Does the Medifast Diet recipes book work?

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Got a quick question: Does the Medifast Diet recipes book work? Many thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

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Last weeks thread:..

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Ye, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

Good Morning everyone, hope you had a great weekend..

Comment #2

Morning Amy!.

Sorry to post and run. Just wanted to say Happy Monday to everyone! Slammed at work today...

Comment #3

Hey girls, it's been a while but I'm starting back up as of today. I've missed you all, how has everyone been?..

Comment #4

Welcome back Melissa, Its probably going to be really quiet in here this week, Mer is gone on vacation and we have been missing alot of members..

Comment #5

Morning Vixens!!!!!!.

Welcome back.



Mondays are always super fun awesome time! Yay!!!!!..

Comment #6

Hello beautiful ladies....

I had a great weekend other than the rain yesterday but that is ok. I got quite a bit of laundry done yesterday and put it all away..

I have been working on pulling out my bag lady clothes. I told my co-worker and he was like "ALL of them" I told him no..I need a few because I am dropping sizes like it is hot. I swear every 5 or 6 lbs I drop another size. The skirt I have on today that fit nicely, is a little loose around the waist today..

I have a horse show in a few weeks so it is going to be very interesting to see what the reaction is from some of the people who made some comments to me last year that were not so nice. They really hit a nerve and I can't wait to go back there and have the LOOK at me attitude...

Comment #7

Hi Ash & Katie.

My weekend was long and boring lol, my MIL got here really late sat night and stayed again last night, she left about 6:30 this morning to get to Eugene for a funeral later today. We just hung out and watched movies most of the weekend, work is going to be crazy today but I think I am ready for it..

Comment #8


That was my version of a sorta game show hostish good morning!.

Tanner qualified for state championship in his wrestling Sat, we go to Woodburn OR on Fri for the weekend.... YAY Tanner!!!!! 3 of our boys are going I am very excited!.

TOM is here visitin..uggggg, I cold turkeyed my anti depressants a week now ( maybe should have weaned..) I feel like so crappy.. hope it's better soon..

Comment #9

Yucky, umm no you can have the diapers Charla.

Woohoo congrats Tanner..

Comment #10

I'm back for a brief pop in!.

Congrats on your progress Katie! You are rocking this thing and definately give them attitude!!.

Charla - I agree keep the diapers. Hope you feel better soon.

Melissa - Welcome back!.

Morning Ash and Amy!!.

Okay back to work I go!..

Comment #11


- well, if you think about it - at your current weight losing 5-6 lbs is a pretty high percentage of your total bodyweight. When you started 5-6 lbs was a smaller percentage of your total weight so it probably didn't effect the clothing sizes as easily..


- Ooooo, quitting any antidepressant cold turkey is pretty hardcore shock to your hormones & system. Be careful I've had to do it & it made me a real nutjob til they leveled out on their own. I'll be thinking of you!.


- Good luck with your super intense day at work today you can do it!!!!!!..

Comment #12

Okay, so NOT sure how I never tried it before BUT.

I am officially in love with the Chocolate Crunch bars..

I ordered a box on my last mini-order of the more convenience type foods & I am in heaven!.

NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #13

LOL Ash! I love the bars too but alas they really hate me..

I miss the bars like crazy!!.

Where has everyone been lately...we are missing SOOOO many members lately..

Comment #14


- ::CLOMPS:: Heck yeah I've missed you! How are you girly? Welcome back!..

Comment #15

Having a really hard time fighting a depression right now. Just part of the joys of being bipolar..

I kept thinking I would come back when I got back on track. Finally admitted I wasn't going to get back on track until I came back .....

Comment #16

{{Hugs}} So sorry to hear that. I understand...I have several family memebers with either depression or that are Bipolar or both. So sorry you are going through the ringer right now. If you need anything at all know we are here!.

Glad you are back on and I have had that revelation many a time before. Best of luck!..

Comment #17

Hi Carolyn,.

It has to be tough fighting with both depression and bipolar...

Comment #18


- LOVE your haircolor in your pic! Welcome back! We will always be here, when you need us. I have been having similar bouts with my inner child voice demanding fattening foods when I feel emotional you know you are not alone!..

