First week of Medifast to feel confident and maximise weight loss?

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Question I have... First week of Medifast to feel confident and maximise weight loss? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

Last Week's Thread:.

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Ladies!!!!!! It has been so long and I have missed you all! Its a new year and I am back in the game! During my trip to Ecuador, I pretty much stopped doing Medifast. When my trip was over, I moved back to Chicago, started a new job and adjusting to my life here. I love it and I am so happy to be back..

When I stopped Medifast I was at 175 lbs. When I got back from Ecuador, I was at 180. Since then, my weight has started to creep back up and I am now at 190. I am determined to get down to my goal and stop gaining!!.

Ive kept up with exercising and I finally did my first 5k at the beginning of December! It was super fun. I ran with two friends and we finished in about 34 minutes. That morning we had our first blizzard of the year, so we ran in about 5 inches of snow! It was intense, but it definitely made it interesting..

I hope everyone had very merry holidays and a happy new year! Im excited to be back here with all you girls. Thanks for all of your encouraging words and unyielding support. You ladies helped me through medifast round 1 more than you know! Im excited to make round 2 the last round!..

Comment #2

Morning Vixens!!!.


- Pictures woke me up a bit too. I found I was untagging myself from FB pics my sister kept putting up over the holiday. I am back on the 5&1 today and just enjoyed my beloved PB crunch bar with a cup o' joe!..

Comment #3


- *GLOMPS* Squeal!!!!!! I missed you! Glad you are back in the swing of life and settled in back in Chicago. Congrats on the 5K in the SNOW! That's nuts...

Comment #4

Morning Ladies!.

Mer, Ash, and Kimberli.

- I too am restarting. My finances are still a little tough but I think I can swing it. (Its going to be tight but I think I've got this) I have about a month of food at home so I am starting tomorrow. Had some yogurt and such I didnt want to waste (money and all) so I am eating it today and starting the 5-1 again tomorrow!.

We can do this and get our butts to goal!!.

Also I should start my meds this week. Just taking so long to get all the approvals done. Which sucks cause if they had it approved by Friday it would have been free for the first month. Now I have to pay $160 for the treatment. Could have really used that first month free! Oh well. Very excited to start. This weekend was rough and I really have high hopes the new meds will help me...

Comment #5

WELCOME BACK KIMBERLI!! Congrats on your 5k! How do you like your new job?.

Hi Ashlee! I REALLY wanted to untag the pictures taken of me because I looked so big, but I didn't, because that IS what I look like. Almost like a punishment to myself I think- I did this to me, now I have to deal with the consequences. Time to own up to who I am now. Until I saw the pictures, I didn't think I had gained "that much". But now I realize that I have, and I have only been lying to myself...

Comment #6

Hey Tiffany! I am also sad to be back on a new year with a new fresh $2500 deductible on my HSA. I need to get my bi-annual cholesteral screening. I wanted to do it last week, but I put it off and planned on doing it Thursday. Then I drank alcohol Wednesday night and found out Thursday morning that it would throw off the test. So now I will have to pay full price for it. I'm going to wait a couple weeks since my company still has a deposit to make in my HSA account for December...

Comment #7

Tiffany- I'm backreading last week's thread, I'm so happy that your doctors have finally figured out what's wrong!..

Comment #8

ASH- Ahhh! Its so nice to "see" all of you! I did a little back reading this yesterday and saw that you've been going through some serious ish. I'm thinking about you chica!.

Mer- As much as I hate it, I think pictures are the best way to really see what's going on. Its like I have blinders on and I can't tell the difference in my body in good or bad ways... My new job is awesome. I'll be staying here for a while, no more moving around for me! I love the kiddos I work with and I am going to continue to travel in the summers to work on my bilingual certificate. I really couldn't ask for anything more right now!.

Tiffany- On Saturday I did the same thing as you, ate what I had in my house and got ready to start 5&1 on Sunday. I bet you're anxious to get those meds and start feeling better, finally!..

Comment #9

Kimmmmmmmmmy *GLOMPS* So happy to see you!.

Starting again in 2011 is perfect for the way I feel! I'm 2 days OP going on 3. I started 1/1/11 because it seems like such a magical date. LOL I am doing some great things this year, I promise myself! I'm going to be 29 next month.

And I am NOT starting off my 30s the same way I started my 20's: overweight and unmotivated..

My friend and I start c25k tonight. It's really yuck outside but if it rains we're still going to do it. Our plans are to run in the Susan G. Komen 5k in March. Fingers crossed! I'm so excited to do it this this year!! Let's get it girls...

Comment #10


- Yeah for reals! I am still paying of the hospital visit from Thanksgiving ($40 a month baby for like 2 yrs LOL) and now I got a fresh $3,500 deductable to meet again. Grr! My company doesn't contribute to our HSA, but I put $90 a paycheck in it..

Mer and Kimberli.

