For the people doing Medifast Diet?

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Question I have... For the people doing Medifast Diet? Thanks for any response. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' THURSDAY.


For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (76)

Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I am up waaaayyyy too late! Need to take my azz to bed. Nite Lauri!..

Comment #2

Good morning Sexy Shams!.

I hope everyone is doing well this EARLY Friday EVE..

It is WAY too early right now. My two older kids were talking too loud and woke me up. So, my eyes are half closed and I'm not sure my brain is fully functioning yet..

I am going to my mom's house today. I'll be visiting with her, but also scrubbing the CLOTH SEATS in my 'new to me' car. I haven't had cloth seats in YEARS. When I got the car from the girl, it had "faux lamb seat covers" and I was a bit worried about the condition of the seats...remember it's a '97, so I figured they would be pretty bad. To my surprise, the are fantastic! No rips; worn spots; etc. and just a couple of small stains which look like they will remove easily.

I'm looks like new. If I remember, I will take a picture of it today to post it. It is actually pretty fun to drive. I'm not used to driving a car though. I kept telling my DH that it seems to pull slightly...but it feels like it pulls to both sides.

A rear wheel drive vs. a front wheel drive. I'm just not used to it yet..

What else...oh, I hurt like an "I don't know what". My back; hips; groin; knees; ankles are hurting so badly. Also, when I wakeup, all of my joints feel very stiff (from my toes to my fingers). I'm assuming it's still the Fibro Flare..

I hope you all have a fantastic day today..

Much love,..

Comment #3

Nite Kori! I don't know how you do it. I am tired all the time, but at least I don't have to go deal with a bunch of kids. Yikes and God Bless you..

Love ya!..

Comment #4

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good..


Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us..


Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential...

Comment #5

Good Morning.


Good night.


Just got up a bit ago...Paid some bills online, put coffee on and now need to go work-out...bbl.


Comment #6

Morning Lauri- can't wait for pix of car. I used to want a mustang when I was in high school and dated a guy that had one( well he got it after we broke up but I still managed many rides in it) then my friend dated a guy in college that had a saleen model and would let me drive it- very fast and fun to drive..

Afm- going to order my Medifast this morning so that I can back to 5/1. Suppose to be off work tomorrow but was informed that I needed to be at a meeting in the morning. We'll see, my couch is coming tomorrow sometime so it'll depend in the delivery time wether I drive down to work or not. Have a great day everyone...

Comment #7

Good Morning guys!.

This week must be payback for having such a good time without my kids, lol..

The whole house is sick and my baby has double ear infections, Ari still can't work b/c his back is completely messed up...but upside is boss informed me yesterday that today is his last day!!! Yay!!!..

Comment #8

Well might be a good time to remind you:.



Comment #9

The quotes are lovely!.

What is my mission for today? Am I still researching your ailments? I'm afraid to do a search for "sausage fingers". Sometimes ya just never know what you're gonna get. For example: I once thought I had shingles. I was at work, computer facing outward to the world, and I did a search for "shingles"...what "pops up"? A big ole pee-pee!.

Apparently one can get shingles 'anywhere'. How embarassing. Even IF I did have them...I sure as h3ll didn't have them there...

Comment #10

Good morning Miss Lara ~ Please take pix of the couch when it's inside the house. I know we saw it on-line...but not the same. I need a new couch SO badly. Ours was really nice...once upon a time. Too many kids; food; & drink..

You'll do GREAT on 5/1 and get back to your happy place in no time...

Comment #11

Glad you don't have shingles.

The pee pee would have freaked me out too.

I am jsut plugging along. I have good days and bad days-more good then bad and am getting more consistent. for me the hardest part is dealing with my emotions and I am making a concious effort that no matter how bad I feel eating over it is not worth it. I have kept some red peppers around in case I am a high stress situation.

I am making changes- eating and behavorially and which is huge for me. I am jsut going to do this!..

Comment #12

Hi there gordon boys. The Captain has said that this is 90% mental and boy is that ever true..

Alright, I have to go get ready for another fun filled day at work...

Comment #13

Good for you. Yes, JUST DO THIS! You can do it. As Lori; Ang; Andi; Kori; Miss Lara; Jo; and all the other Veterans have does get easier every day...

Comment #14

Lori ~ There was just something interesting on the news regarding Corona and lime. If you touch a lime, like to put in a Corona, you can break out in a terrible rash. Not sure if you had any of that during Tatoo Weekend, but thought I'd pass that on. Apparently there is something in the lime that transfers to your skin...then, when you have a rash in one spot, it transfers to other areas. Hmmm...

Comment #15

Ok kids, off to bed with me. If anyone here or on the phone wakes Nev up within the next hour, unfortunately, he/she will meet an untimely demise. See you soon...