Comment #19

Hey Vixens!.

I had a good weekend. yesterday kinda sucked 'cuz I was prepping for a colonoscopy and it wasn't fun. I had the procedure today and it went well. The prep was the worst part..

Hey Welcome back.






That is awesome news about TanMan! How far away is the tournament? You stay over?.

I'm getting kind of sleepy so I'm going to put my head down before the kids get home...

Comment #20

Thanks for the welcome back.

Today is day one and going ok considering I'm still sick with sinus stuff. At least the food part is going ok. Glad to be back, I missed it. All my clothes were starting to get too tight!..

Comment #21


- Ugh colonoscopy! So not fun. Hope your head feels better after your cat nap..

I had an amazing weekend probably one of the best weekends of my life, um, EVER?.

My friend Davis came down Friday night & stayed over. We watched Community episodes til we fell asleep. Got up early & had an amazing breakfast at Denny's. We went disc golfing (which was a first for me!) & he taught me all kinds of neat stuff about the sport. I knew we had a disc golfing course near my house but had never gone before Saturday. After we finished up there I stopped by my houe to pack a bag & we drove down to AC.

He had front row & center seats to see Aziz Ansari! Such a good show. I laughed my behind off. And it was all FREE! His parents are big spenders down there so the room & tickets were comped. Davis took us out to dinner after the show & we took our time driving back to my house the next morning..

Then later Sunday I drove up to visit my friend's who just had their son in September. I am an unofficial godmom of sorts so I like to visit him whenever I can. They made a delish dinner of chicken boobs & steamed veg. They also made homemade ice cream came out a bit soupy & then played a board game..

ALL IN ALL a jampacked and chock full o' fun weekend for Ashtastic!!..

Comment #22


- Sorry for the sinus stuff.


- your weekend sounds AWESOME!! So glad you had such a great time!.


- Hope you feel better..

Comment #23

SO QUIET!!!!!!!.

I promise I will try to bring up more topics or something tomorrow.

I am signing off for the evening! Hope everyone has a 100% OP evening & I shall see ya tomorrow!..

Comment #24



! Glad you are back!.


... how long till you leveled out, yeah I am a total freak.. so much so that I am considering a doc visit tomorrow to go back on them...not cool..... Your weekend sounded super fun...



So glad alls well!!.


Did you end up having date night?.

Thanks everyone, yeah we will stay over 2 nights most likely- it's in woodburn or about 3.5 hrs from here ... weigh ins are fri night 4-7 , then the tournament is all day saturday.. last year it wasnt over until midnight...

I'm making the fam a chx pasta/bean soup hope it turns out good.....

Comment #25

Good afternoon/evening everyone. So sorry I didnt say goodbye before work, time got away from me and I had to head out.

My Hubby stayed home from work today his back is really bothering him.

His Mom gave him a really good massage last night and I just told him that he needs to drink lots of water.

Ash your weekend sounds like lots of fun, is your friend just a friend or more?.

Sure is quiet these days, Sure do miss Melly & Dawn.

HI CAROLYN, missed you lots and hope you start feeling better.

Charla maybe you need to see the Dr. and get a lower dose of meds and not go completely off of them right now. I would hate to see you get messed up or have thyroid issues.

Hi Heather.

Sorry about your prep day..

Comment #26

Thanks girls. I'm just glad it's over! I got the colonoscopy early due to family history of polyps. I never got a nap because Ri came home. Oh well. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight..

My weekend leading up to Sunday was really nice. Friday night we went to my niece's school play/musical Sweet Charity. It was a really great production!.

Sat, Iz had her soccer games but wasn't feeling too well so we left after the first one. MIL came over to stay w/ Iz and we picked up my gf to go to Ri's school's bball game at Villanova Univ. It was so exciting!! They ended up losing but were the underdogs and did really well, they weren't expected to go as far as they did and they held their own. Ri cheered and that was exciting in a college gym!.

We went to dinner w/ my gf and her hubby (he met us after the game) and Ri. I had my "last meal" so to speak, because I was on a liquid diet on Sunday and couldn't eat until after the procedure today..


