Does the Medifast Diet actually make you lose weight?

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First off, Does the Medifast Diet actually make you lose weight? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Ok, Getting a jump on November as I know I will be running late in the morning....

Welcome to the thread for Daily Weighers Clubhouse team. Here's a place you can hold your head up high and jump on that scale as much as you want without judgment !.

To Join:.

Just Reply to this thread and introduce yourself.

We like to name our scales (mine is "Bones") Tell us what yours is..

Post your Daily Weigh and support your fellow DW's.

Have Fun!.


Here is the scale banner code (paste into signature then take out the * from the first IMG.


Comments (98)

Yup, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Good morning. Stan has me up to 155.2 this morning, .6 lbs more than yesterday. TOM is totally to blame. Not much planned for today. Just home with the littlest man while the other boys are in school...

Comment #2

Good morning to all.... Whoo hoo it's Monday.

Weekends go by way to fast, plus my job is getting me more and more down.... Okay I am going to turn this around. I am grateful to have a job, and blessed that it is Monday, a fresh new day for a fresh new week. (How am I doing ?).

"BOB" was at 173.2, sooooo that's a total of 2.2lbs this week.... I can't wait to see the 160's.

It is so weird how much our bodies change as we take the weight off. I have not been this small in close to 10 years, so I don't really remember. I am sure as I was going up I thought oh my gosh I am huge. I guess it just depends on our perspective. I can't believe how much I physically feel better.... Oh I am just so thankful that medifast is working for me, and most of all that I am sticking to it.

My cravings for sweets have almost gone all away. Some stressfull situations still bring out the cravings, but in general they are not there..

Everyone have a great MONDAY..

Comment #3

Great Job Everyone!!!!.

I too had a wonderful weigh in this morning!! I somehow managed an over 2 pound loss yesterday(all the walking last night maybe??) for a total of 7 pounds even this week!!!! Can you tell I'm a little excited?!?!?!..

Comment #4

Morning Dw's. Wow! Nice lose everyone! I caved yesterday to cheesecake. Dude had me up a little. 174.2lbs. I'm ok with that! I will lose it again..

The next two days are busy ones. I'm an Election Poll chairperson. Tomorrow I'll be up and out of the house around 5 am not to return until 11pm. A very long day! Today I prepare my house and the kids for my not being there. Lots of fun food and movies. My mom will be there if they need anything else..

Drink Water...

Comment #5

Good morning DWers and Happy November!.

WL had me down a full pound today, which gives me a 2 pound loss on my official weigh-in.. better than I hoped considering the timing of TOM :-) I'm glad I was able to sleep in today - it is a study day before our exam tomorrow. I believe being rested helps my scores on exams every bit as much as actually studying does. I'll do a little reading over of notes this morning, and then am meeting a fellow student to try studying with her (I don't normally study at all, so I"d like to learn how and she's kind enough to let me try it with her)..

Mia - that sounds like a VERY LONG day tomorrow. Thank you for your hard work, and make sure you bring your food with you. I"m betting you won't have time to go out for something appropriate for L&G, eh? Are you bringing a cooler with lots of water?.

Maridele - thanks for starting the new month for us. Also - wow, that's a lot of driving! Hopefully you'll get some rest this week?.

Keely - that's some awesome whoooosh this morning! Love it when the scale takes a nose dive into new territory. The early big losses sure do help keep me motivated now. I remember how awesome it was to FEEL the difference on my knees the next morning :-).

JeriAnn - less than 20 pounds to go to your goal! Wow, you must be feeling so good. Congrats on another solid loss weight :-).

Gonna go check in on a few other threads, then hit the books and have breakfast. Have a wonderful day everyone!..

Comment #6

Morning all. Bones has me at 329.8 this am. I like this trend and hope it continues.....Off to work now...

Comment #7

Good morning DWers,.

I am running late this morning - not much sleep, so pretty happy I'm only up 0.2 pounds today..

Maridele - awesome trend!!.

Cheers to all,..

Comment #8

"BOB" is up a smidge... I am at 173.4... so up 0.2lbs... I know TOM is creeping around the corner... I always know it's almost here when I can cry at a commercial...LOL, soooo we will see... I haven't been exercising at all....

I need to get started again. It is getting cold for long walks... and soon it will be snow and ICE, and all that good stuff... ugh.... I already miss Summer.....

Comment #9

Good morning all. Stan had me back down to 154.6 this morning. I'm a happy camper. I actually went back to sleep for about an hour after weighing and reweighed and was down to 154.0. I'm not counting that one since it was later than usual. Still, it's nice to see..

My kids are all off school today for election day. It's already been a crazy morning. I hope you all have a good day...

Comment #10

"Sunshine" went down a whole .2 today after going up and down a bit this week to give me a weekly loss of 2.2. That's okay. I am slow but steady!.

Congrats for folks hanging in there...

Comment #11

DH: Why are we naming the scales?.

Me: 'cause..

DH: Good enough..

Freida said I had lost the big 20 this morning!!! AHHH!!!.

Cheryl (the scale at the Medifast clicnic) said I'd lost 18 yesterday. (I don't really listen to her, but she looks good on paper.).

I'm on day 23 and I exercised for the first time today! Walked briskly around the neighborhood for 30 minutes. Felt great!..

