something, where is the recipe for Medifast pumpkin pie?..

Comment #62

Glad to hear Barb is at home resting after surgery. I will have a water toast for her...

Comment #63

I'll email it to you. If I can find the link, I'll post that, too...

Comment #64

Here's the link to an old thread from Medifast veteran RadiationGirlie. She put together some wonderful recipes that I copied into a Word document. If anyone wants the doc, just PM, email, or text me.

My pie smelled so wonderful, I was tempted to have some tonight instead of my brownie. But I was raised to not touch or eat any of the holiday food early, so I'm waiting til tomorrow. DH thought it was a 'real' pie.

Todays stats: OP Yes! Water Yes! Exercise Yes!.

I'm planning on a 4&2 day tomorrow - I'm bringing shrimp cocktail for appetizers, so I'll want some of those. And shrimp is so OP and you can have SO MUCH! My family IS all about food - who has room for appetizers on Thanksgiving? - but there's always room for shrimp, right?.

This way, I'll get to eat more 'real' food - there will be lots of OP veggies and turkey is very OP, too..

I'll post again in the morning, but meanwhile.....

Comment #65

***Here's my water glass up in the air*** To Barb!!.

Jan - Please send me the recipes...I'm looking for some new stuff!!.

Happy Thanksgiving!!..

Comment #66

Oh yeah, stats for today:.


OP - yes.

Water - 84 oz..

Exercise - no...

Comment #67

I got this from Glitter Graphics (of course), so just substitute.

'MF Friends'.


'gg friends'.

It's each and every one of you that help me stay the course to a healthy life. Enjoy your family and friends today and know you'll be in my prayers and on my gratitude list..

Happy Thanksgiving!! FTGF!!..

Comment #68

Thanks everyone.

For your thoughts and prayers. My knee was a little messier then he thought it would be. In addition to the meniscus, there was also some torn cartilage. The good news was that the cartilage tear was closest to the vascular tissue of the knee (cartilage is avascular and therefore does not have nutrient and blood flow to repair itself, which is why they remove it). He feels that since it was right beside the vascular tissue, I should have excellent results..

I'm a little sore and swollen this morning. But nothing a little Aleve and peas on my knee won't help. I'm up and moving around ok, but obviously not up to cooking. Thank heavens for my sister..

I was off plan yesterday, as I didn't get in 1000 calories, which is against the rules..

I also did not get in enough water (40 ounces), although I didn't drain about 600 mL of IV fluid (I always check the bag)..

Exercise: none, but I'll be going for a short walk on Sunday. They said 72 hours..


, I LOVE your idea of taking a picture of the plate. I love it so much, that I am going to do it as well. I know that portion control can sometimes be an issue for me when I don't have my measuring stuff. I've got a camera on my cell phone, so I could do this whenever I'm away from my measuring cups, spoons and scale. I can look back and see what I did. What a great idea!!!!!!.

Jan and Melissa.

, thanks for your notes yesterday! Jan, 139 last week..


, congrats on 6 pounds down..


, back in September, my sister asked me to run a 5K with her this morning as a celebration of sorts for our weight loss. My sister lost hers about 8 years ago on WW (she had about 25 to lose, which I think is more reasonable for WW) and has kept it off. Well I hadnt signed up when the doctor sidelined me, but she still did. It is raining and sleeting this morning. Thank heavens I didnt sign up for it! I would not be out running in this. I dont need to run that much.

Courtney, Heidi, Christine, Allison, Diana.



, I hope all is going well..

My plan for today:.

Breakfast: Yogurt with c Go Lean Crunch.

Snack: Medifast pretzels.

Lunch: Salad.

Snack: Medifast bar.

Dinner: Turkey (6 ounces), broccoli, and the teaspoon rule. A teaspoon of all of those things I feel the need to eat, which honestly at this point isnt more than a teaspoon of stuffing, cranberry and creamed onion. I will fill up on turkey and broccoli. Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE broccoli? I am not sure about dessert yet, but that will also follow the teaspoon rule..