Your weekend sounded AMAZING!!! I love Aziz!.

Charla. that is pretty far away for the tournament! It's gonna be a long weekend!..

Comment #27



Sorry about hubby's back. I can't see my MIL giving my hubby a massage. His back has been bothering him too..

Thanks about my prep was pretty awful but I kept telling myself it was better than colon cancer!..

Comment #28

My MIL is really good at working on people, she's been trained in alot of health stuff, she does pressure points and what not..

Comment #29

Good Morning All!.


- Thats cool about your MIL!.


- sorry you didnt get your nap, hope you got a great nights sleep..


- I agree that going cold turkey can be hard, and not generally recomended. Do you mind me asking what the reason to go off was? Maybe you just need a lower dose instead..

I did not end up doing date night as I was sick and now he says he is busy for the next two weeks, and so am I honestly...

Comment #30


I agree..that is cool about your MIL!.



! I did get good night's sleep. I was even up before the alarm w/out feeling exhausted!!.

I ordered 4 new Firm workout dvds with my tsfl reward points and they all came on SAturday! I did one this morning. The power 1/2 hour. It was great!.

Ok..I'm off now. Have a great OP day ladies!!!!..

Comment #31

It takes almost 6 weeks to work it all out of your system I won't lie to you, it is NOT fun. I feel for you Mama. You might want to ask your doc about a lower dose or different type of antidepressant as sometimes your serotonin levels never regulate on their own again once your brain gets dependent on having a medication to assist. I don't mean to scare you but it's hard to function when you are riding an emotional rollercoaster as you probably are right now. I guess it depends on WHY you cold turkeyed them but if it was a matter of you didn't like how they made you feel or you couldn't afford or ran out of them, your Doc should def be able to help you find a different one, etc. Samples help out too!!.

Good luck!..

Comment #32

*from backreading*.


- Davis is someone I adore & would be content dating in a more serious way but unfortunately he lives so far away that us seeing each other more than an occasional weekend is very impractical. We met a couple years ago when I was JUST single after my exfiance broke it off. Davis was also JUST outside of his big breakup with a longterm girlfriend who broke his heart. We kinda supported each other through that rough time & it's nice when we can hang out together. He is such a gentleman & I appreciate our time together..


- Aziz was hilarious! He told us that "Raaaaaaaandy" was getting some pleasure by an active volcano & fell in, so I am thinking Aziz is ready to move beyond that character. If anyone has seen Funny People with Adam Sandler & Seth Rogen, that's where "Raaaaaaaandy" comes from. I was SO close. I could have reached out & shook his hand! My aunt we lost in July had colon cancer so I am glad you are being proactive she was only 46 when the Doc discovered the polyp...

Comment #33

Thats cool Ash, I have a friend like that also, Ive known him since my 10th grade year..

Comment #34

Sorry I am not very chatty, I cant think of anything to say..

Comment #35


- Cool! That's nice. Is he someone your husband is jealous of or is it strictly a friends only attachment with your friend?.

Davis and I met with intentions of dating but realized quickly the distance was pretty far. We still go on dates and spend the occasional weekend together but it's not often enough to be in a relationship..

I would be ecstatic to be his girlfriend but I am not sure how living nearly 90 minutes from each other would work out. I've thought about looking for a place closer to him if I can sell my house but I'd hate to move to be near someone who hasn't expressed a desire to make it exclusive..

In an ideal world, no distance is too far for love but in the real world it never seems to work out that way. For now, it's nice to be romanced, wined & dined every now & then. He made me feel like a spoiled wifey this weekend & it was a nice adventure..

Comment #36


, so glad your colonoscopy is over. My coworker's husband just had one. They were both nervous wrecks before hand..

Who is going off their meds? Be careful there! Every time I have decided to do that without consulting my doctor has led to a very bad crash..

It seems on the quiet side. Where are.








, etc.?.


, want me to do some QoDs?..

Comment #37

Oh no Ashlee, sorry about Davis..

I'm still supposed to meet that guy from Nova Scotia. I even have my tickets. We've been talking the better part of 7 years and are finally gonna meet. The distance does suck...