Comment #12

Morning all. Bones moved up slightly to 331. Not surprising as Tuesday is always a dip or a gain....It might have been a preview of things to come.....

Comment #13

"BOB" is back at 173.2 from an up of 173.4.

He seems to be in a teasing mood, down a little, up a little, down a little... Well I need to get ready for work. I think it's going to be a rough day....., but instead of going into it with a negative outlook, I am going to say "It is going to be a great day, I am blessed and I have a blessed life"..... (I will just keep telling myself that all day)..

Okay everyone have a great day......

Comment #14

Stan had me down this morning at 154.2. I'm very pleased with that considering TOM is here. I was expecting a gain due to water retention...

Comment #15

Morning Dw's. I'm happy to read everyone is doing great! Dude has been kind to tell me I'am at 174lb with TOM in town. Tom was kind enough to show up while I was working at the polls yesterday..

I brought my Medifast meals with me I was able to get three meals in with a chef salad. I think I drank over 120 oz of water. Today is a down day for me. I'm tired and have a ton of housework and errands to do. Thankfully it is Wednesday and the kids have scouts and religion tonight. Easy dinner for them.

Got to run..

Drink Water!..

Comment #16

Good morning DWers,.

WL had me down 0.4 today, I was sort of hoping to see something starting with 210 on the scale, but I"m dancing right above it at 211.0. I'll get there though.. I want to get to my next mini goal of 210.0 by the 5th or 6th of November.. we shall see!.

Jan - I love "Sunshine" as your scale's name :-) It sounds so happy and cheerful! What a nice way to start your day. Congrats on the 2.2 for the week - that isn't bad at all!.

Lorien - two scales in your life! You'll be lucky if Freida doesn't get jealous of Cheryl ;-) I'm impressed you added in exercise .. I keep meaning to start that myself and haven't quite gotten to it (although I joined the "improve your mile" challenge yesterday so now I"m committed to walking a mile sometime by Saturday)..

Maridele - I hear you on the Tuesday dip/rise.. That is generally my Monday weigh-in. Funny how that works :-D.

JeriAnn - great attitude :-) I hope your day winds up being way better than you expected when you woke up!.

Gabby - hope you and the kids had fun yesterday during the non-school day. I can never figure out what the scale is gonna do during TOM. I've had three (or four? I can never remember when since I"m not regular) since I started Medifast and sometimes I drop weight like crazy, and sometimes I hover. Very strange. Good luck!.

Mia - Bummer on the timing for TOM. I know that was a long day working the polls, and it sounds like you did as well as you could. Did you finish your meals when you got done at the polls to get all 5 Medifast meals, in, or just went to bed on 3 and the L&G?.

My throat is VERY DRY today because we turned on the heat yesterday.. I always hate the start of heating season for that. The trick is for me to stay healthy now, because my new clinical rotation starts next week and since it is Labor & Delivery (and newborn care) they will not allow us in if we have so much as a sniffle while we are students..

Have a wonderful day everyone,..

Comment #17

Good Morning DW's!! My still unnamed scale had me up .8 pounds today. I know exactly why too. Yesterday after we voted my husband talked me into a little unplanned eating at Skyline(Cinicinnati Chili). I was as good as I could have been, or thought I could have been. I got the low carb bowl which is hot dogs, chili and cheese. I have no idea why I didn't get it without the hotdogs!?!?! It wasn't even that good.

But it was a nice treat and I jumped right back on plan for dinner. I did skip 3 Medifast meals that I usually have after the lunch hour to try and make up some ground. I also swore I was going to walk 45 min on the treadmill instead of 20. That didn't happen cuz I jumped on the treadmill and it didn't work!!! I was so PO'd!! My husband came home and I told him about the treadmill so he walks into the exercize room, FLIPS THE LIGHT SWITCH, and starts up the treadmill!!!! I almost died!! It was too late to walk at that point so today I will walk 45 minutes. I did drink over 100 oz of water yesterday though!! So 1 out of 3 goals for the day.

PS. I am reading The Beck Diet Solution. I am only at day 1 but so far I highly recommend it!!..

Comment #18

Sunshine showed a drop of .8 this morning so that feels good. Total loss of 23.8 so very close to having lost 25% of my total loss goal of 100#. I think it is now beginning to show. Every morning I can hardly "weight" to get on Sunshine!..

Comment #19

Ethelfleda- I went to bed when I got home. I was so tired I couldn't think about food..

We turned our heat on about 3 weeks ago. Upstate NY can be chilly in the morning. It's programed so it does not run to much. I just have to remember to change the filter..

Keely- Ive heard other people talk about the Beck book. I may have to investigate. Chili with Hot Dogs sounds yummy. I know I would have to drown myself in water due to water retention..

Jan- I've never been home with the ids on Election day. My mom has always been there so I could work the polls. I live a block away from the polling place so the kids do come and visit during the day. Good thing too, they brought me extra ice water and a much needed diet Mt. Dew..

Maridele - Tell Bones to stay in line! You can do it!.

Gabby- great job on the loss with Tom in Town..

Jataylor-I hope you had a Great Day!.

Shout outs are hard for me so I hope that those I missed also had a great day!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #20

I love this! It sounds like me and my dh..

I'm new. Hi, I'm Melanie and I'm a daily weigher..

I was 262.2 this morning. I log only on Mondays. Haven't named my scale yet...

