Eating fast food everyday while on Medifast Diet?

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Question I have... Eating fast food everyday while on Medifast Diet? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question... I will be ReStarting again on Oct 4th, Anyone else starting in OCT?.

(**Cross Post** as I tried to start in Sept).

In 2008 my first time doing Medifast I lost 50 in 6 months. Then I started to get sick daily. We couldnt figure out what is was so I was off and on Medifast since then. At one point I even blamed Medifast for my sickness. I was sick for a total of 2 years with daily nausea and vomiting along with IBS issues..

I was given about 4 different diagnosis, and NO medications worked. I even went to UCLA hospital for help..

Finally last month I GOT AN ANSWER!! I had Adenenmyosis, which is Endometriosis in the Uterus. Last month I had a hysterectomy and I am finally bettttter!!!.

So I am back to lose this weight for good!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Hi Same Here, I'll be actually starting tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous at the same time..

It's a lot of motivation I need to get by myself. I think being at home will be the most challenging. We don't have JUNK food which is great, but I do have two toddlers who LOVE Macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets... well you get my drift right? SO I'll be online quite a bit looking up receipes for the 5 to 1 meals and especially for motivation. So LETS DO THIS GUYS!!! Good Luck livnlrn and meggiemoo!!..

Comment #2

Good Afternoon Ladies....

The reason I am waiting until the 4th is because it is my anniversary weekend, and we actually have a getaway planned!! So I am going to enjoy my weekend and commit again for the final time.

I am actually not much of help with recipies since I usually just eat the same ole thing.....

How old are your kiddos lafy?..

Comment #3

Hi Meggie, glad you decided to join Us.

I try really hard to spread my meals out perfectly because it helps not to cheat when youre never hungry.....

Comment #4

Hi everyone,.

I will be starting October 4th too! Mainly because my birthday is this friday and I am going out of town and celebrating with family all weekend. It's not easy sticking to the plan with my family around. This is my first time on Medifast so I hope it works as well as some others have stated. I have tried all kinds of diets such as Weight Watchers, ediets, cookie diet, hcg diet, appetite suppresants, etc. so I thought I mind as well add this one to the list of diets tried. My husband is in Afghanistan right now serving in the army since July so it is just me and my little dog Peanut.

Hubby comes home on leave before Thanksgiving so I am hoping to lose some weight before he comes home to surprise him. It is so nice to meet you ladies! I can't wait to get started in October!.


Comment #5

Sandy, welcome and early Happy Bday!! Hope you enjoy your day.

I too, have tried alot of diets, I cant even remember all the names.....

This is the ONLY one that has worked for me..

Cute, to surprise your hubby upon returning, Im sure he'll be happy!..

Comment #6

Thanks Toni! Have a Happy Anniversary! Where are you heading?..

Comment #7

Hello fellow October starters. I will be starting on October5th. That is when my food arrives. I have been reading all the boards and I started drinking water. I was very surprised in how hard it is to consume so much water. I also have started taking away Soda, so I am not in shock on Tuesday.

I have already lost 7 lbs (this week), just by drinking water and no soda! So good luck to all, and I hope each of you are successful!..

Comment #8

We live in Las Vegas, so we are going to spend the night at a casino, go to a dinner and show. Saved lots on money and I am fine without leaving the

Harmony- Its great that you are drinking your water....Im sure you've read that the best results are from drinking half your body weight in OZ!! I cant down that much yet, I used to before I got sick. Gotta work it back in there....although I am drinking water, just not that much. Losing weight before you start is a great way to start your new diet! congrats!.

What kind of soda do you drink? I am ADDICTED to Diet Coke!! I am trying my hardest to quit, and so far I go out to buy them, and not have them stocked at the house. which is hard because my hubby and father both are STOCKED!! (with their own kind)..

Comment #9

I love Coke, or Pepsi. I would normally drink at least 3 a day. I started by cuting one from each day. I am down to one in the morning. This morning I only drank half and just did not feel like drinking the rest. I threw it in the trash.

I would ned 96 oz!!.

I have drank 64oz, and was fine so I suppose I can keep it up to 96oz. I am totally looking forward to getting my food. I received a shipment confirmation so it should be here soon..

Is anyone else nervous about what they might look like at a smaller weight? I have never been small and I am just nervous because I can not imagine what I will look like..

Dreaming about it though. I told my sister who is also a Medifast October Starter, that I might need to get a new Skinny car once this is over! And I am Maintaining!!..

Comment #10


Wow, you just made me realize I drink waaay tooo much! Trying to cut back but yet, I brought a 2 liter with me to work.

What is your idea of a Skinny Car?? I have an Excursion, thats an overweight truck!..

