Dose anyone know if Nutrisystem's or other food diets work?

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Quick question: Dose anyone know if Nutrisystem's or other food diets work? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Anyone want to join this thread..Weekly Weigh in every monday. Thanks!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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I started last Saturday so I am weighing myself Saturday mornings..

Last week 282.

This week 271.5.

From what I've read, I know not to expect these results every week but it's a good start...

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Just trying to stay accountable. Is there another thread where I am supposed to be posting this?.

Last week 271.5.

This week 268..

Comment #3

This is the weigh-in thread most of us use..


Comment #4

I have been slacking in providing my Monday morning update. Last week weigh in was 253. I will post tomorrows weigh in. Hopefully break the 250 mark..

So recap, started on 6/13 at 275, now down to 253. 22 lbs down. I am now averaging about 2 to 3 lbs a week. Assuming that is about normal...

Comment #5

October 1st, 2007: 230.

July 20th, 2009: 212.

July 27th, 2009: 209.

I don't want to post to the thread Damon mentioned because I don't have 100 pounds to lose, thus that isn't the appropriate thread for me...

Comment #6

Hey ApolytonGP, it looks like you and I are headed down the same exact path at the almost exact same time. We can do it man!..

Comment #7

Thanks man. The last time I tenaciously followed Nutrisystem I consistently lost 2 pounds per week, with larger drops the first couple of weeks. I actually had dropped 2 more pounds than that this week, but blew Saturday completely off, so whatever..

I'm setting a personal goal of 2 pounds per week...

Comment #8

I was kinda irked with my only one pound drop this week. And I made sure to measure first thing in the morning, stripped after going to the bathroom..

I am taking in an extra protein and dairy/fruit per ~xtra 1500 calories/week. Or about a half pound/week..

I do feel healthy and will hang with it another week...

Comment #9

NEVER be irked during a week that ANY weight was dropped. A pound gone is a pound gone, PERIOD...

Comment #10

Very motivational thing to say. Even if slow right now, feeling healthier...

Comment #11

Absolutely! Listen, there WILL be weeks when you won't lose anything, or will "gain" weight. That is normal, and natural, so any week where there is a drop at all is a GREAT week!.

We should rejoice over a pound lost and not fret as much over a single pound gained..

Also keep in mind that your body MUST adjust to your new weight every so often in order to continue to lose weight and function properly. As your body is doing that you will not lose weight, and may even gain a pound or two. It's NO BIG DEAL. Sometimes these adjustments can take up to a month, and during that time it's our RESPONSIBILITY to maintain faithfulness to the program, and DO NOT LOSE HEART..

The enemy will throw fiery darts at those of us trying to lose weight and his favorite tool is doubt. When we stall we will question the validity of the program for us, and whether we've screwed up somewhere or not. Those are all mind games that we play on ourselves that we do not need. Accept the "stalls" for what they are (IF you are following the plan by the book), which is a necessary adjustment period..

Be patient my brothers because slow and steady WILL get you to your goal. Give it a year and measure yourself one month at a time. After 3 months look back and see if you haven't dramatically changed your life for the better. I've never seen ANY man try NutriSystem FAITHFULLY for 3 months and NOT lose..

Results ARE typical if you follow the plan. Stay strong and of good courage men! You CAN do it, and I believe in you! Stick to it! Don't give up! Never give up! You WILL do it, and you WILL be happier!..

Comment #12

Good to see this! Thanks. I have been feeling great, have more energy and my clothes are fitting better just in the short time I have been on the Nutrisystem journey. So even though I weigh myself on Saturdays, I thought I would take a sneak peek today and when I stepped on the scale, it showed that I had gained a pound! I realize now that it is probably best for me to weigh myself only once a week because I obsess over it or at least I did until I saw this post. Thanks again...

Comment #13

Some people can play the game where they weigh themselves every day and get away with it. I weigh myself at least twice a day. However, for some people it really screws with their mind and ends up frustratating them into cheating. The internal conversation goes something like this:.

"I've gained a pound?? WTH? But I've followed this freakin' plan to the letter! I haven't cheated once! Well, if I'm going to gain anyway, I might as well enjoy it! I'm going to take the next meal off and then get back on and see what happens.".

That is a slippery slope lubricated by the crap of excuses of people LOOKING for a way to give up, and the one meal will turn into a day, week, month, forever..

In other words, if you can play the game and not get frustrated, then have at it. Otherwise, weigh yourself no more than once a week. Or better yet, throw the scale away and start measuring your gut. That is a MUCH better indicator of what's going on..

