Does Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem really work?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem really work? Many thanks for any response. My other question... I started Insanity the same day that I started Nutrisystem and bailed out..

I opted for walking, and generally being more fit in my life style... I might do crunches, walk on the treadmill... whatever..

Well... today I started Insanity again. The first thing that they have you do is the fit test... I was happy with my numbers!.

Switch Kicks 36 (+6).

Power Jacks 40 (+10).

Power Knees 60 (+10).

Power Jumps 30 (+10).

Globe Jumps 7 (+2).

Suicide Jumps 7 (+0).

Push-up Jacks 13 (+5).

Low Plank Oblique 30 (+5).

That's a nice improvement in 2 weeks!..

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Of course! although you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Insanity, suicide, power....

There's no hyperbole in the way they've named their workout or exercises is there?..

Comment #2

The only thing I would say Acoustic is your weight is the limiting factor. Why not get 80% to goal, then start Insanity Workouts. Not only is it safer for you, but you don't end up having to eat large quantities of additional calories to sustain these workouts. Just a thought and of course my opinion!..

Comment #3

Although it's a 40 minute work out, you don't have to push as hard as they do in the video. Right now, if it's a 60 second excercise, I may only do 20 seconds..

I'm getting the basically the same work out in 40 minutes that I'm getting in 2 hours of walking... more or less..

As I get closer to my goal, and I'm pushing towards 40 or 50 seconds then I'll start adding additional calories and protein..

Does that make sense?..

Comment #4

Do whatever you enjoy. Also you do not HAVE to add extra food when working out. Do what feels right and is sustainable. You are doing fine.....

Comment #5

Is it possible there is a reason it is called the "insanity" workout?..

Comment #6

Look it up on google, saw some videos from over enthusiastic users which explained the "insanity" moniker. Seems to work though...

Comment #7

Mesturge, What do you do? Looking at your ticker your kicking ass!.

I know I have said it on other posts but I faced a huge dissapointment when I purchased the new digital scale, I added like 15 lbs to what I was on the old scale. Brought me back up to 310..

Do you follow Nutrisystem and do work outs and such?..

Comment #8

Coah - add 15 lbs to your start weight then - makes sense right?.

Then you can feel real ashamed of how large you started...but you are on the right track now, right?..

Comment #9

Welcome coach, to be honest I don't really do much but stick to the meal plan. During the week I spend a lot of time walking around my college campus keeping up with the young ones. On the weekends I try to get in about 3 miles a day walking but don't always have the time. My weight loss to date is largely a result of diet alone. I plan on adding weight training because I feel like Ive certainly lost some muscle mass along the way, but for now Im more concerned with losing overall size..

On a side note, talk about adding pounds. When I started this diet I thought I might be around 330 or 340 at the most. I hadn't weighed myself in years since my scale at the time didn't go over 300. Boy was I in for a shock at 407 lbs.

Damn near made me wanna cry. All water under the bridge now though...

Comment #10

Mesturge, Coach is right you have kicked some serious pounds to the curb. Congrats on that. I guess I have never really looked very closely at your ticker..

Welcome Coach! I was 308 when I started NS. Very close to you now that you got a new scale. I literally started walking on a treadmill for 10 minutes a day. I would a minute each time. When I got it to an hour I added speed and incline. Now I run 3 miles at a time.

Move as long and as fast as your knees will allow and increase it from there. Remember you did not put all of your weight on in one day. You will not take it off in one day either...

Comment #11

But it usually doesn't take you as long to get it off as you took putting it on. And even then we aren't happy with the amount of time it takes..

Patience, patience, patience...

Comment #12

This work out has always intrigued me, keep us posted how it works...

Comment #13

I've lost a total of 10 inches and can now do 3-4 pull-ups!.

It's a blend of cardio and strength training. I can really tell the difference. I did a blog posting on it..

They don't do any modifications, you simply work to your fitness levels... and as long as you dig deeper... you will see improvements!.

I'm a believer...

Comment #14

GREAT job, Acoustic!! I'm a REAL believer in that type of thing. I'm also a believer in lifting, in running, cardio, etc.... There are many paths, Grasshopper! Variety is good..

I just started Crossfit. I'm thinking it has some similarities. It's the missing link between lifting and running IMO. Adds agility, core, and whole body fitness to the mix. I've got to retrain this old body to actually be able to MOVE again! I'm still lifting, but have compressed my 4 muscle groups into 2 days and doing crossfit 3 days. Kicks my BUTT!! Not running much in order to continue knee rehab and increase leg strength.

I really thought it would cripple me when I started - squats, dead lifts, etc - all things I thought would put me seriously down (back, knees), but amazingly, using good technique, it's all been good and I think I'm actually gaining on my overall fitness goals now..

Shooting for one 3mile run and maybe a couple shorter runs a week, if possible and as much as my knees will take. I got tired of repeatedly injuring myself trying to run too much on unfit pegs..

I love trying new things! Muscle confusion is good. Keep it up!!.


Comment #15

Insanity is great, isn't it? The beauty of it is you can work at your own level. I weighed 365 lbs when I started the program and was able to modify it to my ability. The first week I thought I was going to die but now after one month I am realy pushing it. With Insanity and Nutrisystem, I have lost 52lbs since 1/10/2010. If a big guy like me can do it anybody can. You just can't give up, have to keep moving and really push yourself...

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