Experiences of the Medifast Diet?

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Question I have... Experiences of the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Morning all! I agree, Steph. Being cold and tired makes it much harder to resist plowing into off plan foods. Thankfully lately I've just been tired. LOL.

Off to crawl to the coffee pot and hug it for a while...

Comment #2

Morning Steph, Corbie and MT.

TGIF indeed. After today it is finally really going to warm up here to our normal temps in the 60s/70s. I have a lot of house cleaning to do, have to do all my floors (I'm really bad at floors and my dh usually does them) and pick up as my Mom is having company tonight and the kids and I will be having guests tomorrow..

We're at 18-19 days before Eric (my dh) comes home!!!..

Comment #3

Happy Friday TLers! So happy to kiss this week goodbye. I'm going to try the "other pair" of jeans this morning that I talked about last week. I'm not overly hopeful, but hopeful nonetheless..

No chopped tofu - not enough coffee yet. Or Zicam...

Comment #4

Good morning! I was away from the computer most of yesterday and too busy to even read on the iphone. I will have to catch up later - have to get a workout in and get to work. TGIF...

Comment #5

Hot coffee in hand, kidlet on the bus - ahhhhh... It's FOUR BELOW outside this morning! How in the world am I supposed to be motivated to go out there? The weatherman just said to "walk slowly" out there, so as not to generate any windchill!.

Looks like some hot Medifast meals on my menu today. In my desk drawer, I have soup, brownies and pancakes..

Did anyone happen to see the thread on doctoring up brownies with syrup, cool whip and redy whip? Now I know why I stay in here...

Comment #6


I'm grateful that on my tired, long days (most of them), I've been craving soup.

One of my colleagues even commented "Sure smells good" - COB with some roasted, curried cauliflower thrown in. It was YUMMY!.

Course when it's single digits outside, soup always sounds good. It's going to warm up here, too...getting into the 20's again. But, it's actually supposed to be 39 by Sunday..


- I thought of you when I heard could almost run outside.

Scary thought - there's so much snow everywhere and it is just FRIGID!.

Off to werk....have a great day, everyone!!..

Comment #7

Good morning and happy friday tl'ers.. Seems like we all had the week from he''.... Got up it 5:30 did the elliptical showered taking so to orthodontist school and then work... It never ends.. Last nite I went to the fridge 4 times and glad to say I didn't cave and just went to bed!!!!.

Penny... who needs to doctor up brownies they are great the way they are.

Anna steph MT and sugar... have a great day... going to make so breakfast and lunches... Will check in later.


Comment #8

Jan you jumped in while I was posting... Good day to you too.


Comment #9

Cindy, I totally agree on the brownies! They don't need a thing!.

Jan, we're supposed to be in the low 40s here by Thursday of next week. With about four feet of snow on the ground in places (FROZEN ice-like snow), we're bound to have some flooding issues. I'm in a river city, but thankfully, the city is on a hill overlooking the river. On the other hand, my employer owns several buildings on the water that will likely see some trouble next week... Yay for property management!.

Off to shower, try on The Jeans, and start my day! See y'all at the office!..

Comment #10

Penny - I just love to slather my brownie in a thick coating of peanut butter and THEN add the syrup and top it off with cool whip with a cherry on top. Also fix recipes with 2Tablespoons of oil and top everything off with Cheez Whiz Yummmm..

Definitely happy to be 100%!.

Anna - 18 to 19 days!! Man oh man oh man oh man. I'm so excited and I'm not even married to the guy! LOL.

Steph - congratulations on your perserverence. I have a three day conference in L.A. March 1st, and I am already trying to imagine doing Medifast while in that environment. I have no doubt I CAN and WILL do it, but I'm trying to mentally prepare for it now. I don't envy you traveling as often as you do. In some ways I can see Medifast making that easier.

Proud of you!.

Yiayia - okay so how do you curry cauliflower? That sounds delish!!.

Chickie - thanks for throwing back the curtains and turning on the coffee pot this morning. So nice to sit here with you all and sip my coffee and celebrate the end of a long week..

My weight was up .7lbs this morning but I do believe it has to do with less sleep and lots of sitting. I'm on some heavy deadlines at work so I have been sitting sitting sitting and up way too late and way too early. It will all even out soon..

