Free FTP Client with my 123 domain?

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My question is Free FTP Client with my 123 domain? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Hi.

I do not have a valid credit cardis it possible to register and bid on snapnames without it??.

If it is possible please tell me how can I do this?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Is it possible to verify via a virtual credit card???..

Comment #2

So use a yahoo debit card. Why don't you want to use a credit card?..

Comment #3

It depends on where you have bought it from, let me know where you bought/about to bring the VCC as I am also interested to get one..

Comment #4

Yahoo debit card???.

How do I get one?.


Comment #5

Ya I am too hearing yahoo debit card for the first time..

What I meant was a Virtual Credit Card..

Comment #6

I doubt that as SnapNames will need to authenticate it. They will verify your name and details on the card. How would you have balance on a VCC? The reason I say this is suppose you don't pay for the winning HostGator name via Paypal, they will use your credit card to charge the same which acts as a.


Then if they find you are using a VCC, your account will be surely terminated..

Also a piece of information, don't ask SnapNames support whether you can use a VCC. According to my knowledge it is illegal. People use it for verifying Paypal and some day Paypal will find that and close all those accounts..

Why do you want to risk doing this? Just get a credit card, it doesn't cost a lot..

Play safe !..

Comment #7

Aren't secured credit cards a dime a dozen these days?..

Comment #8

Cant your bank issue you debit card? You can use that (I use my debit card mostly)..

Comment #9

Not at all. There are banks which offer free life time credit cards if you are employed/self employed. If you are dependent[students/young], then your parents must surely have one...

Comment #10

This question gets asked a lot, in most cases some on here are too young to own a credit card..

Is this the predicament?.


- Luke..

Comment #11

I am officially 18 and able to get a credit card but I have no recorded source of income since I am a student. therefore it is difficult for me to get a card..

Comment #12


Ask your bank to issue you a debit card..

I don't have a credit card myself. I just use my bank's debit card..

If you're in the US, all banks will issue you a debit card (it'll also be your ATM card)...

Comment #13

Also (again, in the US) you can get a student credit card without any sources of income or credit history. Try that.....

Comment #14

I have my credit card verified there. But have never had any problems till now..

The best thing I do is I limit my credit limit from the bank itself. So even if I get the beating it will not be much..

And I can raise the limit whenever I need it raised...

Comment #15

So does this Yahoo card exist or not?.


Comment #16

Lol, there is nothing as that. It's either a credit card or virtual credit card...

Comment #17

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