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My 1st question is: Eating more on a Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any comment. My 2nd question... Are you starting Medifast in October?.

Did you start Medifast in October?.

Do you just like the month of October?.

Do you just want a GREAT group for support? venting? questions?.

Join us!.

Tell us a lil about yourself!.

Let's all go through this together, one packet at a time!.




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This weeks challenge: Water, Are you getting in your 64 fl oz?.

Be sure to check in daily with your total fl oz so we can update the ticker and make it to GOAL.

Here is the link to last weeks thread if you need to catch up!..

Comments (96)

Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Hi Kat!.

Thanks for the morning thread! Hope you and everyone is having a great day. I'm about 32 ounces in this morning, but I will come back tonight to give a final count!..

Comment #2

Good morning, everyone! It's 8 a.m. here and I've already gotten a liter of water down me. Of course, I've been up since 4:30 too. Ugh. Woke up and couldn't go back to sleep..

I hope everyone had a great day!..

Comment #3

Well gosh diggity dang...I totally just posted on the old thread...I will go and copy and paste it over here

Comment #4

~Copied from old Oct-Opers post~.

Good morning everyone!!.

How is everyone doing this morning?? I'm working on my morning coffee-shake-wanna-be-Starbucks-Frap...I am LOVING the swiss mocha shake mix! Yum! I may have to return a box or two of the dutch choc I got for the swiss mocha...looks like I'll be changing my next TSFL order for the hundredth time too

It was a long and very tempting weekend but I DID IT! I stayed 100% OP all weekend...and man am I despising this time of year right now! Football season is a VERY big deal in our household...DH is a very committed Florida Gator fan and I'm a huge Texas Longhorn every weekend (typically starting with Thursday night's is spend watching football...(he is a Tampa Bay Bucs fan and I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan...but we wont talk about THEM right now ) We always have people over and eat crap alllll day longgg....they ordered pizza and had cokes and DH even baked cookies and I didn't even have a single nibble! But it's almost weird how hard I had to concentrate on the little things...when I was making my kiddos plates, I literally had to concentrate and think twice because when I pulled up a piece of pizza I subconciously picked up the pieace of pepperoni and cheese that was stuck to the box and almost ate wasn't like I thought "hey I want that" it was more of a knee-jerk reaction...but I stopped yay...but it was so funny at one point, I had grilled some shrimp on my GF with some Tony's on it and then tossed it all in a salad with spinach leaves, green bell peppers and mushrooms and my girlfriend commented on how it smelled so good and she would almost rather have that than the pizza she was eating....

Overall it was a very successful first weekend OP...tomorrow is my first weigh-in and I'm not going to lie...I'm a basketcase...all I have ever seen is failure...and I know if I get on that stupid scale and it's less than the 6lbs that I had lost by Day4 I'm going to be all down on myself...I knew DH should have hidden the scale faster... but Ah well...anything less than 187.6 is a loss right?!.

Well I hope you all have a great OP day today...I am preparing for my first work-food challenge co-worker is having a bday lunch at Chili's and I know I am going to be the center of talk when I'm sitting there sipping on water and eating a crunch bar if we don't make it back to the office in

Have a great OP Monday!!!.

**And yay for the water challenge!!..

Comment #5

Wow, Danielley, I am glad now that my DH doesn't watch any sports. That sounds hard. Sometimes I think we are missing out on some sort of culture that won't let us in, or invite us to their sports parties, LOL, but now I guess it's a plus!.

Good luck at Chili's! They used to be one of my fav restaurants! I guess they do have a few guiltless options maybe you could modify if you want to move your L&G meal to lunch instead of dinner..

For me I got to sleep til 7:30 this morning. YIPEE! The baby slept in after being up 3 times last night so I enjoyed it! Even if I am behind a little bit on my schedule. I'll just modify my meal times a little bit!..

Comment #6

Good morning Jilly, Tabgar, Danielle!.

Wow ya'll got alot of water in already and it isn't even noon! I'm slacking on my water but I'm almost done with my first liter..


I so feel your pain with football (Cowboys are breaking my heart.

) I used to live for all the pizza, beer,and all the other bad food that came along with it on game nights. It does feel good tho to be enjoying it with healthier ways.

WI this morning and I am 5.8 lbs skinnier! Woo Hoo! I love MF!..

Comment #7

Kat - I am just north of Fort Worth. I love the area in Central TX. I think that we would move to Marble Falls if we ever win this darn lottery! The Cowboys are breaking my hubby's heart too. Yesterday was rough to watch!.

Danielle - Where do you live? We are all rooting for the Cowboys!.

Water Challenge - you know, I do so well during the week. Glad you didn't start this yesterday. I think I drank maybe 8 oz. Horrible I know. I am working on my first 44 oz cup of it now...

Comment #8

Becky~the hubster and I are currently stationed in Omaha, NE (we are both active duty military)...was def a frustrating day for Cowboy fans yesterday...but it was a GREAT weekend to be a Longhorn in Husker country.

Jilly~I had actually looked at the menu and was going to get the chicken fajitas with peppers and onions, but I can't guarantee how they cook my food and I want to try and go as long as I can without eating out...oh well...they'll get over it.

Kat~Woot! Woot! Congrats on the weight loss!!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!..

Comment #9

Danielle you did great with all that temptation! My hubby is big on football and when he was here we would throw little parties with all these tasty appetizers. I enjoyed doing those parties not because I like football cause I don't lol but because of the togetherness. I probably would've preferred the grilled shrimp over pizza too. That sounds yummy! Good luck with Chilis!.

Jilly so good you got to sleep till 7:30 am. I bet that was a change... a good change.

Kat congrats on your 5.8lb weight loss. You are doing awesome. My weigh in is tommorrow. I can't wait to see how I did..

As for the water challenge I have been up since 8 am and I don't even think I got 16 oz in yet. I am trying but my big jug of water that holds 64 oz of water is still very heavy so I must not be getting much in. I usually drink more in the afternoon..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #10

Congrats Kat! That's awesome on the weight loss. Was that your first weigh in day?.

Good luck everyone on your weigh ins for this week! Mine isn't until Thursday. I can't wait to get my scale back. UGH! I feel guilty every time I have the chili cheddar puffs even though they're on plan. Like, how can cheese puffs be on plan?? And it's a big bag!.