This week I was interviewed and filmed for a DVD that has a few other people in it. Our interviews are all spliced in and we're talking about health - of all things. The DVD will be shown at a big press conference next week, where the Governor and others will be speaking. At 292, I would have been MORTIFIED to do that video and would have been socially embarrassed looking at my big piggie face in the film. But at 250'sh it was tolerable. Still had the double chin, but I had that Medifast healthy glow (in spite of my allergies/cold) and I actually think I looked somewhat credible! This means more to me than I can say.

Thank you ALL for helping me get to this point. I could not have done it without your support and the living proof that this can be done and it can be done all the way to goal and beyond. Kinda verklempt at the moment!.

Hugs all around!..

Comment #11

Good morning Peeps!.

Up and Zumba'd this morning. Hopefully it will help get me through the day ahead. Yesterday was just one disaster after another and I am in no hurry to have a repeat performance. But, who knows? The one thing I do NOT want to have to do is work this weekend, not even from home, because it's going to be in the 60's and gorgeous here and I want to get out and enjoy it..

Penny - Don't forget the jam. You know you can't have Medifast without jam too. I have never understood the majority of the recipes that are out there. The only recipes I ever made were the original shake cake/flatbread/bagel and pancakes out of the oatmeal..

Waiting for the coffee to kick in, hopefully before the rest of the crazies in the dept. get here. I really need to organize and figure out where I am and what needs to be done before they side track me again!.

Hugs to all. bbl..

Comment #12

Good morning all! Sounds like it was the week from He** for everyone. Glad it's over and I'm off today!.

I forgot chocolate syrup, cool whip, and cheese whiz were OP. Guess I haven't been 100%.....

And I agree, the brownies are GREAT they way they are, why mess with that???.

The dogs got into the fridge last night, we keep a hook and eye lock on it because the Chesapeake Bay Retriever can open it but DH forgot yesteday morning. Not too much damage, they ate a turkey breast that was supposed to be dinner and DH's low fat bologna. (Low fat bologna is an oxymoron to me, like jumbo shrimp) Dogs! And of course one of them had diarrhea and woke me up every 2 hours to go out last night. Glad I'm off and can sleep all day if I want!.

Have a great OP day everyone and don't forget the cheese whiz!!.


Comment #13

I've been off plan since 2009. Darn the luck...

Comment #14


I missed that thread .. I do add cream cheese to mine if I have a fat left but stop at that. I love the brownies. I have never understood cool whip anyway, I think I'm one of the few people on earth that hate whipped cream. I hope your weather warms up soon -4 is not a temperature, it's a good weeks weight loss.

Morning cindy, tkd and De and Jan.


, sorry about the dog I'm very grateful mine can't open the fridge we'd have no food left...

Comment #15

Good morning TLers..

I'm off to down a can of rediwhip. I am going to skip the brownie though. I don't need the extra calories..

I am off today and have big plans... big big plans. I see 5 loads of laundry in my fun filled day off and maybe even grocery shopping (I need more cheeze whiz and bacon)..

I will check back once he coffee kicks in...

Comment #16

Happy Friday.......TGIF but I actually have had a great week. I have my head in order.....Totally on my plan for 5 straight days......Just loving life right now.

Anna-18 days...WOW.....

Good luck with the jeans Penny-keep us posted.

Morning everyone else-Have a great Friday..

Comment #17


Penny it was about -10 at 1 am this morning. I could sleep due to an argument with the Dh. I think about 2:30 we feel asleep. The electric blankets set at 6 and the base board heat set at med. Our bedroom is on the ground floor of the house. Cold!!!!!!!!!.

Brownies are great just the way they are. I saw the sludge blog last nite and stopped reading it 2 notes in..

Anna- you need to go and buy some new undergarments before the Dh gets home..

Okay, the coffee is not working and I have go and get ready for work. JB concert in 3-D starts today. thankfully I only sell the tickets..

Have a Great Day! Happy thoughts and hugs to all who needs them...

Comment #18


, I've been looking, I'm almost afraid to do it now in case it/they don't fit.

My daily ones have been replaced already..

Comment #19

Me too Steph, only for me it's been since 2007!!! YIKES!!..