But dudes whining and crying about one pound? Come on guys, that's girlie talk there. Man up and kick your fat in the balls and stick to the plan! You'll lose exactly as fast as your body needs to in order to be healthy!..

Comment #14

I took a sneak peak this morning and it was down. I think a lot of that is dehydration though. Have always noticed if I have a hot bath the night before (after workout for relaxation and helps me sleep if having problems) that my wight drops some from that)...

Comment #15

That's just because you're peeing in the tub..

Oh, and FIFY...

Comment #16

Peeing in the shower is great. That warm water...bummer that it's not allowed at the YMCA..

Was sore from workout this AM. Which was strange, not sick....and have been working out for last 2 months. Not bad sore though. I's just going up weights every 2 weeks and body starting to notice it..

Had a little tightness back of knee before workout, but it actually went away when I lifted legs. Got a strange feeling on tendons on side of knee when doing Chinese (wide) split stretch. So I left that alone to play it smart..

(sneak peek, not a a weighin) Down to 212 this morning...

Comment #17

My weekly report..

Starting weight 282.

Last week 268.

This week 265..

Comment #18

October 1st, 2007: 230.

July 20th, 2009: 212.

July 27th, 2009: 209.

August 3rd, 2009: 204.

5 pound drop this week! I don't care where it came from because it's all a part of that total number that needs to be GONE!..

Comment #19

I'm coming up behind you...Jaws music..

15JUN: 230.

20JUL: 217.

27JUL: 216.

03AUG: 212*.

Goal: 165.

*Might be a little lower, since am at Mom's and I used to think her scale was higher than my home one. But will go with the actual reading for conservatism...

Comment #20

The race is on boys! Let's get after it!..

Comment #21

Had a weird day today. Had a lunch meeting witha guy accross town. We went to this little pizza place he wanted. I could only find minestrone soup (no cheese) as an on plan option. Have no idea if I am veggies/fat/carbs behind or ahead. Decided to call it even on the two carbs and fat and one veggie.

Then did the afternoon snack: nother milk and cantelope slice. I guess that's fair. Will be cooking for myself tonight.....

Comment #22

Ultimately one screwed up meal per week won't really even slow you down in the grand scheme of things. In fact, I have discovered that I can eat one MEAL per week of pretty much whatever I want as long as once I get up from the meal (after, say 15 or 20 minutes), that splurge is DONE. It usually takes 48 hours from that point to get back "on track", but my weekly goal numbers stay down..

My goal is to not have a splurge meal like that, but being in the field I'm in, there is ALWAYS something that comes up at least once a week where I might need that "emergency meal" to bail me out of a touchy situation. Your Mileage May Vary, so take that little advice as you will..

My point is that I bet you're fine today, so don't sweat it...

Comment #23

Yeah...I could have been under actually if that was just good clean minestrone soup. I'm kinda paranoid now of restaurants. I guess I'm sorta new on program and just don't want to mess things up. But learning to eat out is a part of learning process too...just like learning to shop was. This place really pissed me off, since they didn't have mongo salads either. Should have just said screw it and bring me TWO side salads. Maybe, I will next time...

Comment #24

I've had to do that before. If it's possible, the best thing to do is eat BEFORE you go out like that. That way if all you have is a small side salad you won't feel deprived or hungry..

Another option I've used is to eat my morning snack (apple, cheese) and afternoon snack (NS snack) in the truck on the way to the lunch meeting. That way I'm already full when I get there. Then while there I'll get a light salad. Then later on around 3pm or so I'll eat my Nutrisystem lunch where the snack would go..

All this is is scrambling what you'd normally eat for convenience's sake in order to avoid an eating malfunction. And what it really boils down to is this question: "How bad do I REALLY want to lose weight?" I mean REALLY? How badly DO I want to lose this weight?.

But what you did is no biggie either. Just drink lots of water today to flush your system out and you'll be fine...

Comment #25

Haggi: You might want to join this challenge:.


If you get too many estros running after you, you can toss me your rejects. Come on.....

Comment #26

Thanks for the invite, but I don't want them here, so I'm FO' SHO' not gonna go running to where they are. I'm smart enough to walk away from a hornet's nest when I see one rather than smacking it with a stick...

Comment #27

The entrees in travel is a good idea. Meeting was 75 minute drive away. Then just have side salad and coffee. Will try that next time. Of course, for me the entrees are great balanced nutrition, but I really love and crave the bulk of fruit/vegetables/salad. Unfortunately this trip I had not even brought Nutrisystem with me up northj at all.