On my next order I think I'm going to get less soup and oatmeal and more puffs and pretzels and brownies, LOL. Right now they are all I want to eat! Course next month that might change, LOL..

And Danielle, when you eat out, you can always ask them to prepare it without oil and butter. They actually can do it, they usually just choose not to, LOL...

Comment #11

Good Morning all,.

Kat I love the starting message and banner, great job.

Danielle, there are some things you could eat at chili's, just tell them what you want.

Today is my weigh in, and I am only down .4oz.

But I know it will fall off soon....

It is much easier to stop in while I am working than when Im home, so I'll be back..

Comment #12

Toni~sorry the scale isn't being nice to you today...but like you will fall thing I'm learning is that patience is a virtue...(at least thats what all the skinny people

So I didn't even make it to Chili's for the luncheon anyways...I have physical therapy 3 times a week and today it ran late...they were already sitting down to order when I was just getting done, so I called and told me them I would just meet them back at the office...good thing I soaked that chicken noodle soup.

A tip I can give for the water...I make it a goal to drink a bottle of water in between each meal...I have the 20oz bottles of Sam's Choice Purified (for some reason I like purified over spring...its like I can taste the minerals in spring So I start a new one with each meal and make it a goal to have it done by my next meal pretty good so far...I don't think I've peed this much since my 3rd trimester..

Comment #13

Elastic Waist Bands!!! lmao! I hate unbuttoning 20x per day!!..

Comment #14

Good morning all - I don't make it to the thread often - but I am at 36 oz on my water right now and weigh in is Weds. I was a little down this morning because the scale was up 0.4 lbs from yesterday..

I am so going to have to have DH hide my scale between weigh ins also....I had pickles yesterday and added a touch of bouillon to my soup - so all the sodium probably threw my numbers.

KAT - did I read right that you are in Marble Falls I'm in Spicewood so we're neighbors. I havent figured out the site yet - but if you have, send me a friend link and Ill get my email and phone to you so we can chat/meet up sometime..

I made muffins yesterday - they were the lazy variety - no syrups...but they were okay and kind of passed for bread. Its something a bit different...

Comment #15

Last night, I made choc chip bread!! From the pancake, was soo good. Now I have to place orders for those cuz now Im out!!.

My order comes in today for the brownies!!!! I have been out quite a few days, and I am sooo looking foward to these!!..

Comment #16

Took off work today to be w my middle schoolers who is off for Fall break. Fun-fun! Slept almost till noon which never happens! Must've needed it! Had hot tea w 2 s&l & 1 t. Creamer to take morning meds, then 30 min later Medifast oatmeal...yum! Going to drink 16 oz.....

Comment #17


Good luck on your WI.


That was WI #2. I'm kinda nervous for week 3 I've read it's hard to lose..


Keep your head up girl! .4 LOSS this week just means you set yourself up for a great WI down the line.

That choc chip bread sounds great! recipe?.


No ma'am I live about a hour away from Austin close to Ft Hood but I love road trips.

Glad to have you pop in!.


Enjoy your day with your kids!.


Where are you? You're usually the first to say good mornin. Hope all is well!.

Hope everyone is having a great OP day!.



I worked myself up to 64 fl oz by having 8 oz in the morning, 8 oz with every meal, and 8 oz in the evening...

Comment #18

Kat, I dont have a recipie for the choc bread....I just added some baking powder and less water to the mixture....although I over baked it so it will turn out better next time...

Comment #19

I just put another order in for more food and I made sure to order chocolate chip pancakes for Toni's chocolate chip bread and tomato soup for Conrad's meatloaf. They all sound yummy..

I am halfway through with my water so that's 32 oz. I don't think I can drink half my body weight. I'm gonna try!..

Comment #20

Good Afternoon All! I hope everyone is having a great OP day.

Kat - Thanks for starting our new weekly thread! And CONGRATS on the big loss!! Week three isn't always bad. I lost over 5 lbs this past week! I don't think I'll have a big loss this week, but we'll see!.

Jillybug - I, too, love the puffs.

I can take or leave the brownies...I am loving shakes for shake cakes lately, YUM! Great job on the H2O!.

Toni - Those .something weeks are tough, but Kat is right...You'll have a large loss next week! I love the pancakes and make "bread" out of them...I don't add anything else to them though. I make them in the shaker, let the batter sit for a couple of minutes and then microwave in a coffee mug for a minute and a half. So good!.

Tabgar - Sounds like you're on your way with the water today! Sorry you were up so early...My little one woke up at about 5:20 this morning..

Danielle - Way to stay strong yesterday!! Try making the cauliflower pizza next time...I swear I would eat it even if I wasn't on MF! I think you'll have a good loss tomorrow....

Becky - Twins!! Eeeek! I have my hands full with just one! Great job on the water so far!.

Sandy - Did you make the pizza or macaroni and cheese yet? I had the mac and cheese last night. So good! I do feel like I retain a bit of water from the sodium in the cheese so I wouldn't recommend eating this before weigh in. The pizza didn't seem to have the same effect..

Hi Elaine! Glad you could join us today.

I made some muffins yesterday too! I love easy to carry around..

Hi Halobabe - Hope you're enjoying your day off!.

I've gotten 32 oz in so far...I will drink 4 liters before the day is over. Enjoying a diet pepsi right now. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!!..

Comment #21

Julie I haven't tried either one yet. I got everything to make the mac and cheese but it is a good thing you warned me about retaining water before weigh in. I will just try it after my weigh in. I think I am going to have something simple like egg beaters with veggies. I read a tip from someone that said she would add the egg beaters in twice a week and it helped her lose more weight. I hope it works for me!..

Comment #22

Hi Everyone!!! Great new thread kat!! and wtg on your wt loss. Hey, Toni, a wt loss of any amount is better than a gain, which happens now and then..

Danielle, I know exactly what you mean about the knee jerk reaction around food. I used to do the same thing!! I keep thanking God that it is only me in this house!! So, I have no food that is not allowed and that makes things so much easier!!.

Conrad, Sandy and Julie, thanks all for the recipes and links!!! Will shop after my weigh in on Thurs. and plan to make lots of new stuff!!!.

Halobabe... I understand how hard it is to stay OP with life going on around you, so really you did better than I would have with the chocolate, AND, I would have then sabotaged myself into stopping the program for good. So good job there..