Comment #20

Well, The Jeans almost fit, but I don't like how they're gonna fit. They're a "curvy" cut, so I can pull them up, but the waist is smaller than I need, so I think I will end up returning them. HOWEVER, I did get into a pair of my older size 6 (stretch) Levis and I'm wearing those today! They're snug, but they're Levis and they're 6s! And the stretch is a godsend. No way my fat butt can get into any of my other 6s yet! Still, it's good for the soul. I'm taking it as an NSV. And I will be peeling them off as soon as I get home so I can rock them with my red sweater tomorrow at dinner!.

Mia, how long is the JB 3D movie playing? My little one would LOVE to see it. I'd much rather she like him than Miley Cyrus and Victoria Justice. Those little skankbags are a bad influence on my baby!..

Comment #21

ROFLMAO!!!! Oh Penny, I couldn't agree with you more!..

Comment #22

Anna, skip the undergarmet totally. He won't want them anyway..

I am so happy for you..

Steph, when I was getting ill and had such a huge drop in my energy, I called my seaching for food: energy seeking. I was on a mission to keep my energy up. Unfortunately, my mitochonriae are broken, so the search was fruitless. But you may want to be sure you get in enough protein, especially red meat. Eat a few extra ouncesd and see if it helps during these travel and stress times. I am NOT suggesting anything Offplan, but to feed your body something healthy protein..

Today: I am feeling happy. I am just happy for no reason at all. I got on the scale this AM and it was up a bit. I won't record it, so I don't hurt my feelings. I got on the scale because in my dreams there was a miraculous drop. Oh well.

Even moved up and down gently on my rebounder for 2 minutes in front of the TV (first tiem in 10 years). Now I've had a headache. I was attirbuting it to taking a full pill of my new meds, but I think it was probably the rebounder's effect on my brain..

I'm still happy and off to have some blueberry oatmeal and coffee. I love it!.

I hope you all have fantastic weekends OP..

We're on the countdown with Anna..

I smile everytime I think of Freya and Morty. She doesn't need any lingerie either..

I am not a dirty old woman. I am an experienced lover with 41 years of marriage who hopes everyone enjoys their lives to the fullest extent possible..

Do you think this is not a new med, but marijuana?.


Comment #23

I can tolerate iCarly, and a couple on Disney, but when Victorious or Hannah Montana comes on, the channel must be changed. Even Miley Cyrus would have been fine if we didn't see her smoking out of a bong on the news. How do you explain that to a 7 year old, and then let her continue watching her show?.

I miss the days of Dora and Elmo!..

Comment #24

The day I tried on Levi's and had to buy the smallest in the store (a 6) I almost cried. I never ever could wear Levis even when they came out with their version of curvy. It was one of my biggest NSV.

I have found Fashion Bug slightly curvy (red) which seems to fit EVERYwhere....Usually the waist is huge to fit my hips and butt, but, I think these are the ones. The curvy (blue tag) is too big in the hips.

Scary what they put on tv these days....Even scarier when Megs was still a pre-teen and the only clothes you could find were totally Ho clothes.

Bethie-You are one fiesty lady....Love it..

Comment #25

So DH and I are taking our eldest (the one from the TL letter) and his friend to Pizza Hut tonight. Actually Chris got his income taxes so he offered to take us but we will pay since it is the only money he has to live on right now..........Anywho got my chicken all cut up this morning, I take it with me in two portions and I get the salad bar and top it with my chicken and dressing (I make two trips) while the rest of the folks eat from the menu. It works out great..

Comment #26

Morning peeps. Another day, another dollar. First day back on our usual schedule (i.e. both kiddos to daycare and school)..

OP and lovin' it, but lately noticed I've been avoiding mirrors. I've lost 30 lbs and can't really see it. On one hand, I'm elated and on the other, I'm like...ok, where'd I lose it from except my boobs? And they didn't weight 30 lbs!.

Here's a pic of Leighla. I have to laugh because she looks like a Valentine threw up on her. Or Cupid did...

Comment #27

I'm back in transition anyway, so it wouldn't be off plan, but I'm getting way more protein than anything but the most serious body builder would need anyway. I think I'm just wrung out from not enough sleep, too much stress and racing around, and not enough down time...

Comment #28

Beth, you are a VIBRANT woman!! I look forward to your posts every day!.

Connor, you daughter is darling!!.

Zumba last night, Chalean this morning! I'm feeling great!!..

Comment #29

Connor, adorable!.

Bethie, torch 'em if you got 'em is what I always say!.