Comment #21

Morning all and welcome newbies. You will find that I stink at shoutouts....That said, thanks to all for the encouragement. It has been helping me resist the sludge available... Bones is at 330.8 this am, 1 day to my weigh-in. I can do this....Off to the salt mines. Will tell you about my day yesterday tonight if I remember.....

Comment #22

Good Morning everyone... "BOB" is down to 172.8.

It's going to blessed day... It's going to a great day... this is my new daily saying... yep everyday... ( tyring to have a new point of view)....

Everybody have a great day, and it looks like everyone is doing great.... Welcome to everyone new...This is a great group of people......

Comment #23

Dude has me at 173.2 lbs this am..

Have a great all!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #24

Good morning DWers!.

I had a "whooosh" overnight (love those) and WL has me down 1.2 pounds. I think half of that is probably from all my mucus membranes drying out now that we have the heat on. My throat is killing me, but I know it is just dry. I push water all day to rehydrate, but that nighttime just sucks the liquids right out of me. I'm even drinking water when I get up to pee at 4am, and again when I get up to feed the dog at 7:20am (sometimes I'm up before that for class of course - but today was a sleep in morning)..

Welcome Melanie, we are glad to have you with us :-) It has been really nice to meet so many newer friends lately..

Maridele - I'm glad that we are helping keep you on track, but the real credit goes right back to you. Hang in there.. one more meal, one more packet.. keep on trudging along! I love how supportive this group is..

Sorry not a lot of shout outs today for me - Need to load the crockpot and get moving..


Comment #25

Hey Everyone!! Welcome to all the new peeps.

My still unnamed scale has me down another pound!!!! I drank over 100oz of water and walked yesterday. Same goal for today with hopefully the same result or at least close.

So I am thinking about naming my scale Dory. After Dory from Nemo. I find myself chanting things like, "just keep drinking, just keep drinking" or "Just keep losing, just keep losing" when I am weighing in.

And Dory could be a little frustrating but then was very motivating. Hmmmm, the more I think about it the more I like it!!..

Comment #26

Okay, promised to tell ya'll about Wednesday. I had a meeting on my calendar that I almost forgot about. THought it had to do with the claims adjustment training I had 2 months ago... No, it turns out that I along with a bunch of other people have been selected to be in a Leadership development group by one of the VPs. My group met yesterday and will meet again in 4-6 weeks. Kind of stunned.

So I was floating on air all afternoon after this meeting. Now I'd better start looking for a few outfits that are more professional looking.....

Comment #27

Morning all. Official weigh in today for me. Bones said 332. So I don't get to move the ticker today. Kind of disappointed but not surprised, he actually is lower during the week and up on Fridays. But Friday has always been my official day so I don't want to change...

Comment #28

Smartmomma- Congrats on recognition at work! I am going through something similar as I applied for a more "business" like postion in the hospital that I work in. If I get the position, I,too, will have to shop for more professional looking attire!! Congrats!..

Comment #29

Good morning DWs. Stan had me at 153.2 this morning. Today is also my official weigh in day and I'm down 1.8 lbs. I think that's great considering TOM is in town. Of course I would like a higher number but I just can't complain. Good luck to everyone on their weigh ins...

Comment #30

Good morning to all:.

"BOB" is down from 172.8 to 172.2..... ohhhhh I can't wait to see 160... I also can't beleive that I am getting closer to goal, the majority of this journey is behind me...wait.. okay turned around to make sure it wasn't all hidding on my butt...LOL.....

It's funny when your DH walks out of the bathroom refering to your scale as "BOB"... made me chuckle... I think "BOB"s name has stuck in our house......

Japingaangles8 and Smartmomma: Wow to both of you for losing over 100 pounds. And to both of you also congrats on the jobs... you both can do it..

I gave up on the one company I applied for...Huge corporation that was world wide... There HR department has been nothing but frustrating... Their loss...( ugh).... but I did find another opportunity... applied yesterday... Good part is they are using a job recruiter to help fill the position.

I feel I have a lot to offer, and with my years of expierence in my field...Well I would hire me...LOL... It's in God's hands... I will just have to wait and see......

Mia; again we are sooo close to the 160's.... it's a race, come on girl lets hit it at the same time...LOL.

Keely: Like the new name on the scale....Actually I love to see what everyone comes up with....

Ethelfleda: Great "Woosh" I want a woosh too>>>>.

Melanie..... Welcome to the group.

To everyone else... You are all awesome.. Have a great Friday... It's cold here.. so stay warm..

Comment #31

Dude has me up to 174 again. I think it is because of the chicken soup. I don't do well with salty things. I'm going to try it again today just to see what happens. I will drink more water with it!. It has been so cold and rainy here that I need something hot during the day.

My work has the A/C on all year. My little work area is set at 73. Still cold!.

Hoping to get to the gym tonight..

Congrats on the wonderful job everyone has done..

Drink Water!..

Comment #32

MOrning everyone! Just a quick post from my phone while I'm waiting to go to my next inspection.

Dory has me down to 209.8!!!!! Onederland is getting so close!!!!!!..

Comment #33

Hi everyone!.

I slept too late this morning and didn't have time to weigh-in or post before class. (I made it to class on time, but didn't have any extra time). I was so sleepy I couldn't stop hitting the snooze bar!.

Cya guys tomorrow,..