Comment #11


You just made me feel like I drink waaay to much, haha. Although I did I would easily drink 2-3 two-liters a day of Pepsi, Sprite, or Mountain Dew. Just started on Friday 10/1/10 and so far so good, drank over 156 oz of water today(which is just around 1/2 my body weight) and the L&G's have been much larger than I thought they would be (using a digital scale to weigh and the vegetable cup > gram converter list). Havn't been hungry yet in 2 days and most of the meals aren't bad, although Cream of Broccoli left much to be desired..


Comment #12

Tori -.

A skinny car, I am thinking maybe a Toyota Avalon. Or a Lincoln MKZ. Both nice cars, that would accent my new leaner figure..

On the soda topic. I know I drank soda out of habit. Maybe if you got a cup and filled it with ice water and had it around on your desk at work, in your car ect ect.. You would drink more water. But there are several health condition that cause excessive thirstiness. (Diabetes is one of them) If you have no health problems it could just be a habit.

So good luck on your soda drinking!..

Comment #13


I do keep a 24oz bottle on my desk and certainly sip it through out the day. Supposed to refill it 4 times at least, but Im sure I dont since Ive already got soda on my desk!.

I PROMISE I will fill it at least 3 today.

Glad you could join us Conrad.

You could try making some Cream of Brocoli (COB) into bread. You can find an easy recipie. I personally dont care for the bread, I seem to ruin everything, so I'll just drink away....

Way to go on all that water!! I started my morning off with Coke Zero!! I really cant help it, I am so addicted that when Im hungry I turn to soda, it helps me..

Comment #14

Unfortunetly I have to wait until my dad passes to get my skinny car....Ok bad joke....

But it's true..that is if he doesnt ruin it too bad before I get it..

Its a 2010 Hyundai, but already ruined with stains and cig burns, and he doesnt care!.

He's over 70 and ready to go, so we're just I said, not to be mean or rude it's just the way it is......

Comment #15

Hi everyone!! I made my order on Saturday and am now just waiting for my Shipment Confirmation! I am Danielle (26), wife to Dustin and mom to Cameron (6), Keegan (4) and Kennedy (14 months). I am currently active duty Air Force and living in the good old state of Nebraska! I'm originally from Texas so talk about the adjustment! I was always a skinny teenager but gained alot of pregnancy weight. Now that our 3rd (and baby has been born, there are no more excuses! One of my husband's coworkers introduced me to Medifast last week and I made my first order this weekend. I am 100% dedicated to this program and soooo ready for a change!.

I hope to get to know you all!!!..

Comment #16

Welcome ~*Danielle*~!! Good luck and your in the Air Force. But your Texan. We Texan's have an advantage. We don't dial 911 we handle things ourself. Well that is how it is here in Southern Texan. So I am sure you will be strong and kick some fat booty..


You can drink the water and have your skinny car when your ole dad kicks the bucket. I understand about an aging parent. You stay on plan so you can look awesome in his car, lol!..

Comment #17

Morning everyone.

Hope youre drinking that WATER!!!.

Welcome Danielle!! Glad you could join us..

Comment #18

Hey everyone -.

In the past I had not written goals for myself and treats for accomplishing them..

So this time I will do may be helpful for you all to do so as well.

I would start with small goals, and cheapy rewards (so you dont break yourself) and stick to it!!..

Comment #19

If you havent taken a picture of yourself, You may want to do this. So you can compare your weight loss..

Also measurements!!..

Comment #20

Way to go Jeff!! Keep it up!.

It will get easier after Day 3..

Comment #21


That's what everyone says ... I'm not to worried about it. I'm glad I can go through this process with others!..

Comment #22

Officially restarting 100% OP 10/07/10! I need to get this DONE!!!..

Comment #23

Hello everyone! I started on October 2, and so far 100% OP and will stay OP..

I am having trouble thinking of L&G's other than chicken salad, but reading receipe threads is getting me more optimistic..

So glad there are so many of us October Starters!..

Comment #24


I'm starting again today after being away for two years, give or take a few months. I had a daughter in January and while I've lost the pregnancy weight, I'm ready to lose the rest of it too. I just started this morning and looking for somewhere to post and feel part of a 'team'..

We have a pretty good daily schedule, so I'm hoping that will help keep me focused and on plan. It's nice to meet everybody!..

Comment #25

I just started oct 6th! I want to lose 20lbs by Turkey day.....who is with me??!..

Comment #26


I am a total goof ball when it comes to cooking, and ya knows whats funny, I went to culinary arts school in high and graduated from there!!.

Anyway, anything I seemed to make with Medifast didnt turn out, so I keep it very bland..

L & G I tend to just pick off of what the family is eating. Otherwise, I'll just eat out for lunch. When I go for lunch, I order a Low Carb burger minus a few things. They server Angus burger wrapped in lettuce. I find that filling if I eat it slow..