Lynne, I'll have to check those out. I have always loved Levis. My hiney is a little on the smallish side - fat butts are not necessarily big butts! I don't think I'll ever love another pair of non-stretch jeans! I can't really say that, though - when I was a 6, I didn't have much to pinch and bind!.

I just got an email from my daughter's teacher. It always makes my heart skip a beat when I get a message from school. This email was to say she had given Emma a reading and comprehension test and she is not only reading at a 4th grade level, but comprehending it very well, too! She's only in 2nd grade!.

Now I'm gonna HAVE to take her to see that damn Justin Bieber movie!..

Comment #30


I'm quite sure my dh would agree with you.

I also think it's super awesome that you got on the rebounder today!!!.


Your daughter is precious.


Isn't awesome to have good readers..

Comment #31

Beth, glad you felt well enough to try the rebounder but they give me headaches too. I can't chew gum, it gives me headaches! LOL..

Connor, ROFL on the Valentine spew but she's still adorable!.

Back to work with me...

Comment #32

This is part of the reason I decided to BLOG today..

Thanks Chickie for the start up and I'm off to the studio for a bit then back here to catch up...

Comment #33

Good morning everyone!.

Been logged on since early (wayyyyy to early) this morning and just getting a chance to catch up on the thread and post..

Working from home today because I've got carpenters changing out the doors in the house. It's a bit COLD to have that done but it's the last thing on their list to finish. The house looks so much better now that we've put a little love into it. Now to get the inside started..

Connor - what a cutie!.

Bethie - you're inspiring and I have to agree with penny on the MJ..

Steph - just getting ready to start traveling a bunch myself so I'll be right there with you before too long. Unfortunately all of my trips are to the wrong part of the country at the wrong time of the year. (Kansas in March).......

De - I sympathize with the "crazies" statement. I told my boss that I get more work done when I'm not at work because of all of them. He agrees also..

No chopped tofu!.


Comment #34

Hi Chatty! Missed you while I was typing. I'm going to check out your blog now because the brownie talk is nuts!..

Comment #35

Yes, the 10-mile rule is exactly that - crush on him all you like, BUT NOT NEAR HIM OR I WILL KILL YOU. *grin*.

Connor: so glad to hear about your MIL doing well, and you skipping the wine. Yay you!!! And your girl is amazingly precious..

Rachel, watch out for that Costco precooked shrimp! I couldn't figure out why I was suddenly starving on 5&1, until I heated up some of that shrimp and noticed just how much water was left in the pan. Turns out warm weight is less than half of frozen weight, even for precooked. Now I use 15 ounces frozen to equal one lean. Also, sorry DH is not giving you the easy out of s&bj day. Sadness....

Anna: yay for the DH countdown!!! So close!.

Penny: thanks for reminding me that cool whip is OP. Sometimes I forget. *picking up spatula for shoveling it in* And congrats on your skinny butt!!!.

TKD: so happy for your success and your excitement about the video. Yay you!!!.

Beth: I think you're right - I don't need lingerie! Having plenty of fun without... *wink*..

Comment #36

Hi all!!.

It's been a bit crazy here so I haven't had the chance to log-in for two days (again)...haha, just when I think my job is predictable there it goes changing again.

At least the time flies faster that way!.

Beth, Congrats on getting on the rebounder...2 minutes can seem like forever when our bodies aren't used to something!.

Chatty, Now I'm gonna have to go back and read your blog...I didn't see the brownie one, but now that I know it's there I know to avoid it.

Connor, What a doll!.

Anna, WOO HOO on the countdown!.

Karen, Congrats on getting the house finished...I bet it looks great!.

Well, I'm off to the rest of my day/night...I have to find out what to do for DH for valentine's are out.


Comment #37

So Morty and I decided we needed to step our insanity down a notch and run things at a slightly more sustainable level. It's like we were both slightly panicked that all this awesomesauce might get yanked away at any minute, so we were trying to cram in EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE ZOMG. (Word "cram" chosen intentionally.).

But it was going to kill us, and we were never going to get anything done ever again. So of course the first thing I did after we decided this was take a day off work and school, because Wed and Thurs were the only nights this week we could spend together, and just seeing him from 10pm Thurs until I went to work Fri was not going to be enough, when that was it for the week. So I played hooky and we had a whole entire day together..