Comment #34

Happy be thankful month daily weighers! I was just sitting here thinking how great life is....I am thankful for my family, especially my DH, for my job, my home, my life, and I am thankful that due to Medifast and the amazing supportive people on these threads that I am within a few pounds of a "normal" BMI and I feel that my goal weight is reachable..

But "Shirley" has been a bit tough lately. This morning I was up .4 pounds. Even though I was out-of-town for over a week, I was successful at staying pretty much OP, but it was such a whirlwind trip that I have been feeling pretty exhausted since I got back. I'm finally starting to feel more "normal" today. I think it will be a much more active weekend and that should help get "Shirley" headed in the right direction..

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!.


Comment #35

Oh Happy happy Joy joy.... It's Saturday... I am on call this weekend, but I am soooo Happy it's Saturday... And Sherri Love the "Be Thankful Month".... Yep we all have a lot to be thankful for. Yesterday was a hard day, and it ended with the DH and I not seeing eye to eye...

, my job even though it isn't fun anymore, my children, and most of all my faith in God.... thanks Sherri it was a nice reminder for me..

"BOB" is down to 171.6.... I am happy about that , but yesterday was such an aweful day I didn't eat all my food... First time that I have ever been upset and didn't want to eat....LOL, We will see what "BOB" says tomorrow..

Side note: I spoke with the job recruiter on friday....He let me know that the CEO of the company and the head of HR both have my resume.... They want to talk with me, so we are scheduling a phone interview next week and if that goes well, then they will fly me down to their corporate offices for a second interview, or one of them will come up here... The job is still here, but they are located in another state... It is a great opportunity. Say a prayer for me that if this is suppose to be, the the interviews go well... ahahahahahahhahah anticipation......

Comment #36

Good morning. Stan had me down to 152.8. That 2 is just weird to see. Don't get me wrong, I like that 2, I'm just not used to it. I still feel like I should be seeing 160. It felt good to see it this morning. I admit, I had a smile from ear to ear...

Comment #37

Morning all, got to sleep later than normal. According to Bones my pjs and I weigh 334 this am... Not worried although I was not op part of yesterday, one of dh's doctor's is an idiot and that is on a good day. THey screwed up his stuff again and we ended up driving back to the other office 45 minutes away to get it straightened out with another one of the docs. Their computers are linked but the staff at the office we go to are stupid, to be polite, and the doc didn't even pull up the chart info either or they would have seen what transpired when we met with the head of the group... I like the head doctor and I told dh that from now on, we need to just make the drive to Orange Park where that staff has more intellect and is capable of using their computers....

But as usual the first staff was running behind (how when we had the first appt after lunch) and we left there around 2 or so to start the drive to op, this is after calling to see that a doctor could see him or sign the prescription that they didn't have done at the first office (this is his pain management doctor). By the time we left OP and found a restaurant for an early dinner, I was starved both physically as well as mentally. Most of it was OP but the meat was salty and the veggies were salty and I ate the carb stuff as well... Back on plan today......

Comment #38

Dude has me down 173.6 today. I guess drinking the extra water with the chicken soup helps..

I have not eaten all my meals for the last two days. Stress and not wanting to eat! Love my kids and DH. Teenagers! That's all I have to say..

A "Thankful" month hmmm... Thankful I have a job I like, thankful I'm out of debt, thankful I'm losing weight with wonderful people!.

Have a Great Day!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #39

Good morning! I haven't been participating in this great group for the last few weeks, and I sure have missed it, so I am going to get back on track. Busy time for me at work, juggling priorities that are all "must-do," so I am sorry to say that I cut out some of my "me" time. Not the best idea! But regardless, "Bubba" has me down a pound this morning. Today is my official weigh in day, so that makes 2 pounds this week, and a total of 20 pounds lost so far on MF. Yay!.

Maridele, sounds like a rough day yesterday. I, too, have found that it is tough to make good choices at restaurants when I'm starving..

Mia, reading your post makes me see my morning this morning in a different light, thank you! I had planned to sleep in this morning, but got an early call from work. Now that I think about it, that early call is why I'm here on this board, visiting with all of you. House is quiet, just me awake, time to play!.

Have a great day, everyone!..

Comment #40

Good morning DWers,.

I got some good sleep last night, fighting off the cold DH had last week I think. My clinicals start on Wednesday so I MUST NOT be sick at that point. They won't let us in with the sniffles even (laboring mothers and newborn babies - so I can understand that)..

I've got a busy day with lots of dog sitting (easy work, but still means being out of my house and planning for meals away from home and bringing enough water/soda, etc..). Meeting DH for dinner tonight (he's back from his biz trip - yay!) Tomorrow is soon enough to go back to eating pork from the crock pot batch I did earlier this week..

Maridele - other than the carbie stuff it sounds like you did the best you could at the restaurant and getting right back on plan is the way to be. No worries there, we are up and moving again :-).

JeriAnn - fingers crossed for the job opportunity! What type of work is it?.

Keely - for this moment in time we are darn near the same weight.. and isn't it nice how far we've both come? Congrats!.

Avisnora - welcome back :-).

Cheers to all,..

Comment #41

Good morning. I am still struggling with losing the weight I gained while on vacation. I am hovering around 200 most mornings. Drat! It is my own doing though. I start out most mornings doing my Medifast shake or cappuccino and then fall flat on my face around lunch time..