Comment #38

Random Questions of the Day.

1. Meatloaf said he "would do anything for love, but I(he) won't do that" - what is "that" for you? When you are/were dating, what were your dealbreakers?.

2. Computer "tablets" like iPad & Motorola ZOOM trendy EXTRA computer or a great alternative for the laptops/smart phone? Why?.

3. What shoes are you wearing today? What are your FAVORITE pair of shoes you currently own?.

4. If you could suggest a new Puffs Medifast meal flavor what would you pick?.

Bonus - Lean & Green meal today??..

Comment #39

Lordy, I have to update my weight loss ticker and it is BAD. I don't wanna do it...

Comment #40

I was going to ask how that went when are you going to buckle down & board that flight????.

And no sorry needed for Davis he is very upfront & has never done anything to make me sad or disappoint me. And that is pretty huge in comparison to other guy's I've met. Davis makes my heart smile when I think of him..

Comment #41

1. Meatloaf said he "would do anything for love, but I(he) won't do that" - what is "that" for you? When you are/were dating, what were your dealbreakers?.

Emotional/physical/sexual abuse. Someone who can't keep a job. I also hate to admit it, but I am kinda an intellectual snob when it comes to men I am involved with. I would want someone smart. I also don't want a right wingnut. I don't mind conservative, but I do mind the Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck/Ann Coulter/Rush Limbaugh frothing at the mouth mindset.

2. Computer "tablets" like iPad & Motorola ZOOM trendy EXTRA computer or a great alternative for the laptops/smart phone? Why?.

Trendy, but I still want one..

I would actually like an iPad that I can use as both an eReader and a game playing tool. Cuz I'm a dork..

3. What shoes are you wearing today? What are your FAVORITE pair of shoes you currently own?.

Boring black loafers. I don't have a favorite pair at the moment. Since putting on weight in my and getting all the way up to almost 290, my feet started to bother me terribly and I've had to opt for comfort over style. I'm really looking forward to being able to choose fashion over comfort one of these days. The two truly do not go hand in hand well, or if they do, they do at great price!.

4. If you could suggest a new Puffs Medifast meal flavor what would you pick?.

Brain fart here. I wonder how a sweets puff would taste? Like caramel flavored?..

Comment #42

Hi Ladies,.

Charla be careful with going off meds. I did that and had a SERIOUS crash. I went to a dark place that I didn't like at all. I decided that it was better to stay on them and be on the even keel, than be in the dark place..

Last month I was having a REAL tough time and saw a new doctor. He upped my meds and put me on Wellbutrin. I am in a 10x better place now and am actually content. I am not a zombie at all. My attention span has gotten 10x better. I can actually SIT and focus on a task without going 90 different directions. The negative side is that the meds have completely killed my appetite and I need to remind myself to eat some days...

Comment #43

Ash- Yes my Husband has been jealous, it's a friends only relationship now but in the past we had more feelings for each other, but we have never done anything (kiss, etc.) so I think that helps my Husband on the jealousy part knowing that we have never acted on our feelings.

Gotta run to work, catch up later I am running behind today..

Comment #44

Katie, yeah, been there with the meds. Such a bad place..

Tiny-minded person moment here .... do any of you guys ever find yourself feeling intimidated or discouraged by other people's fabulous success stories? Sometimes they just make me think, "I can't" and I feel like quitting. Weird, huh?..

Comment #45

Random Questions of the Day.

1. Meatloaf said he "would do anything for love, but I(he) won't do that" - what is "that" for you? When you are/were dating, what were your dealbreakers?.

Distance usually seems to be my downfall. I am not very picky about appearances or bad habits. When I am into someone, I can ignore most of the traditionally annoying stuff that might be a dealbreaker for most people..

2. Computer "tablets" like iPad & Motorola ZOOM trendy EXTRA computer or a great alternative for the laptops/smart phone? Why?.

Well, I want one. But I can't see paying for them because they need "service" contracts for the internet on them..

3. What shoes are you wearing today? What are your FAVORITE pair of shoes you currently own?.

Black mary janes. My only other pair of shoes I can wear are athletic ones - they are Under Armour jet black with dark pink accents.

