Does this web iPage hosting service suit my needs?

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First question I have is Does this web iPage hosting service suit my needs? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... Is it possible and legal to add my store copyright above the powered by oscommerce copyrights? If so, how do I do this?..

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The answer is Yes, however you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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Yes it is legal and you would do it in the footer section of catalog\includes\languages\english.php. Look for.


Which should be at the bottom of english.php...

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Just tried to change the english.php file to reflect my shops name as copyright, but leaving the 'powered by: osCommerce' intact. This didn't work very well. Aparently it caused a parse error. Now obviously I've done something wrong al though by the life of me I can't see it..

Any tip would be greatly appreaciated..



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Try putting the character \ in front of your quotes, so like \"..

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Done, but it doesn't change anything. The full error message I get is:.

I've removed the \'s again. Anyone?..

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Well it looks good, please paste your whole english.php file as I am sure there must be another mistake elsewhere.....

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First of all do not use the osc File Manager to edit your text because it tends to delete some \.

Download the file to your computer, edit it the upload to your server.

On a clean includes/languages/english.php line 79 is.

Define('BOX_HEADING_WHATS_NEW', 'What\'s New?');.


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That's what I thought too. I'm not a programmer and I can't read PHP, but basically I only changed what was already there and never touched the coding. By the way, it was also the only thing I've changed in the english.php file ever. I did later - as you will see - change the TITLE to my shop's name, but I'd already had the above mentioned error message then, so the mistake is not there..

Here's my full english.php:.

Thanks guys...

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Aha, I did use the osc file manager, because on my computer it throws everything in one line and becomes impossible to find anything. But that must be it, because when I tried putting the \'s in front of my quotes in the copyright statement as suggested earlier and went back to remove them they were already gone. So that must be the answer..

Can anyone suggest a text editor that keeps the layout of the file intact?..

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Never mind. Found one. Wordpad leaves it intact. The parse error on line 79 is now solved, thanks to The_Bear..

Now I've got one on line 146. I bet it's the same sort of thing. Now to find out what line 146 is.....

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Just do a search on google for PHP Editor.

And line 146 is.

Define('JS_REVIEW_TEXT', '* The \'Review Text\' must have at least 'REVIEW_TEXT_MIN_LENGTH' characters.\n');.


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Fixed. No more parse errors! Thanks, The_Bear. I'll also have a look for one of those PHP editors. Seems like a highly necessary download to me...

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Yes, I can recommend EditPad Lite. I found this just about the time I started using OScommerce last fall, and I love this text editor. Has the speed of notepad, the multilpe windows of Word, and the simplicity of other notpad programs..


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Is it possible and legal to add my store copyright above the powered by oscommerce copyrights? If so, how do I do this?..

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Yes, find the file, includes/languages/english.php and look for the line.

Define('FOOTER_TEXT_BODY', 'some text here');.

And just add to the some text here part what you want in the footer.....

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