Water is not a problem for me, I start around lunchtime and my goal is to get half my wt. in so I can have a caffeine-free diet Coke... LOL... and I end my night with at least 1 glass, sometimes 2. I have been hoarding my last pack of honey mustard pretzels... LOL..

Anyway, everyone have a great day!!..

Comment #23

I forgot the most important thing I wanted to share. I ate out at Applebee's last night. I did several things so I could be successful, I first checked the boards to see where and what people ate when they ate out. I then went to the Applebee's site and decided what I would eat and how it would need to be modified. I also took my own salad dressing with me. I ended up eating their California grilled shrimp salad with no bacon or avocado (left little more than lettuce, a drop of chopped tomatoes and diced black olives) and had them use just boiled shrimp.

And, we all got to eat together!!!..

Comment #24

That's a good tip about the eggbeaters. I think I'm gonna have eggbeaters tomorrow then and split up my L&G into two meals. Tonight I'm having a 'buffalo' chicken pasta bake with Speghetii Squash. I still have so much left over, I bought way too many veggies again this week! OOPSIE!.

Willow, that sounds really good actually! Good for you, AppleBees was one of my favorite resturants BMF (Before MediFast). I think DH and I will try to go out to eat next week. We haven't eaten out in almost two weeks in preperation for my Medifast journey. He's such a good hubby!.

JulieI've never actually made a shake cake! I will have to try it soon though. Really? I love the brownies! I think they are wonderful warm and it's almost like a brownie sundae, without the ice cream! Though I am thinking of saving some Soft Serve to put on top, if I can plan it well enough in advance. LOL...

Comment #25

Jennifer - Happy to hear you're starting the week out feeling better!.

Halobabe - At least you showed restraint, and that will help for next time you're in that situation again..

Becky - Uhh ohh, Microbrew capital of the US competition ehh? haha..

Kat - Way to go on your loss! Also, love the new thread post..

Tabgar - Ya, I've done the eggbeater buffet also, man it was so much food..

Danielle - Very impressed by your willpower over the weekend on your first Medifast weekend!.

Jilly - Sounds like you got a nice little treat this morning, "sleeping in" til 7:30, hah..

Toni - Don't sweat the small loss too much, stick with the plan and you'll get to goal! I havn't worn jeans since I was in middle school generally just wear basketball shorts, so I'm with you on the elastic waist bands tip, hah..

Elaine - I liked the muffins I made also. I did them without syrup aswell because my syrups hadn't come in the mail yet..

Halobabe - Hope you enjoy your day off with your kid!.

Julie - I've heard a lot on the boards about these shake cakes I'm going to have to look it up and see what I'm missing!.

Sandy - Even before Medifast I would drink over half my weight in oz of some various beverage (soda, lemonade, beer, mixed drinks) so it's really easy for me, but I know that it is a lot of liquid for someone that isn't used to it..

Willow - Sounds like a nice night out and it was very smart of you to do your research before getting there and then attempting to order OP..

Myself - Started c25k today, and I felt great for 20 minutes of the workout (first 5 minutes is walking, then jogging for 60 seconds, walking for 90, jogging 60, walking 90 etc) and had 5 minutes left on jogging/walking cycle before the 5 minute cooldown walk, but I just couldn't do it. Had the same issue I had last Monday night when I played basketball my lungs just weren't ready for it. My legs feel fine I don't feel exhausted or anything I've just been having a hard time breathing while exerting myself since I started MF. I used to be able to play basketball with my friends on Monday nights about 45 minutes of game time total, split up into 4-5 games over 3 hours, sometimes sitting the sidelines waiting til the next game. Did this for years before Medifast leading up to when I started (skipped the first monday after though) so I'm not sure what the issue is because I feel great otherwise. More energy, no muscle aches or anything I guess I will just continue the 2 other workouts this week on Wed and Fri and gauge from there even if I have to repeat a couple of exercises until my lungs catch up with me.

So far I'm 52 oz in, should get at least another 104 oz in before the day is through I'll update later...

Comment #26

Hi, Conrad! I know that 7:30 isn't sleeping in. I remember when sleeping in was like 9 or 10 am! Now at 10AM I'm having my 2nd Medifast meal and thinking about lunch! Tee!!!.

I have a glass of water left to have tonight with my last meal. That will put my official water count at 128 oz...

Comment #27

Hey Jilly, BMF My regular wake up time was 9 or 10 am, now I am up between 7:30 and 8:00... I can hardly stand it LOL... and of course, no late nights anymore. I'm ready for bed by 11 or 11:30. I miss my middle of the night romps around the Internet but not my all night long romps through the frig and pantry!!.

Conrad, have fun tonight and I want to hear how it went with your breathing!!! You are such an inspiration, doing the C25K... that is definitely not in my future but I plan to start walking as I begin my 3rd week, after I weigh in Thursday..

Have a good evening everyone!!!..

Comment #28

I just started today! Had a great day overrall. The food is pretty good except didn't care for the oatmeal. But I will survive through it. I'm excited that the day went good, looking forward to many more successful days! Anyone else starting today that needs a buddy let me know!.


Comment #29

Do any of you know if you are suppose to measure the veggies cooked or raw? The reason why I am asking is that I would measure out 1 1/2 cups of squash and roast it. By the time it is done it is only 3/4 cup. Shouls I eat the 3/4 cup or add another 3/4 cup? What do you guys do? I love love love roasted veggies but they keep shrinking on me.


Comment #30


Welcome to the group.


Everything should be weighed the way you eat it so roast on girl!.


WTG on the H20.


Hope your lungs don't hold you back tonight with the boys. Nice job starting the C25k.


Nice job surviving your first time out at a restraunt! Very impressive planning ahead I'm keeping that in mind..


Thanks for calming my nerves a bit. You know you read stuff and it just burns in your brain but I do got to keep in mind that everyone is different..

Hope everyone had a great OP day! Tomorrow is a new day to get in our water..

So lets tally it up ya'll let me get your final # of fl oz for Monday!.

I got in 128 fl oz of water today...

Comment #31

So weigh it after you roast it? That's what I thought but I was looking at the nutrition board and one of the nutritionist mentioned you can go by the raw measurements on a chart they have but it shrinks so much when roasting. Anyways....

I got about 90 oz of water in. Good for you Kat in getting all that water in!..

Comment #32

WTG on your 90 oz Sandy!.

In the book I have it says to weigh it in the form you eat it. My coach told me that too. I don't know why Medifast would say different from the book...

