For anyone who's been on the Nutrisystem Diet program?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... For anyone who's been on the Nutrisystem Diet program? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question on my mind: I crazy or did most of us just lose our little weight chart signatures from

Bummer. Guess they want you to sign up for VIP now to get it..

Oh well...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

Maybe Nutrisystem will come up with something similar that we can display on the boards...

Comment #2

For those who didn't keep their data; go into W8 and copy and paste the info into an excel file. I just did and will contine to update both..

If W8 starts to lose too many folks, their advertisers will leave etc. I'm sure they could reduce their requirements if dormant accounts, say over 1 year were removed. Also I removed my graph from my signature block. I did, however, leave it on my page, but that may soon be gone too..

I personally will not pay $18.50 per year just to view a chart..

Wiz always does GREAT signatures blocks, any ideas Wiz? And/or anyone else have alternate suggestions for new graphs?..

Comment #3

Thanks Steve, I haven't seen any other graph style tickers for signatures other than w8book...

Comment #4

Well, that sucks!.

Hey! Nutrisystem Mods....Please tell your IT guys/gals that we would like a graph similar to the w8book one. I will find someone to write the program if IT is not up to the task...

Comment #5

I ain't completely computer savvy...... I somehow put the ticker on my signature.. now I can't figure out how to get to it to update it.. can someone give me a little help??????/..

Comment #6

Click the "Community" > "Overview" tab on the top of the page. Then scroll down to the bottom on the left. Create a new ticker. You have to recreate a new ticker each time you want to update your old one..


Has an auto update, but you have to update at but you won't have to repaste a new one each time...

Comment #7

Well, I guess the guy who owns the site, the software and bears the cost to maintain it, can set whatever rules he choses. It was a nice free ride, but it's up to his customers to decide if it's worth the cost. I appreciate what he did, so I ponied up..


Comment #8

Well your right was a nice ride while it lasted..

However, I'm all about the FREE stuff...

Comment #9

Same here. $1.50 a month to visualize/display your progress - not bad...

Comment #10

Thanks, I needed this. Not W8 but works for me...

Comment #11

I'm all for folks recovering their costs, but I'll admit$18 for the miniscule amount of bandwidth being used for this is a little steep, especially if you multiply that times his/her number of claimed users. Even if only one percent of his/her user base pays, he/she will get much more than he/she's out of pocket for displaying the ticker. I probably would have paid a third of what he/she's asking. Still, it's his/her choice, and I wish them the best..

Geez I'm getting politically correct these days...

Comment #12

Okay, I've spent the better part of 3 days searching for a weight loss graph/ticker/counter and I just can't find one I like better than W8book, so I too ponied up. Now you can see the cold truth. I put a lot more on than I thought but I'm hoping at least some of that is retained water since I had also switched back to regular salt while I was off plan..

That was then, this is now, I'm back on plan, yesterday was day 1 and I weighed in at 355, today 348. If I maintain this rate I'll be skin and bones by July. LOL.

PS. I'm back on.



Comment #13

Hey Damon! Nothing tells the story as well as the Ticker, and looks like you've got a novel in the works..

Way to Man Up and not Give Up!! We're in this for the long haul. I'm betting you'll be under your prior low before summer's out..


Comment #14

I hear you Ozon. He/she (you've got ME doing it!) may have to adjust their business model to maximize their profits. I certainly don't agree with analyzing what's "fair" to charge. Not my concern. Not how free markets work. As a seller, getting whatever the market will bear is your job.

If the seller is overpriced, either folks won't buy or competition will pop up. We'll see how it goes. If there is a significant market for NS-compliant tickers like W8book's, I'd be surprised if some enterprisining person does not come out with a new ticker site, with improved tickers, for, like you say, $5/year. I can't see Nutrisystem doing it - their IT is, well, I can't see them pulling it off. I don't know the size of the market, but there may be significant ka-ching involved.

I would not begrudge him/her buying a yacht on my dime..


Comment #15

$5/month???? That's $60 a year, Now that's crazy. I did pay w8book's $18.50, not only because I want the graph, but also because 'Haroldo' has helped a lot of people lose weight with his site and challenges. Plus, maybe it will be free for all if enough people contribute..

Keep in mind I'm also the person that spends money on all that "As seen on TV" crap. My latest acquisition is the "Topsy Turvy", the upside-down tomato planter...

Comment #16

LOL! I got a Topsy Turvey Tomato too! Found it in a Wallmart checkout line..

You must have misread my post (just kidding - went back and edited to $5/yr..



Comment #17

Must be the business school in me..

Actually, don't pay any attention to me. I've been persnickety ever since some guy/gal convinced everyone to pay $20 for a $5 robe you wear backwards..

Anybody want a Snuggie cheap? I'm sure I can find an old robe in the bottom of my closet somewhere....

Don't watch the following PG-13 video while drinking anything..


Comment #18

True...haven't found anything even close. I have decided that I miss looking at my progress and I think I will pony up as well...

Comment #19

You can probably save a good bit more than the VIP cost in discounts, if you opt for the Daily Dose option. It's an excellent program that deserves support - I'm not really using it at the moment for progress but it still motivates me to see my graph!..

Comment #20

I was bored so I started exploring the w8book site and just discovered the Daily Dose thing. I always thought it was a another article of inspiration but I was wrong. If I had known about the 'robot' when I first started I would of been a W8Book VIP all along. You get your 18.50 back in 100 days. Well, you live and you learn..

I have been on Nutrisystem for 497 days and only have 381 clicks. That's 116 missed clicks. There's $20 bucks right there...

Comment #21

$18 dollars is high for the service rendered from a strictly financial point of view, but the motivation I get from seeing that red line fall was the clincher for me. I like being able to see where Ive been, how I got there and how fast I got there. Heck seeing everyone elses ticker in the early months gave me a realistic expectation for my rate of weight loss for people of my size and allowed me to secretly compete with others and inspired me to keep with it..

I see it as not only a service to myself but for others on the forum..

Oh and I hate spread sheets, so I'd rather pay to let a computer do it for me..

Comment #22

You all know that you get a graph like that for free from NutriSystem, don't you? It's not a ticker but it's found under the "my progress" section...

Comment #23

It's a nice graph but there is no direct link update. To get this graph here I had to use my snipping tool > save to my pics > upload to Photobucket > paste here. And I'll have to repeat the entire process every time I update. But, yea it's a nice graph...

Comment #24

Well geeze Damon is the graph for you to look at, or are you a posting ***** who needs everyone to see his graph?.

Naw, I'm just jokin' with ya Damon. But you are a post *****...

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