4. If you could suggest a new Puffs Medifast meal flavor what would you pick?.

Sour Cream & Onion!.

Bonus - Lean & Green meal today??.

Taco Salad with green sauce (tomatillo salsa)..

Comment #46

Clarification - it's not that I don't want people to succeed, it's just that I feel like I am never going to be a success..

Lot of negative thinking going on in my head...

Comment #47


- I heart wellebutrin, got me through a VERY dark place back in college. I'm on Celexa now..


- I puffy heart you...just so you know. I have issues with distance too. But Davis does sound great. I'm glad your heart smiles!.


- Dont feel discouraged. I have had MANY trips UP the scale before. I have gone off the deep end more times than I care to count. But this last go around I have been calm and haven't really had issues. I am sending you calming feeling. With were I am at in my journey a part of my brain keeps telling me I will sabatoge myself next week and the weekend of the 19th when my lil sister is down.

I'm a dork. No one has it really all together. No one. Since I am being Neg. in my head too right now I need to listen to my own advice...but thats harder than giving the advice.


- Glad you have such a great friend. I miss my Alabama friends sooo much...

Comment #48

Random Questions of the Day.

1. Meatloaf said he "would do anything for love, but I(he) won't do that" - what is "that" for you? When you are/were dating, what were your dealbreakers?.

Distance, I too am also an intellectual snob and no abuse, and must have a job and the ability to keep a job..

2. Computer "tablets" like iPad & Motorola ZOOM trendy EXTRA computer or a great alternative for the laptops/smart phone? Why?.

Extra Trendy....but I still want one! You'll never convience me you can do spreadsheets easier on those things..

3. What shoes are you wearing today? What are your FAVORITE pair of shoes you currently own?.

My black highheel boots. I actually love these shoes. They are comfortable and have a heel. What more could you want..

4. If you could suggest a new Puffs Medifast meal flavor what would you pick?.

A horrible flavor I would never want to eat. Puffs have MAJOR soy but I heart them so if they did come up with caramel I would prob die from soy and die happy..

Bonus - Lean & Green meal today??.

I was supposed to have taco salad but my tummy seems to be really angery at the taco salad so I got to cook a frozen chicken breast (forgot to take one out) when I get home with some green beans...

Comment #49

Hello everyone and sorry for neglecting. I feel so slammed at work AGAIN!.

I'll get back on shortly and read back a bit and answer the question of the day/week....meanwhile... My threads are messed up. How should they be set so that I can jump th the last and just read backwards? I hope this posts in the right place! LOL..

Comment #50

Hi guys....

Yeah I just ran out of them- celexa 20 mg... my Ob doc B**** nurse wouldnt renew it without being seen.. I was put on them after I had Cooper I had pretty server PP depression/anxiety. I also have taken just about ever one out there at some time starting in about 2001... , In Jan 2008 when I found out I was pregnant ( ilost the baby 4 months along) I quit them cold turkey and went until Cooper was born 10/09 ( so nearly 2 years) without them..

To be honest with you my husband is giving me he** about going back on them.. he finds me weak and thinks I am trying to escape life and they are unneccesary.. sooooo thats why I havent been to the doc.. he doesnt understand. Hes never been on them( although he should be, he is very bi polar.

.. ) anyways he wants me to kick them .. so hes guilting me into not going.. and truly I am a mess.. honestly I cant think and am crying all the time and a total bit** one sec, nice the next... but it's also TOM...

Thanks for all the advice/concerns......

Comment #51


- Big Hugs! So sorry you are going through that right now.

Trust your body and do what is right for you! My dad's the same exact way, but late in life he has finally come around. I am so sorry you are being guilted into not being on meds you need. So sorry sweeite. I have much harsher words I want to say right now, but am refraining. PLEASE dont let him tell you what to take or not to take. That is between you and your Doctor...

Comment #52


..after reading all the feedback on the meds from the girls here, I'm worried about you!! Even if you want to "kick" them, you probably should have weaned off them...

Comment #53


I think it's all in the way you look at it. When I was on the weight loss portion of MF, I always checked the T & M thread and the success story threads to get and keep me motivated...