Welcome, I am sooo with you and we can totally do it!!! Now, what about Turkey Day?? Are you going to stay on plan after losing that 20lbs?? I plan to be OP all the way, although for Tday I'd probably overeat the turkey and veggies but nothing else off plan.

Congrats on your daughter.

And welcome!!.

Ive had to restart a few times as well due to health problems, but now thats outta the way.

I can focus on ME....

***We should have a Team Name & Weigh In, What does everyone think?? When do you guys WI?? *****..

Comment #27

I had a bout with prednisone and it was downhill from that point. So, I am officially back and ready to attack the fat!.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful OP day!..

Comment #28

Glad to see things going UpHill for you Laurie..

Comment #29

Morning Ladies!.

Well Day 1 was a complete success. I felt great, was full 85% of the time, had lots of energy (more than usual) and was OP. How's everybody doing? I realized the most filling for me are the shakes, which I love, so that shouldn't be a problem!cf..

Comment #30

Im going to lose 20 by turkey and stay on this plan! I have learned, even though cost can be high, this is the only plan that works for me.I love it! good luck to everyone and good luck with the 20 by turkey day!..

Comment #31

20lb by turkey day sounds awesome to me! I had the peanut butter soft serve this morning for the first time. OMG! It was soo good it will totally hit the spot for those pb cravings I get. I love me some pb! I think it'd be a great shake too if you just put more water. Yum!..

Comment #32

Morning everyone.

I FEEL GOOD!! Day 5 for me OnPlan 100%.

I even started training for the C25K program, which is learning to run 5k in 9(?) weeks or so. It is a great encouragement because I havent ran for years!! I feel great afterwards..

Last night hubby and I were talking about TDay, and he told me to let him make my plate! lol..

Comment #33


I know we will have tons and tons of food. I plan to make roasted veggies, that I can eat. And Turkey Breast or dark meat. And then go and play some sorta outside sport so that I am not sitting around all the food..

Welcome all you new starters! I am so glad that anyone and all of you have joined our little "team".

Team Name/WI- I WI every Monday, but this week I took a peak and I am already down 2.5 more pounds!!!!!!!!!! But I normally do it first thing Monday AM. Team Name we are all starting in October, so what about an Octoberish Name??.

I had the Beef Veggie soup today with a few drops of Tabasco and it was tasty..

Lean and green Recipes ideas- I like to mix things up some days I eat Fish with Veggies, On other I eat Turkey Sausage, Steak, Shrimp, or another type of Fish with salad or veggies. And I love Egg beaters with half of my veggies, for Breakfast then the other half of EBs and veggies for Dinner. That is how I keep things from getting boring with Chicken breast and veggie all the time. Always check the recipe forum, people are constantly asking if you can have htis or that. I just learned abou the Turkey Sausage from there..

Good luck to ALL!..

Comment #34

First week down, 17.4 lbs gone for good! I WI on Friday since I started on a friday, I know it will slow down, but I'm feeling pretty good right now! For the most part I've stuck to chicken and salad and chicken and stir-fry, but I did mix it up with some shrimp and it wasn't bad, but it could have been better...

Comment #35

Awesome!!! you guys are doing doing great! I weigh in on wednesday!!! we'll see!..

Comment #36

Good job!!!! This is my second day- the headache came but I expected it. Its good to hear of ya'lls success...

Comment #37

Hi - Can I join you all. Just started today. Not too hard. My doctor told me to go on Medifast a year ago. I have about 60 lbs to lose. Took me awhile, but finally took the first step.

Here for the longterm, but hoping for 20 lbs by Thanksgiving...

Comment #38

Hello!! I'm Heather, and I'm an October re-start! Was OP 6/08 - 1/09 (lost 50 lbs) then got pregnant.

So, back at it to finish what I started!!.

I look forward to chatting with you all!!..

Comment #39

Hey there everyone,.

Just got back from roller skating with the kids, boy am I tired!! But I had alotta fun.

Welcome all the new members glad to share this journey with you all.

Mamag- sorry about the withdrawl headache, it will pass. Hope by tomorrow.

Jprothn - better now than never.. we can certainly make it down 20 by TDay! that is a good first mini goal...

Heather - congrats on your new baby! now lets focus on "you"..

Comment #40

Good morning and hi everybody! I'm happy it's Saturday but will be facing my first real test tonight. We are going to my sister's for dinner, which I can eat OP, but she made low carb brownies and I know she expects me to taste them. UGH! Hopefully my baby will be fussy and we'll have to leave early, LOL..

Yesterday was harder than day 1, but I made it through. No headaches or anything, but did feel a little more sluggish at the end of the day. That could be just it was a busy day with my little girl though and lots of errands!.

Hope everyone has a great OP Weekend!..

Comment #41

Happy Saturday!! I hope everyone's enjoying their day!!.

