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First of all Dose the Medifast Diet really work? Looking forward for any response. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' MONDAY- FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (80)

I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

It is inevitable that some defeat will enter even the most victorious life. The human spirit is never finished when it is defeated... it is finished when it surrenders...

Comment #2

Morning Peeps!!.

I guess the circle glide thighs are freaking killing me......

It says to do a 10 day challeneg in the beginning and do it everyday....maybe my thighs will be rocks by the end!!!.

I went and watched the Super Bowl with friends and stayed OP with no wings, nachos, alcohol and walked there and back (30 minutes each way) in the snow.....ate a bar in the bathroom and guzzled diet coke....only down 1 this week....I'm not so impressed.......

Comment #3

Lara - hope the back feels better today!.

Toni - glad the glide is working for you. sorry about this week - next will be better - you got this!..

Comment #4

Hi all...haven't been on and can't stay now. Hope all is well in Shammy universe..

My mom fell over the weekend and shattered her's not good and I'm trying to work out the logistics to get up to Syracuse by the end of the week. She'll be having surgery on it either Thursday or Friday. Will check back in with you guys later...

Comment #5

Good Morning, Ladybugs!.

I put too much cinnamon in my Medifast oatmeal this morning (ack. cough.). This is the brightest, loveliest Monday morning. Know why? Because the ice has melted away and the school system is open again. "Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day! I've got a wonderful feelin', everything's goin' my way!" (from opening number of.


Sandy~ How is the house? I hope all is good..

Angela~ I don't think I have met you yet, bc I am new. Your poor mother! That sounds so very painful. She will be in my prayers this morning! Please let us know how she is doing and how we can help from afar..

Toni~ After a ten day glider challenge, you are going to be a rockstar. Or maybe with all of that toning, more like a rockette!.

Capt~ Good morning! And many thanks for starting the new thread. What a luxury to get up on Monday AM and have the fresh week's thread ready to go and waiting! You are truly a great and mighty leader!.

Hubby had a marvelous time at the SB last night, even though it rained on him and his croonies. As I was going to sleep last night, I kept pondering if there was anything that I would want to do sooo badly that I would be willing to stand out in the cold and rain for several hours to do it. Couldn't really think of anything..

What would you all be willing to stand out in the freezing rain (no umbrellas) in order to experience? Hmmm?.

Later Gators!..

Comment #6

Hi from the sales office..


Still no phone lines in trailer..

Will be running back and forth between here (to cover phones that are supposedly forwarded) and my computer at the construction trailer..

Good times..

Catch ya'll later...

Comment #7

Hi it's monday, great.

I'm a little, ok alot, depressed today...trying to snap out of it...there is this totally bizarro situation going on at's a very long story but to sum it up there are alot of people that I grew up with there that have left suddenly and I will never see them's wildly disappointing and sad..i feel like they all got in a plane crash or something and they're gone...the whole choir is gone...yesterday was very depressing there....but, guess who's got 2 fingers and is now a choir member? this chick.....

I am only down one this morning also Toni...not so impressed either....i think it's cuz I laid around all day yesterday after church and didn't drink much water...i didn't do much of anything....

Sorry to be a downer....working the later shift today so i'm not there yet and I don't feel like going at all...but I have to.

Have a great day!! ok, I got 2 exclaimation points out of myself, i'm gonna snap out of it soon..

Comment #8

Good morning all.. a little late for me, but I'm here..

Lori... stay in touch while going back and forth.

Lara... highly rec the movie. have fun at Vball..

Toni.. awsome work out. sorry about the small loss..

Andi.. good morning..

Ang.. so sorry about mom. thats awful. let us know how shes doing..

Robyn.. I hear ya sisita. hope the mood passes. it will..

Katie.. good question. I have stood in the cold rain a few times for various reasons. Many soccer games (kids and professional), most recently waited on line in rain on black friday to get kids an x-box and me a wii fit. totally worth it..

The scale is not my friend either. up 1.5 this week. must be from the BLT's from last week cause this week I was strictly OP. I worked out 3 times this week... but 1.5 ?!? ugh. trying not to be bummed. I will not give up...

Comment #9

HI everybody,.

I am trying to get back into my routine..

Angela - sorry to hear about Mom..

Lori - think of all the exercise. Maybe you could do a c25k program - 90 second dash from phone to phone. My clothes are loose but scale is up. Not reporting til Wednesday and hoping some of it is water retention from 2 days of planes. Andi, I am on to the water today - you betcha. No piano lesson today as I have not played in over two weeks.

