Free Godaddy domain name for personal website not sale...HOW?
Quick question: Free Godaddy domain name for personal website not sale...HOW? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... How many of you here suffer from Chronic Seek Syndrome, the irresistable urge to get more and more domains?.

What do you do to control the urge?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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I have certain days that I buy 10-30 domains then not buy one for 3 weeks depends how I feel at the time..

I usually make my money back selling 2-3 of the names then keep the others for development or future sales...

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I enjoy buying names, it's kinda a hobby ( I used to be into Cars ) so whenever I get a chance to play I do. When things get out of hand I just look at my CC bill and that helps make the urges go away, but usually only for a day.....

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People on my staff say's that it is like crack to me....I've got to find help!..

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I used to go and pick up 5 ,10 domains a month..sometimes more if my mind is working right "Laughs"..

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Hehe, I have been like that for the last few months, and now since I have actually made a sale it is getting worse.. But I am trying to hold off til I get a few developed.....

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I did ever since I found namepros. I found out my addiction was np.. so my solution was to is "whats np" and just forget it's there...

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When my visa card is visible beside my keyboard be sure that my placebo wife is around watching me..

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I find it's much like a gambling addiction. If you start making a loss you buy more and more domains because you THINK you can make it back!..

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I've given myself some rules:.

1) If I am interested in a HostGator name I always sleep on it. When I've bought HostGator names on the spur of the moment sometimes next morning I've woken up thinking 'what have I done?' To avoid any possibility of this dread I always sleep on a HostGator purchase decision..

2) Never buy more than one HostGator a day. This allows me to enjoy the purchase of each domain. It is more enjoyable to make ten purchases of a single HostGator than one purchase of ten domains..

3) I bear in mind the cost of renewal fees. If I have numerous bills such as car insurance arriving in June I do not buy many in June to avoid having the cost of renewal fees on top of my usual bills..

4) When I think about buying a HostGator I think how much will ten years of renewal fees cost. A HostGator might seem good value for one year's registration fee but if you imagine paying 10 years registration fees all at once this HostGator name may not seem such a good buy..

5) I have compiled a list of the top 100 domains in my collection. If I buy a new HostGator I ask myself where will this HostGator be placed in my top 100? If it will be below 60 in my list it is not worth buying. It is much better to have a new HostGator that enters my top 30..

6) I work out how many renewal fees I can comfortably afford each year. I do not want to go without holidays or other things because I have to pay renewable fees. I do not want to become a HostGator monk or a HostGator slave..

7) I can comfortably afford 100 domains. Therefore, if I buy 5 domains that I put at numbers 35 41 45 51 55 in my list I let numbers 96 to 100 drop. Thus, my list of 100 domains is slowly getting better. This system, hopefully, allows me to climb the HostGator ladder. As I get better HostGator names the worst ones drop out...

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Hi! To date I have around 150 domains I try to snap names every weekIf I get them Its costly..

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In the beginning I wen't a little goofy and was buying left and right, now I only buy if it is a premium name, if I can develop it, or if I know someone that would buy it. I do keep a list of names that I don't buy just in case I change my mind and decide to get them later. Yes very easy to become addicted...

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Luckily, I havent gotten to the point yet where I'm addicted, but I can see it coming.....

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Good post as it has reminded that I must redo my living will. Not even death will stop me as I think I will set up a trust to renew existing and purchase a randomly generated name once a week...

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I don't really control the urge to buy, if it is a good name. If it is a crappy name, then I usually won't have an urge to buy anyway!..

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I post my utility bills, bank statement, rent (etc) on the bulletin board above my monitor. A quick eye movement is all that's needed to remind myself of the pending financial commitments I have..


Hark, you are a dedicated domainer...

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Me too I am also hooked. I ran into a problem though lol not enough money. I can register some more. And may register one or two more but I am not registering as many as before. I am trying to put a GoDaddy site up on the ones I got so I can sale for more lol...

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I think the key is to not look at the drop list, if you do you're screwed. Has worked for me for about a week so far. A week or even a day without registering a name for me has been years in the making...

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I've found the cure is to go on a family vacation. Sometimes I actually spend less money on that week or two. In addition, that week the following year has no renewals due...

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Luckily I am just an impulse buyer or when I wake up from a dream about a good name so I guess it boils down to 3-5 a month, money isnt an issue but when my wife finds out it is.

, she controls my "urges"..

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Ut oh - HostGator names haunt you in your dreams? You're addicted - just face it..

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I suggest electric shock therapy, if that doesnt work.

Lots of sex, than lots of ice cream if your mind is still on domains.

Hyperventillationing helps cut off the oxegon to the brain & it's pressure is relieved momentarily.


All else falls to curb the adiction ......focus on the impermanence of life and ones own death..... {how in less than one hundred years all the domains now that you see will belong to someone else}..

I remember the words of a 89 year old man who just married a 30 year old lady I was playing the harp for at his wedding he turned to me after his wedding and said "always give into temptation because if dont you will never know what you have missed..


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