Thanks for the welcome to the group!! It really helps having people to chat with that are on the same journey. does get easier each day, just stick with it! You'll do great tonight.

Having a bit of a trying day with my DS (1yr old)... very crabby/clingy, just hoping it's not and ear infection...sigh.

Well, off to do some laundry...BBL..

Comment #42

May I join you? I started Oct. 1st. This is my first time with Medifast and I was so excited to lost 6 lbs! I had 5 perfect days OP, then I fell off the wagon a bit. Struggling to stay on track again, and could really use the support here!..

Comment #43

May I join you? I started Oct. 1st. This is my first time with Medifast and I was so excited to lost 6 lbs! I had 5 perfect days OP, then I fell off the wagon a bit. Struggling to stay on track again, and could really use the support here!.

I am at 170, hoping to get to 135 or so, though Medifast suggests 125 (but I haven't weighed that since Jr High!) Need a little ticker like you all have..

Comment #44

Hi Everyone!!! I officially started midday Thursday but had been eating lean and green since Sunday. So glad to have found this group and congrats to all... Count me in for the 20 by T-day. That's a great goal. I really had an AHA moment when I got my food and began eating it. My biggest problem in the past was having to cook and prepare food.

I realize now it was a constant battle. Now, I don't have to worry, I open a packet and fix my meal!!! What a relief and so far I have found everything edible with only some additional seasonings (garlic and onion powder). I feel great!!! Thanks to everyone for being here....

Question: I created a ticker but do not know how to insert it into my messages, can someone help me please?..

Comment #45

Woohoo!! I found out how to add my ticker just haven't done it yet LOL..

Comment #46

I started on the 5th. This is my first time with MF. A really good friend of mine which is also my Health Coach has been on it a lil over 6 months and has lost over 100 lbs. I'm coming to the end of my week one my official wi is on Monday. I am sooo excited.

Any name for us October starters yet??..

Comment #47

Hi kittykat, welcome to "the group" with no name yet. Any suggestions??? Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!!..

Comment #48

Yay I see you got your ticker working.

...You have a great OP weekend.


Lets put our minds together and think of a name for us October Starters..

Comment #49

Hi! I am restarting in October.. as soon as my shipment arrives! Can't wait to get to know you all!..

Comment #50

Hi KittyKat and Spaghetti.


We do need a name...any ideas? October Opals? October OP'ers?.

Finally got the baby to take a 4:30.

Bedtime will be interseting......

Getting ready to bake some lobster tails for dinner!! I can't wait..

Comment #51

I like October OPer's!.

Well, my dinner at my sister's was a success! I had a small glass of diet soda and made a taco salad. My sister eats low carb, so luckily most of the choices were easy to make. I did skip on all of the non OP stuff that I couldn't eat that my mother bought like rice and mac and cheese..

I did put a teaspoon of black beans on my salad which I know is not OP for L&G but I don't think a small teaspoon will hurt much. I had to eye ball my chicken, which I am not that good at, so I probably didn't take as much as I should have..

All in all it feels like a successful day for me! Pat on back...

Comment #52

Good job Jilly!! I think going into a non-OP situation with a plan is key!! Definite pat on the back for you girl.

I hate to admit, but I'm a college football junkie (well FSU junkie) I'm out for the night, big game on right now!.

Hope you all have a great night and here's to 100% OP Sunday!!.


Comment #53

Hi everyone- well, it's my second day and I did great. I haven't had a lot if success with diets in the past, so I'm sort of surprised how easy this is..

Wwillow- I'm with you. I like the open the packet, eat it- nothing else to think about. I've been on Medifast a zillion times and all the weighing and measuring makes me obsessive about food..

Heather- I'm from Sarasota too. Palmer Ranch.

If I have any issue so far, it's that my husband and daughter are very curious about my box if food and want to "taste" my bars and shakes, etc. Lol- Im nice for now, but they need to step away from my food lol.


Comment #54

Ok so I took Heathers idea and thanks to my insomnia fiddled around on the net and look what I came up with.

If you like it let me know if not open to all ideas.

Jilly- Great Job staying OP.

Heather- Hope everything went well with the lobster tails and the lil one.

Jennifer- I was the same way everyone wants to try the puffs LoL.

Hope everyone had a great OP weekend..

Comment #55

I think you forgot to post what you came up with, or I'm just missing it? lol..

Comment #56

LoL good call lshulk....still getting used to these boards.

Hope it works this time..

Comment #57

Hi Guys!.

I just wrapped up day two of being 100% OP. Had a killer headache yesterday, but today was great. I haven't felt hungry at all. I have had other issues (that likely don't need to be discussed here), so let's just say my digestive system is having a hard time getting used to my new food plan. But I feel great, and aside from the issues above, all is smooth sailing..

Great to meet you all!..