DH is playing golf this morning. I get to go and get Ginger in a couple of hours. Where she stays they do an exit groom and she looks so pretty and smells so good. I can't wait to see her. Our frozen pipe situation seems ok.

Could have been so much worse..

I will try and do better with shout outs now that I am back into my normal routine..

Andrea - what does the ticker say today..

Angela - 10 lbs to go. Congrats. I want to say that. I think Vacations do not help for me...

Comment #10

Andrea - sorry We must have been posting at the same time. You have got this. Let's have great weeks...

Comment #11

They just walked in with trays of bagels and pastries from the best bakery in the world..

I had to text out an SOS to friends..

I just ate a bag of puffs..

BTW - I was 138/139 this morning..

I want a bagel so bad it's effing ridiculous...

Comment #12

Np sandy.. you are always on top of things and concerned. how you remember it all I have no idea. yeah, I'm not happy with the scale, but it WILL move. dont stress about yours either. lets keep each other motivated. give ginger a big hug for me...

Comment #13

Lori... remember that carbs are the work of the devil.... just sayin...

Comment #14

Lara - how is your back today?.

Time for daily chat with Mom..

Ginger pick up delayed - grooming is going to take longer and later start. Glad she called. She said Ginger did great while we were gone. Big smiles here...

Comment #15

Quick fly by. Taxi mom, orthodontist, back to school, then back to work, 100 miles later I am here. Catch up later, chicas...

Comment #16

Time to update on what's been happening here. DH woke up yesterday morning a little before 8 and on way to bathroom got dizzy and fell. When I went in to check his face where he hit something, all of a sudden tons of the blackest, tarry looking stuff gushed out of his rectum. When grabbing a towel, I realized it had blood throughout it and we decided to call 911. Then he made it back to his bed and it kept pouring out of him. Got to hospital and they said his blood pressure had dropped to almost nothing and he was very luck to have made it there alive.

They tried to cauterize the bleed (ulcer) but were unable to and he had emergency surgery last night. They told me it was very possible he wouldn't live thru the surgery since he's on coumadin (for his heart) which makes you bleed that much more. However, after 3 more units of blood, they got the ulcer repaired and the bleeding has pretty much stopped. As of this morning, his blood pressure is stable and everything looks much better. He's on a ventilator and they're not going to take him off till tomorrow.

I told them I didn't think he had drank for a couple weeks now but they still feel it's better to keep him almost like in a coma till tomorrow. They said they would slowly bring him out of the drugs and if he improves, he would only be in hospital about 5-6 days. He's still not out of the woods, and still in ICU of course. Needless to say, I'm going to have to cancel by knee surgery for a few weeks which bums me out cuz it's been hurting so bad lately. Oh well, priorities..

Comment #17

Oh barb... poor you and dh. glad you let us know what's going on. my kids and I will pray for you both. so sorry about the knee surgery. hang in there.....

Comment #18

Hi muffy... been there done that. safe driving. Can anyone tell that I'm not really working today... ?

Comment #19


Thanks for checking in and letting us know what is going on. I am sending you big hugs. Try and stay hydrated. I have spent a lot of time in the hospital with SD and you get soooo dehydrated. Positive thoughts for you and DH. Sorry about delay in your surgery...

Comment #20

Ah bless you, dear, for thinking of me <<achoo>> oh no, bless me too..

I'm still stuffy but I am Claritin-D-ing my way through the week. No cough yet..

I stayed warm in my elec lap blanket and played with my new Nook yesterday. I watched some commercials and read during football. I snuggled with DH who was also ultra lazy. We made meat muffins and celery for our s.bowl snacks...

Comment #21

Hello lovelies... Missed you guys since I have been too busy over the past couple of days. No time to catch up now, just needed to say I am back OP to help me feel accountable to my shams. I am officially 195.2 which is 32 lbs heavier than my goal 1 year ago. This sucks and hopefully I will do a better job of maintaining once I get it back off!!! I will be back later today once I get home. Love you hookers!!!..

Comment #22

Feel better muffy.. wished I liked celery..

Hi sandy and welcome home again......

Comment #23

Hi mel... you got this and we got your back....

Muffy... can you PM me the meat muffin recipe? need to make some new things. only so much chicken one person can eat. thanks...

Comment #24

No, no, you appear to be working. Just minimize that screen when someone walks by...

Comment #25

Hi everyone..

Mel - Way to be accountable. Good girl for posting your weight and owning it..

Barb - OMG. I'm so sorry. I really sincerely am. Please keep us posted...

