Does weight watchers and Nutrisystem work?

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Got a question... Does weight watchers and Nutrisystem work? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. Guys, I am going on a cruise to the caribean in about 2 months. This is our first time, and need some help. On the daily excursions, are there ideas for what to do? I know they are island specific, but I am speaking more general than that. Should we go sailing, or do you really want to get off of the water, do you want to tour the island, or just sit on a beach? You have the idea, Thanks!..

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Yep, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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We've done several cruises over the past few years, and really loved it. I'd say the shore excursions were the most memorable moments. 2 of our cruises were in the caribbean, which islands are you going to? It really depends on where you are going as to the advice I'd give. I would recommend that you go to and check out their forums, tons of advice there. They also have roll calls for all the sailings where you can meet people you'll be sailing with in advance, in fact many people plan shore excursions together. They also have ports of call forums where there is loads of info on what to do at each island..

As far as eating, Sean is right! But the thing to remember is that you can have a bight or 2 of things, you don't have to clean your plate. You can get healthy alternatives in the dining room, but you might have to ask. All the ships we've been on have full gyms and exercise classes, plus small jogging tracks that are heavily used. Join the exercisers and eat light, stay away from the heavy eating crowd..

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Hey Robert,.

My advice would be to book things with local operators rather than through the cruise ship as much as possible. For example, I'm a diver, and I would never go on a dive with a cruise ship. Too many new or very occasional divers, big crowds, crappy locations, and waaayyy over priced. When we did a cruise I booked day trips on the islands we were visiting ahead of time. It worked out great, and we got away from the cattle herding that is a cruise ship port visit, and got to see a less visited side to the various islands we visited...

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I try to go on a cruise every other year. Like Bill said it really depends on what Islands you are going to on what do. I personally love to go to the Mayan ruins and walk around them just find them fascinating. Last time we went the ship had a Golf pro on board so I signed up for golf lessons for every day we were at Sea and played gold in Jamaica at the White Which golf course. I learned that if your wife doesnt want to play she can pay a ride along fee I think Jamaicas was like 50 dollars and she and you can share a golf cart. She gets all the views and you get a great day on a beautiful course...

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We've done a couple cruises. We swam with the dolphins, went snorkeling, did a shopping excursion. There are all kinds of excursions, it depends what your interest are. We visited a private island where we found conch shells and sand dollars. We've done the glass bottom boat thing...Get the itinerary and do some research. You will love it!..

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Going to Aruba, Curcao, Dominica, and St. Thomas. Sean is the only one to say: stick to land. In St. Thomas, we will be sailing, that is a given! I was thinking at the other locations to stick to the land, to many waves, too much motion. We are all athletes and love to be active..

Thanks for the advice and the website Rads. I will check it out. BTW, I am already planning on gaining weight, but I plan on doing everything as healthy as possible. I will also take some power bars to keep my belly full! Rum drinks are a different story!..

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Don't ask ME for advice!! I'd eat EVERYTHING in sight on one of those ships!.

I'd also be 100% ON PLAN the weeks leading up to the cruise, then go 100% on return..


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Personally, I think cruises are the best way to see alot of different places for the money. I've been on 3 Caribbean cruises, 1 Alaska cruise and one Mediterranean cruise. In June, I'm taking a 12 day cruise from England to Russia and the Baltic Capitals..

When I went to Aruba, I took a cab to the area where the hotels are and went on the beach. We went swimming and then got on those tubes pulled behind a power boat. It was a blast..

Curacao is very picturesque and I spent the day walking around the town looking at all the colourful buildings..

I've been to St. Thomas on two cruises and the last time I rented a jeep and drove over the mountain to the other side of the island. Meghan's Bay is a beautiful beach and my kids and I had a great time there. Just remember if you rent a car there, THEY DRIVE ON THE LEFT! All of the cars have left hand steering, so you forget easily..

As for making healthy choices, there are plenty of options on the cruise to eat healthy and plenty of choices to totally gain back all the weight you have lost. That part is up to you (I haven't always made the best choices, which is why I'm back on Nutrisystem - to lose it for good this time). Get on the treadmill, use the stairs instead of the elevator when you can (it saves time when everyone is trying to go back up after a show or down to go into port.).

Good luck and enjoy your cruise!.

Mike on Long Island.


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That was my problem last time I did NS. I lost 40 pounds before my Alaska trip and then never got back on the program when I got home..

I will make sure I don't do that this time!.

Mike on Long Island.


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