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My question is Domain parking stats on 123 Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Check this out:.


What you think?.

This HostGator speak by itsself!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

What if he resell it very easily? Resellthisdomain speaks..

Comment #2

The idea and the 123 reg website are both bad, very bad...

Comment #3

Site design needs.

A lot.

Of work, but there is an inkling of a clever idea in here..

How many times could a domain/website be sold at a profit? Maybe many times as long as the site continued to increase in visitorship and value. Could be an interesting experiment..

If it started at $100, then $200, $300, $400, $500, etc. with each owner reselling it for $100 profit and continuing that pattern forever, maybe it could work. The increments listed over $1000 are too steep right now...

Comment #4

If the site was improved, then I'd be interested in this. But I'd be more interested if it went 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100 then his way. Selling it at $200 just gives him a stupid profit for a not so new idea...

Comment #5

The name is fine.but what is the point. Even at $100 increments. Who is gonna buy it for $700 or $900 or $100 000. There are tons of better place to invest $200..

There is no value in this name.Selling it doesn't raise any value. The smartest guy is him.If he makes the $200 and goes home...

Comment #6

This crazy idea of reselling domains is making my brain explode...

Comment #7

I agree it looks like an attempt to make a quick $200 and be done with it. BUT, I do see potential in the idea if it's done right..

I was thinking if it were to become an active blog that is written by the current owner of the name, they could blog about their efforts to sell the name, and then is passed on to the new owner when it is sold. It would give some insights to the HostGator resale business and become a project that people would be interested in viewing. The new owner would basically be inheriting an active 123 reg website with content and traffic. As it grows, so does the value of the site and likelyhood that they can resell for a $100 profit...

Comment #8

I much rather keep the 200 than have a (tiny) chance to earn 100 imho, is the site yours maxt0r?..

Comment #9

Nice little conspiracy..whois shows identical privacy protection. But this could be a coincidence. If it yours maxt0r I don't know why you'd want to hide that fact. You could have just straight up told us..

Yes that is true, but I think that's really stretching it. I mean how often would you be visiting the site where the guy is writing his attempts to sell a site. If it was a more interesting concept this would work (i.e. oneuglydomain)..

The concept itself to me doesn't make much sense and after a couple posts or even owners the content is gonna get repetitive. Bad content = less visitors = less value..

Could be wrong.



Comment #10

I like the idea of generating publicity and.


From crazy schemes like this, but there's no way for the seller to profit here, unlike one ugly where the traded domains retain their good.


And the traders get the egoboo of playing their part in internet history...

Comment #11

-RJ- thnks for your positive thoughts. Thats true, site design needs a lot of work. But this can be done by next resellers who will try to resell at x,xxx and higher... Now for the increments ive got an idea, by making an "official site" that will log 1st)status of this domain, 2nd)domainers names who bought it and 3rd)saved tamplates they used in the past....All current domainers who will own it,must point there..

All domainers will concept, who has made the best Site for, and a poll will exist at the "official site"..

Yes it's mine..

Im not hiding. I was away after I posted this thread,and ive just came back...

Comment #12

This is a good HostGator only for staying inside reselling cycle..

Buy > sell > buy > sell buy > sell.

(forever until expired but no renewal).

But cannot for a site development.As I won't...

Comment #13

At least he could've designed a better site than that very very basic design..

Comment #14

Start at $10 and you may get somewhere. $200 for nothing doesn't add up to me?..

Comment #15

I have updated it,including blog,and soon ill publish it on ebay...

Comment #16

HostGator on auction..

Starting price 20$. (no reserve,3 days listing!).

Official blog and info here:.


Comment #17

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