Love seeing all your victories and I will persevere...

Comment #42

Hey Everyone,.

I hate jumping on here when I only have a minute! Everyone sounds like they are sticking to their plans!! Awesome Job, Y'all!!.

I had a small NSV yesterday.

My daughters horseback riding instructor is also an Opera singer and was performing last night, so my husband and I got a babysitter(does not happen a lot...ok, ever) got dressed up and went out!! My NSV victory came when I went to buy my dress. Long story short, I ended up with the smaller of the 2 sizes I tried on and I left the fitting room smiling and not practically in tears and wanting to run home and bury my head under the pillows!!!! We had a great time!! Ooh, I just thought of another NSV from last night...but it's a little personal for the internet..

Comment #43

Yeah! Shirley was good to me today and showed 1 pound loss!.

It was a busy Saturday but very productive. I bagged up 4 large bags of clothes that are now too big for me and they are headed to the thrift shop. Boy does that feel great!..

Comment #44

Well I knew "BOB" woud show his strips.... He has me up a bit from 172.2 to 172.5.......

TOM is here and almost Body tends to go up after TOM finishes up.. So this week may be rough..... Well we will just have to see... Need to increase my exercise too.... Haven't been doing much of that lately.... Happy Happy Sunday..

Comment #45

Morning DW's..

Dude has me down to 172.8lbs. Way Cool!.

Lots to shout out about ! I just don't have the brain power to do it. Congrats to everyone!.

Together we can do it! You are not alone..

Have a Great day All..

Drink Water!..

Comment #46

Hi everyone,.

Bubba stayed the same this morning, so all is well. Had a BUSY day today, lots of cleaning, whew! Changing the clock back an hour makes me tired, haha. Hope everyone has had a good day!.


Comment #47

Hi everyone! I'm new to Medifast, starting tomorrow! I think I will name my scale, "Sid". Have a great Monday everyone!..

Comment #48

Morning all, body didn't want to change times, so up even earlier... Got on the scale in my pjs, paying for the off plan stuff, up to 339 and swollen from salt.... Off to get shower and take allergy meds, sneezing my brains out for an hour now....

Comment #49

Good morning DWers,.

I'm off and running to the health department today (part of my nursing school program for this class) so not much time. WL (wide load, for those new to the DWers - welcome fabulousme!) hates early mornings as much as I do and he took back a pound today. Sucks because Monday is my official weekly weigh-in day and this was the least losing week I've had so far. That said, a pound is a pound and I'll take it for the week!.

Cheers to all - have a great day :-)..

Comment #50

Good morning all. Stan has not been kind to me the past two mornings. I don't know why. I've been good to him. He has me up this morning at 153.4. It's not a lot but it's up.

I'm used to drinking at least 100 oz. So, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Also, TOM just finally ended yesterday so maybe there is some left over water retention...

Comment #51

Good Morning, DW's!.

Dory has just kept swimming in the right direction this week...she has me down 4 pounds for the week!! I can see onderland from here!!! I am so excited! This week my goals are to drink 100oz of water every single day and to walk on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes at least 3 times this week. I only walked on it twice last week so I have to one up myself this week..

Comment #52

Morning DW's. Dude has me down another 1/2 lb. Lots of house/yard work got done yesterday..

Jury Duty this week. Oh yeah fun. I was there for all of 10 minutes and was dismissed. I have to call after 5 tonight to see if I go again tomorrow..

DH and I are planning on tackling another house project today. It will have to be inside work since it's sleeting here..

Have a Great Day!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #53

Sunshine had been in a stall so today was great with a loss of 1.2. Down a total of 25 #s in 8 weeks. Every time I think I will never lose another pound the scale finally moves! Keep going and keep losing!..

Comment #54

Morning all. Still struggling with the allergy outbreak. Nose is so raw I slept without the cpap as it hurt to wear the mask. Bones is at 337 this am, decided not to sweat it at this point. Off to work...

Comment #55

Good Morning DWs! Stan has me down this morning. Yay! I'm at 152.2 after two days of increases. So, I'm guessing it was left over water retention from TOM..

Keely, Congrats on the weight loss this week. That's awesome!..

Comment #56

Morning DWers,.

Little sleep and WL was grumpy, up another 0.6 (didn't update ticker - not enough time and not much motivation)..

Have a good day everyone!..

Comment #57

Okay.... Fell of the wagon... Cooked dinner on Sunday....Good news is back on track today. "BOB" is at 173 this morning so a little up over all.... More than likely Sodium. On a side note....

Great Recipe.... My downfall is I love to cook..... I will say my portion control is awesome compared to several months ago... and I can actually stop eating when I am full... no seconds....

Tuesday, Tuesday.... no where close to Friday.......

Comment #58

Sooo today is my second day on MF... and "Sid" has me down 3.1 lbs today, woo hoo!.

Have a great day Daily Weighers!..

Comment #59

Sooo...I had a bad night night last night. I decided to have a couple Bacardi and Diet Cokes. My limit was two and I stuck to that just fine. No big deal. Dinner was OP and I was doing great. Apparently a little too great.

I caught sight of the Halloween candy. I don't know what I was thinking. I must have had like 10 little candy bars!! My stomache is so upset today! I think I am havin a chocolate hangover!!! Is that possible?? I was going to avoid Dory for a couple days but she has this weigh(haha) of pulling me in. So I am up 2 pounds.