Comment #33

Sounds good to me then that means I will just have to double up on my veggies if I cook it that way. That's ok because I like them..

Comment #34

Basketball went great tonight(last night? I guess it is 2am). I was able to play 4 games with no breathing issues which made me happy, but also makes me wonder what the issue was this morning and last monday. I'm just crawling into bed and my total water consumption for the day was 192 oz of water...

Comment #35

My water total for Monday was 3 liters. That's about all I can get in before 6 p.m., when I stop drinking. Otherwise I'm up in the middle of the night and then can't go back to sleep...

Comment #36

Good morning everyone!.

I had my weigh in today first thing when I got up because I couldn't wait any longer and I lost 3.2 lbs. That's great for me now on to week 3. I haven't even touched any water yet but I am going to drink some now..

Conrad wow 192 oz. You were right you really can chug that water down. Glad you had fun playing basketball last night and having no breathing issues...

Comment #37

Good morning everyone!!.

So I had my first official weigh-in this morning and I'm.

Down 5.8lbs.

!! I won't lie, I got on and off the scale about 3 times trying to get that last 0.2lbs out but it wouldn't way...its 5.8lbs I don't have to carry around anymore!! On to week 2!!.

My total water intake for yesterday was about 90oz (appx 4.5 20oz bottles)...get it Conrad with your bad water drinking self!! 192oz is ALOT of water....

Today will be the first time I move my L&G to lunch instead of dinner...DH has a flag football game tonight and I wouldn't have enough time to cook and eat before hand, so I'm going to have L&G at lunch and a crunch bar or something at the game....

~I'm so motivated to stick to this program...I know I won't drop 5lbs every week, but to just see the number go down is sooooo relieving!!.

Hope everyone has a great Oct-OPer day!!..

Comment #38

Wow, Conrad! That's a lot of water! Way to go!.

I'm feeling a bit down and am trying hard to reason with myself. I got on the scales this morning (although my official weigh-in date isn't until Thursday) and I've only lost 2 pounds. I read about other people's first week losses and mine sounds so puny compared to theirs. I've always lost weight slowly, however. I'm short and I'm on thyroid medication, so I KNOW in my head that I'm probably not going to lose weight as fast as other people, but I guess I was hoping for a bit more than 2 pounds. I am NOT going to let this defeat me this time, though.

We have a beautiful park about a block away from my house with a walking trail and a river. I think I'll take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk down to the river and enjoy some nature before winter sets in..

I keep thinking I must be doing something wrong. I am not hungry! On any diet I was on in the past I spent most of my time starving. This is so different - in a good way!.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!..

Comment #39

Danielle, that's great! I'm so excited for you!.

Sandy - way to go!!..

Comment #40


- you still have 2 more days!! Don't get down, you could have another 2-3 pounds by then. And any loss is a good one right? We are here for you though..


- WOW on the water! That is amazing. I would float away. And on the Microbrew's...I never got to have any in Portland. I would love to go up there with DH and travel around and hit some though. In a couple of years. LOL.

You can save your condiments to make a frosting. We use cream cheese and a sugar free syrup..


- I was busy with the boys last night so I didn't post my water intake but it was ~90 oz. Not my best but not too bad..


- AWESOME WI!!! Good for you!.


- Hope you are having a good day. I have to squeeze a Diet Coke in there too with all the water. It is my greatest weakness. And with the twins, I don't know any different because they are our first and onlys. They are growing so fast!!!.


- I guess I need to go back and look at a thread about the mac and cheese. Or can you share? It sounds yummy!.


- good job on the research and being able to enjoy family time at Applebees. We have not been out since starting Medifast but we will get there..

So my evening completely made my week! There are some people on this earth that are just too good to be true. I belong to LCMOM (Lake Cities Mothers of Multiples) because you wouldn't believe how much stuff is different with 2 or more kids at the same time. But mostly it is about advice and support. Well, one lady has twin boys and is about to have a little girl and was selling all the boys' clothes. So I went over to take a look and picked a bunch out. I would have had more but they were a little off season for my boys.

They are some really nice clothes! I would have paid at least $200 new for all the stuff that she gave me last night. Just puts renewed faith in humanity!.

Hope everyone has an awesome OP day!..

Comment #41

Good Morning Ya'll.

Sandy & Danielle.

Congrats on your awesome WI! WTG!.


Don't be hard on yourself. Weighing in on days that aren't your WI day can drive you crazy..


Glad you had a fun night with your friends that lung thing is pretty weird I have a mild case of asthma that only flairs when I'm sick the way you describe it, it kind of sounds like what happens to me. As long as you feel good and listen to your body enjoy yourself..

I don't have everyones total for their water intake on Monday but this is what it looks like so far!.

Our lil ticker is moving! C'mon ya'll! We can do this!.


Fact of the day.

97 % of earths water is in the oceans. Only 3 % of the earths water can be used as drinking water. 75 % of the worlds fresh water is frozen in the polar ice caps..

Hope everyone has a great OP Tuesday!..

Comment #42

Good morning everyone!.

Danielley, congratulations on losing nearly 6 pounds! It's close enough in my book.

What is your Lean and Green for lunch?.

Today I'm going to my Mom's and she made home made chicken soup. I'm gonna see if I can get a way with just having the broth and some chicken and pass on the tortellini filled with meat and cheese she has in it. I know she'll probably throw a fit if she notices, so I'm REALLY hoping she doesn't. Oh, Moms!.

I slept in til 7:30 again this morning and am now enjoying a baby nap! I have my Medifast oatmeal cooking on the stove and I've already downed 74 ounces of water. I'm more of a morning drinker than an afternoon drinker, lol..

Tagbar, hang in there! Make sure you are getting in all your meals and weighing your foods. Water is important too! I'm sure if you follow the plan you will lose, even if it is slower than what you see. We are all different!..

Comment #43


I updated your water intake in our ticker and I promise to get you a piece of the pie.

As soon as I get some more time. That is great that you got some nice clothes for your baby boys. That was sweet of her..


Enjoy dinner at your mom's. I have a feeling I'm going to have the same problem for Thanksgiving. My mom is not going to be happy that I'm going to just stick with the turkey and veggys...