- I am very anxious to start my meds but all excited too. The new meds are very closely monitered and it can take up to 2 weeks to get all the approvals to start them. I am just so very excited that after 10 yrs of tests and negative results that finally they found something. Its not going to be easy I know that. A lot of changes in my life have to happen and I am sooo not looking forward to that. But if I dont make the changes things could get bad fast..

I am never ever allowed to drink alc. again. I have to get a min. of 8 hrs in the bed a night. From the time I got to bed there has to be 10 hrs before I can drive. I can't eat 2 hrs before bed and I have to get a special package with Governement approval to fly (my meds cant be check they must be on my person at all times during travel or I am subject to jail time if they are stolen or misplaced).

They cant promise I will be completely pain free but they said I should have a significant decrease in pain...

Comment #11

Way to go.


!! Very awesome. I am starting back at the gym next week. I honestly have missed it...

Comment #12

Christina!!! I've missed you too! Congrats on starting c25k! That is so exciting!!!.

All of this renewed motivation and positive energy around here is going to be good for me!..

Comment #13

Tiffany: Wow, those are some major lifestyle changes! I'm sure it will all be worth it though!..

Comment #14

Tiff- I'm glad they figured out whats wrong, despite having to change everything! You're going to feel a million times better, I have faith!.

There is a lot of positivity going around isn't there? LOL.

I got the Michael Jackson Experience for Christmas and my sister and I played it for the first time last night. (I've been too sick to do much of anything lately). It's sooooooo fun! Any MJ fans out there, definitely check it out! I've always wanted to know how to do those dances. It's like Just Dance but MJ style so it's easy to follow but not necessarily easy to do all the moves. I was sweating bawls...

Comment #15

More from backreading- Katie- it IS possible to get OP Chinese food, just get steamed veggies and protein!.

Hey Christina! Congrats on starting the C25k!!.

I got Just Dance 2 for Xmas, SO fun!!.

Tiffany- I JUST finished paying off my March appendectomy a couple weeks ago. I had $130 payments a month, it was the smallest they would go...

Comment #16

More from backreading- Melly- J gets all of his books for school from Amazon..

I had a GREAT NYE, we had a party and it was a blast! We had 33 people there (not counting J and I) and 1 baby. I was a little surprised that the couple brought their 5-month old without saying anything beforehand, but oh well. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we had plenty of food and booze..

In other news, I once again have a roommate. My friend Leslie broke up with her boyfriend and he kicked her out of his house. So she is back in our guest bedroom. I am hoping that this time she doesn't jump into another relationship so quickly. If you remember, when she lived with us this summer she was only there 2.5 weeks because she met her most recent ex-bf and moved in with him after knowing him for 1 week. She's a nice girl, just makes questionable choices..

Faith got spayed last Tuesday and seems to be doing well. She is almost back to full puppy strength. Her incision started to get really swollen over the weekend though, so J is taking her in today to have them look at it. It is probably nothing, but we just feel better knowing for sure. The party was a lot of excitement for her, she spent most of it upstairs in our bedroom sleeping on our bed...

Comment #17

Mer - Yay! for Faith healing okay. Hopefully the insesion is fine. Never had a female dog really...does getting spayed help thier attitude like it does for males?..

Comment #18

I get my books from Amazon too. They seem to be one of the cheapest and credible sellers around..

I'm so tired today..

Spaying girl dogs is great because you don't have to deal with their whole being in heat thing. That sucks! Can't take them anywhere plus doggie periods are not fun for anyone...

Comment #19

Good morning ladies.

Welcome back Kim, we've missed you.

Eeeekkk I weighed myself this morning and want to die, Ive only read the 1st page of this thread and am noticing I am not the only one that has put some weight back on. I was looking at pics from xmas and they are nasty, so this means I am also re-starting today.

Im excited and stressed because I know this week will be super hard..

Comment #20

I'm very lucky that we didnt really take any family Christmas photos this year. My extended family had Christmas the week before so just me and my parents and sister went to visit the grandparents on Christmas just to say hi. They hadn't seen me since 4th of July so I had still lost weight to them...

Comment #21

Don't dwell on the past! Just think about all the good in the future!..

Comment #22

Tiffany- supposedly a female dog is slightly calmer after getting spayed. Since we had no plans to breed her, our main reason for getting the surgery done was to prevent her from ever being in heat. Jason does not handle blood well, and would probably freak out..

LOL- I see Christina had the same idea..


Comment #23

Hey divas!.

Happy New Year!.

So glad to see you all! I've missed you!!!.

KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to see you!!!!!!!!!.

Sorry I won't be backreading almost 2 weeks worth of posts. There is no way I would make it..

I am so happy to see you all though!!!.

Day 3 of the 100 Challenge I am doing with some of my FB friends. Anyone want to join me??? Only requires 30 minutes of exercise a day. Today I plan to do more on the elliptical. I felt fantastic yesterday after elliptical training. I'll push for 45 minutes by the end of the week on it. The course for it on the machine is HARD!!!.