Comment #58

Ya, I had some slight bm issues the first 2-3 days but it cleared up after that and everything has been great on that end..

No pun intended, but it made me laugh for some reason...hah..

Comment #59

Welcome all new October starters/recommiters.

Glad to see you all taking charge of your health!!!.

We should each come up with a name then I'll set up a poll for us to vote on. Then our great mastermind kittykat could create a banner.

I do like the Fall background by the way.

I feel good & my energy level is waaay up!.

Jennifer- I still have to share with my kids but sometimes, I just plan say NO, you get to eat all the good stuff and this is all I have....sorry...I feel mean too, but true if you give away what you have you'll feel hungry and search to snack..

Soxley hope the headache and digestive's systems agree.

Hope you guys have a great Sunday!!..

Comment #60

Forgot to mention I found a virtual model where you enter your weight, age, goal weight, and it shows you what you would look like at goal but PLEASE ignore the diet plan info as I am not trying to send you off to another diet....


Comment #61

Welcome newbies to our group!!! And WTG Jilly!!! You are an inspiration to me... I know that same situation will come up for me. JPRothn I live alone and I see how that might make everything so much easier! I will have to deal with grandkids who will want to try my "stuff"... but so far, no requests!!! Thanks Toni for the site with the virtual model. It was fun to get a general idea. So far, I haven't come up with a name but certainly am willing to vote on whatever anyone else comes up with (but will keep trying to think of something...) Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!!!.

I am now off to try and add my food to the food tracker, so far no success at that and I just realize I did not understand ketosis, so was eating way too many veggies. I got it now though!!! Chat with y'all later everyone!!!..

Comment #62

I love the idea of a poll for our group name.

So I guess mine is the Oct-OP'ers.

Like I said before I am open to all ideas and I have a battle with insomnia so I would love to make us a banner.

So how bout a "roll call" and a bio from all of us who started in October..

I'm Kat 24 no kids currently in TX but I move around alot..

I call vegas home because it's the one city I lived in the longest.

Oh how I miss my sincity lights..I'd switch you places in a heartbeat livnlrn but the economy just got to bad for me to make a decent living out there..

I moved to TX and started looking into the gastric bypass. As I kept going to appt after appt I started to chicken out. One of my new co-workers had gastric n lost over 100 lbs in a year she was my support through the appts, then I met my Medifast savior LoL While going to all these appts they encourage you to work out 2 hrs pre surgery to get in the habit, well I am horrible about working out alone and I wanted to try some water aerobics classes they had in the area so I found a friend that was interested we met and she told me all about her Medifast journey so far she had lost 100 lbs in 6 months and was still losing! While my other friend who had the gastric was already starting to gain (she wasn't following much of the guidelines post surgery or changing her eating habits).

I guess that was all a long story to say that was a eye opener and I took it as a sign..

I didn't/don't have to go under the knife to lose the weight because it's all about changing your habits which Medifast helps you do just as well if not better than gastric! So I ordered my food and here I am almost 1 wk in.

Official WI is tomorrow!! I am so excited!!!.

This is just the start of my journey! Boy do I have a LOOOONG way to go, but it doesn't feel hopeless anymore.

I'm just glad to have ppl who relate, support, motivate me along the way!.

So thats probably more than you wanted to know about me LoL I'm excited to get to know ya'll.

Hope everyone had a great OP weekend!.


Comment #63

I'm Conrad, 29 from Portland, Oregon. Lived here all my life and don't plan on moving it's just amazing here if you haven't checked out the Pacific Northwest you really should..

While I was overweight in high school and up until I was 21 (240 high, generally around 205) I never really felt like I was in that bad of a place. I worked a fulltime job, worked a part time job, had 14 credit hours at a local cc, volunteered at a local community center and played basketball and volleyball on average 4 hours a day. Everything was smooth sailing and I was enjoying life..

On Oct 2, 2002 I was shot in the stomach breaking up a bar fight at a bar I worked part time at and things took a turn. The bullet passed through my large intestine, my colon, resting on my spine and pinching my sciatic nerve. As soon as it happened I could feel most of my right leg from the knee down go completely numb, like it had fallen asleep. I spent a couple weeks in the hospital, countless months in physical therapy learning to walk again, however I couldn't run at all, couldn't walk for long periods of time, and standing around would take so much out of me I couldn't even do that for very long. I didn't exactly start eating more, or any more unhealthy than I was previously, just now I was doing no exercise at all, getting up to 300 in the next 6 years. That year I also got the bullet removed, and much of my leg issues were taken care of, however I just didn't have the desire to get back to where I had once been.

I've tried various diets over the past 2 years, but nothing has really stuck(320 high now, started Medifast at 316) and I'm enjoying Medifast so far and thinking that it will be exactly what I need to better myself long-term!.

As Kat said, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and motivate and be motivated by all of you!..