I'm down a pound anyhoo. And for all I know, I was undercalory. Will get Dick yelling at me for that...

Comment #28

Dude...I'm dumb enough to wack them with a stick. But really, I don't think any of these are the busybody, baronessess of the boards types that get all angry at my ratey newbie stuff. heck...they're like us...trying to do the program and lose weight. Plus, I'm worried they will start talking about shoes, but if another man joins maybe they will not fall into estro conversation..

Plus it is a killer challenge and you are right on pace for it. I mean imagine. One-derland while summer rages!..

Comment #29

There is a thought provoking thread in the Off-Topic almost exclusively guys that you may wish to lurk on if not post....


Fast forward to the end...

Comment #30

**NOTICE-momentary off topic reply to respond to Damon's post above**.

I appreciate that Damon, but participating in that type of discussion that's going on over there is not how I's too damaging to both sides. That being said, what keeps me believing in God is the fact that He changed me. Period. My belief is not based on evidence or lack thereof in the things they are discussing over there. I personally believe in Jesus Christ because He and I have a VERY real, daily relationship, and He has absolutely rescued me from some VERY real circumstances. The evidence in my life is how I've been personally changed..

Jesus is not about religion, but a relationship. Folks get way too caught up in science type stuff, or law type stuff. What matters is what He does for each individual in a creative, loving way. Without faith it is impossible to please God, much less have a relationship with Him..

I don't expect non-Christians to understand my faith. How could they? I don't push it on others because I don't have to. God has changed me for the better and people around me can see that for themselves. That is the power of God, and is all the proof I need. I don't need to see the actual ark with animal bones to believe in God because I have a relationship with Him..

I don't have to see Damon's house to know he exists because I talk with him on these boards every day. None of you have EVER seen me in person, but you know I exist because you and I interact here on this board. You believe I am here because of our relationship. That is the same way I KNOW God is real..

That is what keeps me believing, and that is my faith...

Comment #31

I'm staying way away from threads like that, Damon. I see that thing a lot, but have not even entered it. Want to concentrate on NS...

Comment #32

I do know that you have never tried to push your faith onto others and that is one of the reasons I respect you so much..

I just thought you would be interested, I stand corrected...

Comment #33

No, I am interested...I just can't take much more than a couple of minutes on it because I get so frustrated that both sides are focusing on the wrong issues..

The Christians get all wrapped up in the rules and black and white aspects of God. The non-Christians get all wrapped up in the science vs faith aspect..

The fact of the matter is that until God reveals Himself to a person individually on a one-on-one basis, the non-believer will never have faith in Him. You can debate creationism vs evolution all day long and:.

A)You'll never convince an atheist or agnostic that God created everything out of nothing.

B)You'll never convince a Christian He didn't.

The unfortunate part about both sides is that they are ignoring the real important kernel of Christianity, which is the relationship to Jesus..

But I am grateful you pointed the thread out to me Damon!..

Comment #34

Up a pound on the sneak peak today. Feel healthy and am not drinking or cheating at all. But am getting two extra proteins and an extra fruit (told to by counselor)...

Comment #35

You are absolutely correct. Deeds DO speak way louder than words..

Poly, stop peeking..

Ps, Invest in a spellcheck, they're free...

Comment #36

Actually, spellcheck wouldn't tell you peak is wrong so, never mind what I said about a spellcheck. Invest in a dictionary, the online ones are free...

Comment #37

See, this is why sneaking a peek mid-week is not for the meek. That is a normal fluctuation and you'll most likely still be down come Monday..

For me, Thursdays seem to be the lowest point weight wise of my week, with Saturday mornings being my biggest. Yet Monday (which almost always splits the difference) is my "official" weigh in day...and all of that is with staying 100% on plan with no cheats, so I KNOW it's not because of a night out on the town or anything...

Comment #38

Oh...snap! I'm up a pound. Will give up the diet and go hit the bars..

Just kidding. I am headed for wonderland. And am feeling more healthy with energy and such from working out....

Monday is official weigh in day. All is cool. Today is last workout day of this 6-day slog. Tommorrow is rest day..

I think I actually have that sideways sternum thing, yall were talking about. I was too fat to notice until now. Is still not noticeable unless lying down or arching...and putting my hand on it...

Comment #39

Here we go again with the harlequin romance novel quotes...