Let's get it, girls! New year, new attitudes, new US!..

Comment #24

Morning Ladies!!.

Fresh new week in a entirely new decade. I am hoping that this decade is much better than the 2000's. I am not going to spend the teens being overweight. I am going to get to goal..

Also since I am a bit closer to my goal weight I made the decision to drop 10 additional lbs. Once I get closer I will decide if I want to do another 10..

Yesterday I over did the sodium a bit...yummy pickles. I was craving salt SO bad so the pickles helped..

I also did spinning class yesterday. I didn't go at the pace the instructor wanted. I kept my heart rate at a good level, but because I had been sick I took it easy. Also I am a bit out of shape. I am *hoping* to go to the gym tonight but it will be later due to the influx of people..

Tonight I am going to grill veggies really soft so that I can start back up with more veggies. I am a few weeks away from salad again but I need to eat veggies...

Comment #25

Ok finished back reading.

Took me a little while because I am getting my kids ready for school and made some yummy blueberry oatmeal, I am gonna try to avoid crunch bars for a couple days because they give me horrible gas/bloated feeling and at work it really sucks..

Christina- I keep seeing commercials for the MJ experience it looks like a ton of fun, My Hubby got me Dance Central and Ive killed myself on that a couple times since x-mas, He's been wanting to get a work out game, does anyone know which one is better?.

I have the original wii fit but would like to get one for the kinect..

Comment #26

Morning girls!!!.

Happy late Birthday girl (You know I remembered you but gotta give you love here too!).

Mer, Yay for puppy.

And wow on your roomie LOL, but we kinda guessed it tho huh!.

Im going to look on Amazon but I need my books now, so I'm going to the aide office to see about a book loan.

Um NYE was kinda dumb and boring but oh well..

I too am restarting (not Medifast per say but my diet LOL) When I get my tax refund, I will be on mf. I have a challenge going on with a friend that starts today..

I start school tonight. My class is 6:00 to 9:50! Crazy huh! Thats a loooong a s s class. Oh well, only one on campus. I am confused with my online ones tho.

Hopefully I catch on real quick. Im so nervous, I feel like a kid again!.

Oh I cant really chew anything, my wisdom tooth grew out more (i think) and I can hardly open my mouth, maybe thats Gods way of saying to stop eating? idk. But with my tax refund I also hope to get the top ones OUT!.

Not much else going on in the wonderful life of Melly..

Sorry no big shout outs, it's monday and I got ish to do..

Comment #27

MELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey suga!!! You are going to do very well in school. I just know it! You are committed to everything you set out to do!!!! And thank you!!!..

Comment #28

Mer: Did you guys work out a rent agreement w/ your returned roomie or is it just a temporary thing again?.

Hi Melly and Amy!!!.

Shelia: Hope you had a very happy birthday! How is the clothing line coming along? I need to catch up w/ your blog! And a 100 day challenge? Dang girl, impressive!.

Xtina: I was wondering about the MJ game. I have a friend that would loooove it..

I forgot how distracting the boards are at work.

Gotta get back to it, I'll come back at lunch time!..

Comment #29

Hey girls!!.

Kimberli*superglomps* you're baaaack! Nice to see you and I'm glad everything went well and your job is good..

Melly-What class are you starting tonight? The online classes are good, just make sure you spend some time dinking around the site to get the format and stuff. Also, print out everything like due dates and what's expected and stuff, so you don't have to go clicking all around and opening new windows to check on things..

I HATE looking at pics of myself. I have pics of me only because I want my kids and everyone to have memories of me when I'm gone. I hate that my mom and gramma didn't have pics because they were overweight. I have to face the fact that this IS me right now and nothing can change how I am at this exact moment. I can't not live my life because I'm chubby. That's lame..

Tiffany-those meds are hardcore, huh? I really think you are on the road to feeling better..

As for me, I saw gastro today and got a new med. I forgot the name, but I'll pick it up soon. He also referred me to a rheumatologist and immunologist. Oy. That is now around 5 other docs I see in addition to my primary. The gastro doc says that he is leaning towards Crohn's or colitis from my CAT scan, but I am scheduled for a colonoscopy Feb 2. Yay...

Comment #30

Grrr! I think I am going to have to cancel my gym membership. I am not allowed to excersise at night anymore (4 hrs before bedtime) and if I excersise in the morning like I want I have to be in the car by 5:30. Which is normally fine. However if I got to bed at 8 pm I cant drive until 6 am (10 hrs). And 6 am will not let me have enough time to excersise before I have to shower and go to work. I cant wait until the dr calls me in for my last lesson for the meds.

Like is that a firm 10 hrs or just something they say to cover their butts? I really did love working out in the morning. I might have to start doing it at home...

