Does the Nutrisystem for teens work?

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First question I have is Does the Nutrisystem for teens work? Thanks in advance for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. 1. I think I know the answer, but let me toss it out for man-advice..

I have about 10-15 polo style shirts that are faded or have a small cat hole or the like. Some are more office type, some more casual. They are not really nice enough to wear for work anymore. All are size large and I am starting to be able to wear them..

Should I keep them around to wear at home just lounging? How about for exercise? Is that dorky? With exercise T-shirts, I wear those into the ground as I figure some gnarliness means it looks like you work out a lot..

Or should I just pitch them and recover space? Maybe treat myself to new wardrobe at goal?.

2. Also, I have a hard time with size. Even when trim, it seems like a large tends to shrink if I ever let it in the dryer and I hate it when they pull out of your pants from being short.. But XL can be a little big. But I am only 5-8. Who the heck wears medium or small?.

3. I used to take work shirts to cleaners but it is so expensive, started ironing them myselves. dress hsirts are only a buck and more of a hassle, so I still get those cleaned. But polos, I just wash and line dry and iron the collars. I can't figure out if I should have an even amount of collar all the way around or at the ends of the collar kind of flare down so the end is flat...

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Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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I know what you mean about shrinking in the dryer, and as a fat person, I'm especially concerned about it, because rarely do shirts have extra room to begin with....

So I lay them all out flat and dry them, skipping the dryer altogether. Works for me..

What do you mean by "cat hole"? You mean a hole created by cat claws? If that's what you mean, I'm familiar with that problem too as I have two cats. It's hell keeping them out of the closet, but unless I want shirts with cat holes, I've got to be diligent about it..


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Yeah...I have evening pick up in work clothes...

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Don't buy too many new ones. When you hit goal you will be wearing mediums. Wanna Bet?..

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With all due respect, that's a load of crap. All of my polos are technical fabrics of all sorts, and they ALL wrinkle. I do agree that you need to toss the old polos and get some that fit, and I DO agree that the technical fabrics are the best..

However, they do wrinkle and you can iron them on the lowest steam setting on your iron. I can iron an entire polo very crisply in about 2 minutes max on a slow day. The collar will depend on the cut and make of your shirt. In general though, you want to start with the ends, and match that length showing along the entire collar as you iron. I prefer to iron my collars sharp and crisp, with no rolling. That also prevents the collar tips from curling upwards..

Honestly, ironing dress shirts is not that much harder than ironing polos. The only REAL difference is that the sleeves will usually be longer, and you have to iron the side with buttons, but geeze, that takes about 3 extra seconds. I've got it down to such a science that I don't like other people to iron my shirts, not even the cleaners...

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I'm not going to buy them until I hit goal. But I'm not buying medium. I'm not even sure if I will by large. Hate when they shrink if you scrw up enven once with the dryer...

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Don't dry them on hot/cotton, whatever the highest setting on your dryer happens to be. Since using the low or air dry settings my clothing lasts longer and does not shrink to the same extent..

If you can, line dry them, either outside or in the dryest part of your home...

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