Comment #44

Jilly, I hear ya on the mom thing! I'm trying to get all my defenses ready for when we make our annual trip to Florida for Christmas to visit the family. I'm sure I'm gonna hear "just one little bite won't hurt you" many times before it's all said and done. My challenge will be to not blow my top when that happens. They wouldn't say "one little sip isn't going to hurt you" to an alcoholic, would they?..

Comment #45

Danielle congrats 5.8lbs yay! Thats awesome for your first week!.

Tabgar dont feel so down. More might come off next week, besides 2 lbs is still 2 lbs less than last week so thats great. Whenever I used to say oh I lost 1 lb or I didnt lose this week while this person lost this many pounds my husband used to tell me everyone is different and not to focus on what others lose. So I dont anymore. It will come off in the end as long as you follow the plan. As for the thyroid problem, I have one too.

I am a shortie too 52 ha ha. I am glad you wont let it defeat you and taking a walk instead It is a beautiful day outside here too. I should follow your cue and go walking too!.

Becky I am making it tonight and posting it on my blog if it turns out lol knowing my luck. Here is the link that Julie sent me where you can find the recipe.

I heard it is really good!.

Jilly, you already drank 74 oz! I need to follow your cue. I love chicken soup especially. Yum Yum..

Kat I dont think I have to worry too much about thanksgiving because I usually do all the cooking but I think I am going out to lunch that day and eat on the military base with the entire family. Makes it easier no dishes! Good luck thanksgiving!..

Comment #46

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I am going to put my scale away in between weigh-ins so I'm not tempted to step on it. I'm also going to measure myself today so I can see the inches falling off even when the stupid scale is being a jerk, LOL!..

Comment #47

Good morning to a late start - had to get dog to the vet for staple removal (major surgery two weeks ago on a mastiff who is nearly 11 years old - Yikes).

Kids off to school - slow on the water today - but I'll catch up..

Finished yesterday with 88 oz of water..

I'm definitely going to need to try the shake cakes - shakes and I arent the best of friends and with winter coming - lots of cold, icy drinks just doesn't sound tempting!!.

You guys are so wonderful - just sitting and reading everyone's posts helps keep me on task>.

Weigh In tomorrow - wish me luck!..

Comment #48

Hi Everyone,.

If you all have room for one more I would love to join your group. My name is Robin and I started medifast on October 11th. I am married and have one child, Jackson, who is 7. I am originally from St. Louis, but we have just sold our home and relocated back to Iowa (my husbands homestate). We are currently living in a small apartment and have 75% of our home in storage as we try to decide whether to buy an existing house or build a new one..

I put on 65 pounds since the birth of my child and I have spent the last 7 years yo-yo dieting on my own losing 20-30 pounds and then regaining. I am soooo ready to kick this weight to the curb FOREVER!.

I am not sure how a group "works". Do we weigh in weekly? Any other things I should know or tell you?..

Comment #49

Welcome, Robin! I'm new myself (on day 5). I think we just weigh in when we're scheduled to and report it here if you want to. Right now we're reporting our water consumption daily, just as an incentive to make sure we drink all of our water. This is a great group for support when you feel like you need an extra attaboy! I'm glad you're here!..

Comment #50

Hey there everyone.....

I had personal shout outs to all of you, BUT my connection was lost, and of course loss what I wrote....

Not going to try again.

BUT you all are doing awesome!! Congrats on your current losses and all that water drinkin!!!..

Comment #51

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday! I just wanted to come and say hi to all you losers.

I don't have a lot of time right now, but I like the losses that I'm seeing! I will be back on the boards tonight and will have more time to chat. I wanted to post my water intake for yesterday: 128 oz! Unfortunately, I'm not even 1 liter down today, but I'm a chugger and will get another 128 in today..

Here's the recipe for the shake cake that I make (That rhymed! Nice.):.

1 packet Medifast shake.

2 tbsp egg beaters.

2 tbsp H2O.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

Nuke for 1:30 in a microwave-save bowl. So YUM!!.

I usually sub 1 tbsp of the water for a sugar free syrup..

See all you lovelys later..

Comment #52

I LOVE the apple & cinn oatmeal!!! Dislike the shakes, but will get Em down!..

Comment #53

Hi, Robin! Welcome aboard!.

I spent most of the day at my parents house with the baby, so it was an interesting day. LOL. I did however get in 144 ounces of water today! And that's my official tally because if I drink anymore water, the dam is going to break, LOL. The 20 minute ride home from their house was NOT fun. I thought my bladder might explode!..

Comment #54

Day 2- so far so good! I actually ate soup while my team at work had tijuana flats, one of my favorites!.

Danielle- great job! That is awesome!.

Kittykat- what is this water challenge all about? That is a lot of water! Thanks for the support!..

Comment #55

Sandy - Way to go on 3.2 lbs lost!.

Danielle - Great first WI! I'm guilty of that also, jumping on and off the scale hoping to edge out a little extra, but it never works, hah..

Tabgar - It's not a race. Everyone will lose at their own pace, but as long as you stay OP your lose will be there and you will feel so much better when you reach goal! I hid my scale at the beginning of my second week because after 2 days I was still the same weight, ended up losing 5.4 lbs anyways!.

Becky - Sometimes when you're feeling down about society something spectacular like that happens and completely changes your views people. What a blessing!.

Kat - Thank you for making me orange instead of pink, lol..

Jilly - How was your mom's soup?.

Sandy - Fill us in on how the mac and cheese goes, I havn't tried any of the cauliflower recipes yet and think I will soon..

Elaine - Mastiffs are beautiful dogs I'm jealous! Good luck on your WI I'm sure you'll be amazed!.

Robin - Welcome! You can let us know your weekly WI, or your daily water intake (doing a water challenge now), or just come here to let us know how your day is, ask questions, whatever! There really are no rules and I'm glad to have you aboard!.

Toni - After that happened to me the first time I just open up a new text document, type out everything I want in it and then copy + paste it into the board..

Julie - You're a poet and didn't know it *cough* I think I'll try a shake cake tonight!.

Michelle - Way to go on day 2 and resisting temptation!.

Myself - Made taco salad tonight, so tasty! Downing water like a champ and about to watch last nights Chuck and Mike & Molly that I missed because I was playing basketball...

Comment #56

HI everyone!.

I'm still drinking and trying to drink more but I think it may be only around 90 again. I have to constantly remind myself to drink..