Comment #31


- I have my fingers crossed that the new meds work for you sweetie! I hope you doctors get everything sorted out and you get to feeling better soon. A good doctor makes all the difference...

Comment #32

Tonight, is intro to business.

I took it because it was the only thing available (i registered late.

) and plus, if financial aide somehow does not go through, my work will pay 100% of my books and 50% of my tuition (if it's something I can use towards business or for the office).

Ya, I am definately going to print off everything, I kinda had a semi anxiety attack when I looked at it. if (not saying I will) do fail, it's not the end of the world.

I can always try try again..

I hope teh meds work!.

Oh did I tell you about my dr appt? I get toooooo emotional and I cried in front of her, I told her about the pain but she kinda looked at me like, um your too young. Also, I am depressed LOL Been for a while. SO I'm on a low dose of anti-depressants and she said if the pain is still there at our month appt, then we will talk about fibro more. IDK, it was kinda confusing like she thought that my depression issues were making the fibro thing seem more intense than it is. But atleast I got it out there. I asked for one that wont make me gain weight as my weight issues are my main reason I am depressed.

Anywho, on Jan 27th I go back and I will talk more about fibro..

Thanks SheShe, Your the best!..

Comment #33

Hey Sheila!.

Hi Katie!.

Hey Melly! Most professors are understanding about books and will tell you what books you actually need during the first class. Jason always buys his books after the first class, because there have been some that will tell you you don't need all of the books on the list or that you can get an old version to save money. Profs are pretty understanding and usually also dislike the high price for books..

I have taken several online classes, if you have any problems, just e-mail your profs ASAP..

Hopefully the meds help the pain!.

Kimberli- we told her same rent as last time. J and I couldn't remember what it was, but I told her it was same as last time and she said okay. I think it was $250 a month...actually, I just realized I could back read threads about that time and know for sure!! Woohoo! The $250 includes everything- room, utitlites, cable/internet, and food. She thinks she'll be here two months but who knows..

Hi Dawn!.

Tiffany- hopefully you can get your exercise thing worked out!..

Comment #34


- she is right. Depression can totally make Fibro way worse. SOme forms of depression can make you hurt like you have fibro when you dont. But if the anti-depressents dont help the pain you need to make sure to voice that your still in pain. And she is full of crap that your too young. Fibro can start at puberty. I was diagnosed at 22 and had been in pain for years before that...

Comment #35

Hey Katie and Dawn!.

Melly, (((HUGS))). I sure hope the meds help, suga! It makes me sad that you are down..

Tiffany, God love you, girl! You are such a trooper. I would be crazy! I was getting confused just reading about your meds and all the rules. WOW!.


I obviously missed the roomie is back post.!?!?!?!..

Comment #36

Thanks Mer.

Ill see what the professor says, but with online classes, I already have homework and no books..

Tiff, thanks girl, I will DEF voice everything. I get bruises so easily too! Alex is a chunky monkey and puts his weight on my alot, and it's SO hard picking him up to put him in the car..

Comment #37

Hi Mer! Weird about Leslie, but we kinda saw that coming, right? Glad she's got such good friends to help her out. With my texts, I buy used all the time, but now they have these books, like my chem book for this semester, that come with a stupid internet access package. So you pretty much have to buy new. I have to have my books as early as possible, I get anxious if I'm not totally prepped for class..

That's just my issues, though, lol!.

Melly-Def stand up for yourself with doctors. If you don't feel someone is listening, either become a huge PITA to them so they will take you seriously, or find someone else. And yep, Tiffany is right, some people experience body pain with depression. They have those new meds for that like Cymbalta. Good luck. Trust your instinct. If you think something is up with your bod, then it probably is...

Comment #38

Oh yay! I backread June threads and found out that last time we charged her $300 a month, which she has already agreed to when I told her it would be the same rent as last time. Thank goodness for the Pin Ups!.

Sheila- yep, she's back. Moved in officially on 1/1...

Comment #39

Tiff, I second what SheShe said. Props to you girl!..

Comment #40

LOL Dawn- from my June backreading to find out the rent we charged pretty much all of you wondered how long before she'd be back. It lasted 6 months. For those who weren't around or have forgotten, she moved in with a guy she met online 13 days after meeting him...

Comment #41

Also, I told ehr about the pain in my hearts and how it skips a beat alot, but she said that could be due to depression too, since it doesnt occur when I exercise and if I press on my heart while it happens it relieves pressure LOL Idk! I'm jsut a freak I guess..

Mer- Woot Woot, yay for 3 benji's..

Oh Jose went ot the casino on NYE and won $800 bucks Whoop, he didnt give me none tho...B*stard. JK!!!!..

Comment #42

LOL Melly - you crack me up..