Comment #16

Mustangs are like Vettes...Never can bo too old.

My DH bought me a 1992 Teal blue Corvette in 2005 for our 10 year anniversary. Next year it will be an antique....but gorgeous none-the-less..

I love it and it still gets looks and compliments despite it's age!!..

Comment #17

Good morning all....

Hey lauri.. ill try to be quiet so Nev doesnt wake up... LOL. thanks for starting us today. enjoy the day with mom and cleaning the car. cant wait to see pics.

Hi lori, oh great captain and wise one! hey, I just had a crazy thought.. forgive me cause it's early but... wouldnt it be fun for some/all of us to meet in NYC on st. patties day? BF and I went last year and it was so much fun. have you ever gone? I'm offically irish that day. we drank on the train going there in the morning..

Lara.. good for you and placing that order. we know you can do it. hope the couch looks good and you can avoid work!.

Ang... NO MORE ASSHAT BOSS? wow.. was that shocking news to you or did you see it coming? hope the family feels bette soon..

Hey Jo.. great to see you and the morning routine.. I love knowing you are florida doing your thing.....

Comment #18

I need to catch up from last night... I know I wasnt here but no worries. couldnt be snacking or hiding cause I was reviewing vocabulary and doing laundry until 1 am! I should have come to look for Kori! Oldest ds got home late from soccer and still had a ton of homework. kids are with ex-hubby tonight so they needed clean clothes... ugh. it's like ang and feeding her kids..

Forgot to report sing a long sound of music was awsome!..

Comment #19



Sorry about all the c r a p going on....thank God you did have a great weekend!! HUH??..

Comment #20

Good job on the plan for high stress moments...A plan always helps for staying on track. Have a stress-free day!!..

Comment #21

Top o' the Mornin to you.


A meet-up on St. Pattys awesome!!! Maybe we should really consider this!..

Comment #22

Hi jo... the thought of meeting on st. pats day came in my head... glad you think I'm not nuts....

Lauri.. your comment about me being vertically challanged.. LOL big time!.

Darlene.. great pic of Tim with princesses. I'm so jealous of you and kori living so close to disney... awsome!.

Hi to sandy and barb and andi and erin, when you guys get here!.

Kori... thanks for comments about my goal..

I keep talking about changing it so.... today is the day. proud to report, thanks to the captain and you guys, I am no longer freaked out by that number. 7 months ago, it seemed impossible. today, I know I can do it. not sayin it's easy, but I can do it...

Comment #23

Ok... I changed my goal weight/ticker... need to keep breathing and do this one day at a time... where is lori to yell at me, get over it, and move on.....

Comment #24

Hi everyone,.

Just sitting here trying to catch up before it's hair cut/color time. Looks like it rained all night but I think I see the sun peeking out right now. Hope everyone has a good OP day and work is good to you. I'll catch back up with ya later...

Comment #25

Morning lovelies!!!.

Crazy day today... Pres O is on my campus for a political rally for a local candidate. CRAZY!!! Peeps lined up since yesterday! Weird..

Have a great calm OP day and drink your water!..

Comment #26

Hi barb... hope the sun comes out for ya. it's gloomy here today too..

Hi andi.. cool about pres. good luck navigating that crazy mess...

Comment #27

While I did not have any Corona and lime this past weekend...I have had about 45000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of them over my lifetime..

If the above were true, I would have a terrible rash for life..


Maybe dead..

Just sayin'...

Comment #28

I believe I have since raised that percentage to like 99...maybe 98%...

Comment #29

I want a Mustang so bad it hurts..

But 1 of 2 things needs to happen:.

1. We move out of NJ.

2. I hit the jackpot and can afford my SUV for winter and the Mustang for summer..


Beautiful Instead of Rich..

Comment #30

You are so wise captain... I'm a full believer!..

Comment #31

So...while I always think about it and fear it will be a big regret of mine (I try not to have too many)'s just not my thing..

It's wicked cold (until you get drunk) but it's wicked crowded and people are falling down drunk and peeing all over the place and it's impossible to get in any of the bars, etc..

I probably should have done it while I was younger. I just don't have the patience for it (I don't think) now that I'm older..

But....if there were a St. Patrick's Day parade in Key West...right down the middle of Duval... I'd roll with that one...

Comment #32

Hi beautiful instead of rich.... or as my mom would say, "rich or poor, it's nice to have money"...

Comment #33

She is here, but she is confused by the angst and feeling like she missed something...

Comment #34

Lori... I hear ya on the st. pats craziness. BF and I stayed away from most of that, and it was a warm day that year. just something fun to do when it works out. ever tell you I went sky diving about 8 years ago?..

Comment #35


I miss you and think about you all the time..

We really need to catch up..

Much mad love to you, my friend...

Comment #36

I am indeed wise..