Comment #54

This is the first night in a long time that we don't have anything to do or anywhere to go! The girls are both home!.


I'm sorry about your aunt. That is so young! I'm really glad I got it done now.I hate going to the doctor so it was a big step for me to do this..

Davis sounds like a sweetie!..

Comment #55



! It is nerve wracking leading up to it!.

Sheila is super busy with her fashion design/jewelry lines taking over the world..

Merz and Taylor are both on vacation..

Not sure about Dawn...."come out come out wherever you are!"..

Comment #56

I was in a meeting from 1 pm until 4. I went in really early again and had to stay late for that meeting..

The wellbutrin has been fantastic. The only problem I have had is the total lack of appetite. I mean I really have to force myself to eat. I have never experienced that. Sometimes I just eat small meals during the day for the lean and green. I just can't eat that much food at once. I go back to the dr on the 14th so I am going to find out if that is normal...

Comment #57

Weightloss and Wellbutrin is normal. Not sure if total lack of appetite is normal but a decreased appetite is. I am having that same issue now due to the gastritis. I half my L&G and eat one half as soon as I get home and the other half at the normal time of 7:30. Its the only way I can do it right now. Maybe you could stry spliting your L&G?..

Comment #58

Morning Glories!.

I have awesome news!!! I am going to go see Wicked!!! My sister is buying us great seats! I am so very excited to see it.

On an unrelated note we are having an accountants meeting on Monday & Tuesday next week. They all get in Sunday night and we are meeting and eating at Wing House (think Hooters). W.T#H can I eat there??? HELP!!..

Comment #59

Okay we will also most likely eat here on Monday night:.

Liam Fitzpatricks.

Can some of you WONDERFUL vetrans and eating out extrodinars help me (AHEM.




). I havent eatten on while on this diet other than the Outback..

I was thinking of this off the second page of the menu..

Herb Sirloin with Gorgonzola Crust.

10 ounce sirloin topped with gorgonzola, served with parsley potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

And just scrape off the gorganzola and ask for double seasonal veggies instead of parsley potatoes. The other steaks are just too expensive for a casual buisness dinner. Although I wont be drinking so I will be saving money there..

Does my assesment sound right?..

Comment #60

I have been having to spilt my lean and green. I just can't eat it all at once. The dr did tell me that I should not be shocked when the appetite is decreased. Last night I felt SO sick because I didn't have a full stomach when I took it. It was a fight to eat yesterday because I was so afraid of throwing up at work..

Today I am going out to lunch with friends and am planning on just eating the salad bar and having soup later on..

The days that I have an appetite it is not nearly as hard as it used to be for controlling it...

Comment #61

Morning Vixens!.


- I'm sorry about those circumstances but I have TOTALLY been where you are right now. I've never had anyone externally insisting I am weak for being on a medication but I feel like it means I am "broken" sometimes that I HAVE to take a big fat red horsepill every 12 hours. The alternatives were worse though ask Bucky if you two could column A & column B it together. Column A (no meds) = franticness, panic, moodswings, anxiety, general negativity, manic happiness, etc etc & Column B (meds) = balance, peace, calmness, organization, focus, wellbeing etc etc. Maybe if he realizes how you being NOT ON them effects how you potentially react to him & the kids he might understand more? It's frustrating dealing with someone who hasn't walked in those shoes & cannot relate. *hugs*.


- Good choice! You could ask for no gorgonzola (if you want) & once cooked a 10 oz is likely to cook down to about 7.75 or 8 oz. If it were me, I would eat exactly half of the meat & order a side salad in lieu of the potatoes but still get the seasonal veg with the steak. You will have lots of fresh greens in the salad & the dressing on the side will save you calories. I usually elect a ceasar dressing because it has very low carb content based on the 100's of nutritional facts I've scoured over the years. I "fork" my dressing. Before each bite I dip the tongs only of my fork into the side of dressing & then stab the salad for my bite of food.

And thanks for puffy hearting me.

What did I ever do to be so loved?? *bats eyelashes*..