Comment #40

Actually had some cravings/hunger yesterday. Which is rare. Usually am eating well before getting hungry. But was a little behind. Also, did not have time to make mongo salad (and missing lettuce), so I just dumped a bag of celery and radishes in tha bag and gnawed those at lunch (for salad)..

Was ok, by evening though with all the veggies there (and cooked ones with calories). Ended up actually being one fruit/veggie behind at end of the day and sleepy and full, so I did my emergency option which is 2 dried figs. Didn't go off plan at that's good..

Sneak morning peak had me down a pound (from 212), then a little later down to 210. Can't wait for that Monday weigh-in..

P.s. This is going to become my support thread. Since the usual support threads are all abunch of Betty-Jane yack threads. And I like some silliness, but those threads are like no substance at all....

Ps.s. Put on some 38 jeans this morning for casual Friday. Had to fish them out of a stack of 38s and 36s in storage. Maybe all that stuff needs to come forward. Will throw out some very roomy 40 jeans...maybe...

Comment #41

Damon-like estro bump..

Sorry, I edited an old post instead of making a new one. And the old one was faggy anyhow. Except that there's not anything wrong with homosexuality. Or is there? Isn't there? I used to be pretty reflixively against it, but have known some very cool people that I would class as friends and would definitely feel bad if they were shunned. Ummm...I guess it is still a taboo. effiminate stuff...

Comment #42

I use to weigh every day, but learned it's better for me to weigh once a week, to many variables effect weight every day. Its tempting to weight evey day but I think once a week is better. Im glad this thread took off, I had started this and checked on it and didnt think anyone wanted to weigh in on Mondays when I first started. I I am posting weighins on Mondays at the newbies but I feel like the long ranger, Anyway Hope everyone is doing well on Nutrisystem!..

Comment #43

Sneak peak had me at 208. Looking forward to a good weighin Monday. Definitley progress from 212. Feels funny realizing a few days ago was worried about sneak peaks at 218, up from 217. Now safely out of that territory. Will be a good monday.

That's another bear, another even 5 pound increment...and puts me in the range of where I was holding wieght (and felt way overweight in the 200+ single digiters) about early 2000s...

Comment #44

,how tall are you...

Its really tough not look at the scales every day, but I know better. Once a week is better I believe. Weight goes up and down so much due to exercies water loss ect....

Comment #45

5-8. maybe a scosh more, but it seems silly to make a deal of that..

I was 209 this morning. It's cool. Just knowing that I will be below 212 for sure. And good chance below 210. And the 216, 217, 218 fiddling is way in the rear view mirror for sure. A heavy salad night before is not getting me back up there.....

Comment #46

Weighed in this morning and noticed Im officially 11 lbs away from 100 lbs lost and already halfway to my goal. What a great way to start the day...

Comment #47

15JUN: 230.

20JUL: 217.

27JUL: 216.

03AUG: 212*.

10AUG: 210*.

Goal: 165.

*Mom's scale..

Comment #48

October 1st, 2007: 230.

July 20th, 2009: 212.

July 27th, 2009: 209.

August 3rd, 2009: 204.

August 10th, 2009: 206.

No excuses. I had some wings for dinner last night while watching the Oilers/Titans and today the scale shows it. For what it's worth, I WAS down to 202 before last night's meal, which was right on goal, so I may weigh in again later this week after I've washed the water gain back out...

Comment #49

The wings is probably a half pound setback. Rest is just digestive tract or water issues. Can also happen that you were dehydrated on an earlier weigh-in. I'm sure your trend is still heading lower..

But if you need any more motivation...Jaws shark music. I'm catching up...

Comment #50

No excuses. I had some wings for dinner last night while watching the Oilers/Titans and today the scale shows it. For what it's worth, I WAS down to 202 before last night's meal, which was right on goal, so I may weigh in again later this week after I've washed the water gain back out.[/quote].

How many dog gone wings did you eat? There are some P.O. 'ed chickens walking around out there!..

Comment #51

Let's just say it was admittedly A LOT of wings...

Comment #52

1650 calories is a half pound. It's not the end of the world..

You're only 4 pounds ahead now though. Wonderland is waiting.....

Comment #53

Weekly Weigh In. Progress!.

Height 6:4.

Start Weight 248 June 1, 2009.

6/01/09 Weight 248.

6/18/09 Weight 243.4 Started Nutrisystem.

6/29/09 Weight 237.8.

7/06/09 Weight 234.6.

7/13/09 Weight 234.8.

7/20/09 Weight 232.6.

7/27/09 Weight 229.8.

8/03/09 Weight 229.4.