And I am a beautiful dancer...

Comment #37

Nah.. you didnt miss a thing. I wanted to be yelled at, so I did it myself. just dumb angst over a number....

Comment #38


Tell me everything..

And mad respect to you..

I don't think I ever could...

Comment #39

The number.



I don't give a sh!tz what anyone says..

But it's not the ONLY thing that's important..

You will find the balance..

If you're lucky..

It's gonna take a minute...but you'll find it..

Love how I sugarcoat e'thing and coddle you hookers?.


Comment #40

Have fun with cut & color..

Now that I look at my hair looks funny because of how I did the highlights and how she cut it in layers. Oh well. I'm not gonna touch the color again....

I don't think.


Comment #41

He was in Portland looked like a mess, too..

So glad I don't live in CA...that will be a doozey...

Comment #42 also would have had to touch the juice of the lime and then touched your azz. Just sayin'. You said it was a CRAZY weekend...

Comment #43

Is this not okay? Shitz! You people and you're "rules"...

Comment #44

It's only okay if I'm the one doing it...

Comment #45

Morning shammies,.

It is raining here in the desert. I was to play golf with my Thursday group but no tee time. It turned out to be a good thing. I am not one to play in the rain..

Lauri - I hope we get pix of hair and car. Have a nice time with Mom. My nail ladies Mom died last Saturday. She was not in a good place yesterday..

Angela - sorry about family. Hopefully they are well soon..

Lara - congrats on getting things under control and going back on 5/1. I love hearing about how you are handling T&M. I can't wait..

Andrea - I am glad you moved your ticker. It sounds like you are mental ready for your road ahead so you will be there and I will cheer. Yay for the Sound of Music..

Darlene - I love the picture of Timmy. Positive thoughts for Friday..

Barb - hope you have fun with hair today..

Andi - I know what it is like when the Pres. is around - roads closed....... When does he leave. I gave a lot of briefings at the Pentagon and places when I was working..

Jo - I am so proud of your morning workouts. I am waiting for my exercise to be routine. I am still planning it..

Lori - do you have your Dr. appointments? I hope Sparky had a good day..

I have a quiet day. We re going to visit Mom tomorrow so I will not be on tell late when we get back...

Comment #46

Quickie from work..

Placed my order this morning before I left the house and am now totally recommitted to 5/1 (when I get my food) Then tranisitioning the correct way!..

Comment #47

I hate when I reread my posts and I have typos. OK, think something positive. Time for some coffee...

Comment #48

Thanks for making me feel bad cause I was REALLY doing laundry. bummer...

Comment #49

I think we know each other well enough that you know I'm most always joking...'cept when I'm not. lol.

Ok, off to mom's. I may color her hair while I'm there..

Much love to you all..

Have a great OP day!..

Comment #50

Wow busy morning for the Irish lassies..I love seeing multiple pages on tap for me to read through. My own mini-series "online" with little sit-com, drama, and reality stirred all together. mostly love, but not sick and pain..get well all; in all homes..

Today is my Mom Lorraines B-day. She would have been 71. We lost her 2 years ago, and I miss her everyday. She was the original Sexy one in the family. Fun, loud Boston accent that she never lost and became thicker with each brandy she sipped =) She loved to sail, travel, entertain and laugh..

Get your mammo's on time and check your boo boo's. = Rant from me.

I am back to the derm doc for full body check in hour or so. I had 3 skin cancers taken off last month, all cured, but need to watch the other couple of miles of skin..

Darn just got a call from Timmy to pick him up from his day program. not well. Tomarrows testing can't come soon enought..


Kori- I would love to meet at the D place. Experiencing Disney through Tims eyes is often fun. Let us get through his testing this week, results and maybe this strange weather will have passed...

Comment #51




No golf....

Is that a good thing or a bad thing. I never liked Golf, not playing nor watching...and I live in the midst of millions of golf courses...LOL..

Comment #52

Sorry abouts your mom sweety. Now you will just have to take over the title of the "sexy" one. You are after all a Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin' Shamrocker..

Were you aware the Captains mom is Lorriane also...and she just lost her mom not too long ago!.

And from all the pictures Lori has I know her "Lorraine" was also an outgoing, fun, sexy, witty, wonderful woman!.

Hope all is well today with Timmy and tests go well..


Comment #53

When I lose 25 lbs. I will no longer be overweight. I noticed that Kori, Andrea and Darlene have 25 lbs to get to goal..

When 25 pounds are gone.

We will each sing a song.

Lori will teach us to dance.

And we will get a glance...

Comment #54

Jo - golf: some days it is a good thing and some days it is bad. I have a really fun group that I play with and we have drinks and play poker after. For now I am drinking my water. You put money in the pot based on how many bad putts you had and you get cards based on how many good putts you had. It helps you forget the times you play bad on the course...