Well, yes, we had tons of the usual kind of fun. But we also did laundry, dishes, slept 9 hours in a row Wed night (okay, only 4 last night, but whatever - we're learning a new thing and can't be expected to get it all right at once), he hooked up my Wii to the internet so I can stream Netflix on my TV now, we met friends for dinner, went out dancing, and in general felt much calmer about life. And it was still utterly fantastic..

Now back at the daygig wishing I weren't....

Good morning, happy OP day to all!..

Comment #38

Karen - It's totally amazing the amount of work I can get done between 6&8 am or when I work from home. Unfortunately, my boss IS one of the crazies so I'm kind of stuck.

Beth - I get headaches whenever I bounce up and down. Zumba doesn't seem to bother me even though there's bouncing, it's not really the up and down kind. It makes me happy every time I read that you are getting up and moving around more. Whatever the magic pill is, it sure seems to be working!.

Connor - Very cute!.

Penny - CC has no worse example of how to dress than her own mom. UGH! I buy her cute clothes for birthdays, Christmas, etc, and she always wears the crap that looks like cast off's from the local street walker 'cause that's what SH likes. LOL. Doesn't seem to matter that it's not age appropriate. Hubs has even brought her back to our house a couple of times before school to change into something more appropriate. <shaking head>.

That's all my head can remember for now. Waving to everyone!!!!..

Comment #39


, Ditto what TDK said. Nice to see you bright and early..


- WOOT WOOT for you on the DVD!!! You're rockin' this 'thang.

For the cauliflower, I mix some Indian spices into a little oil & lots of lemon juice. Toss the califlower around in it, roast in the oven @ 400 for however long you like - depending on how much crunch or lack thereof you want. For the spice mixture, you can be simple and just use curry powder, or fancy. I have a HUGE spice cabinet and I love Indian food so I have some individual ones - plus there's a very large Indian population near HQ, so lots of Indian markets. I use turmeric, garam masala, garlic (either fresh crushed or powder) and chili powder. I use the same mixture to brush on my fish or chicken, too.

More reading and catching up, but wanted to get that in while the gettin' is good..

Comment #40


- Ditto what Lynne said. You are truly an inspiration!.

I had a Fashion Bug NSV when I went from wearing a Plus yellow (basically no-shape - waist/hips the same) to wearing a red.


Comment #41

All caught up & lunch is over, so back to werk for me. No more chopped tofu...nice having a break with y'all..

Comment #42

And the price is right.

It took me a long time to find a pair that when I put them on, I was like this is the one...

Comment #43


Glad you got a minute to stop in..

Comment #44

So much to catch up this morning!.

Glad to see such good news! Especially when it comes to husbands coming home soon, 2 mins for Beth!, being in a DVD and being happy with they way you look, adorable little girls, staying OP, fitting into jeans, and all the other great stuff!.

I've been OP and exercising like a crazy person. I love Zumba and the gym. I can see the difference in the way my clothes fit but I think I've stalled my weight loss this week. I'm happy with myself for getting back in shape, controlling my food and basically taking back my life..

Thanks TLrs for being so awesome and kick a55! I'm heading out to the dog park and whatever adventures my dogs and I can get into..

Have a great day..

Comment #45

Steph in AZ - Love the new avi! Have you considered going to a 4&2 on days when you kick up the exercise? One of the reasons I keep my Zumba to 20 minutes is because it IS very intense and when I was doing longer sessions, I simply wasn't getting in the calories I needed to support it. Exercise can be a double edged sword sometimes..

Curious as to which Dog park you take your pups to. We have a really nice one off the greenbelt on Hayden...

Comment #46

I've been busy, busy, busy all day! Whew! Can't wait to hit the road in about 10 minutes..

Some of it was work, but some was enjoyable stuff, putting together a 8-page booklet for hubby that outlines each day's planned festivities on our upcoming anniversary vacation. Each day has it's own page with lots of clip art and photos. I texted him at lunch time that I was bringing a present to dinner for him tomorrow. He said he hadn't gotten mine yet and he had no idea what to get. When the steam coming out of my ears stopped, I told him he could get dinner and hold onto his money and buy me a pair of great goal size jeans when I get there. It's not like there's any Valentine-appropriate gifts left in the stores anyway.