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone!.

I am thankful for each one of you..

You help me fight the good fight every day! I would not be here today if it werent for the crew..

Fighting the good fight!.


Comment #69

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. I hope your day is blessed..


OP: no.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes..

Comment #70

HAPPY TURKEY DAY, everyone - and I hope you and yours enjoy a blessed day together..

Thank you, dear Crew, for all of your help this past year and for your inspiration and encouragement for staying OP today!.

Btw- pre-Thanksgiving meal weight 122.6, on my way down to a more comfortable number around goal..


Comment #71

Happy Thanksgiving friends!.

I am thankful for your support and motivation.

Good luck today!.

This week I have been OP, had 100+ oz of water , and exercised..


Comment #72

Lifting my water bottle to Barb. Wishing you a speedy recovery..

Finally snowing this morning. Heavy wet snow. 3-5 inches predicted. Lots of shoveling for exercise tonight. Hope to run the dogs Friday. And Saturday.

Enjoying an off plan thanksgiving today, but thinking like a "thin' person, eating delicately. Will count every calorie. Intend to be back OP Friday morning..

Wednesday stats.

OPnot quite.

Watera mere 32, ouch.

Exerciselots of weight lifting, moving bags of frozen food around until my arms ached, clearing room in the freezers to begin packing food for the race season..

Happy Thanksgiving to my inspirational Can-Do-Crew. Love you guys!!!.


Comment #73

I hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving day. I spent the day with my family. It was wonderful..

Op yes.

Water 90 oz.

Exercise no.


Comment #74


On Plan: Yes!.

Water: about 70 ounces.

Exercise: No.

Weigh in.........Yup!.

At goal........hmmmm.......between the IV, swelling (lots), Thanksgiving.......

You will have to read my blog!.

Fight on!.


Comment #75

OP - yes, I stuck to my plan!.

(and did take a pic of my plate!).

Water - 80+.

Exercise - yes, walked 2 miles fast.

BARB - glad you are doing okay and could enjoy a nice day and dinner. Thinking of you! Way to go on the scale!.

First Thanksgiving I wasn't the one 'stuffed' !.

I'll weigh in tomorrow since I'm dressed to go and forgot to weigh first..



Comment #76

Thanks Debbie. I'm up a little bit, but I expected that. I've got this big swollen knee. Tough to bend, but I can put weight on it. Going down steps is tough, but everything else is going fine. I am sure that the extra weight will come right off.

I stayed on my plan yesterday, which is a good thing or the day might have been worse..

Have a great Friday everyone!.


Comment #77

Happy Black Friday - and Happy Anniversary & BIG CONGRATS to.



One year ago today, Barb hit goal...I remember it well as I was 75 days into my Medifast lifestyle. A year later, here she is, still blazing the trail for us...Thank you, Barb!!!.

My phone was dead yesterday, so I didn't take a picture of my plate, but it was a totally OP plate with a separate plate for my salad. My sister had so much food, I was the only one that took any salad! We had a small mishap right at serving time, but in my book it was a major disaster....DS had decided against green bean casserole and just steamed the fresh green beans (a shame to mess up fresh green beans in a casserole anyway). She put them in a glass bowl, that wasn't tempered, or whatever the right word is, and the bowl shattered and all our beautiful steamed beans were on the floor.

I had brought roasted cauliflower, so there were still OP veggies, plus my own single serving of mashed cauliflower, but there wasn't any green on my plate - it was pretty monochromatic with the turkey, & 2 kinds of cauliflower.

Actually, come to think of it, the turkey wasn't technically OP - she prepared it with a brine of water, salt, sugar, apple cider, cinnamon & cloves. Gave it an interesting flavor and kept it very moist, but also salty for my 'no added salt' taste buds..

I stayed on.

My plan.

, but my plan wasn't a totally OP plan - I planned for BLTs (which all happened during the appetizer/cooking portion of the day) and a 4&2 day, so stats for yesterday:.