I'm actually kind of glad my stomache is upset because I have absolutely no desire to eat chocolate or anything else for that matter!! I deserve those 2 pounds. It totally sucks but what can I do at this point?.

I am back OP today and vow to be 100% OP and to drink at least 100oz of water and to exercise at least 3 times this week..

Good Job to everyone else on their losses!!! Keep it up..

Comment #60

AFandDsMom - just get right back on program. And good for you to share with us and not stay away. Just pick up and keep going!.

Sunshine has me at same weight today. Holding at 25 pound loss. I am happy...

Comment #61

Morning all. Bones says 335.6 this am, allergies seem to be better and was able to sleep with the cpap last night. Systems crashed at work yesterday so today will be awful, lots of angry providers.......

Comment #62

I'm off and running again today.. down 0.6, didn't update ticker yet (at 210.4).

Maridele - hope your day isn't as bad as you fear, and I'm glad Bones is moving back down :-).

First day of clinicals for me for this OB / Labor & Delivery class. 12 hours, bringing 4 Medifast meals plus eating one on the way..


Comment #63

Hello DWs. Stan is starting to get on my nerves. He's got me up .6 this morning at 152.8. I know I shouldn't blame him, he is just the messenger. My sodium intake was a little high yesterday so that's to blame. Still, Stan gets the brunt of the anger. So, today I will be chugging, chugging, chugging that water...

Comment #64

Good moring to all... "BOB" is at 172.2 down from 173... Working on taking off that "Sunday" dinner damage.... Well off to work...ugh.... My job is getting me down... more and more each day..

I spoke with the recruiter yesterday and the CEO of the company is supposed to be out of the country until the end of the week. Soooo I have to wait another week to find out if they even want to interview me.... I hate the small fish in a big pond feeling..... I know I need to make a change, but on that note it is a difficult time to try to make that change. I am so grateful to just have a job.....

Comment #65

Good morning, everyone! Sounds like some disappointing days for several of us. Me included. For some reason, I've had an odd experience with "Bubba" this week. I was at 197, for a total loss so far on Medifast of 20 pounds, and then for no reason that I can explain, he jumped back up 3 pounds on Sunday. I've been OP, no cheating, drinking water, etc, etc, etc. So by now, a few days later, he's back down 2 of those 3 pounds.

I guess this is why some people don't weigh daily, eh? All, well, I shall continue onward, and I hope all the rest of you do, too..

JeriAnn, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you, that you get an opportunity to do something for work that is more in line with what your heart desires..

Hope you all have a great day!.


Comment #66

Dude swelled up a bit this morning. 172.8lbs. I think it is because of all the water I drank yesterday. 120+ oz. I was up all nite in the bathroom..

It looks like I'm not the only one with a crazy life this week. I hope it all goes well for everyone. I've been dealing with a moody/angry/suicidal teen. I can't really put it into words, yeah fun!.

Hang in there,.


Have a Great Day..

Drink Water!..

Comment #67

Good Morning!! It has been a crazy week for some of us. Dory is heading in the right direction again so that is good. I'm still higher than my official monday weight so that stinks. I hate losing the same pounds over again!! They never come off as easily the second time..

Comment #68

Sunshine is holding steady foe third day. But I know there will be a loss soon so I'm good...

Comment #69

Whew - didn't do so well with food today. Ate on my way to Clinicals at like 6:45am (hot cocoa), got a break at 1pm when I had a bag of cinnamon pretzels (old style) and some pork tenderloin from the hospital cafeteria (guessing it wound up being 5.5 oz) and then got home at 7pm to eat some chocolate pudding and now I'm working on my green (canned green beans). Prob gonna manage one more Medifast meal before I fall over..

I'm going to have to figure out how to get more Medifast meals in during these clinicals!!.

Hoping to get some GOOD long sleep tonight. :-).

Cheers to all,..

Comment #70


Try the ready made shakes and bring some bars..

Hope everyone has a great day..

Drink water!..

Comment #71

Hi DWs:.

Have been super busy so haven't been able to log in as much. Still struggling. EileenSounds like you and I are doing the same thing.

Start out well and then early afternoon hits. I'll eat an extra Medifast bar and then not do well with L&G. Definitely need to plan better. Cut up vegetables really kill that afternoon hunger pang!.

Off to Mexico for work. Congrats on all of the losses!.


Comment #72

Good morning all. Stan was so good to me this morning. I'm down 1.6 lbs from yesterday to 151.2. Let's hope that he's as good to me tomorrow morning for my official weigh in...

Comment #73

Okay going to start positive.... "BOB" is at 171.5 so that's down from yesterday... I have come to hate trying to get to a different decade.... I seem to rock through most of the weight and then once I get a few pounds from the next big marker... It's like nail bitting...LOL... It's okay as long as "BOB" is going down that's fine with me..

I am feeling like and emotional goofball... "TOM" is all over, so I am not sure what's wrong with me.... I know work is still getting me down. I have a huge vendor fair today that I have to go and do... FUN (Not)... I have to lug a bunch of stuff..

Set up... talk for hours... clean up...lug it back to the van... Oh who am I kidding I really do like that kind of stuff... But still don't know why I am down overall....

Okay this is going to be a great day.... A blessed day....