Melly and SheShe - I have actually been having nightmares about the meds and I havent even started them yet. I keep having normal dreams and then out of nowhere I will be like "OMG it's 10 pm or 1 am and I havent taken my meds" then I freak out in the dream and take my meds and never make it to work on time and get fired. LOL. I know that sounds stupid but it's just been a weird few days. Logically I could take only one of the doses and wake up in 4 hrs but that never happens in the dream. For some reason int eh dream I never realize what tiem it is until after I take dose #2, and then I am screwed.

The things our minds dream up...

Comment #43

Melly- I agree with Dawn- if you go back later this month and you don't feel like your doc takes you seriously, switch doctors!.

Wow, Jose is lucky! You guys always seem to be winning $$! How are things going with him?..

Comment #44

*dances* I am so happy to have all of us back on the same wagon and renewed commitments to ourselves at the same time..

I think I am ready to care about my body and keep track of the food I use as fuel. I was in a similar cycle of depression to Melly, so I can relate. I get sad because I am chubby, so I get overwhelmed, so I eat more terribly fattening/sugary foods for a temporary relief that always equals more weight gain. Wash, rinse, repeat..

The family health situation hasn't helped but I take full responsibility for the food abuse I subjected my body to in the last 6 months..

In other news, my dad has his last chemo treatment today for this cycle so he gets to ring the bell on the chemo ward! He is really looking forward to it. We know that the worst reactions for his body are in the four weeks following the last chemo treatment but I am just truly thankful he made it to today, as I was afraid I was saying goodbye on Christmas Day in the ER...

Comment #45

Ash::hugs:: I know you're going through so much. Here for you if you need me!..

Comment #46

Tiffany, try to relax. You are going to make yourself crazy. I know that has to be a lot to take in at once but don't add to it by thinking about it too much. One day at a time, honey. One foot in front of the other. If you have to take up some form of meditation or something to calm your nerves do it.

You know we are always here to help you through this so never hesitate to call on your Pin Ups. ((((((((BIG BUG HUGS)))))))).

Ashlee, I admire your determination to press forward. Let's do this!!!!!.

Mer, now that the rebound is out of the way, I hope your roomie will actually begin her REAL healing process. A person can only run for so long before they have to face the reality of being hurt. Bless her heart. I do feel for her...

Comment #47

Aw Ash, Hugs!!!! I didnt know about the ER.

Scary and I too am thankful he is here today!.

LEts end the cycle!.

Mer, things are ehh with him. Its tough but we are still trying. He doesnt understand why I'm going to school and thinks financial aide is like welfare? He thinks I'm wasting peoples' money. And he made fun of me for crying at the drs and doesnt see how I am depressed. MEN...

Comment #48

Hey guys!.

Kimberli, welcome back! Congrats on the run!.

Ash, Dawn and Melly, good luck with your meds. Go easy on yourself as your body adjusts and give them time to work..

She, I would love to do the 100 Challenge with you! I worked out both Saturday and Sunday, so the first two days are already even done!.

Melly, good luck with school! Im starting in two weeks myself to get certification in deaf ed. Ive done online classes before and I honestly think you will love the online classes..

Good luck to everyone starting anew on Medifast! I know it is tough to come back. I did my recommitment in November and have stuck with it because I know a slip will derail me in a big way and I just dont want to deal with that! First time in my memory that I lost weight over the holidays...

Comment #49

Carolyn, let's get it girlie!!!! Day 3!!! And your package will be mailed today. I had some issues with getting back home last week and I was stuck in Chicago for 2 days. However, I got to spend some time with my mom and stepfather which I didn't think I would be able to do because of the weather. Anyway, I will be mailing at lunch!!..

Comment #50

Ash *hugs* for you and your Daddy.

Well chickies I must get ready for work, bah I wish I could have another day at home and kid free to boot. I'll catch up later this afternoon when I get home, have a great day everyone..

Comment #51

I'm so proud of all of our students!!! And Melly, student loans are not welfare! Its an investment in your future as well as the future of your son! grrr!.

Hi Carolyn! Thanks for the congrats.

I'm so impressed with holiday loss!!! That's great!.

Mer- so funny that you were able to backread and find that original roomie agreement! Extra cash will be great, especially after the holidays!.

Hi Dawn!!! Sorry about all the tummy issues... Not fun, at all! Did they already rule out Celiac's?..

Comment #52


And to what ya said to Carolyn, Amen to that too!..

Comment #53

Ashlee- *big bug hugs*.

Melly- does Jose know that Financial Aid is mostly Student Loans which you have to pay back? It's not free money, and I am shocked that he doesn't know any better..

Grr. I'm glad you don't live with him. Sounds like he's back to the jerky ways with him mocking you for being depressed!.

Hey Carolyn!.

She- how was Indy?..

Comment #54

Tiffany-I thought my gastro from years ago had a test done, but the doc today said you can't just do a blood test, that he needs to take a biopsy when he does the colonoscopy. So we'll see. I'm pretty much gluten-free now anyway, so that should help if it's celiac..