Comment #26

Hey lori... hows your day going?.

Hi muffy... yes, ive been faking working most of the day. just dont have it in me..

What on tap for all you guys for L & G tonight??? I'm having turkey and cauliflower.... really want more buffalo salmon but it's all gone.....

Comment #27

Thanks for the recipe muffy.... gonna leave work soon and head on to the other "job" of mom, head of house and taxi driver! later slores......

Comment #28

Ooooh, that's medical. Definately worth a sick day..

It's optical (You just can't see being at work.).

I'm cranking out some small productive things but no big thinking today..

L&G tonight is chicken and broc. It's my fall back when I don't really want to cook. My healthy fat will be the tsp of dressing on the chix for some flavor...

Comment #29

I'll take your advice and claim a "sick" day.....

Comment #30

I had ground turkey taco salad today. Yummy..

It is great to have Ginger home. She did fine and has adjusted to being home; just a little clingy..

Need to see if I remember how to play piano...

Comment #31

Hey Peeps-.

Another great day at work....

Sorry to hear about your hubby Barb, sending positive vibes your way..

I need to go and inhale my L&G (chicken with spices from Qatar and eggplant with lots of garlic) and then head on the circle glide and then crash out with soem Advil PM...I'm way exciting tonight......

Robyn - I do think I need more details on the church thing?!?!? Like seriously was there any Kool-Aid drinking going on?!?!!?!?..

Comment #32

Andrea - I stopped for a rotis chicken and I'm having it with some salad. Am making stuffed peppers tomorrow night..

Um...damn it...I had more shout outs..

I stink..


Mad love...

Comment #33

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Will try to update you tomorrow after hopefully the intubation tube comes out and they wake him from his drug induced haze. Not sure if I mentioned that he had to have at least 8 units of blood by the time surgery was thru (5 before surgery and 3 during). Dang, those bleeding ulcers are nothing to mess with. Have a good night everyone...

Comment #34

Sad news....I think I lost my hat.....

The cute pink one from the bread picture.......

Comment #35

Hey guys...feeling in a MAJOR funk today! lots of little stuff trying to get the better of me...made cinnamon rolls for DS and DH and truly had no desire for even a bite. Guess that was a good thing! Considering the way I feel, the old me would have eaten them all and that felt even worse (from the guilt) afterwards!.

Barb~sending prayers and hugs your way...hoping each day gets DH feeling stronger and healthier! Keep us posted!.

Should do more shout outs but feel like I am in a fog..

Sorry to be "debbie downer" tonight, but wanted to say hi and some some good vibes Barb's way..

Mad love!..

Comment #36

Crazy boring day at work. Stuck in a meeting all day without any internet access.

Then had to go to my regular staff meeting..

Just leaving work, need to get L&G, get some errands done and hopefully have enough energy for the gym tonight..

Mucho love, chicas..

Comment #37

Oh Barb! How frightening that must have been for you both. I am thankful that you were home at the time that it happened and were able to get him the medical attention he needed. Many prayers for his speedy recovery and for your poor knee!.

Robyn~ sorry to hear about your church troubles. Is it a congregational split or is it isolated to just a few families? I'll be thinking about you. Way to go joining the choir! When are you going to sing for us?.

Tonight's dinner was rotisserie chicken and spinach/tomato salad with Neuman's Light Ginger Sesame dressing. I was going to have chili, but did not account for the 2-4 hrs simmer time. Oops!.

I am uber hungry tonight, but have no idea why. I have been completely OP for a long time. Could it be TOM cravings? Full moon? Who knows..

My second box comes in tomorrow. It's like Christmas. Goodbye scrambled eggs. Hello s'mores crunch bars. Yeehaw! (that's Texan for, "please excuse me for my outburst, but I suddenly find myself overcome with feelings of euphoria).

Guess I'll go gnaw on some celery. Ho-hum..

Hasta Maana!..

Comment #38

Barb - Keep us posted..

Kori - Good to see you..

Toni - I was going to steal that hat - you better find it!.

Dawn - Sweetie. I hate that you're sad..

Hi to EVERYONE and I'm SORRY I still haven't gotten caught up w/shout-outs..

I'm feeling sleepy, so I'm going to read for a bit and give this sleep thing another try. Wish me luck!..

Comment #39

I thought I would stop by really quick and say hello! Been super busy and have not had a chance to get on. I can't believe how far behind I get when I havent been on for a day or two! I will try and catch up on everthing tomorrow. I am ready to sleep. We are expecting a storm tonight and I personally am hoping we get a snow day tomorrow. But the forecast is only 4 to 6 inches so it is probably unlikely..