Comment #74

Good morning DWers,.

WL was down a full 2 pounds today - but it is sort of a "cheat" by accident thing. I mentioned how I was jamming in as much Medifast food as I could before an early bedtime last night (was so tired.. I slept almost 11 hours and feel much better now) - well I found that shoveling in 2 Medifast meals (and a tablespoon of peanut butter (snack) on the brownie) as well as the can of green beans with Parmesan cheese melted on top (condiments) to push my calories up for the day despite not getting my 5th Medifast meal in was a bad idea. So many calories (and fat, and so close together I guess sugar too) so close together turned my gut inside out and I lost a lot of weight to the toilet before bed (sorry, TMI). I guess that's the infamous "dumping syndrome" I"ve learned about in nursing school. At least I didn't throw up too..

I went to bed and slept like I was dead for about 10 hours until DH had to ask me some questions this morning. I feel much better today and am going to just get back on track with eating properly and with spaced out meals. Luckily I only have clinicals once a week..

FYI - I did have 2 bars and 2 pretzels with me at Clinicals and I still only managed to get a single Medifast meal in along with the lean from the cafeteria. I have to force myself to take a break and snarf down some food in addition to the lunch break I get. I"ll try harder next Wednesday :-).

@ Mia - it wasn't that I didn't have portable food with me, it was simply not making time to step off the floor and go eat it. I'll have to work harder. Thanks for the suggestion about the RTD shake though - I don't care for them, but I do have one in my fridge for emergencies. Maybe I'll bring it next week..

@ Susan - I hear you on the planning portion. It is really hard when you get busy!! I'm glad you were able to stop by and say hi though. Keep on keeping on :-).

@ Gabby - Great Whooooosh day! I hope tomorrow's weigh-in is awesome :-).

@ JeriAnn - Hang in there.. your fat cells around a new decade are just trying to avoid being the ones to leave ;-) Just keep on keeping on and eventually someone will get thrown under the bus and you'll drop into the new decade..

Hope everyone has a good day,..

Comment #75

Good Morning, DW's. So I have offically lost the weight from my chocolate binge Monday night. I am down a whopping .2 pounds from then!!! I'll take it!.

TOM also got here this morning. I'm curious to see how this all works out this week. I really want to lose AT LEAST 2 pounds for the week I'm just not sure how my weight is affected by my period. I have never paid attention before. I'm doing great staying OP and drinking my water so if I gain, I know why. But I am not going to going.

I refuse!!.

Cheers Everyone..

Comment #76

A smidge of weight loss this morning. down .2. So small but a little movement can slowly add up. still down for the week...

Comment #77

Dude was up again this morning. Stress and too much water! I did make it to the gym last night. It felt good to get out..

Crazy day at work. Ah the fun of the movie theater..

Have a Great day..

Drink Water!..

Comment #78

Hi guys, didn't have time to post this am, still holding around 335.something.....

Comment #79

Morning all. Bones says 336.4 Not going to fight, going to go with the flow as it is crazy busy right now.....

Comment #80

Good morning all. Stan was so good to me this morning, 150. Today is my official weigh in day too. I'm down 3.2 for the week. I'm super excited about that...

Comment #81

Well my mood has improved... and I do believe it is soley because it's friday....This week just wasn't fun..... "BOB" is at 170.9 so down from 171.5... "BOB" is going in the right direction... 160's you are so close... Today is going to be a great day, Today is going to be a blessed day... Okay everyone have a great day, and enjoy the friday...

Comment #82

Good morning DWers,.

WL has me up 0.4 today, but that's not surprising since I got about 4 hours of sleep and we both need MORE! Class only for 3.5 hours today, so looking forward to a nice nap before curling tonight..

Maridele - just keep on plugging along :-) I know you have a crazy life, so just bring those packets/shaker jars/bars along with you. What is your "Normal" (if there is such a thing) type of meals to get in a day? I tend to go with puffs/pretzels at school, and shakes, hot cocoa, pudding and brownies at home..

Gabby - wow, 150!! What a great milestone :-) It must have been awesome to look down at Stan and see those numbers this morning. Great week for you!.

JeriAnn - amazing what a Friday will do for the attitude, eh? I'm glad you are feeling better and BOB is too..

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend,..

Comment #83

Good morning Daily Weighers! So, this morning I have a question for you all: the scale has me down .2 today (from 243 to 242.8). However, the second time I got on the scale it said 241.8, then 242.8, then 241.8 again! (all in a time span of around 20 seconds? lol).

Would you take the higher or the lower weight? I took the higher, just because I know it'll eventually come down and don't want to overestimate the weight loss, but just wanted your opinion.


Have a beautiful OP day!!!..

Comment #84

I would definitely take the higher weight. Although, it is nice to see that lower weight. Like you said, it's better not to overestimate your weight loss...

Comment #85

Good Morning! Down another pound!! If I can keep this up I will have a pretty good loss this week despite Monday night!!.

My scale will vary over a pound when I weigh. For example, this morning, the first time it said 207.4 then I moved it and tried again and it said 208.6!!! I actually hate my scale since it does that. I always move it to the same spot every morning and always take the first weight. My scale was pretty expensive and is supposed to be all high tech and stuff but seriously, fluctuating over a pound within seconds/!?!?!..