Melly-FA is totally an investment. That money is there for precisely your situation. The gov't doesn't want to have to support you as a single mom, so investing in your education works on all sorts of levels. Jose needs to shut his dumb a s s up. Besides, you know that there are people out there taking advantage, and you can feel good knowing you are not one of them! Plus, it's a great example for Alex. He will see that you can accomplish your goals and have an education if you really want it. I could go on and on....well, I kinda just did..

Comment #55

Melly - I agree Jose is being a jerk! Finacial Aid has to be paid back. Crap I pay $200 a month to Sallie Mae and prob will for the remainder of my life. Its not wellfare. I cant believe he mocked you for crying. I too am glad you arent livign together. Just a question. as I was gone for awhile, are you two still together or no?..

Comment #56

Hellllooooooo ladies!.

Long time no chat..

Well, I'm back... After watching the scale creep slowly up for the last 10 months - I've decided to go back to the 5&1. Transition and maintanence didn't really go so well for me. (obviously!).

Just wanted to say hello again and update my $%^& ticker..

Hugs to you all!..

Comment #57

Mer, Thanks! LOL, the aide I will be getting...i dont have to pay back.

Which is really exciting too! I tried to tell him but he aint bright LOL!.

Dawn- I know! Thanks girl, I'm like I'm working full time too so it's not like I'm just going to live off the aide! I still am working. But my friends however, they are the ones on assistance and live off of it errrr.....

Comment #58


, so sorry about Jose. I want to smack him for making fun of you crying..


, welcome back! Did we ever meet?..

Comment #59

Tiff, we are working on it, but everyday is a struggle and things arent going so well right now so we will see how it ends up. Its just hard to end something with someone ive grown up with ya know.

The Aide I'm getting it the Federal Pell Grant or something, so it does not have to be repaid.

Erica! Glomps! I was thinking about you the other day! Welcome back!..

Comment #60

Melly, I'm so glad the others said what I wanted to say re: Jose. However, they were much nicer about it than I had planned to be. I do want to add that he is going to be sorry one day and it's going to come a lot sooner than he thinks. There is going to come a time when he is going to wish you were still around and be mad at himself for allowing you to get away. As R Kelly says "when a woman's fed up, there ain't nothin' you can do about it." Those words are very VERY true! I know you love him and you are trying to work things out with him but do not allow him to treat you in such a way. Demand more respect because you are more than worth it!..

Comment #61

@ LibraryGoddess69 - I don't think we ever had the pleasure - but it's nice to meet you!.

@ Capricorn Diva - hellloooo!.

@ Princess Melly - I love your long dark hair - so pretty! And thanks for the welcome back..

Getting back on plan is so hard... Ugh! But it is easier to do Medifast once you've already done it - I think. Although, I know that's not the ideal way..

Happy Monday to you all...

Comment #62

Thanks girl. Its so hard. He doesnt ever have a serious conversation so I feel like if I just went on with my life and ended it he'd be like when did we do this and than id feel bad for hurting him, but he doesnt get it. He never will, it's frustrating...

Comment #63

*hugs* Erica.

So nice to see you.

Ok I really gotta head out the door, catch you guys later..

Comment #64

I am so upset. My insurance has deniged the approval for the meds..

Comment #65


I had a friend who taught at a college in a low-income neighborhood and there were students who signed up for classes only to get the financial aid money. Then they would never show..

What's everyone up to tonight?.

No plans for me, probably just chilling with hubby and maybe roomie. She picked up a second job at Bath & Body Works before the holidays and has call-in shifts. She calls at 4:30 to see if they need her to come in from 6-10. I would hate that!..

Comment #66


I'm sorry hon, is there an appeals process?..

Comment #67

Are you serious? Thats ridiculous. What is the next option who do you talk to?!..

Comment #68

I'm on hold right now to see whats going on. The dr office person isnt in until tomorrow..

Comment #69

Oh my gosh,.


, my heart just dropped into my stomach for you. I'm keeping everything I have crossed for a positive outcome...

Comment #70

Tiffany, that sux! I'm right there with ya!.

Here's my sob story today:.

First I go to the drugstore for the second time to p/u script, find out that insurance is "down" and approvals aren't coming thru. My med is 145 bucks. So I go home, and then call later. They say that insurance has denied coverage for it. So then I have to call gastro back and explain. They tell me to call drugstore and have them call gastro.

So I do that. Then I call to sched rheumatology. They don't take my ins. So I call my primary. I've been on hold 3 times and each time I've waited and waited then been disconnected! This last time I was on hold for 10 minutes!! So I call them, they give me a number of another rheumatologist.

I'm trying so hard not to cry or break something. I am in medical phone h e l l. Seriously. 10 minutes then hung up on?! W T F??? This suuuuuucks. I'm angry...

Comment #71

Dawn - That totally sucks. We can be in medical phone h e l l together though. I am having the same fun with the insurance company right now. Hopefully they will get it all worked out..