Hi to everyone!..

Comment #40

Hi super busy day today rocking baby now..

Soooo sorry barb! how scary keep us posted!!.

Having cauli mac and chs tonight, mmmm.

Got new Medifast order tonight so excited!!!..

Comment #41

Hey Jill! Can you share the cauliflower Mac n Cheese recipe?..

Comment #42

Ang- Sorry to hear about mom, hope everything goes ok..

Capt- Don't let the scale get you down..

Andrea- I'm up about a lb this week too. Not stressing yet though, next week yes..

Sandy- glad pipe wasn't too bad. Bet Ginger will be excited to see you all...

Comment #43

OMG Barb,I am so sorry to hear about DH. I'm sure that was very scary. Glad he pulled through and I will pray for a good recovery. Hate to hear about your cancelled surgery, hopefully you will be able to reschedule sometime fairly soon. Please keep us updated...

Comment #44

Mel- You've got this girl. YOu've done it before and you will do it again!..

Comment #45

I know I missed several of you...I'm sorry it's getting late..

My back WAS doing better. I went to hot yoga and did pretty well, but then it started tightening up afterwards. The instructor said it was normal as I am using muscles that I haven't used in a while. Then off to vball where I totally twisted wrong and that's all she wrote! Hurting again! Took some Aleve, so hopefully with rest tonight it'll feel better in the morning. Bad back make vball skills suck! Off to bed, catch you in the morning...

Comment #46

OMG, Barb!! I am sending prayers and positive vibes your way. I hope you are taking care of yourself through all this stress!! Love you!!..

Comment #47

Hello ladies... I made it through day 1 with little problems and already have that metal tastge going on so that must mean I am on my way into ketosis. I had a box of chocolates on my desk all day and wasnt even tempted. I guess I need get rid of those suckers tomorrow!! I am having problems staying caught up but am defiantly thinking about my shams and appreciate all your support!.

Lara ~ Hope your back starts feelng better!!.

Ang ~ Sorry to hear about your mom, praying for a speedy recovery!.

Thats all I remember, I suck and will be better tomorrow! Love to all!!..

Comment #48

There are only two options regarding commitment..

You're either in or out..

There's no such thing as a life in-between...

Comment #49

Morning Capt- thanks for the quote, I needed that today..

Back is surprisingly pretty good this morning, just a tad stiff. Guess the aleve helped. Poor DD is upstairs hacking up a lung. I'll be a drug pusher here in a minute..

Hope everyone has a great Medifast day- I know I will!..

Comment #50

Hey Lara - I have total sympathy for DD..

Wish I had a drug pusher..

I might go back to the doctor today..

Oh joy!.

Have a happy day...

Comment #51

Omg Barbthat is horrific about your husband...hang in there with that...sorry I missed that yesterday, just read it now.

Hi to everyone!!! getting ready to exercise and then head to work.

Tonight is the online Jeopardy testexcited!!!.

Have a great day!!!!!.


Comment #52

Healthy Vibes to all... Barb, Ang,Lori, Lara, Muffy... Sandy's house... Mel's ring... and e'one else who needs it.....

Comment #53

Morning Peeps!.

I can not wake up this morning.....ughhhhhhh................................

Comment #54

I got it from.


She has other great recipes on her blog (shiritake noodle bake is another one I like).



Has some good recipes. This blog calculates what is on plan very accurately...

Comment #55

Morning... Dragging here. Getting ready to do some paperwork..

I have seen a lot of ppl on BBB talk about green tea, it's gross. there better be some stellar health benefits.....


Comment #56

Morning slores.

Not a ton of time.....

Barb- hang in there! I was so sorry to read this. keep your thoughts up, ok?!.

Ang- hope you can get up to see your mom....

Robyn- good luck!.

Lori- do you feel like you ran a marathon from yesterday? hope it's not like that today!.

Lara- glad the back feels better today!.

Mel-so nice to see you!.

Kori- I miss ya (not that i'm here much...), but sill....

Andi#1-where are ya?!.

Andi#2-did you skip???.

Muffy and katie- you are soo funny! you fit in really well here, glad you found us!!!!.

Toni- hope you find your hat!.

Dawn- sorry you feel blah.

Jill- give that baby some snugglin for me.

Melissa- hi!.

Ok, I don't think I missed anyone, but you never know....

Anyway- i've been playing for too long and need to get back to work....