I did make the mac and cheese tonight. It was okay. I have 3 servings so one I ate tonight, one is in the fridge and the other is in the freezer. I would eat it again but it was chewy rather than creamy but I guess what can you expect since it was mainlymade up of shredded cheese and egg. I am wondering how the cottage cheese mac and cheese is. Any ideas? Anyone try it yet?..

Comment #57

I am going to go ahead and check in my water for today. I drunk about 100 oz. I hope everyone has a great night!..

Comment #58


Welcome to the our Medifast family.

We don't really have a group WI even tho it was once a thought. We just stick to WI on our original start day, we check in with eachother,ask questions, vent. We currently have a water challenge going on just for some extra motivation to get our 64 oz of water in. How are you liking Iowa so far?.


Good luck with your WI!.


Girl you are getting that water in! WTG! How was dinner were you able to avoid the motherly lecture? LoL.


We just decided to start a couple of friendly fun challenges within our group to help keep us on the right track. Since water is a very essential part to Medifast we started with a water challenge getting in your 64 fl oz a day or as close as you can get. Join in! Just post on here or message me your water intake each day so I can update our ticker and graphs. Great job staying OP while everyone else ate out!.


Great job on the water intake today! I took a look at your blog and I love the recipes!.


LoL You are always cracking me up. You must try the Cauliflower mashed potatoes it's crazy how good they are I made mine with a laughing cow cheese wedge and some pepper, delish! I wish I could take credit for your piece of the pie not being pink but it auto switches the color..

I can set a certain color up tho. If you guys would like a certain color all the time just let me know..

I still don't think I got everyones water intake from Monday and now we are almost done with Tuesday so let me know in a msg or here..

Lets get our water ticker to goal! Here is what we look like so far.

As for me It looks like it's going to be a crazy week. I had a family emergency that made me take a road trip to Houston and I haven't felt the need to announce that I'm on Medifast to my family yet I guess the secret will be let out of the bag sooner rather than later now. I don't even really know why I'm keeping it a secret. I did pack up as much of my Medifast as I could because I don't know how long of a stay I'm looking at and I plan to be 100% OP..

Well hope everyone had a great OP Tuesday!..

Comment #59

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know everyone. Do you only count water in this challenge - or do tea or crystal light count as well? Anyhoo, I had 80 ounces of straight water and 8 ounces of herbal tea today..


- You know, I am really enjoying Iowa right now. The people here are soooo friendly. Everyone waves to everyone. I love it. It really is georgeous this time of year. I have seen turkey, coyotes, deer and even a black bear in my neighborhood (he wandered down from Minnesota and got lost)That is definitely not something you find in the metropolitan area of St.

I am used to using landmarks like walmart, target, etc. not turn on this gravel road until you see a red barn and then go another block past the hog confinement -LOL. But the good thing is I don't have to worry about being mugged or murdered when I get lost in unknown areas!.

Ask me again, in the dead of winter when I am shoveling tons of snow if I still like it...

Comment #60

Hi Guys!.

I've been out of touch for 2 days, but 100% OP. I've been reading and trying catch up with all the news!! I love that everyone is commenting on the water they're drinking. I have a harder time on my days off getting the water in ('cause I'm not sitting at my desk...), but I've found a couple of tips that I'll share in case anyone finds it helpful. I really like my water cold, so I've found that straight out of the water cooler (or Brita filter at home) into a 16 oz. glass works for me. I can drink 16 oz.

Sometimes, I put ice into a big 32 oz. cup and drink from a straw (reminds me of drinking a soda or something, I guess...), and I drink 3 of those on my days off. It's so much easier to drink from a straw!.

I'm really proud of myself....I have been working on planning a big event for months. I set up the food, dessert, open name the temptation, I had arranged it for this party (was yesterday). Well, I'm happy to say that I was able to plan my food for the dayhad my L&G right before I headed to the venue, had my last two meals as bars in my purse, and I didn't even have a taste of anything. I drank ice water all night and wasn't hungry for a minute! It was a real victory for me!.

Hope you all are having a great OP day!.


Comment #61

Sharean - Way to go skipping all that temptation and enjoying yourself with a nice OP evening!..

Comment #62

Morning everyone!.

Mom's soup is always awesome, LOL, and I was able to avoid the lecture since she was so busy with her granddaughter (hehe babies are great distractions) I was able to prep my bowl without her noticing what I was doing. I put enough chicken and OP veggies in it that she didn't notice anything. It was warm and comforting and I put a TSP of Parm cheese in it. Yummy..

Wow, I'm really kicking butt with the water there on that chart! I'm sure once Conrad posts his water for Tuesday though and he'll leave me in the dust..

Hope everybody has a great day. Tomorrow is my weigh in so today is kind of like Last Chance Workout on the biggest loser for me, only with no workout, LOL. I am going to start exercising tomorrow though. I thought maybe I'll do Chealean Xtreme, which is a weight lifting program. I can at least do it a few times a week, the beginning workouts are all under 40 minutes, I think...

Comment #63

Good morning, my fellow MF'ers! Just dropping by to report my water intake from Tuesday. I drank 122 oz..

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #64

Sharean - Excellent job on resisting the temptations! Isn't it an empowering feeling knowing that food is no longer in control - YOU are!..

Comment #65

Sharean~That is an amazing NSV!! Go girl!! I can only imagine how hard it was, when you planned it all and got to pick the food...we ordered a ton of crap-food from all the boyscouts/girlscouts in the area a few weeks ago and it's just now all coming in...but getting healthy is a way better feeling!!.

Jilly~Awesome job on the soup! I def agree about grandkids...they are the best distraction ever...DH and I always get to go out and spend alot of 1on1 time with each other when we go visit our families because they all want to watch the

Kat~sorry for the family emergency...I hope everything is ok...just remember...who cares what your fam thinks about are doing this for safe!!.

My water intake for Tuesday was 100oz.....

Comment #66

Yesterday was 88 oz again for me - but Ive already got 16 behind me today. First official weigh in today: I was down 9.4 pounds!!!! So excited and looking forward to a good week two..

Jilly - Yum - mom's food is always the best isnt it??.

Off to a hectic day have a good OP day everyone...

Comment #67

Elaine~wooohooo for an awesome first WI!!.

Keep up the awesome work!!!..

Comment #68

Elaine, WOW! Great weigh in! Thats what I wanted for my first weigh in, but didn't quite make it, LOL..

