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All names taken.


"A name, which Brown would not reveal, has been submitted to the International Astronomical Union for approval.".

Okay, guess what name the new planet will be.....

Hmm.. it's Sedna?.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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Yep,Sedna is an old story, the new "planet" has yet to be named (2003UB313 in house designation)..

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I'm confused. Which is the new planet and which is the new planet??.

The news broke only yesterday on CNN..


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The old new planet has been named Sedna, about a year ago, the new new planet is 2003UB313 until they find a name for it - personally I like:.

PlanetEric or PlanetBrenda if it is determined to be female, PlanetPlanet if they are stuck for a name, or PlanetBollywood for Indian contingent.

What name would you prefer..

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Wot's the difference between the old new planet and the new new planet? Which is which? So wot's the 10th planet? Is it the old new or the new new?..

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Well, if people weren't confused already... they surely will be NOW!..

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My head is spinning; this is just too much for a Sunday morning. I can’t believe we need a High Temperature Magnetic Azimuth Detector this early on a Sunday morning...

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Damn, how confusing do that want to make this?!..

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"Sedna" is not 10th planet. Sedna is planetoid..

There are many of similar objects in "Kuiper Belt" - like Varuna, Quaoar... even closer to Pluto than this one...

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Thanks for the info, mole and dax. Will be interested to know more about this new member to our dear solar system..


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Yeh go ahead & rub it in that You can pick better names than me..

BTW what is that little looks like a military medal with a star that appeared below my info?..

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That is correct. it turned out that Sedna( The ex 10th planet) was not the 10th planet after all..

The new 10th planet, may or may not be the 10th planet until further data has been collected..

There will be a meeting of minds in September to possibly announce the name of the new 10th planet and to confirm that the old 10th planet is in fact not the new 10th planet - it is anticipated -(with bated breath) that an announcement will be made at that meeting confirming that the new 10th planet will in fact actually be the new 10th planet..

If that is confirmed then they will have to name the new 10th planet, but not Planet Sedna because it isn't..

Hope that clarifies the situation.

Just FYI was regged in 1998 - now there is a potential name for the 10th planet..

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How long have you been waiting to slip.


Into a conversation?..

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One thing escaping everyones attention is what value is the Name regardless.

Whether it is Sedna or Edna ,or UB313 or UB40 or U2Not much value in a HostGator named after a Planetoid or Minor planet ,unless you are selling Real estate on it??.

I think I will Reg.

SednaHeights or UB313LakesResort..

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So, are you saying you would not like to own Uranus .com..

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Why the hell is every one happy that we found a new planet ? .

What do we benefit from it jsut a rock in the ski.

If the moon still not inhabited.

Y dont they pay the money spent on discovering newn stuff.

Let them master close planets then get further 4 now..

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