Hope everyone has a great day!!!..

Comment #57

Hi everyone,.

Got a good nights sleep but it sure is freezing here right now. It's zero out even though computer says -7 but that comes from a different city (where the weather channel station is I guess). I have a small heater blowing full blast on me and it feels good. I'll be heading over to the hospital in a couple hours. I'm hoping they are already trying to wean him from the vent cuz I'd love for him to be awake for awhile anyway. Have a few issues to deal with this morning cuz my newer phone service (VOIP) which is from the internet didn't work for 911 and I ended up using my cell.

Will update you on DH's condition later tonight. Again, thanks for all the prayers and well wishes...

Comment #58

Quick check in..

On my way to work..

Have an IEP today..

Then the dentist and then running the girls youth group at church..

I will try to sneak on during school today if I can...

Comment #59

Good late morning all....

Hey erin... awesome shout outs!.

Barb... hope all with dh goes ok today. more good vibes for you and him..

Hey lori... how was your sleep last night. sorry, no drugs by me for ya..

Lara... thanks for the support on our stinky week. this week will be excellent. glad the back is feeling better..

Toni... maybe your hat is hanging with mel's ring? sorry, bad joke. hope it turns up..

Dawn.. I'm ok with a nasty funk. it happens. hope today is much better..

Kori... you r the busiest woman I know! go girl!.

Katie.. yeah for that shipment!.

Melissa... good to see you here..

Robyn... you crack me up..

Andi... hope you have a great day..

Jill... thanks for the recipe link. I'm going to check it out too..

Sandy... give hugs to ginger for us. piano go ok?..

Comment #60

I need to actually work today.....

Hey, here's some good news to start the day... I won movie passes on the radio !!!! it's to see country strong. I listen to the country station and won 4 movie passes!!! I heart winning things and I'm the crazy person always calling and trying to win anything. just makes my day to get something for free.... poor bf will have to suffer through the movie, but I'm psyched to go!..

Comment #61

Hi from work all!.

Still crazy here. My mom was supposed to undergo surgery this morning but they decided to hold off until this afternoon. I am still waiting to hear. I'll be heading up on Friday to see her and take care of some of her stuff. It's looking pretty nasty though and will most likely be a very long haul...

Comment #62

Good Morning, Shammykins!.

Andrea~ Mooooovies! You lucky girl!.

Angela~ Thanks for the warm welcome!.

Jill~ Hooray for new recipes. Thanks so much for passing on the link!.

Barb~ You and your husband are in my prayers..

My second box is supposed to arrive today, and I am so excited. I ordered enough hot cocoa and cappuccino to have one everyday! Ahhhhh!.

Okay, back to work!..

Comment #63

Hi ang... so sorry about your mom. thats really difficult for you and her. I'll be thinkin about ya..

Hey katie... hows it going? I agree that you fit in great here!..

Comment #64

Quiet here today.... Finished my paperwork, baby's down for nap... I almost dont know what to do with myself!..

Comment #65

Quick drive by from workhi!!!.

AND I just discovered that I really like the COC(k) soup as a soup! as opposed to pita bread! yay!!.

Holla if you love COC(k)!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #66

I DO! I DO!!!!.

It was my favorite soup and my favorite pita..

Hey Hookers,.

I left work around noon (termination paperwork in hand to review for good fun reading) and went back to the doctor. She said my lungs sounded 'okay'. I left with another script for cough medicine and more antibiotics. A final script for a chest xray in the event this doesn't clear up by the time this round of antibiotics is finished..

I'm happy with myself for getting through yesterday on-plan. I know that sounds absurd - but it's something I've really been struggling with. Being at the sales office with all of that food was rough..

I get so freakin' pizzzzed with myself for always preaching and not being able to (for the last week or so) follow my own advice..

I had another good day today. I don't know what this cough medicine is all about. It probably is loaded with freakin' carbs..

That's not the point, really..

I mean, my weight isn't up SO high. But the whole muscle weighs more than fat thing needs to be taken in to consideration. I've maybe worked out 3 times in two months..

That's just not me..

But part of it is that I've just been feeling constantly shiiiiiity..

I emailed Toni last night and said that I had a crazy TWO SONG dance break up here and I was out of breath and sweating when it was over..

That's just not me..

So, while I've kept the food thing super under control today - I'm still tired and still dizzy and my chest still hurts and I'm winded so easily and....

I'm totally rambling but I really just want to get back in better shape..