Comment #55

Time to run and practice piano. I did not get a practice in yesterday so I think today should be a long practice. With it raining it is a good day to practice. Not so good for swimming laps. Although we went to Bora Bora a few years ago and it was raining and we learned to do a lot in the rain. They did a water exercise class and it really did not matter if it was raining.

The staff could tell us which days were good snorkeling when it was raining. We sat in the bar and read and played games and looked at the beach. I just took awhile to figure out how to enjoy a beach vacation in the rain. Meet a lot of fun people...

Comment #56

I'd love to go to Bora Bora Sandy. Didn't know it rained alot though. I like the beach with a drink in my hand being waited on by sexy menlol. I'm sure Lori would join me any time. While getting my hair done I decided to go ahead and have my ears repierced. This will be about the 3rd time.

We've tried pushing earrings thru but I don't think I've worn them since we were all in AC in April. Think I'll just leave these studs in for awhile and then just keep wearing them all the time (unless my ears start to itch which they also tend to do). It actually snowed here just a little bit ago. It's been misting rain mostly but they had predicted snowflakes and we had a few. It's about 43 degrees right now and had already stopped.

1-8 and that's about it. Never a fan of it but so much of our tourism in northern MI depends on it for the skiing and snowmobiling. Not meI'll take my hot tub and fireplace...

Comment #57

Barb - you are a lady after my own heart. We went to Bora Bora in Feb. and that is rainy season. I think there are times when it is not so rainy. We like to get away that time of the year when it is cooler here...

Comment #58

I love golf sandy! it's such a fun game and I loveto escape there. I am a 6 so I play pretty fast..

I wish I were irish. my dogs name is mulligan- he's from ireland- a wheatne terrier. I figure random comments were always welcome here lol..

Comment #59

I seriously think we should do a 25 lbs challenge. Unfortunately, I have no time to run it....any takers?..

Comment #60

Sucks about the last minute notice for the meeting. Let us know if you need any help getting back on 5/1...

Comment #61

Still hoping everyone gets better soon. Hope you don't get sick too!..

Comment #62

Today sucks big monkey donkey moose *ick. Just saying...

Comment #63

True 'dat! Although...I think it may be closer to 95% mental...

Comment #64

See that you changed your ticker with a new goal weight! Can't wait to see it move closer to the goal! You can do this!..

Comment #65

I was here...up way too late last night. Kids...they are so needy. They want food, clean clothes, rides, help with homework. UGHHHH!!!!..

Comment #66

Kind of cool but crazy at the same time. Sometimes it is more of an inconvenience to have the Prez there but it is still kind of cool...

Comment #67

Happy birthday Lorraine..

Darlene - I'm sorry for your loss..

I miss my Lorraine every day, too...

Comment #68

Hey Barb! It has been yucky, rainy, and dreary here. Isn't this supposed to be Sunny, Southern California??? Someone forgot to tell the clouds cuz they are dark, and dropping rain on us big time. Hope you get some sun today..

Comment #69

This is why you are freakin' awesome! If I wanted someone to sugarcoat things for me, I would still be almost 300 pounds and making excuses. I need someone to tell me, "NO!" "Just do it". Thanks for being you!..

Comment #70

Yep, that's why I wouldn't be anywhere near where he will be when he is in CA. People are freakin' crazy here on a normal day. Add security, press, police, and the President. Uh-Uh, Not going to happen...

Comment #71

I was thinking the same thing Lauri...It COULD happen...just sayin'..

Comment #72

Awesome Lara! I think the key is the transitioning! It is why I am trying to wrap my brain around it now so that in 25 pounds, I will be ready, and have a plan...

Comment #73

Peace be with you and your family on this day! Sounds like you really celebrate her memory and remember all the wonderful things about your mom..

As far as the D place - You let me know when, I will meet you there. Afternoons are probably best but sometimes, you just have to take a sick day and go to Disney. It's what I call "mental health" days...

Comment #74

Would love to go to Bora Bora! When I was in Maui, it drizzled and rain off and on all the time. You really just learn to keep going. But it is much easier to do fun things in the rain on vacation then exercise and do regular old things in the rain...

Comment #75

Awwww....I just got so flattered and giddy that I farted at my desk here at work...

Comment #76


May I make a suggestion please?.

(As if.).

Worry about the 25 pounds now..

Worry about transition when it's time to transition..'re all over the place and you're stressing about something that isn't happening yet which will hinder your weight-loss and make you freakin' crazy in yo' head..

We'll worry about transition when you transition..

And, oh, you bet your sweet azz you're going to do a proper transition..

Don't think I won't fly out to CA and sit on you..

I will..

And I believe that you believe me..

As well you should..

Thank you for your time and consideration...

Comment #77

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.