It reeeeeally sucks that my birthday is Christmas Eve. He should really start shopping now for that. Anyway, tomorrow I've decided that I am having the rare Ahi Tuna entree with a house salad and baby bok choy instead of the rice and plantain chips that usually come on the side..

Gotta finish up one last thing before I leave, so I'll see y'all later!..

Comment #47

Hi all! Babysitting grands right now but wanted to catch up on reading (did not get to log in last night or this morning)..

No chopped tofu-but glad to read that everyone is doing well..

Looking forward to the weekend and, hopefully, life slowing down a bit...

Comment #48

Penny - I can NOT wait to hear his reaction!!..

Comment #49

And he is going to be doubly mortified that he waited until the last minute... I almost feel sorry for him...

Comment #50

Nah. He's is genetically unable to be mortified about something like that! hehe...

Comment #51

Oh crap.

There is something about seeing a grown man squirm..

Comment #52

True. But they almost NEVER squirm over something like Vday. <snicker>..

Comment #53

Penny, your choices for your dinner menu sound delicious. I love bokchoy and frequently chop it and add it to chicken when I bake it..

Men? All those Valentine's commericals they've been running non stop for a few weeks now, could have been saved for tonight-at the earliest. The ads do not register at all..

Long ago I took my DH off the hook concerning gifts for me. Men only want to please us, make us happy, see us smile. The threat of not pleasing me drove him crazy. So, now I just tell him what he got for me and how much I love it. DH is so relieved and he has a big smile too. I order it on line ofcourse.

Men will never meet us emotionally as we expect, desire, and would like. We love them to pay attention to us and listen, just listen. They want to screw, just screw. We feel rejected and unappreciated if they don't "hear" us. They feel rejected when we don't welcome them into our bodies with the same level of enthusiasm they have..

It does all work out, as we know..

I hope you can appreciate what is here before you and what is possible for your DH. You are not settling when you recognize and accept reality. You know he loves you with his whole being. Appreciate HIM that's the best Valentine's present he could ever get. The mementos are nice, but they are your cup of tea..

Happy Valentine's Day, TLers!.

I've been in bed alll day again, but those first few minutes this AM WERE great..

Enjoy every part of your weekends OP..


Comment #54

I hope that wasn't too blunt with you ,Penny..

One of the very best books I've come across on communication is Gary Chapman's: The Five Love Languages. It explains how different types of personalities recognize love given and received. Sounds obvius and elementary, but it's so much more..

My DH and I used to help lead a marriage preparation class at out local church (across from campus) and found this book incredibly helpful. It was helpful for us, the young people, and everyone who reads it really..

Get two copies so you can both read it at the same time. It's an eye-oping experience..

The cues we miss about each other are astonishing! People even give it to their parents..

And share it with their friends and in-laws..

We had only been married 30+ years when I read it, but I rerally appreciated the info..

Okay. This is probably overkill..

I am a true romantic and heart and want everybody to have a great time together..

St Valentine's buddy,.


Comment #55

ROFL at you being too blunt with Penny!.

She's a former Rogue. Blunt is/was our middle name!..

Comment #56

Home for a LONG day/week...ready to vege out (sp?)..

Beth -.


What you wrote about expectations. I'm going to find that book..

I never told.


How fabulous your new do is! Or.


Cutie-pie daughter..


Looking forward to pics of your new do, too..


- great new avi!!.

I'm going to eat the rest of the chopped tofu...I'm hungry.

Have a great Friday night, kids....this is the night the hubs & I meet friends at the local restaraunt...they'll fix me anything just the way I like it OP. Course, I get either the broiled tilapia dinner with extra broccoli instead of potatoes, or salad bar with chicken on the side. Kind of a no-brainer. And I always bring my own dressing..


Comment #57

Penny- Jb should be at the theater for at least a few weeks. I'm so glad not to work tonight! The noise from the kids is going to be huge!.

Time to sit and relax..

Have a good night...

Comment #58

Thanks De!.

I was afraid I'm making myself persona non grata again..


Comment #59

I'm finally back and first things first - Beth, there is no such thing as being too blunt with me. I appreciate EVERYTHING you said and I'll look for that book. I went on the website and it seems a little too religious for us to get into. We're more spiritual than religious. But I will look into it more. Don't let me sound like I don't appreciate every little thing about my hubby because I do.