Anyway, I already took some of the cough medicine and am feeling so much better. After the doctor I dropped of my scripts and came home and cleaned up the house a bit and let the dog out and made a huge salad and stuffed peppers. I had some chicken and asparagus. Went to the store to pick up my script and I'm just sleepy now. But that's a good thing. Hopefully with the medicine under my belt and a few Tylenol PM - it'll be a much better night.

I'll check back in later..

Mad love to all...

Comment #67

Hi everyone. I'm home from the hospital and Doug is doing much better. They took him off the ventilator and he was awake when I got there. They still have a "wet mask" on him which I guess is moisturized oxygen to help heal his throat from the tube. That should come off later today. He didn't want me hanging out there saying it's way too boring.

They won't let him eat for several days and he's really hungry so it's hard being there listening to that too. Can I say he's never been the easiest patient to take care of. Will update you more tomorrow...

Comment #68

Thanks! Alan found the ring after 2 days of me wanting to cry and throw up over it's loss. It was in the corner of my bedroom up against the carpet and wall. Thank god!!..

Comment #69

Hello lovelies... Day 2 is sucessful so far, woohoo me!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!..

Comment #70

Hello to all the sexy shammies out there today..

Barb, saying a prayer for you and your husband hope everything turns out ok..

Captain Lori I dont know what sickness you have but I had to go back twice to get well. First time emergency room, second time breathing treatments and a shot in the behind and some other goodies, then I got a bad eye infection which they said it was from being sick for so long, so hope that motivates you to go back to the DR..

Warm Wishes to all,.


Comment #71

Hi Renee and thanks! MEL, I'M SO GLAD YOU FOUND YOUR RING!!!..

Comment #72

Renee - I just got back from the doctor. Glad you're on the mend..

Barb - Glad Doug is getting better..

Mel - I saw your note on FB and was HOPING it was because you found the ring. I'm so so so so so so happy you found it...

Comment #73

Hi everyone!.

Barb - glad that your husband is off the vent and on his way to recovery.

Mel - yay for finding the ring!!.

Lori - yay for cough syrup...I love me some good cough syrup..

Robyn - I ate COC(k) soup as chips with Lite LC cheese every nite for well over a year. Most hookahs' love COC(k)!.

Hi everybody else!.

AFM, good news is that Mom had surgery and came out of it well... Bad news is that she cannot bear ANY weight at all on her leg for at least 6 months or they will most likely have to amputate her leg. Needless to say, we have a long road ahead of us. And for those that don't know my mom is only 57 so it tough on her...

Comment #74

Yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy mel found her ring!!.

Yyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Doug is doing better!!!!.

Gotta take the jeopardy testyaaaaaayyyyy!.


Comment #75

Thanks, but the note on FB wasnt about finding the ring it was about getting to be a stepmom. I don't know if I mentioned it back when Alan and I first got together but he has a son and we had court today which forced mom to let us start visitation. The judge was even more generous than we expected so we are super excited!!!..

Comment #76

I'm off to do my wifely duties and go to a high school basketball game. I havent been to high school sports since I was in high school and now that is what I do most Fridays and some Tuesdays. Go Tomcats, lol.....

Comment #77

Evening sexy shamma lamma ding dongs!.

Today was a better day-thanks for all of your well wishes! (They worked!).

Robyn~Good luck with the test! I have to agree-I like COC(K) too!.

Mel~Soooo glad you guys found the ring! and the news about the little guy is so cool! have your own little family! I am sooo happy for you! wifely duties? Does Alan coach basketball?.

Lori~Glad you got some more meds. Hopefully they will help you get some sleep gorgeous! Once you are feeling better I am SURE you will be rocking the exercise again!.

Ang~WOW! Glad mom's surgery went well. Sounds like a lot will be coming up as far as recovery...I will be thinking and praying for you guys!.

Lara~Hope the back is still feeling good! How was your day?.

Renee~GREAT tosee you! How are you doing?.

Barb~So good to hear that hubby is doing better! Hopefully each and every day will continue that!.

Andrea~Congrats on the movie tickets! ENJOY!..

Comment #78

Kori~Another busy day for you girl! WOW! Hope IEP and dentist went well..

Katie~I got another order today! it is like Christmas when new stop replenishes my cupboards! Brownie tonight for dessert here! MMMmmmm!.

Jill~What did you end up doing during baby's nap time? I am sure you found something to do! Hopefully it was fun/enjoyable!..

Comment #79

So much love on up in here..

Robyn - Good luck!!!!!!.

I'll check back later..

Mad love to all...

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Big, pink, glittery heart LOVE!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.