OP - no.

Water - yes.

Exercise - no.

Enjoying a day of puttering around the house - I am definitely not a Black Friday shopper. Will hit the treadmill in a bit..

CU later, all my Crew friends!..

Comment #78

Thanks Jan. I'm up a little bit, but I'm sure that I'll get rid of this extra water weight as soon as possible. I can't stress over it..


Comment #79

Happy 1st Anniversary Barb!!.

You are such an inspiration!.

I raise my water bottle to you on this special day my friend....

Glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are on the road to recovery and able to get around..

Take it slow and listen to your body!.


Comment #80

Hey, can I join your crew? I've been on Medifast for 8 months and have lost 62 pounds. While the idea of making a commitment to the challenge frightens me, I do think I need the accountability..

Phase: Weight Loss.

MF Starting Weight: 240.

Challenge Starting Weight: 178.

Goal Weight: 150.

I just weighed myself on Thursday so my numbers on Sunday or Monday will likely be the same. I'll probably use Sunday as my reporting day since I'll have more time on a Sunday than on a Monday..

My screen name is nyckitty but I go by 'kitty.'..

Comment #81

Hi Kitty,.

Welcome. This is a great group to join. Super inspirations and motivations in these posts..

Well, Crew, back OP this Friday. Have shoveled the house and dogs out and getting ready to load up and go for a run. Still on Atv's today but hope we can use sleds soon..

Thursday stats.

OP-no. But ate reasonably. Not stuffed..

Water-yes, 70.

Exerciseat least 2 hours of shoveling heavy wet snow..

Hope everyone is having a great Friday..


Comment #82

Christine, thank you for the welcome. You're in Alaska and I'm in Florida...I guess that's as far away as we can be and still be in the U.S.! Do I dare say I'm chilly right now? HA!! It's cloudy and breezy and I'm wearing a sweatshirt. This is my favorite time of year since we get a break from hot & humid..


Comment #83

Hi, Heidi! I think we may have a mutual friend: Dee...

Comment #84

Welcome Kitty! I am so glad to see you join us! We are here to help you the rest of the way..

Today: On plan: yes.

Water: Yup....too much. My leg is still swollen..

Exercise: sort of.....ok, so here is the truth, I am allowed to bear as much weight as I can tolerate. I asked the trainer before the surgery if I could do anything to build up muscles so I could recover faster. He suggested that I work on my thighs. So I did. Well today, I was able to stand on my right leg, without falling over....this is a big deal for me as I have no balance whatsoever....just ask my Wii..... and I flexed my left leg.

So I am doing the little foot exercises to keep clots from accumulating and I am doing some flexion of the knee joint..

So, I am sitting here with peas on my knee....the story of my life. I think I am going to make an investment in a pea farm. Even my sister had a few bags of ice pack peas in her freezer yesterday that she shared with me..

The 144 this morning on the scale was a bit of a surprise, but not totally. I knew that I was retaining water, as there was a goose egg on my knee, my ankles were a bit swollen and I haven't had a BM since Tuesday....before the surgery. So, this too shall pass. I think I just need a big more ways than one. Sorry if that was too much information..

So, I will fight on as always. My health is the most important thing to me. I am very thankful that 144 is below 148!.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I am looking forward to celebrating the goal with each of you!.


Comment #85


A quick check-in. We spent the day in San Francisco and I am wiped out (in a good way)..

I ate out for the first time since I started MF. I had planned on ordering a side salad with just greens and a side of FF dressing. Well, they didn't have FF dressing. I used a splash of balsamic vinegar and the salad went down just fine. I felt like that was a big step for me..

OP - yes.

Water - yes.

Exercise - walking up and down the streets of SF - YES!.

Thanks again - you are such a huge motivation for me ... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!.


Comment #86

Today (Friday):.

OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.

Question: for water, is it literally water out of the tap or the water bottle, or does decaf coffee count, too? At my weight (178) I assume I should be aiming for 90 ounces of water, is that correct?..