And Mom food is always the best, especially the stuff shes been making since I was a kid. That's why it's so tough! Luckily I am not that tempted most of the time. And some of it I can make OP, but not much of it, unfortunately!..

Comment #69

Been busy at work and with the boys. They are 4 months old today! Can't believe it. It goes by way too fast..

Just dropping off my water from yesterday 64oz. It was kind of bad because I was busy running...

Comment #70

Good Morning Everyone! I didn't make it on the boards last night but I caught up with my reading this morning! Everyone that is participating in the water challenge is doing awesome!! Good job people.

Last night I tested my will power by making banana bread for my daughter and husband. I am pleased to announce that, although that bread was smelling pretty awesome, I didn't have one ounce or gram of it! And to top it off, my daughter didn't want to eat any of it this morning...Oh well. At least the husband liked it! I did peek at the scale this morning and I am only one pound down since Sunday...I was expecting a slower week this week since I've lost over 15 lbs in three weeks. I'm going to try to not get back on the scale until Sunday..

Welcome to the new people that have joined us! I don't have much time during the day for the next 3 weeks. I'm at a different worksite so I'm not able to have as much "free time.".

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! Only three days until the weekend..

Comment #71

WOW!! I missed a whole day!! Sorry about that. Congrats to all you losers!! And Tab, you know you shouldn't peak... LOL... it will come off, I promise!!! Conrad, great to hear your breathing was fine for basketball!! Welcome to the newbies... and sorry this is not personal to each person... I just missed so much..

I am still 100% OP and going strong!!! I wi tomorrow and am getting nervous about it, but really I am feeling so much better lately. Sandi, I am going to start walking after tomorrow, I figure heading into my 3rd week, it will be okay!!!.

Kat, I hope you find things better than you expected when you get to Houston!! Good for you to remember your Medifast food!!! That's the way to not sabotage yourself!!!.

Gotta run and pick up my grandson... Have a good evening everyone. Cyall tomorrow!!!..

Comment #72

Whew what a day! Stressed and crazy but I managed to get in 144 ounces of water! WHOOP!!..

Comment #73

I didn't get that much water in today. I will say about 75 oz. Ugh. Time keeps passing by and the water just sits there and I forget all about it. I almost forgot to eat my dinner. I just remembered at 8:15 pm! I wasn't hungry but I made myself eat.

I still have one more meal left to eat but the cauliflower mac and cheese leftovers have me too stuffed. I guess I'll eat it in an hour or so. Have a great night everyone!..

Comment #74

Hey ya'll today has been a crazy day for me. My uncle/dad (he helped raise me) just got out of surgery (open heart). Everything went well thank god. Unfortunately today was my first day off plan in over 2 weeks.

I don't know what came over me! I still got alot of inner work to do with emotional eating. I feel horrible guilty and sick to my stomach. Tomorrow is a new OP day!.

Here are our water stats so far....

Hope everyone had a great OP day!..

Comment #75

For today (Weds), I'm at 96 oz. water. Signing off for the night...

Comment #76

Hi everyone,.

Just a quick note to post my water stats for the day 84 oz. It's been a crazy day and I don't have much time for computer tonight. Catch up with you tomorrow...

Comment #77

Sugarspice- cauliflower mac 'n cheese sounds delish! Can you give me the recipe?.

Kittykat- Glad your Uncle/Dad is ok, be strong.

I will be out of town the next 2 days for work, I have my Medifast food packed so should be ok!?! I will hunt down a place where I can create my own salad and grilled chicken/fish..

Hope everyone has a great day!.

Water today- 104oz...

Comment #78

Kat Im so sorry abouut your Uncle/Dad. I am glad he is doing okay. What a scare! I am an emotional eater too but atleast your ready to get back on track tommorrow..

Michelle I just posted the recipe from the board on my blog. The link is in my signature. It doesn't taste like mac and cheese more like a cauliflower casserole but I actually liked it better the second day. I have the third serving in the freezer for another week. iIm going out of town next weekend so I will have to do some planning too especially at my parents house. Too much temptation there...

Comment #79


I just checked out your blog. What fun!! It was hard not to drool over all the beautiful pics of other foods you have posted. Good grief you're a good cook!..

Comment #80

152 oz today. Been a little busy, a high school friend dropped by and is in town for a couple of days so wasn't at the computer much, but I'm still OP and goin strong! Hope all of you have a great Thursday!.

Kat - Hope all goes well with your surrogate father and that he recovers quickly. There are always bumps in the road that we need to overcome, it builds character and leads us to the path that we were meant to follow, tomorrow is a new day to start OP again!.

Michelle - Nice planning ahead, hope you find some nice places to eat your L&G!.

Elaine - Fantastic first WI, congrats!..

Comment #81

Hey Everybody, Today was my weigh in & I am down another 4.5 lbs this week (1st full Wk on MF) Whoohoo! Started at 201.5 & now at 193! Next week I am hoping to be in the 180's!!!.

Question: Can we have a Carb Smart Ice cream every once in a while? 4 carbs? It's wonderful!.

Also last nt made veg beef soup for the fam... Didn't know how to log it?..

Comment #82

Good morning, everyone! Today is weigh-in day for me and I'm down 2 pounds. I'm trying not to be disappointed with such a small loss - my blood sugar readings have been sooo much better and that's the most important thing. I'm dealing with, ahem, some bloating and the "c" word, so that could be part of the problem with the lower weight loss. But hey, 2 pounds is 2 pounds..

Halobabe - Congratulations on your weight loss!.

Julie - I can almost smell that banana bread, LOL! Great willpower on your part!.

Willow - I can't wait to hear about your weight loss..

Jilly - Wow with the water!.

Kat - glad your uncle/dad came through the surgery okay. I totally understand the emotional eating - I'm the same way..

Oh, and before I forget, my water intake yesterday was 102 oz. Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #83

Morning everybody!.

Well, on my second weigh in I am down 2 lbs. I think my monthly is on the way and I am retaining water. Yesterday my wedding ring was falling off and today the ring is almost stuck, LOL. On the up side I guess next week I might have a bigger loss because of it!.

On the plus side, I am down 9 inches in 2 weeks! Holy smokes! That is very exciting, that's for sure. Plus today I can start exercising a bit and I am very looking forward to that..