Comment #64

Well, this is where the late SEPT/OCT people are!!!!! (waving to everyone!).

OK, I am a Medifast vet, but I am just like you all, and this thing is still the same, I am doing this one packet, one hour, one day at a time!!!.

My name is Tamby from the Texas Hill Country and I lost over 150 pounds on Medifast 3 years ago, so this works. The T&M works, you just have to want it to work it..

When I came here in 2006, I could NOT hardly walk at 300 punds due to painful osteoarthiritis, was in an ECV. YOu would think someone like that would NEVER gain the weight back, WELL, my DS almost died in a horrible ATV accident 1.75 yrs ago. countless surgeries, cosmetic facial ones, too. His PTSD, PSBD (brain disorder) his depression, you name it. I got away from here and posting, my Medifast friends on another website and logging my food, weight, etc. Well, it all spiraled out of control..

Plus, I am back to having problems with my right side..

I can't even get into a car anymore without assistance as well as putting on my panties (I know Conrad, TMI! ) and shoes!.

But.....Wonderful things out of this though, the blessings..

My son is alive, he has a beautiful face and is well and functional..

I did not gain ALL of my weight back..

THE IS A SOLUTION STILL and IT IS HERE when you make get into a small band of people and remain accountable and STAY ONPLAN! <nodding>.

Where I was once so bitter from my experience I am now grateful..

Ya'll got room for me in here? <grouphug>..

Comment #65

Ooooops! I forgot to say, that I started like some others, on Sept. 27th, so Monday is my official WI day..

I peaked today and it looks like a 5 pound loss so I went ahead and updated my ticker..

My bad!.

Drink LOTS of water, drink a cup of chicken broth, or string cheese to get through this..

I still continue to use my kosher salt, I do not want leg cramps in the middle of the night..

Mind you, I'm not into a salt lick, just into moderation, LOL...

Comment #66

Hi everybody, checking in - day 3 here. Went really well. I discovered shiritaki noodles and spaghetti squash on here. They're both awesome for the lean and green meal. Hope all of you October starters had a great day..


Comment #67

Good morning!!! Happy Monday (I'm still trying to convince myself...).

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Spent the day at Busch Gardens yesterday, beautiful day and OP!!!.

Well, a little about me....

I'm 33, have 2 darling little boys (7 and 1), and I work as a cardiac ultrasound technologist. I've lived in Sarasota FL most of my life (25 years). I haven't always struggled with my weight, not really until after my father passed away 1/07. I have always been a stress eater so trying to deal with the biggest stress in my life really pushed me over the edge!! I began Medifast originally 6/08, and by Thanksgiving I was down 50 lbs. Kinda coasted along through the holidays, only gained back 8-10lbs. Then...1/09 found out I was pregnant with DS #2!!! I did pretty good staying on a healthy track with eating and exercise for the 1st half of the pregnancy, then I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and borderline pre-eclampsia.

It didn't seem to matter what I ate, the lbs kept piling on!! And after he was born, the chaos of 2 kids, a full-time job, and my DH's crazy was all I could do to get dinner on the table! So, needless to say it usually wasn't very healthy!.

So...the baby's a year old now and I finally feel like I've got a grip on my life!! I'm ready to do this, finish what I started!!!.

Sorry, that was LLLOOOONNNGGGGG!! Anywho...I'm back OP, great week 1 (-4.5 lbs)!..

Comment #68

Howdy neighbor.

I haven't been brave enough to try the noodles do you prepare them?..

Comment #69

Well good morning to all my Oct OPer's!.

Here is my infor:.

I am a 28 year female, I have always been over weight. I just made up my mind that I want to be healthy for myself and my son. My BP is getting into the No No zone, and my dad is a diabetic as well as both sets of my Grandparents. So in an effort to be healthy for life I want to lose my weight now. And my big sister is my inspiration, I could NOT do this with out her. Each day we get through each meal together.

I had WI this morning I am down 10.1 POUNDS, so that means I am now on the back side of 180! I have not been in my 180's in Years, so this alone is encouragement enough for me to contiune..

Thank you all for being here and for supporting me. I love to read all the post. I can't wait to add my pic to the Before and After section.!!1..

Comment #70

I am glad to see you back. You are very inspirational. You certainly have been through some very tough situations. I admire your strength..

I am back in the saddle again too.

And have officially restarted in Oct. I know this plan works. It is the best plan I have ever done...

Comment #71

<crying while hugging Maria,.


> I am so glad YOU are BACK!!!!!!!..

Comment #72


- A BLAST from the blast, too! 2008!!!!! glad you are back!.

I had so many problems with conceiving and pregnancies, in fact, DS is my miracle baby..

And the weight that followed. I've been a yo-yo since. But, Medifast works, promise..

And BG, love that place!.


- HELLO!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!.