Comment #87

Barb, peas on the knees... I love it!.

My son puts peas on his shoulder and elbow after pitching... we should go into the pea business together....

Kitty, so glad you are joining in on the challenge. I would say that we are counting water, plain. I always put mine in a bottle.....

I don't don't count decaf tea or coffee in my tally. I'm sure some of the other gals will chime in with how they count. And yes, 90oz is a great amount for you!! Water helps flush all the yuck out and keeps us glowing!! And yes, we do have a mutual friend... I love me some Dee!!! We've been buddies for quite a while now..


OP: Yes.

Water: at least a lake if not an ocean.

Exercise: none... holiday!.

Hugs all around~..

Comment #88

Hi, Crew!! Just had a wonderful evening with my kids and then they went their separate ways, one to our lake house (halfway back to their home in Chicago) and the other into downtown Ann Arbor for his 10th reunion, which he planned - 30 people meeting up in a local bar - this new generation. As the official Alumni Director for his school - well, they don't really need me anymore....the younger generation stays connected, it's just awesome..

So, while everyone is off doing their thing, DH and I are going to sit back and watch a movie. The big dog has gone home with my son and the little dogs are happy to have their couch back. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving together and that's all that counts. I must say that I am disappointed that no one remembered (well, that would be me) to take our picture for the Christmas card. We were all at my sister's yesterday and didn't give it a thought. Well, our vacation pictures will be just fine.

KITTY - Glad to have you on board - and ON the boards! The challenge just gives us our own personal boost, no apologies or explanations necessary. It's another tool that works for most of us. Good work so far, and WELCOME.

BARB - you and those peas - lol - I love that and SO glad you are feeling good enough to join us here. You are flexing and stretching - WOW - that's just great. I knew you wouldn't rest on your laurels (or your kieister) for very long ! Way to inspire us, as always..

- and CONGRATULATIONS on the big year anniversary. You rock, well, you just rock!.

Waving good night to the rest of the Crew - hope you are all resting up and enjoying a long weekend. I would complain (and we all are) that it's 'bitter cold' and awfully windy here but it's 25 and Christine would laugh out loud at us.....brrrr. Thank goodness for warm puppies and a fireplace - oh, and DH (


Comment #89

Good morning, everyone, and thank you for making me feel welcome. I don't remember the last time I drank 90 ounces of water, as I did yesterday - and I was up during the night a record 3 times to pee!.

Barb: I had knee replacement surgery last June. For several weeks I used the frozen peas, and then I invested in the Dura-Kold knee wrap that you keep in the freezer. I got the big one, the one they used on me at PT. Pricey, but well worth every cent. I ordered it from b/c my local medical supply store only had the small one..

OK, I work every Saturday, so I'll be getting dressed soon. And drinking some water before I leave. It's over a half hour drive and I do hope I can make it without having to stop to pee!!!..

Comment #90

Good morning crew!.

I am up and about and moving with much less discomfort. I am probably going to get my DD to take me to the card store and grocery store today. A little walking is in order..

Friday: On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Flexing the knee and some arm work, no reason why they can't burn some calories for me..


, you do realize that this is the perfect area for us to invest in a pea farm!.


, I am so glad that you had a great holiday with your family. I for one vote for the Hugh picture for your Christmas card. When you have that, do you need any others?.


, thanks for the suggestion. I will have to look into that. I am hoping that I'm not going to need ice packs for much longer!.

So from peas to pee......only on an Medifast discussion board!........

As we face this holiday season, it is a great time for science to remind us why we drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of weight (unless of course you are.


Who drinks 2 ounces of water for every pound of weight and manages to not spend 24 hours of day in the bathroom.....


I have bladder envy!!!). So anyway, water is one of the reactants in the chemical process that breaks downs fat. As mammals, we have the ability to store energy for a time when we need it. Our storage battery is our fat. When we eat more calories than we need, we store them for a day when we don't eat. In the old days of humans, we went for days without eating.