Okay so here's the scoop. My doctor was trying to be nice and rush the approval so it would be approved Thursday so it would fall under my deductable from last year. That bit us in the @&&. It was deniged for two reasons..

1. Because he sent it early the pharmacy that supplies the drug had not approved me for enrollment into the program. So deniged..

2. The insurance company requries you to try the alternative meds before you can be on this one. The problem is I have the seziures which only this med treats (the others dont treat the seziures). AND this is the big one. The other treatment is anphedimens mixed with caffinee. Due to my heart condition this would kill me!.

So I am currently waiting for a call back from the dr. He will then have to fill out the paperwork again (after the pharmacy resends thier approval note) and send it to the insurance company. Included in this must be a note from my cardiologist explaining how the other treatment would kill me. Then hopefully it would be approved..

Fun stuff..

Now even with all this stuff it could be deniged as they also want me to try a anti-depresent treatment that helps with the sleepiness part but not the spasms. Also the Dr said the other treatments would not reset the Fibro Clock. But the insruance company does not recongnize this as a treatment for Fibro so he cant tell them that. So I may have to go on the other meds for a year first and document my results. This may help with the sleep but not the cataplexy (the spasms). I too am in Medical H E L L!!..

Comment #72

Stupid insurance peeps! Way to start off the new years huh, I'm so sorry girls..

Comment #73

Dawn- *big hugs*.

Not sure if this helps you feel better at all, but the Monday after a holiday is the WORST days to try to get a hold of your doctor..

IMO, you should call your insurance to see what meds they DO cover. If they denied drug X, ask them what other medications in that class they DO cover. Write them down, then call your doctor and leave a message telling him that your insurance won't cover X, but they will cover A, B, and C. That way your doctor won't have to keep writing scripts that your insurance may deny. I remember one time at the pharmacy some poor doctor had to call in 3 different meds for the poor patient with acid reflux to find the one that was covered..

Tiffany- ugh. Hopefully with your doctor's recommendations your insurance will approve the treatment...

Comment #74

Dawn and Tiffany, I honestly have no words. ((((HUGS)))). WOW!..

Comment #75

My doctor is resubmitting the information now (or his nurse is) and is including in there my heart condition as the reason we have not tried the stimulants yet. It took them one day to deny it, I am hoping it will only take one day to approve it.

The doctor told me to be prepared for another denial as the insurance companies are very very strick with this drug. I am praying they approve it. They cannot leagally make me do the stimulants due to my heart condition but they may make me try the anti-depressants first. So fingers crossed for an approval..

Comment #76

*smacks forehead*.

I totally forgot about the QODs!.

1. What did you do for NYE?.

2. Any resolutions for 2011?.

3. What are you most looking foward to right now?.

4. Do you partake or want to enjoy any winter activities like skiing, ice skating, etc?.

5. Did you have snow on Christmas wherever you were?.

Bonus- L&G?..

Comment #77

1. What did you do for NYE?.

Hosted a big party!.

2. Any resolutions for 2011?.

Get to my goal weight and STAY there!.

And a continuation of my working out 3x a week every week..

3. What are you most looking foward to right now?.

We are going to Florida in March for a little vacation! We'll split the week between my grandmas in the Fort Myers area (Xtina- we'll be there March 7-14) and J's cousins in Miami..

4. Do you partake or want to enjoy any winter activities like skiing, ice skating, etc?.

No. I have an intense dislike for snow. I may end up going on a ski trip though, but I plan on tubing. I'm hoping that my husband's brother or friend goes so I don't have to. You need 4 people to get the deal, it's $165/person for 2 nights in the hotel with free buffet breakfast, lift tickets Fri afternoon-Sun, and all rentals..

5. Did you have snow on Christmas wherever you were?.

No new snow, but there was unmelted snow from previous days..

Bonus- L&G?.

Chicken and veggies..

Comment #78

1. What did you do for NYE?.

I watched Toy Story 3 and went to bed early. I needed the sleep.

2. Any resolutions for 2011?.

Reach my goal weight and to get a BT!.

3. What are you most looking foward to right now?.

At this second, getting all the medical BS done and over with!.

4. Do you partake or want to enjoy any winter activities like skiing, ice skating, etc?.

I live in Florida. We dont really have winter activites.

But I like not mowing my grass.

5. Did you have snow on Christmas wherever you were?.

We supposedly had snow flurries early that morning but we were all asleep and I dont trust the source. Plus she was in Loxely, AL and we were in Elsanor, AL...15 miles can make a big difference. And by flurries I mean there were 3-5 snow flakes...

Comment #79

Tiff- I watched TS3 last week too! I was surprised by how dark it was...

Comment #80

Merz - yeah it was dark. I like the Spanish Buzz but other than that it didnt live up to the first or even the second one...

Comment #81

Spanish Buzz was the BEST!!.

Well ladies time to go home, have a great night!..