Halo, I think you'd have to log all the veggies individually for the soup. Congrats on the weight loss! And I think 4g is probably too high for a snack or a condiment. I'm betting if you asked Nutritional Support, they'd say no, LOL. Those pesky Nutritional Support people!.

Michelle, good luck out of town! and Sandy good luck at your parents place. I know how tough that can be!..

Comment #84

Sharean Thanks so much! I have been blogging for a long time now and it has evloved from different diets I have been on lol. The one before was Weight Watchers. Too funny. Now I am starting to put medifast friendly recipes but I just started over 2 weeks ago so not too many of those..

Halobabe congrats on 4.5 lb weight loss!.

Tabitha congrats on your weight loss too! The numbers are moving down.

Whats the C word? lol Is that TOM?.

Jilly wow 9 inches in 2 weeks! Thats wonderful! It IS the TOM for me this week. I am usually a daily weigher but it since it crept into my week I am not weighing myself until it is done and gone. I am trying to weigh myself once a week but I don't think I can handle that..

I am drinking my water and trying a new dish tonight from the lean and green cookbook. Anyone have that cookbook? Have you tried any recipes? I am going to try the tropical chicken medley. I hope it turns out!..

Comment #85

Sandy - "c" word = constipation. I was trying not to say it, LOL!..

Comment #86

Tabitha - LOL oh ok. I had no clue..

Comment #87

It is also nearly TOM for me. I'm at that terrible bloaty stage. My official weigh in is tomorrow, and even though I try not to look at the scale between weigh ins, right now it's not looking so hot. I'll report officially tomorrow. These are the days when I want my snuggie and a hot cuppa tea and do anything but work!!.

Hope you guys all have a great day!..

Comment #88

Good Morning All you Wonderful OctOPer Ladies and Man.

I don't have much to report here...Didn't get on the scale today, trying to stay off until Sunday and enjoy how great I feel and not focus so much on the numbers. I did get another 128 oz of water in yesterday!.

Elaine - Congrats on your wonderful weigh in!!.

Becky - Sometimes I wish my daughter would have been twins...I wouldn't have known any better and I would have two! The time does go by very quickly, enjoy them while they're so little.

Willow - Keep up the good work! Doesn't if feel wonderful???.

Jillybug - Congrats on your great water intake and your weight loss today...Keep up the fantastic work!.

Sandy - I make the cottage cheese mac and cheese. I really like it...I think I like the cauliflower pizza a bit better though...I need to go check out your blog.

Kat - I'm glad your uncle is doing well...thanks for the pie chart of our water intake. I really love the color of my piece of the pie...mmmmm pie..

Hi Robin! Nice job on the water!.

Michelle - Good luck on your out of towner! You'll do just fine..

What's up Conrad?? Glad you're still going strong. Looks like our typical Portland weather will be arriving tonight...Booooooo!.

Halobabe - Congrats on your 1st week weigh-in! Not sure about the carb-smart bar...My philosophy is that you need to do what is right for you and will fit into your lifestyle while becoming healthy. If you can find a way to make the ice cream fit into the plan, more power to you!! Let us know how it goes!.

Tabitha - Yay! I don't have to call you tabgar anymore! I love your name! Congrats on the weight loss and, more importantly IMO, your awesome blood sugar readings! As soon as you get things moving (so to speak) I think your weight loss will increase! Your increased water intake should help....

Sharean - Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow!.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!!..

Comment #89

Also I found a great low carb/sugar yogurt! Dannon Light & Fit 50 calories and only 3g carbs. It claims to be for diabetics. Do you think that would be okay?..

Comment #90

WTG THURSDAY LOSERS. Today was my weigh in too and I lost 3.8 pounds... YEA!!!! Makes me happy cuz I am now under 160, something I haven't seen literally in years!! And, my 14-day average blood sugar is 113. LOL... I am going to my doc next Thurs. I can't wait to see what he has to say...

Everyone have a great day everyone!!! Drink that water!!! I drink 1/2 my body wt. each day woohoo, does that mean I can drink less now??? I think I'll stay at my current 82-86 ounces daily....

Halobabe, there is a great board for asking about different foods, the Dietitian Support board. They can help you much better than any of us who would just be guessing. Why not jot a message and then check back. They answer pretty darn quickly!! I know, cuz I have used them....

Ok! Great evening everyone!!!..

Comment #91

Way to go, Willow! And yay on the blood sugar too! I'm sure my average is not that good, but I've only been at this for a week...

Comment #92

You guys are great - I'm so bad about remembering who wrote what and how to respond...I'm going to have to take notes as I read through the thread!!!.

Water intake is going to be weak today - working on a bottle that'll give me 64 - I'll try to get 8 more that'll put me at 72 for today.....

I do NOT like plain old water unless I'm exercising or very thirsty and with so much of it to drink (I should be drinking 100 - 120 oz), I feel like I'm going to be ill from all the water sometimes!!.

Hopefully that will get easier as my body gets more used to it.

I'm off for tonight other than food logging look forward to checking in tomorrow!..

Comment #93

Hi everyone!.

I'd like to have a hardboiled egg in the am's. Does anyone know how that will affect my lean & green portion in the evening meal?..

Comment #94

Wow! Great job everyone on your weigh ins!.

Well the day was busy, did good on food, I was able to find a salad creations and. Created a spinach salad with shrooms, tomatoes, 1 egg and grilled salmon w/low carb low fat dressing. So good!.

Well off to bed hope everyone has a great Friday!.

Water-88oz not a lot because I was on the road and didn't want to make 500 stops : )..

Comment #95

Willow you are awesome! Thats a great loss, 3.8lbs for the week. Woo hoo! I can't wait to get into the 160s nonetheless 150s!.

Elaine it is hard for me sometimes to get the water down too. I have never been much of a drinker of anything. I have noticed that my skin has gotten so much softer and better since I try to drink more. Maybe it is my imagination lol..

Caligirl I think you can have three eggs so you are left with two eggs. Depending what you wanted, say chicken, maybe 4 oz of chicken? I calculated by thinking 1 egg = 2 oz of chicken because 3 eggs =6 oz chicken or 4 oz lean cheese. You may have to ask the nutrition board but I think it sounds right..

I drank about 74 oz today. I need to drink more and more but that's about it for me tonight..

Hope everyone has a great night!..

Comment #96

Caligirl I mean to say you can have 6 oz low fat cheese so with 1 egg you can have 4 oz of cheese left...

Comment #97

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.