Free iPage web host which allow proxy hosting?

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Quick question: Free iPage web host which allow proxy hosting? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. Hey guys! I'm having some trouble with my iPage website at.


... c the Navigation box? Well, what my intentions were initially were to put with ssi an include virtual thingy so that I could have basically put another page right in that space, but I soon saw that that wouldnt work correclty for a few reasons: first, the background wouldnt have matched the layout image and I would have had to put some sort of dhtml script to let the text move and the bg to stay where it is. Second, I was having trouble scrolling with that html file in the to simplify everything, I just started to think of another solution..

I came up with a good initiative, but I don't know how to apply it since my experience in Javascript isnt too vast: what I wanted to do was create a function in a .js file which contained all the info of the side menu. Then, I could call whatever I wrote in that function with a document.write. Does that make any sence? The concept is pretty simple, but again, I don't know how to insert this into my webpage. Can someone please help me figure out a way to do this?.

Note: all this is to simplify my updating that side menu, so that I dont have to update every single page when I make changes..

Thank you so much for your patience!!!!!!!!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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No, my server supports ssi, but for some strange reason it doesnt work within the scrolling box. I'll try what you suggested, but thank you. If this works, you saved me from making a whole new layout.


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Ok, I tried and it doesnt work. The thing that might be messing stuff up is that since the scrolling script is basically a new layer, I'm using <div></div> tags......does <script language="javascript" src="whatever.js"></script> usually work within div tags?.

I just don't know.


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Okay, so here we go....

I think I got it to work with SSI... Though you will have to test it on your server seeing as I don't know if you were just not doing it right or if your server is just wacky....

So here is what your nav part looks like:.

Here is what it should be:.

Then on the whatever.html page you would put:.

You can see what it looks like.



As I said, you will have to try it on your server to make sure...

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Thank you so much man, your the coolest! It works perfect now..

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Your welcome. That's what HTML forums is for, people to help other people. Just help anyone you can and hange around a while, that's all I ask. You just may end up helping me some day...

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Hey Savizzaviz I thought I was the coolest??.

Just kidding, good job..

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Ok...I came out with a new iPage website now.

The url is.


I'm having some problems with the code and I'm having trouble debugging. This is the thing: I can seem to position and view the first and biggest scrolling text box...which is probably the one all you guys are looking at. But there should be another two..

My problem is that for some reason, I can't view the textboxes and a scrolling marquee on the right side of the page...I have NO IDEA why. I tried putting the z-index to 1 but it still won't show up. There is currently nothing in the textboxes...but when I edit it with 1st page or frontpage, I can see the up and down arrows....

If someone can help me, you would do me a great favor! If this message was unclear, plz tell me..

Oh, and btw. I'm having trouble finding the "Post new thread" button in ....thats why I posted on this old request of mine. Is there some other way to post threads now or is something wrong with my PC?.

K, thnx guys.

O_o !..

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The new thread button is right next to the reply button. you had to have seen it. there is one at teh bottom and one at the top. also there is 1 in the this forum..

So, you don't see a marquee?? that is because you don't have one. where is it suppose to be?..

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The reply buttons will only appear when i'm already in a thread....... Yeah, I took the marquee out of the source (sry, I forgot). I did it because it was making me mad that I couldnt see it when I positioned it on the right of the page....but still, the up and down arrous should display in the Navigation box but they don't..

Plz help..

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