Does Valery from the Nutrisystem commercials piss you off?

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First question I got is Does Valery from the Nutrisystem commercials piss you off? Thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Hello all,.

Let me start by saying that I am now almost finished my 3rd week. So far so good. It seems like most of the discussion boards are dominated by women and thats ok, I am just more interested in what other guys are experience(d) on the plan. I start @ 342.5lbs and so far I am down 15lbs. I have several goals initially I am hoping to drop atleast 30lbs by New Years. My ultimate goal right now is 200, but I may try to go a little lower.

Nutrisystem counselor said I can add 2 protiens and a fruit, but I tend to have those earlier after I workout. Anyone experience something similar?.

Also any advice/tips would be appreciated..

P.S.- things I have done well with so far.

-asking the counselors questions as they arise.

-following the plan.

-drinking 10-15 cups of water/day.

-exercising 20-40 mins @ least 4x/week.

-taking the stairs at work.

-avoiding cravings (I live in the New Orleans CBD and the place across the street from where I live sells fried chicken 24/7; it smells so wonderful in the evenings) I promise I won't eat it. I want to be healthy more than I want fried chicken...

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Yes sir! however you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

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Jgommie - Welcome aboard and congrats on losing 15 pounds. Make sure this is the last time you see those 15 pounds..

I agree with Tx. Take alot of before pictures and measurments right now before you lose too much more weight. I did not. I wish I did now. It gives you something other than the scale to measure your success by. You are goint to need it.

As much as it pains me to say so,.

I agree with Poly. Big salads have been a key for me. I just finished one for lunch. Make them as big as you can. Poly likes to save his from dinner and have it with his evening snack. I think that is a good idea..

I would encourage you to get the high end of your water every day. It helps with the hunger..

You have lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. I think you will have no problem getting to 30 pounds by New Years. By then you will still be dropping a good clip..

As you drop weight your body's need for calories will drop. This will cause to increase your exercise. This can be minutes, speed or incline. But do not hurt yourself..

Finally, I have gotten so much from these boards. I do not post all that often but I come in to Men's Room everyday. Ask for help. Participate in the challeneges..

If I can do this you can do this...

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Thanks, all great advice. I will absolutely take more pics, and yeah a salad a night seems like a good idea. It always helps to see what the successful people have done. I plan to join the ranks of great sucess stories. I plan to reach my goal by the end of 2010. I think that will be a reasonable amount of time.

Weekly loss? I am figuring if I can avg. about 2lbs a week over the next 61 weeks should be enough to reach my goal...

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That sounds like a solid goal of 2lbs/week.

You may hit some bumps in the road - just jump back on the horse..

Drink lots of water and eat lots of salad - don't let salad get boring tho, change it up from time to time. ask poly for his salad tips.....

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Make sure to drink all the water and eat everything that the plan lists, especially the add-ins. You'll find you will be more full than you expect, and the late night hunger will subside. That used to be my toughest time of the day, but it got better after a while (can't remember exactly how long it took)...

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Jgommie, Welcome!.

Sounds like you've got your head on straight and are already succesfully following the plan. You've come up with a reasonable loss rate estimation and know how long it will take. That's a BIG thing! Helps to take the long view so the eventual bumps in the road don't throw you. Hang out here with all us losers, glean what you can and join the discussions. It helps to keep you focused when you're being transparent and accountable to others. You may want to get a ticker.

See you around!.


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I second the ticker from (the one in my signature and a bunch of other peoples'). It costs $18.50 a year for the non-free version, which is worth it - it's a nice way to see (and show!) a couple different measurements of your progress, and it will also visually remind you of times when you go flat, or even up in a week, so you remember what went wrong then and try to avoid similar mistakes in the future..

Weigh-in only once a week. Every-day weighing can be misleading. Measure success by how you feel in clothes (it becomes amazingly easy to tell how you're doing just by how a pair of pants feels compared to last time you put them on), in addition to what you see on the scale..

As for late-night eating, I get the same thing. Two things I do about it. First, space out the dinner items. I usually eat a piece of toast with peanut butter. Then maybe an hour later, I'll have my Nutrisystem meal (usually poured over one of those microwave bags of steamed vegetables - that's another tip - fill up on vegetables; I know they give measurements for a serving, but you don't really have to worry about having too many veggies). Then after a while I'll have some fruit for my "first dessert." Then, later, I'll have one of the Nutrisystem snack/dessert items.

Second, if I'm still hungry later after that (which usually I am because I stay up quite late), I'll have a sugar free jello. They are 10 calories and are one of the "free foods" on the Nutrisystem plan. I find they give me just enough satisfaction to quiet my stomach and otherwise quell any cravings before I go to bed. I really like the lime flavor.....

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I agree with bond james bond, don't weigh yourself daily - I weigh in for the challenges I am on both friday and monday, that's it. otherwise, you'll go mad...1x a week is probably best. yes, you can feel it in those jeans loosening..

I have sugar free jello too, but I never made it, maybe i'll do that tonight and let you know the outcome.

Speaking of jeans, I was able to go down a size, but my wife saw me in them and noticed the "muffin top".

How embarrassing...took them right off...need to lose more b4 I put them on..

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I just buy the 6-pack jello cups. I'm fancy like that...

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Try no sugar added sweet pickles late at night. It kills any cravings..

Try a protien shake after you work out to help the hunger..

1 cup FF milk.

1/2 banana.

1 serving chocolate protien powder. Mine is two scoops/27g protien..

1 ice cube.

Blend in blender..

If none of these work, eat more salad...

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Pickles work for me too. kosher ones in the fridge section are sugar free and a bit lower in salt...

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Congrats on your first 15 and welcome to the forums. My advice would be to just stick to the plan. It works great. Just a couple of tips that work for me when hunger or cravings strike. Sugar Free Gum, Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers or Sugar Free Life Savers really knock down the cravings for me. I also keep those six packs of sugar free jello in the fridge for late night cravings, filling and free..

Oh and drink the water (since it just cant be repeated enough)..

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Welcome jgommie and congrats on your first 15.

Everyone here has already given you solid advice....

I do the same thing as 007 does...I spread parts of my dinner meal and evening snack times out a little more so that I curb my evening hunger. For instance, I will eat my entree + vegetable/fruit servings at dinner time and then maybe an hour or hour and a half later I will eat my carb servings (1 extra carb serving for 100+ to lose) and my fat serving. I usually have 1 Orowheat sandwich thin with 1 tsp of Peanut Butter (2 carb, 1 fat). Sometimes I will save my fruit serving and add slices of half a banana on top of that. It's really good!.

Then I have my evening snack a couple of hours later. If I'm still hungry I will do what mesturge does and have a piece of sugar-free gum or candy..

I've also noticed that I don't get as hungry as I did during my first few weeks of the program (I'm in my 5th week). So it just takes time to adjust to the program as well...

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Welcome aboard Jgommie..

Lots of great advice from these guys, it's all good...just take it one day at a time and keep on the plan as long as possible. Try to get a couple months straight before making adjustments..

Stay active on the boards too, it's always a big help to compare notes and all these guys are very helpful. I truly don't know how well I would have done without some of these awesome guys in here..

Good luck on your journey, I have a feeling you will be another success story...

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