Comment #86

Thanks for your responses!! I will stick with keeping the higher weight B-). @Keely I agree, it's frustrating how it fluctuates when you move, or even breathe haha..

Have a great weekend everyone!..

Comment #87

Good evening DWers! Sounds like it has been a crazy week all-around..

Shirley didn't budge this morning from where she was yesteray but I can't complain too much because I am down 4.8 pounds this's the whoooosh I've been waiting for!.

Happy Friday everyone!..

Comment #88

I didn't weigh this am. The time change and new schedule at work has me off this week. Early hours from now til after the holidays. Love Retail!.

Have a Great weekend all..

Drink Water!..

Comment #89

Alright, this morning Stan has ticked me off. I'm up 1lb from yesterday. I know it's water retention but still, 1 lb? That's just a lot of water retention. I didn't even have a lot of sodium yesterday and drank at least 100 oz of water. Oh well, I shouldn't let it bother me but I was really hoping to see the 140s today. I guess I'll have to wait a few more days.

I'll lose some weight, then gain in back for a day or two, then lose again. So, I guess this is just how my body works..

On a side note, it's the weekend and the kids are home. My early risers were all up before 6:30 this morning. I wish they would learn to sleep in to at least 7:30, that would make my day...

Comment #90

Gabby: I am right there with you... That is being ticked off at "BOB" yesterday I was 170.9... I was hoping to be closer to the 160 mark.. Instead he went to 171.2... Grrrr....

I had a bad day yesterday and didn't get all my water in. I felt like going to dinner for once, and I did very good... I had a grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side no croutons, no tomatoes....

On a side note it felt good to know I could go out to and eat with the hubby... It tasted good, and it was a nice end to a horrible week... Thank goodness it's Saturday.....

Comment #91

I'm in the club too today.. WL has me up 0.4 today. I am always doing the gain, gain, lose type of pattern. Here is my latest 30 days logged in.. no straight line losses for me!.


That's okay.. because the TREND is down :-) That's actually why I log at - it keeps me sane..

Hope everyone has a great weekend,..

Comment #92

Gabby, I hear ya on the sleeping in thing!! My 3 year old was up at 5AM!!! She has to get up at 6:30 during the week for school and I am trying to explain the whole idea of sleeping in thing but she just wants to play.

It's hard to be annoyed with her when she is just so happy with life!.

Other than getting up at 5am today has been a good day. Dory was down just under a pound today so that was good. Then my 9 year old had horseback riding lessons so that is always fun and the rest of the day is wide open to do absolutely nothing!! The best kind of Saturday! Tomorrow the farm where she takes lessons is having a parent appreciation party with a trail ride and horseback games!! I cannot wait.

Horseback riding is a major motivation for my weight loss. I WILL have a horse someday and I want to be fit and able to ride when I get one. The last time I rode was a few months ago and I was at my all time high of 230. My balance was horrible and I felt like a big blob on top of a horse. The nice thing was the horse did make my butt look small.

I wonder if I will notice a difference now that I am just a little bit lighter? Probably not, but I am still going to have a blast!!!!..

Comment #93

Hi everybody -.

I have finally lost the same 3 pounds this week, that I lost last week. I still have no idea why I suddenly gained 3 pounds overnight, from Saturday to Sunday last week, but I am glad they are gone again..

Question - I joined with a VIP membership, and when I placed my third month's order, I was reminded that after passing two months on VIP, you get 5% off your order per month, as long as you order at least $250 in products. Can anyone tell me about coupons and how they work? Where do you get them? Is it more cost-effective to cancel the VIP membership, and go with coupons?.

Thanks for your advice and experience, and have a great Saturday!.


Comment #94

Liz - I google my coupons."medifast coupons" I usually get $25 or $50 off depending on how much I order. I order about every three weeks. I hope this helps...

Comment #95

Good morning ladies. I'm a bit frustrated this morning. Actually, I'm a lot frustrated. Stan has me up another .6 lbs. I don't understand what is going on. I'm up 1.6 lbs from Friday.

All of my calories, fat, carbs, etc. are where they should be. I'm not eating more sodium. It just makes no sense for me to gain nearly 2 lbs in 2 days. This week's loss is going to be terrible at this rate, maybe no loss at all..

Comment #96

Morning all. Just working to maintain at this point. A lot of this is stress I know, but it is still frustrating. Trying to get a solid winter exercise plan in place, walking at lunch and hoping to get back to the Y...

Comment #97

I was also up a pound yesterday and holding on to it today. I think tomorrow will be a better day. Come on Sunshine!!..

Comment #98

Gabby, hang in there. I wish I had the magic answer for you but I just don't know. Make sure to drink all your water. Other than that just keep on plugging away 1 meal at a time. You'll start losing again.

Smartmomma- The Y is a great idea. We belong and we NEVER go. They even have babysitting, so I really have no excuse.

Liz- I do not do the VIP thing. I use the 25 or 50$ coupons everytime. Usually the 50 cuz It's not hard to spend that much at once. I just placed my 3rd order and everytime I order different stuff. My husband is doing Medifast too so that's why we go through so much so fast..

Oh, and I had a .4 lb loss yesterday. not much but I'll take it. I know I will at least lose my weekly goal of at least 2 pounds. ANd I think I may get to 3 for the week.

We will see tomorrow on my official weigh in day..

Comment #99

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.