Does Yahoo iPage web hosting support Dolphin 7?

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First question I have is Does Yahoo iPage web hosting support Dolphin 7? Thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Hello, I am new here.... Welll in fact I created the account just for this problem. I am Paul. Here is the Deal:.

My Host's servers are down at the moment and I need to set up an emergency form. Because of the server problem we cannot submit to the server. So I am having to submit via Email. I am having problems and I think that I have traced it down to the Enctype="" in the Form Tag. If I send it as a text/plain type email it just sends me literally hundreds of blank emails. If I place any other type of encoding there it sends the email as an attachment off the persons computer.

Ever since this server thing when you try to submit and save to a file... it take the user to the file and trapes them in an endless cycle of reloads... Anybody know how I can fix that????.

He is what I have worked out so far:.


If (navigator.appVersion.lastIndexOf('Win') != -1) {.

Dropline = " " } else { dropline = " " }.

Function coffeemsg(form) {.

Document.ccform.Message.value = (.

' ' + dropline + dropline.

+ 'CoffeeCup AutoMated E-Mail FormSTART ' + dropline.

+ dropline + dropline.

+ 'Name : ' + + dropline.

+ 'Phone : ' + + dropline.

+ 'Subject : ' + document.ccform.subject.value + dropline.

+ 'E-mail : ' + + dropline.

+ 'Message: ' + document.ccform.message.value.

+ dropline + dropline.

+ 'CoffeeCup AutoMated E-Mail FormEND ' + dropline.

+ dropline + 'E-Mail Form JavaScript by:' + dropline.

+ '' + dropline.

+ dropline + dropline.

+ ' FIELD VALUES: ' + dropline.

+ ' ' + dropline.



// >.


<FORM name="ccform" method="post" action="mailto:?subject=Message".


<INPUT type=hidden name="Message">.


<INPUT type="text" size=25 name="name" onChange="coffeemsg()">.



<INPUT type="text" size=25 name="phone" onChange="coffeemsg()">.



<INPUT type="text" size=25 name="email" onChange="coffeemsg()">.



<INPUT type="text" size=25 name="subject" onChange="coffeemsg()">.



<TEXTAREA rows=5 cols=45 wrap="auto" name=message onChange="coffeemsg()"></TEXTAREA>.



<INPUT type=submit value="Send Message" onClick="coffeemsg()">.




Help... Thanks, ~Paul..

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The answer is Yes, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you call the iPage guys because they can help better...

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Well if you are using the mailto: action then it should open the default mail client on the users machine. not sure where the extra emails are coming from. unless it is looping in your javascript and opening the email client...

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Well I don't know... I am lost... Do you have any idea why it will not place the text or anything in the email??? It does not even type in my EMail address in the Sendto: form of the EMail. Still open to suggestions..


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Yeah get rid of the javascript. and run just the form...

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I will try that... I hope that it works....


I will let you know..

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Well... I deleted the Java script and it just gives me a list of errors now... But I think that I might know what the problem is... Let me try something....


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Well that did not work either... What was giving me the errors what that I forgot to delete the onChange and Onclick funtion tags for the Java script. Well I think that I will give up... I think that I can edit a Guestbook script to work and the just place a plug into the program... I will let you all know how it turns out..


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All you had to do was delete the bolded text..

<INPUT type="text" size=25 name="subject".



From all the inputs. then it shouldn't error on you...

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I did delete the onChange variable and it did stop erroring on me... But it still send a blank email... At least it is just 1 email now... Well, I did find another way to get this working at least... I contacted.


And they gave me wonderful service there... If anybody ever want a form host that is easy to use and has great options... even security.... They are great... They are allowing me to use their forms in my new program... I should have it up and running by the end of the day.

I really did learn alot.. I hope that you can aid me with other problems in the furture... Till then.. I am out..


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Heyu thats cool. need anymore help you know where to find us...

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