He's every bit the good Dad my own Dad was and Emma and I couldn't be luckier. Did I ever mention that we met on the exact day we buried my Mom? One of the last conversations I had with my mom while she was coherent was that I didn't want her to worry about Emma and me (I was a single Mom; Emma was 20 months old). I told her that I was going to find someone who would work with me and not against me to make our house beautiful and make life wonderful. It was like Heaven opened up and Marc fell out. I'm convinced that Mom sent Marc.

Well, I stopped at Target tonight to get some face wash and guess who I ran into? My sweet hubby! He actually texted me and said, "Should we be in the same store?" Ha ha! He was on his way home from the Y with Emma. I told him he didn't have to bring anything tomorrow. I'm not bringing his card or his candy. Yes, he was a-squirmin'....


Comment #60

And who else would VOLUNTEER to go see the JB movie with Emma and me on Sunday because , "You shouldn't have to endure that kind of pain alone..." Yup. Totally in love over here...

Comment #61

It's not like I was in there buying anything ELSE!! Jeez, Louise!!! I am just busing at the seams about tomorrow! Especially since I put that "itinerary" together!.

For our anniversary page, I put pictures of us - one of our portraits and the shot of us with the Verrazano Bridge in the background, and a picture of the ship's chapel. What awesome memories. We had the coolest wedding ever! And our little reception was in the Billie Holliday-inspired piano bar, where the pianist was instructed to play everything BUT Billy Joel! LOL!.

Can't wait to get this 'do redone tomorrow!..

Comment #62

Thanks Ladies.

Always a bridesmaid..

De- I think I go to the same park. Chaparral Park? My brother and I take our dogs there. We use the active side, I wish they made a hyperactive side..

A friend and I went to Dreamy Draw Park with my dogs and walked for 1.5 hrs. It was glorious out today ladies, sorry but the sun was shining and I had a short sleeve shirt on. May even have a wee bit of a farmers tan.

Penny - Sounds like you have everything planned out and it sounds wonderful.

Have a great evening all! To the movies with my nacho cheese puffs!..

Comment #63

Thanks Penny for the response. I got really nervous about being so forthright with my suggestions. The book's central message is so good, I just wish I could find the same thing in a different context for you, and for my kids. Their religion is loving, living thier lives to the fullest, and being in nature..

Happy Valentine's your way. Sounds perfect..


Comment #64

Hey all. Penny I hear you about the Hannah Montana thing. My little cousin got in to the "Lizzie McGuire Show" and I would watch it with her and to me it was a cute show; however, I could recognize that you weren't supposed to ACT that way. She did not. And after the Lizz McGuire show it was Hannah Montana...and she started to talk like them and try to act like them. It was horrible...still is bad but not as much.

It's a new generation..

Okay sleep pills will be impliements tonight.... I finally slept last night....but the problem is I didn't wake up until 7:30PM. Need to make this right. Love you guys have a happy OP WEEKEND!! WOOHOOOOO..

Comment #65

Yep Steph. Chaparral Park. My pups are little so we stay in the more mellow side. Not that my toy schnauzer and yorkie poo wouldn't take on a german shepard without a second thought, but it's better safe than sorry. wouldn't want my little girls to hurt anybody else <snicker>.

Penny - I didn't mean YOU, I meant HIM! hehe..

Comment #66

I was pretty clueless about whipped cream, cheese whiz and chocolate syrup being OP. All sugar-free right? And is the cheese whiz low fat? I have had a horrible day, but tomorrow will be better. I have to just stick to the plan and I know I will see results!..

Comment #67

Oh I can't wait to hear about your date tomorrow night, Penny..

Beth I hope your day is better tomorrow..

Have a great nights sleep every one!..

Comment #68

I have 2 herding dogs, a Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler) and a lovely little mutt of an Aussie Shepherd/Corgi. They would go nuts with little dogs to herd and "love" on. Maybe someday we can have a doggie playdate. We'll just muzzle your killers.

Hope everyone had a lovely day!..

Comment #69

Oops...I forgot to mention the humor aspects of this group. Now "whipped cream" is Op in the sense that it on the condiment list; however it is a little silly to put it on stuff....I mean come on that brownie is awesome by itself! Walden farms/da vinci/other brands of sugar free chocolate syrups are OP on the condiment cheese do I put this....just NO lol..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.