Free Calorie Nutrisystem Vegetable Soup?

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My first question is Free Calorie Nutrisystem Vegetable Soup? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Hello all from Texas,.

I just opened my 1st shipment and 1st page of the meal planner.

If I Choose cereal for breakfast and use 4 oz of skim milk, it is not counted as my dairy serving. This means I can have another dairy serving with breakfast, right?.

Glad to see there is somewhere for men here. I was starting to think I had signed up for something different.

It looks like you guys really have been loseing those pounds. I am starting my plan in the morning..

I am sure I will be here alot..



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Welcome loser...... this is a wild ride.... where about in Texas you from? I'm in east Texas..

Be sure to hang around the mens room.. it is a big help...

Comment #2

Thanks DRunebrand for the quick responce..

Started drinking the water today actually and have (6) 8oz'ers down already and it is only 2pm here..

You really have stuck with it looks like, about a 1/2 lb a day...

Comment #3

Welcome, Frosty! You got the answer. There is no dumb question. It seems kind of confusing at first, but follow the plan, make the commitment to do it 100% and after a couple weeks, it will be simple - and incredibly rewarding. See you around and let us know how it works for you..


Comment #4


Mulewhipper and Cowboy you are so very right (Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down...) and I beleive it will be a wild ride..

I live in central Texas, been here all my life..

I have already drop some weight waiting for the shipment, just by not loading the plate up. Now that I have the set meal portion I am really excited...

Comment #5


The secrets are:.

- Stick to the plan (including everything you're allowed!).

- Water - more = better.

- Get creative within the boundaries of the plan (for variety).

- Exercise.

- Monitor amount of exercise carefully as you may have to increase calories with a high amount of exercise so as not to mess up the weight loss (numerous posts about this).

- Come here for excellent support from men who know how to make the plan work.

Good Luck!..

Comment #6

Thanks for the push Bigbit..

I just got back from the store with fruit and fresh vegatables add ons..

Looking forward to this new adventure...

Comment #7

Welcome. Newbie myself, going on 2 weeks..

Maybe I should read the welcome packet one of these days.....

Comment #8

Thanks Damon,.

You look like you have been here for awhile..

You stay with it. "You can doo it"..

Comment #9

Yea! Not a whole lot in the welcome kit..

More on the web site..

Good luck!!..

Comment #10


You said you are in Central Texas. What city? I am north of Fort Worth...

Comment #11

Welcome 1Frosty1. Aside from watching our own charts, it is always good fun to see a new man start the program. In a way it puts us back in that first week when everything began to change for us..

Good luck and listen to what these folks say who have been around for a while...

Comment #12

Hey, and better-40.

Well I am in the Killeen/ Ft Hood area for about 4yrs now and have lived in Dallas to Austin my whole life.

I tried the egg Frittata this morning and it was GOOOOOD!.

I hope all my meals in a box are half that good..

You all stay strong as you are my inspiration too...

Comment #13

Welcome Rick!.

Lot's of good people here to help you become the biggest LOSER that you can be!!.

Good luck and stay strong!!!.


Comment #14

Thanks d-Day, Look forward to this new adventure for sure..

Of what I have eatten today the food is very good and I feel like I have been stuffing my face all day...

Comment #15

Howdy, Rick..

You know, it's fun laying out the Nutrisystem meals each day, but the real cool part for me was finding out that the crisper in my fridge wasn't supposed to be a place where vegetables go to die. I'm amazed at how much fresh vegetables and fruit I eat now, compared to pre-NS..

Good luck on the program!..

Comment #16

I know I am definitely eating a lot more fruits and vegetables..

Quite a few people from texas on here. Guess that's why we rank so high in the fattest cities ranks every year..

San Antonio myself...

Comment #17

I am finding this to be a place to stay interested and excited about lossing the gut and maybe even finding that 6er or at least the 3 1/2 I lost in 80's..

It just so happens that I have started this plan at the same time my garden is starting to produce some yummy eatables.

It is still to early for all the bugs that will be feasting in the next 2 months. (I think Texas has at least one BUG of every verity).

It seems like everytime you get reid of one there is another really cool looking BUG...

Comment #18

10 -4 on the bugs!!!! My garden is starting to produce a lot too. I am sure enjoying the results of all the hard labor over the last couple of months. there ain't nothing as good as vegies that you pick, then go straight to the kitchen with them. I had a feast last night, I almost could not finish my Nutrisystem entree.......

Comment #19

LMAO - I got so used to cleaning the rotten vegetable out of the crisper that we started letting them go bad on the regular shelf. Thought that'd solve the problem. Didn't. Then I realized veggies, fruits, whatever's good for you doesn't have any shelf life. Eat it today because tomorrow it's not going to be any good. And that's the best kind of food you can eat. Second to the idea of my own garden produce being the best of all...

Comment #20


Too bad my office us upstairs from the bathroomsom my 37,000 trips aday don't count - Darn!..

Comment #21

Cosmo - I count my bathroom trips. When I work in a 150,000 sq ft building, it is a hike to the bathroom!..

Comment #22

With the exercise and weight loss my knees no longer complain about the stairs -..

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