-'morning to you, too!.

Yep, the picture thing is cool. I had noooo clue what I would look like at 170. I'm using my old pics from 2006/7. It's going to be quite a journey! And I wonder if my body, even in 4 years will even fit in those 8's,, you know our shapes are always changing..

That's the beauty about life. Nothing stays the same. ;-).

Chugging away for me, got on the scale this am and had a FULL extra pound to add to my week's loss..

Drink the water, add a cup of broth, eat a string cheese if you need to, or a pickle. I eat on the higher calorie end and I lose the pounds. Just and FYI..

Really helps when we start exercising and our bodies will not go into starvation mode..

I hope any of this can help you all. <grouphug>.

Have a wonderful day!.


Comment #73

Yay first day op! I didn't get my packet yet but I have enough left overs from last time to start! Yummy Medifast hot Chocolate. I used to have the Hot Cocoa every morning, omnomnom.

1 packet at a time, 1 day at a time!..

Comment #74

That is great! Congratulations on coming back. I am back too...

Comment #75

WTG ladies!! It's nice to have so many fellow re-starters here!!! Soooo helpful to have people to lean on!!!.

I'm really trying to pace myself this time...I get too overwhelmed looking at the big picture! Just gotta take it one little white packet at a time..

Comment #76

Hi Everyone!!! I am thrilled to read everyone's stories. Thanks for suggesting it kittykat, it is a great way to get to know one another!! So for mine....

Like you kittykat, I have moved around my entire adult life (and seeing I am the the grandma in the group at 65, that's a lot of moving!!!). I find myself in St. Louis, MO now because 3 of my 6 grandchildren are here. I spent 30 years as an RN and now am retired and working parttime as a medical transcriptionist from home. I have been at least chunky for ALL of my life. Extra wt.

I had pretty much given up and then I took a vacation to Oregon, and yes, Conrad it is gorgeous there. I visited my son, d-i-l, and awesome grandson in Portland and then headed for the coast for a week-long crafting workshop. I love the ocean so it was really rejuvenating to hang out there for a full week. Crashing waves are my most favorite sound (along with buoys in the night, hey, is there a song like that???) Anyway, while there a met a sister crafter who is a life coach. So, even though I had pretty much resigned myself to buying larger and larger clothes for the rest of my life (thank God I am not a clothes horse), she convinced me I should give Medifast a try even for just 1 month!! You all know the rest of the story...

Harmony, I already have diabetes and have in less than 1 week dropped my insulin by 20 units. I am hoping to just feel healthier, have more stamina, and fit into half my closet!!! Welcome back BT2006, and for everyone, HERE'S TO 20 POUNDS BY T-DAY!!!..

Comment #77

So I have some questions for our good kinda like one of those fun get to know yall thing:.

How is everyone's energy Levels doing??.

- I seem to be having extra energy!!.

What is your Favorite Medifast meal and Why??.

- Mine is the Mint Choco Bar because it does not taste like diet food to me..

What is your most aweful Medifast meal?.

- Mine was the Chili, totally gross no chili taste at all.

What will you all be doing instead of eating now?.

- I have been walking alot more, and I am signing up for a painting class...

Comment #78

How is everyone's energy Levels doing??.

- doing good during the day, getting up in the am is no fun haha.

What is your Favorite Medifast meal and Why??.

- <3 the pancakes, they taste 99% like real ones!!.

What is your most aweful Medifast meal?.

- any pudding.

Just can't stomach it.

What will you all be doing instead of eating now?.

- trying to find a little "me time" (are you allowed to have any with a 1 year old?!?!)..

Comment #79

Yay for recommiting & newbies! You, Me, We can do this! I'm loving the bios and getting to know about ya'll if I haven't heard from you I would love to.

Loving these questions Harmony!.

How is everyone's energy Levels doing??.

Mine are kind of up and down one day I'm super spunky next I'm normal not sluggish at all tho.

What is your Favorite Medifast meal and Why??.

I love love love the brownies! They are almost like the real thing. I'm mad I only got one box, stocking up on the next order tho.

What is your most aweful Medifast meal?.

The worst is a toss up between any of the cold drinks or the chili. Even tho they are bad I can tolerate them..

What will you all be doing instead of eating now?.

Till I can start going back to water aerobics class I'm going to stay addicted to these threads.

I love them! I also took up reading again! It has been awhile since I finished a book...

Comment #80

Oh are we going to be the Oct Op'ers LoL?.

I also saw October OPals.

October OP'ers.

And I also had a suggestion for the motto: Shaking the Pounds Off.

Making the Pounds Fall off.

Is there any other ideas?.

This is just a sample banner but I would love to make a official one..

Comment #81

I actually started dieting on Thursday Oct 7th on my own! I ordered my Medifast food on that day, but it isn't supposed to arrive until Wednesday or so..