Comment #62


- Just your general awesomeness and willingness to lend a helping hand. Yeah I was planing on eating half the meat only. Just didnt want to ask for no Gorgonzola as I will be with LOTS of coworkers who dont really edit order. I may do it anyways.


- Sorry your meds are giving you a fit.

Good job on spliting the L&G I know MANY MFers who do that anyways to give extra meals. Hope it gets better. Lots of love and warm wishes...

Comment #63

Good morning everyone, I am so tired this morning I did not want to get out of bed..

Comment #64



- we should start a "Morning should start at 10 campain!" I could really get on board with that..

Comment #65


- I used to worry about being that PIA who ordered really specifically but in the end, I want to stay OP more than I want to please the other guests I am dining with or the waiter. I am one of those people who HATE being a bother in any way, shape or form but Medifast has forced me to be a nudge at times and I kinda don't mind as much as I would have in the past. Gorgonzola isn't THAT bad but if it's cooked in it as a "crust" will def add calories & fat to the meat. If you just scrape it off you could be fine. Either way good luck & enjoy. And Wicked will be so much fun! Congrats on going to see with your sis...

Comment #66



! I just looked and they dont have a plain side salad. So I am going to ask for NO Gorg. and two servings of veggies. I will prep my meal at home by eating a few extra veggies before going as I am sure the Seasonal veggies will include carrots and I will ignore those. YAY! I have a plan. Now to figure out WingHouse...

Comment #67


- I have definitely had my days where seeing other's success makes me feel like I have THAT much more to work on to feel a similar success. What I've found is that the day is what determines those feelings not the other's success stories. It's all in our heads, being depressed and all. Letting that inner voice tell you that you can't do something is letting the chemical depression win and we can't let it!!!! I completely relate to what you said but hopefully today is a better day & you might feel inspiration from those same success stories that had you down yesterday...

Comment #68


- Sounds like a plan! It always makes me feel more confident when I have a plan. As for WingHouse there is always the "free" celery that comes with wings LOL..

Comment #69

Im going to shower and see if it helps at all..

Comment #70


- When I clicked the menu I saw that wedge salad - NOM NOM NOM. No bacon - dressing on the side plus shrimp & I am SALIVATING!!!!!! That place sounds neato!..

Comment #71

Amy & Tiffany:.

I definetly agree that mornings should not start until 10 am. I was here at 6:30 and love being in early so I can leave early but there are days that I need SERIOUS caffiene infusion. Today isn't bad but I have a meeting until 4:30 SO, most likely I will go home and crash. It is supposed to rain tonight here, and I am really going to the dr for the crud that I can't get rid of. I am tired of my face feeling like it got hit..

I am seeing some old co-workers for lunch today. They haven't seen me for a while so it should be interesting...

Comment #72

My kids have no school tomorrow or Friday so I can sleep in.

I get up at 5:50 to start getting kids up for school.

I feel a little better after my shower but I think I am gonna have to take some ibuprofen or something..

Comment #73

For some reason an Olive Garden Salad sounds really really yummy right now..

Comment #74


- YES! I am SO eating at the Olive Garden tonight for my L&G! I love love love their salads. The dressing is surprisingly low carb & asking for it on the side makes me heart smile! NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #75

LOL you girls and salad. I hate plain salad. Wouldn't I have to get it without the bacon and cheese, as I am sure it's not low fat and the dressing would be an added fat already that I dont need....right?.

LOL on the free celery. I am hoping my vegetarian boss vetos the WingHouse but I doubt it, the other guys love it so. :shakes head: I will be the only girl in our party LOL, but it has never bothered me, they chose to work there and right on for them having hot bodies..

Amy - sorry you are dragging a bit today. Hope the IB helps..

Comment #76

What do you eat for your lean there? Everything has a sauce or pasta?..

Comment #77

Good morning glories!.

Okay, it is officially Day One back on the plan for me. 3-9-11. My favorite numbers! ROFL! I'm going to change my ticker to my current weight (which is really bad) and start from zero..

I love wedge salads! Oh, and add me to the morning should start at 10 a.m. group..