Comment #82

1.What did you do for NYE?.

Not a whole lot. Got together with my family. Ive been so sick and gross feeling I barely made it to the ball drop. Im so sad..


2. Any resolutions for 2011?.

I have a lot of them. Im going to work really hard on eating right and working out this year. My biggest one is that Im going to run a 5K!.

3. What are you most looking forward to right now?.

At this very minute, Im really looking forward to dinner. For the future, Im thinking about all the cool stuff I want to accomplish this year!.

4. Do you partake or want to enjoy any winter activities like skiing, ice skating, etc?.

Living in Florida, not so many winter activities..

5. Did you have snow on Christmas wherever you were?.


Bonus- L&G? Salad from Chilis..

Comment #83

Merz- we should meet up for lunch or dinner one day, while you're here! Would love to see you!!..

Comment #84

1. What did you do for NYE?.

Eh, drama.

2. Any resolutions for 2011?.

Yup, lose weight and be more independenter (i made that word up!).

3. What are you most looking foward to right now?.

Getting the first week of school done..

4. Do you partake or want to enjoy any winter activities like skiing, ice skating, etc?.

Heck no, I hate the snow, cold, and rain..

5. Did you have snow on Christmas wherever you were?.


Bonus- L&G?..

Comment #85

1. What did you do for NYE?.

Stayed home since I just got home around 7:30p that evening. Chilled at home with Hubby..

2. Any resolutions for 2011?.

To grow my business and be the best ME I can be to myself and everyone around me..

3. What are you most looking foward to right now?.

Life is so good I'm not really sure what I am looking forward to..

4. Do you partake or want to enjoy any winter activities like skiing, ice skating, etc?.

NOPE! Don't like the cold!.

5. Did you have snow on Christmas wherever you were?.


I'm out ladies! Have a good evening!.

Bonus- L&G?.

Green smoothie after my work out this evening...

Comment #86

1. What did you do for NYE? Cleaned my office, listed school books on Amazon, and free cycled the rest. Also worked on shredding..

2. Any resolutions for 2011?.

Figuring out what I am going to do about my marriage. This has to get done this spring..

Working on ME and not putting everyone first..

Getting down to goal weight and staying there..

Exercising to help get rid of the stress and aniexty.

3. What are you most looking foward to right now?.

Um..short term..getting to the gym tonight to work out the aniexty from the day..

4. Do you partake or want to enjoy any winter activities like skiing, ice skating, etc?.

I love to ski and ice skate. I am hoping to go skiing in a couple of weeks. Hubby is only home two weeks out of the month. Last weekend was New Years, and next weekend is up in the air..

5. Did you have snow on Christmas wherever you were? No, but it started snowing that day..

Bonus- L&G? Maybe chicken breasts chopped up small, and some grilled veggies...

Comment #87

Melly: Having done my classes online here is what worked for me..

Get a calendar that you can keep by your desk. Write down the assignment deadlines, the reading assignments, and major assignment dates. This way you can look at the due dates..

Do the reading, and the supplemental reading that the instructor gives you..

Don't be afraid to ask the instructor questions..

IF you do a group project be prepared to nag the dickens out of people from the start of the group project. Have a back up plan set into place so that if one of the group members drops the ball everyone won't be scurrying at the last minute..

If you have problems with writing APA papers go to the OWL at Perdue University. It is a great reference for help..

Also, the college I went to was very particular about what was used. Don't use wikipedia most professors I know get unglued with that reference..

Also tell Jose to get a grip and be happy that you qualify for those grants. Student loans are a pain in the rear...

Comment #88

I wish everyone the best with their new years resolutions. I hope we all have a safe, happy and healthy 2011..

Comment #89

Mer-Yep, I am considering checking alternative meds, but I'm thinking that my doc can probably explain it and get it for me. I mean, with my history it should be allowed. We'll see..

I really think I may need to get a different primary doc. This one is always packed and last time they "squeezed me in" I waited over 3 hours! I was HAWT about that. I started raising my voice and all, I had the boys with me and there was no way that was gonna happen. So I had to call Mark to come get the boys on his way home from work. And this is the office that disconnected me mysteriously 3 times after being on hold for over 10 minutes. I don't need that stress just to get to my doc!.

Hey Tiffany, good luck with your meds and insurance woes. I'm crossing my fingers for ya!..

Comment #90

It is still sore. I am finishing up the antibiotics now. I have about 3 days left. What stinks is that they cause the runs. But at least I am not in the most intense pain. SO I can deal with that side effect.

I am on like my 5th bottle of water and will drink probably 3 more tonight before bed..

I am still kind of meh about the gym tonight. I started my female junk to so I am a bit off with the stomach feeling good. I might lay low tonight and after going to dc tomorrow hit the gym. I really am not good with the crowded gym atmosphere. I know it is completely in my head and I am doing better...but just not in the mood to deal with it tonight...

Comment #91

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.