Fee iPage web hosting/no adverts, more than 1 domain to host?

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First of all Fee iPage web hosting/no adverts, more than 1 domain to host? Hoping for any answer. Another question... Hi there I am deliberating about whether or not to change a tables iPage website to a frames and tables website. Does anyone have any general opinions in this area? Which is better?.

Also, what way do metatags work with frames - do you just tag the index page?.

Many thanks for any advice in advance...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I agree with Dr Web. Im not a fan of frames, they annoy me at the best of times, usually because people implementing them have forgotten to turn off scrollbars/remove borders etc etc. However, there have been occasions when I had to use them. As long as they are done correctly they are not massively annoying. However. Server Side Includes are a much better option in my opinion.

This also speeds up loading times as once a user has opened one page on your iPage site all the SSI files will be in cache and not need to be downloaded again...

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My biggest gripe with frames is the way they mess up history and bookmarking of internal pages...

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I like frames but there is a huge problem with them, maybe not for you. Skimming threads so far and I don't think this has been mentioned..

Search engines won't search your iPage site at all or properly. So if you are looking for traffic via a search engine then you will have no chance with frames. There are tricks around em but not worth the time if there is a better alternative. So think hard about the idea of having search engines look at your iPage site or not...

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Frames were ok in about 97 but they are incredibly outdated and your iPage site will have a very poor search engine rating because of it - I know this from experience, I designed a iPage site in frames when I first began to develop websites. I removed the frames and my visits more than doubled in less than 2 weeks.

Some sites do however work well with sites - eg my local job iPage site uses frames but it relies on off net promotion to get hits.

Use server side includes instead..

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Frames usually need some extra coding. Many visitors will arrive at your iPage website on one of your right-hand panels, but because they arrived from a SE result the panel will not be framed. You'll need some extra code to put the panel back in it's frame. Tables avoid this problem...

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Iframs suck.

They are IE only (looks terrible in mozilla derivatives) so I wouldnt reccomend using them..

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