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Question I have... Experience with 123 reg hosting and CGI? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question...

Hello NP members..

I sold a HostGator thru for $4950 and gave them 10% commission, all is cool, but unhappy so far....

Buyer paid I transferred the HostGator to buyer (thru the 'exchange' to confirm) and proceeded with the transfer..

So, buyer is happy....

Except for the seller....

Still waiting for the check... w/ Afternic, seller waits for the check with no tracking number..

I've used, and payments are fast, and checks arrived on time via Fedex..

They stated check mailed first class, but so far no check....

They also don't answer their phones..

Question to Afternic team, why would you mail a check using first class mail?.

Why not use Fedex or UPS with a tracking number..

Advise to NP members. Sellers, use Paypal, Escrow, wire transfer, etc... but never use the check payment thru

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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I'm aware of this.. this is not the point....

I paid the escrow company $495.00 for this transaction..

Question Domagon, if you own/run an escrow company, would you mail the checks first class?..

Comment #2

I`m very sorry for you, I was thinking to use Afternic after having bad experience with SEDO....but now surely I won`t use Afternic..

I think domainers should get together and protest towards these companies , it`s not possible to go ahead like this..

Good luck...

Comment #3

May I ask what name you sold that fetch for almost 5K. PM if you want to keep it private. I hope you get check soon...

Comment #4

I used Moniker for a transaction recently as the seller, worked perfectly...

Comment #5

After deciding to use afternic after years of ignoring them I upgraded..

Nothing, payment paid, have receipt for $19.95.


2 support emails sent. Nothing. Cant list domains. LOL.

What a joke outfit.

I'll see $19.95 as a very cheap way to learn a lesson & avoid this lot..

No doubt in time i'll hear something back.... won't i???.


Ps> sorry to hear your story, hope it all gets cleared up as i'm sure it will..

Comment #6

They have a time frame of 24 hours for support via email. It usually take more than to get responses from them...

Comment #7

Visit, the Afternic community forum and you will see post after post by long standing members who say Afternic is falling apart, here is an example of what some members are saying...


I got out months ago because the place turned into a looney bin...

Comment #8

So Afternic and SEDO are often a what do we use?..

Comment #9

Roundtable, moniker, and hope to see see more auctions, HostGator sellers in the future....

Keep in mind that even if your names are not listed with Afternic. Buyers can choose them to bid for your names (offer will be emailed to you).

So watch out sellers, just remember this thread before choosing check option inside their exchange..

I will keep you guys posted... Thx...

Comment #10

Are you saying that only the "check option" is the problem with Afternic?.


Comment #11

Another user from DNF just recommended wire transfer if you sell a name from Afternic....

Comment #12

These are not my thoughts, but many Afternic members think the new Afternic is just a new bigger platform for the new owner, giving them more exposure for selling their huge HostGator portfolio...

Comment #13


Today, I received the check from Afternic. Thx..


Afternic using first class mail within United States (FL to CA) is 11-days. IMO, this is not bad....

I just wished mailing option is available for check (Fedex, 2-day, etc..).

Hi Mods. Please feel free to close this thread. Issue resolved. Thanks...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.