, I have to admit it concerns me to hear about your husband's attitude. In my early 30's when I first moved to where I live now, I was trying to find some good AA meetings (I'm a recovering alcoholic, too; alcoholism actually often goes hand in hand with Bipolar because of that whole self-medicating thing...) and anyway, I fell in with this group of women my age whom I later came to call "militants." They were completely anti-meds and anti-counseling. They preached that if you worked your program the way you were supposed to, you wouldn't need them. I let them do a lot of damage to me because I was suffering from clinicial depression at the time and trying to not have to take meds because I was trying to be one of them and feeling guilty for even go to a doctor about my mental health issues..

Long story short, I ended up hospitalized because my depression got so bad. Please, please, listen to your body. There is NO SHAME in needing medication. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...

Comment #78


- I order the "mixed grill" but swap the steak for chicken - it's basically just double the amount of grilled chicken boobs on skewers with grilled veggies. I don't eat any potato or sides that come with it. I LOVE the OG Salad so hard!!! It's worth it to eat the dressing on the side & pick out the stuff in the salad that isn't OP...

Comment #79

I may have to get an Outback salad on my way home. You guys have me salivating!..

Comment #80

I do have to say that all my time on MF, Salad dressing has never once affected my weight loss, but I prefer just a dab on my salads not drowning it.

Ash- I am super jealous.

Im feeling a little better now, I took some ib and some coffee lol..

Comment #81

So today is my Friday I am so glad, and tomorrow I have no plans until the evening, I have a board meeting and conferences for my kids and then Friday morning I have a hair apt.

Woohoo I love getting my hair done.

Ok Glee time..

Comment #82

I'll keep that in mind of OG, thanks Ash..

For Liam's I think I am going to stick with eating some of my veggies before I go and eat half of the steak w/o Gorg, and eat the seasonal veggies. I'm not a big resturant salad person, and I usually split my L&G anyways..


Comment #83

YAY for the today being friday Amy! I love hair appts! Glad you are starting to feel better!.

I just printed out our Wicked Tickets!!! YAY!! They are sooo pretty!!!.

I have never been a salad person. I like lettuce okay but I have issues with raw tomatoes for some reason. IDK...I'm defective...

Comment #84

Tiff- I cant stand tomatoes, I never eat them unless it's ketchup or spaghetti sauce.

Oh Carolyn- I am soooooo happy to see you back..

Comment #85

LOL Amy - I only eat them as a sauce for mexican or italian dishes. I dont even like Ketchup..

Comment #86

Bwwaaahaaahaaaa did any of you watch last nights Glee?? Its hilarious..

Comment #87

I ate so many tomatoes as a toddler that I had an acid ring burn under my bottom lip from the juice of the raw tomatoes sitting on my skin while I gummed & nummed the summer tomatoes. Could be that I live in New Jersey because our fresh big fat tomatoes are the ISH!!!!..

Comment #88

Back from lunch with my friends. My one friend who saw me in October can not get over how much weight I have lost. She is like, you look fantastic. She knows how upset I was when I gained the weight back. her and I shared an office for a long time. We know each other way to well..

The other two I worked with but hadn't seen. The last time they saw my I was skinny so I looked no different to them..

I managed to eat a salad from the salad bar. I ate it slow and made it last. I could have gotten a 2nd trip but knew it would have been to much food. I will eat the other half of my lean and green tonight. I also had just eaten a meal about an hour before so I wasn't wasn't ravenous...

Comment #89

Oh I didn't say good mornin' yet! (afternoon here). How are you fine ladies?.

You are making me hungry w/ all this restaurant talk..

I was doing '5th grade committee' stuff this morning. Helping sort through the class gifts (monogrammed beach towels), checking the spelling of the names and that we had everybody (we didn't). We got them sorted by class too. phew! Also discussed the party and memory book that I'm pretty much handling..

I got the car washed even though we're expecting tons of rain. It was disgusting! Had to make a bunch of calls and do some emails too. Oh and laundry....


Yay for your Friday! Glee was awesome last night!!.


It's so great to have you back here..

That's about it for me..


..I ADORE Wicked!!! I think I'll go listen to the soundtrack again.We've seen it love love!!!..

Comment #90

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.