8/10/09 Weight 228.2.

My Goal is 220,Congratulations Mesturge! thats really great...

Comment #54

My Goal is 220, but the Doc wants me at 200, at my height thats gonna be slow going. But I want to get to 220 first. 248 was the most Ive ever weighed in my life. The weight loss was quick but it's really starting to slow down..

Congratulations Mesturge! thats really great..

Greg, I could have written the same exact write up. I weighed 248 lbs. the most ever. I am not 6'4" but I have a build that would not let me get down. I weigh 220 pounds and was trying to get to 218 (college weight). I now see that I want to ultimately get to 210. Not as much muscle mass as when I was 20 yrs old...

Comment #55

Well Im trying to build more muscle mass even though Im far from 20. According to BMI-im obese or overweight, I dont think BMI is a good indicator for people who work out. Good luck on your weight loss ,looks as your almost to your goal. Its seems to be slow going as a person gets closer to ones goal...

Comment #56

It took me 6-7 weeks to lose most of the weight. I have spent more time than that trying to lose the last 6 pounds!..

Comment #57

Are you on plan? Want to join the str8 thread?..

Comment #58

Put some speedos on. Post front, side, back and 3/4 images (relaxed, not sucking in gut). We can advise you. You could also get calipered or what have you..

My own plan is that when I get to 170, will re-assess. If I have suddenly become a musclehead, could stop there. Or my goal of 165. Or continue well into 150s. I also know that a 30" waist is a good judge. So if I hit that at 170 fine.

You seem really baffled and concerned about this. Don't let it take you from focus. Keep losing until you can tell you're done...

Comment #59

Show a picture. Chop the head if you want. Should not be that hard to judge who's right. I mean are you cut now?..

Comment #60

The body fat % test will be the key for me,..

Comment #61

Sneak peak at 206 this morning. Wearing 38 shorts and seems fine. Even wearing a (different) polo that was xtra large but smallest of that group. Maybe washing it and line drying helped. But it seems longer and the buttons seem to go down farther..

Am amped to be something in the two oh single digits at weigh in. No more two doubles! After getting that base camp, wonderland comes into sight...

Comment #62

Start 230.

15JUN: 230.

22JUN: 225* (before getting box).

29JUN: 225 (off plan).

06JUL: 225 (intermittent usage).

Found forums, began plan in earnest.

13JUL: 223.

20JUL: 217.

27JUL: 216.

03AUG: 212*.

10AUG: 210*.

17AUG: 206*.

Goal: 165.

*Mom's scale..

Comment #63

Weekly Weigh In. Progress!.

Height 6:4 My Goal is 220.

Start Weight 248 June 1, 2009.

6/01/09 Weight 248.

6/18/09 Weight 243.4 Started Nutrisystem.

6/29/09 Weight 237.8.

7/06/09 Weight 234.6.

7/13/09 Weight 234.8.

7/20/09 Weight 232.6.

7/27/09 Weight 229.8.

8/03/09 Weight 229.4.

8/10/09 Weight 228.2.

8/17/09 Weight 228.4..

Comment #64

Wk 1 = -4.6.

Wk 2 = -3.0.

Wk 3 = -3.2..

Comment #65

Sneak peak showed up a pound to 207 so I took a dump and got it down to 205...

Comment #66

I usually have to move around for a little while. But ever since wrestling in high school, when we used to take dumps frequently, have been able to have multiple BMs per day...

Comment #67

Sneak peek at 204. Pounds are frigging melting. [/gloating confidence]..

Comment #68

All that means is you're full of Sh!t. lol..

Comment #69

228 this morning. going to spend all day in the sun at corpus christi so should sweat out a couple more...

Comment #70

Stop looking! Just for kicks and a practice exercise for self control, try going 1 week without even going near a scale. I know it's hard. But it's worth it...

Comment #71

I'm 100%. Rocking the program. Will change something like that if I need to. Also there are articles that say daily weighing is better...

Comment #72

Hey, GP, I weigh TWICE a day, morning and night. It hasn't caused me any problems and I'm better able to correlate my success (or lack thereof) with my behaviors and to make quick adjustments if necessary. Do what works for you and it seems you're having success so keep it up...

Comment #73

FanTasTic, Polyon!! Great progress, dude..

I too am a multiple times day weigher. I find it fun to correlate behavior and morning/nighttime weights. Helps me stay focused. I only record it as "official" on Thursday mornings. If the normal wiggles of the scale bug you, stick with 1/week only..


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