So we store fat naturally. Our bodies do not want to get rid of fat. We want to hold on to it for when we need it..

To break down fat, we need water. Unfortunately our brains don't automatically want us to get rid of the fat, so they don't tell us to drink enough water to break down fat. I quite honestly think our brains need a good washing about this water thing.....but I digress. Since our brains don't tell us to drink the water, we don't. We only drink enough to fuel our daily metabolism. We are not thirsty for the water we need to efficiently break down fat..

So we here at the crew attempt to drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of weight. We will probably all agree that some of our best weeks are weeks that we are floating in water. Don't worry, we will throw you a life preserver if you need it! We have gotten very good at that..

So how do you count your water? I drink a minimum of 3 - 20 ounce bottles of water throughout the day. I fill them the night before. They go with me everywhere I go. I do not allow myself anything else to drink except a morning cup of coffee before I've finished the water. I refill one or more bottles at least once a day. Then I usually have something warm like decafe or hot tea in the evening.

Have a great day everyone! Fight the good fight!.


Comment #91

Kitty, I'm also one of Dee's friends. She was so helpful to me my first scaleless summer...

Comment #92

Good Morning, Crew! I've been internet impaired - DH doing a big download, sucking up all the bandwidth, I couldn't even load my home page! But, it's done now, so I'm back..

Friday: OP - Yes, Water - Yes, Exercise - 45 min TM for 2.3 miles! Oh, and feeding the birds in the cold & wind.


A big.

To you! I'm the 'scorekeeper' for the challenge and I'm a bit behind - just posting week 2 results today. So, I'm adding you in for week 3..


You've got me laughing out loud again. Not at all surprised that you're still needing peas, but it's awesome that you push yourself without overdoing it.

Too much.



Sounds like your holiday was lovely. We finally have our fireplace engaged in actively heating - it's so nice - I can smell it when I get to the patio..


- glad you finally got some snow - hopefully you're out on the sleds..

That Dee gets around - she's my friend, too, and has given me good advice and inspiration. She still sports an old Crew banner and pops in here every once in a while..

Sorry I'm so late with last week's stats - I had them all compiled on Wednesday, but didn't get a chance to format them into a PDF. So, here they are. I was also thinking we needed a little more recognition than each of us just looking at the file..

So, here's the.

Blue Ribbon Winners.

For this week - 7 days:.

(this is the closest I could come to a blue ribbon):.


Courtney, Bobbi, Barb, Heidi, Melissa.


Bobbi, Sherry, Barb, Heidi, Melissa, Jan.

6 days, Red Ribbon winners:.


Sherry, Jan.


Brenda, Debbie.

Congrats to everyone - keep fighting the good fight!!..

Comment #93

P.S. to.


: I just added you to my spreadsheet - you've already lost 25.8% of you total weight!! WTG!..

Comment #94

Arghh. I can hardly keep my eyes open right now. I need to clean the house but my bed is calling. My schedule has been so weird the past few days and it's hard to adjust. I worked til 10pm Tue and Wed, off Thur, 4am-12pm Fri, 7-3 today, 4-12pm tomorrow. At least I didn't do the late and early back to back! Anyway, the week has gone ok.

I've gotta drink more water Barb, thanks for the water speech. I've been drinking too much other stuff and I know I feel better when I get the water. That's my personal challenge this week. I plan to keep a big cup of water with me at all time and drink til I float!.

Later all...

Comment #95

Hi everyone and thanks for the welcome. Barb, I loved the water lecture. Jan, thanks for being the statistician and for using such beautiful graphics. Today I found myself craving water and it's got to be b/c of the commitment I made here. I drank a 1.5 liter (50.7 oz) bottle of water for the second day in a row, plus smaller bottles of water and some decaf. But way less decaf than usual 'cause I wanted to get in a whole bunch of water early in the day..


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.

We were very busy at work and I'm too pooped to peep, but not too pooped to pee, ha ha. I hope it's not another 3-pee night. I need my beauty rest!..

Comment #96

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.