Does yahoo iPage web hosting include unlimited domains?

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First question I have is Does yahoo iPage web hosting include unlimited domains? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... The font sizes are giving me some trouble right now. On my test page.


, the font sizes on my left menu are either too large or too small. All I know how to do is (concerning size that is) <font size=-1> or <font size=1> Of course I know the different sizes but here's the problem; font size=-2 is too small even for 800x600, and font size=-1 is too large in comparison to the other font sizes on the page: font size=1 is the same as size=-2, so you know what I'm getting at there. Anything short of using images is evading my train of thought right now. Any suggestions?..

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Of course! but... you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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By default.


Browsers font size is 10, so if you make it font size=1 you are making it really small. so ifyou make it -1 then you are making it 8 or 9 I can't remember, so I am failing to see what you are trying to do..

Also, not sure about this, but when you use blockquote it has it's own font size, that is why if you use -1 on that is looks different then your menu..

In your style sheet, put font-size in the body and set it to 10 so all the page can be the same. if you want text bigger than use a class and make it 11 or 12...

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You should use style sheets (css).

Use the span tags like this.

<span class="test">some test text</span>.

The create a style sheet with this in it.



Font-size: 10px;.


The reason I suggest doing this then using.

Font-size: x-small.

Font-size: larger.

Font-size: 125%.

Is because dont forget people on linux/mac machines might view your site, if you use the 'px' method then you will always get the same size no matter what machine..

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Ummm... Scoutt? The default size on most browsers is 3 - or 12pt text..

Here's a the list I have:.

Size 1 - 8 pt. (7.5 for Mac).

Size 2 - 10 pt..

Size 3 - 12 pt..

Size 4 - 14 pt. (13.5 for Mac).

Size 5 - 18 pt..

Size 6 - 24 pt..

Size 7 - 36 pt..

Even the text options in style sheets work the same way. They specify a certain size. But that may not be the size that you want to have appear. 10 px isn't the same as 10 pt. And even style sheets aren't always cross-browser/cross-platform compatible..

Jason, is the problem the font size...? Or the amount of text you're using? It looks okay to me with the -1 sizing, but I can see where "Episodes & Movies" might run a bit longer. Is there a way you can shorten that title? Would putting a / between the words work better at the larger size? Or maybe have it as "TV/Movies"? "Series/Films"?.


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You're welcome, Scoutt..

<blush>The only reason I know is because I flunked that part of my exam. I was the only one in the class who did. <sigh> I picked 10pt., too. Oh, well... That's what I get for being the only computer idiot in the class, I guess..


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Wow! Thanks for the extreme amount of help! I will definatly be sure to incoperate my style sheets into the page. Geez, where would I be without you people? Haha...

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