I went to a pricey weightloss center to see about joining, well, it was going to be almost $3,000!!!.

Whoa! It was only 5 shakes and 1 bar a day, 700 calories...but they insisted on a bunch of medical tests including EKG and blood chems, etcwell, I had all that done a couple of months ago! They wouldn't accept those! This will be much easier, not to mention cheaper! I can't wait to start! I think I'm off to a good start...I've lost 4 lbs in less than a week! Yesterday I had 768 calories and 64g. I think it's similar and should do until I get my food..

Good Luck Everybody!!!..

Comment #82

I am aiming to lose 20 lbs by turkey day too! I am with ya! I am looking for new lean and green recipes as well but I have been trying to keep it simple since we are only allowed three condiments for the day so I gues sthere isn't too much you can do right? But I am thankful for the recipe board. I have gotten a lot of ideas on there...

Comment #83

I am 51 yrs old and 5'5". I paid $10,000 to have a lap band in 2006. It worked great and I got down to 156lbs! (which worked out great b/c my daughter got married and I was glad I looked good for the pictures!) But then it prolapsed and had to be replaced in Feb. 2009, well, when they replaced it, it was a.


BIG band! Now, even though my new band is totally full I don't have satiety! I can eat ANYTHING and never feel full! My doc was just like, Oh well! Anyway, I have now officially grown out of my fat clothes and am feeling so miserable I had to do something! I am suposed to get my food in a day or two and am so excited! My worst problem is wanting desserts! I cannot eat any sugar at all or I become addicted again. I compare it to being an alcoholic...they can't take even one drink...well, I can't even eat one bit of sugar. I have 5 daughters (3 biological and 2 step daughters). I just joined a gym, and my little skinny husband says he will go with me. Wish me luck!..

Comment #84

Welcome Halobabe99! Great choice on MF. I have that same option in my town and decided to take the independent role, and tie my own shoe laces. Instead of all the tests. If I needed those things my doc who I see regularly would order them. I love this plan, good Luck and happy weight lose to ya!.


On our name I love the Oct OP'ers I vote for this name!! And I like Making the Pounds Fall off! That makes me feel like I am lighter already!..

Comment #85

What is your Favorite Medifast meal and Why??.

Either the Hot Chocolate or the brownies... I have hot cocoa every morning basically.

What is your most aweful Medifast meal?.

There was one fruit cold drink I had. I think it was the 2nd meal I ever had. I literally threw it all up. yum yum!.

What will you all be doing instead of eating now? I was more of an eater on the run so I don't really see a lot of extra time, though I do tend to try to distract myself with being on these forums and my blog and checking out other blogs..

Comment #86

Here's my answers to the questions posted earlier..

How is everyone's energy Levels doing??.

- Energy levels are awesome!.

What is your Favorite Medifast meal and Why??.

- I love the taste of lemon so lemon crunch bars are yummy! I also like the hot chocolate which will be perfect on those cold mornings!.

What is your most aweful Medifast meal?.

- Mine is the oatmeal. It tastes like medicine especially the blueberry oatmeal. Yuck..

What will you all be doing instead of eating now?.

- walking or hiking.

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #87

It's funny, SugarSpice, I love the blueberry oatmeal. It's weird the way people's tastebuds can be so different for the same thing!.

Today I'm really struggling. I'm tired from being up all night with my baby girl, and it's leaving me sapped, which means I want to munch. I've been staying out of the kitchen as much as possible because I know I don't want to be tempted. At least the day is nearly over!.

Plus with the holidays, and now our hot water has to be replaced, plus we need to add insulation to the attic, I'm thinking, how am I going to afford to be on Medifast long term? My husband made me buy my next month's worth of Medifast tonight. He said I'm worth the sacrifice. I just hope I don't mess it up and end up cheating really bad. He has so much faith in me and is so excited for my journey. I don't want to blow the money and then not lose the weight..

Comment #88

How is everyone's energy Levels doing??.

- Somedays I have so much energy it's like I'm gonna jump out of my skin! The nights my baby keeps me up, errr, not so much..

What is your Favorite Medifast meal and Why??.

-PB Softserve. YUM!!.

What is your most aweful Medifast meal?.

- Hmmm....I like most of them, but probably the fruit punch drink..

What will you all be doing instead of eating now?.

-Writing, taking baby for walks, and cleaning more. (yuck on that last one)..

Comment #89

Jilly you can do this! you will do this!.

Day 4 I was ready to chew my arm off I was so hungry! I ended up going and getting a cup of ice and crunching on that. It definitely wasn't what my stomach wanted but it killed the urge till my next meal. I tend to do the same thing now with ice for that nervous/emotional/bored I want to eat craving. My Sonic sells the ice by the bag and it's that yummy crushed one so I was fine!..

Comment #90

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.