Free .com domain? With iPage web hosting?

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First off, Free .com domain? With iPage web hosting? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... Im making a website, and I wanted to make a table (???) that has a transparent background but also has a coloured scroll bar, I'm using "Frontpage 2000" and can make my whole iPage website have a custom scrollbar, just not my particular box.....

In general... I need a box where I can type news etc and people on the internet cant delete it.. because that happened to me.. people can highlight it and edit the text.

The table needs to be borderless... I dont want any silly indentations around the outside and I need the background to be transparent.. prefferabley feint grey. ive looked around the internet and read tutorials but none do the whole package what I need.

Please help.

Text table.

Custom colour scrollbar.

Transparent background.

Uneditable by visitors.

Borderless (cushion thingies on the outsides).

Thanks for your time, ill be grateful for an indepth reply or if someone could make me the code for it, I would be extremely grateful.



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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Typical Brummie (some1 from Birmingham)... If were a little more patient you would have got plenty of advice...

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Well after checking that people WHERE actually on the forum, I decided to post, waiting for a reply. then when no one replied when I saw some1 who was obviously skilled in HTML, I decided to post the little "Thankyou"..

Im not here to flame but when you associate me with a "Typical" brummie I not onlyy find that offensive but extremely judgemental and idiotic comment from your behalf..

If you dont like brummies or think mass numbers are like my "Impatience" then come here and please state your feelings to a "Typical" brummie mob. I'm sure you would have a pleasant suprise..

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Im just going to ignore the above argument and tell you the code for the cursor..

Put this in the head.








Now, just substitue the mycsursor.cur to a cursor you want..

You can find some cursors on your computer's harddrive or try seraching the internet for some...

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Gave you the wrong code..

I was thinking someting else.

Heres a page where you can learn how to do that.


-Joe C..

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Ok, maybe it is me, but 6 hours of posting time does not seem to be a whole lot mindbearing time differences, etc....

This being said, I think you can easily change the code to what you are looking for. Try view-source of the code that front page is providing you. You will see a style sheet for the BODY element which contain the custom colors for the scroll bar. Now copy/paste these data to a fresh (empty) area in the style sheet and apply same to the unique ID of the element to which you are applying the scrollbar. Then simply update the colors to your liking..



Scrollbar3dLightColor: blue;.

ScrollbarArrowColor: green;.



#myelement {.

Scrollbar3dLightColor: blue;.

ScrollbarArrowColor: green;.


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True 6 hours is not a long time..

But the last time I checked tables can't scroll...

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Yea, I was thinking that this whole time, but I didnt know if you could do it somehow in some other language or something..

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Nope you can't, the only thing that can scroll is a div tag if it is set to. tables by themselves cannot...

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