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Got a quick question: Free iPage web hosting ? ? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Ok, I have used .css files for all my text, leaving out any HTML text lines. One of the things .css does for me is lock my font size for my menu.. but while checking to see if that was working on every menu I noticed that while the font doesn't change size.. my table or something or rather does.

I have a skinny frame between two other frames for my horizontal menu, like soo....




Little sub menu.html.




In the skinny menu frame I have 3 tables stacked, (I could combine two of them I just haven't thought about it until now, as the top table used to be part of the top frame.).

All three tables are set to fit the width of the screen by 100%. The first one contains rollover images, the second one contains text links, and the last one contains a background image of a coloured bar. I have set the frame height to perfectly display all three, leaving a pixel for the bar to tile in a verticle fashion in order to repeat a certain stripe the background image only has on the top..

Ok the problem is when you change you browser's font size the bar in the bottom table gets pushed up or down in the frame and becomes misaligned..

I have set the table height to pixels with no luck.. tho I suppose I should try all 3. ::EDIT:: I have now tried to set the pixels for all 3 tables with no success. ::/EDIT::.

Anyways, if anyone can help I'd much appreciate it...

The page is.


Thanx in advance,.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Well, as I said.. I have changed it to one table and tested it out and it still doesn't work. But I have to ask.. why should I remove the class from my link tag? What sort of problem does this create?..

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You don't need a class in the link tag. it automatically gets assinged with the a:link class you have already. it could be messing it up with that class in there...

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You are right, I could just define the text with the link class but as of right now the link class only gives it a colour while the "sub" class defines the text style..

I could change it.. I could spend my entire life, every waking moment, making useless changes to websites in order to win the "Cleanest Code" contest and impress the pants off of every uber-designer who views my source.. but see I took this iPage site over from someone who didn't know what they were doing and got in over their head.. it is my friend's iPage site and he can't afford to spend too much money on it.. yet already he has made endless meeting after endless meeting, taking up my time to talk about how cool all his favorite flash sites are but he doesn't wanna use flash on his iPage site for fear of not being compatible.. "you can do that in HTML right?" made me whip up many slightly different versions of the gifs on the site, he's got me working on a splash screen for his other iPage site and he's trying to get me to make a looping sound file out of this very irregular clip he sent me.

(I know when he finally views the iPage site on a monitor sporting 32-bit colour I'll have to do it all again.) This is only my second iPage website and I have 3 more waiting to be done with people calling me at all weird hours requesting my time.. so basically the entire iPage site is under 1 meg.. it has very few very small issues and is totally functional and when he can afford to pay me for additional work on it I'll actually have something to do..


I rant like crazy when I haven't slept for a couple days..

I'm just asking for a fix, not a guru..


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Whoa cowboy,.

I have an evil-ex too. so if you kill mine I will be happy to do yours.

No just kidding..

Listen to what you just said..

"but as of right now the link class only gives it a colour while the "sub" class defines the text style".

You can't or shouldn't do this in the link tag..

If you want to have the text a different style you need to put it in a span tag and then you can add the class..

No guru needed it' just hat when I do a iPage website I can care less about the view->text size..

Ok this is my conclusion. the reason your table moves down is because when you click on largest text int he view-text size it is making those invisible layer bigger because the text is increasing...

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Yeah that was my guess.. that the blank spot the cursor would blink in in each of the unused cells is growning or something ridiculous like that.. basically I can't imagine a simple fix and I hate that whole browser test size thing.. grr!!.

Ok now that I am feeling a little more tired and less edgey I really am curious why I can't or shouldn't put the class in the href..

I mean is there a situation.. a certain browser that this will not work in? Cuz right now it works, aaand it takes less code than adding a <span> to the mix. So far I only see advantages.. tho I admit it is a bit strange and unconventional.. I didn't plan it myself it was the order of actions I took in dreamweaver, which I have been using on and off throughout this site. But really until I understand how this could possibly be "bad" aside from not being standard..

I'm the kind of guy who shaves every pixel off of every gif and now that I'm doing html it still only makes sense to do as much as possible with as little data as possible..

You should have seen my first draft of the site.. I am so unorganized.. I gave up coding years ago becuz of that.. my CSS was just gross.. which you seem to think it is now..

Anyways, do you really know why you are advising against it or do you just feel compelled to tell me it is wrong. Cuz like what if I have a <p class somecss> with a whole bunch of text in here and a few.



Words and.


...and I do!! Now everytime I come across a different formatting should I cease the previous CSS like so... </p> and then start one up again after my <span>?.

It just seems like a bunch of extra code for no good reason.. I mean CSS does stand for cascading style sheets.. meaning, like use more than one on a word!! but maybe you are suggesting the problem may just be hurting my link?.

I dunno.. I'm confused, I need you to straighten me out here. I'm only two months into this sh*t so forgive me if the issue was just to obvious to state..


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You can be pretty sure scoutt is not just telling you to change your html because his mother told him it was the right thing to do .. he actually have a good reason for his advice...

Your style sheet already define how the link should behave. therefore you should not include a new class in the link because then you may get a conflict.. that is sloppy coding and that makes debugging very hard if/when something does not work as expected..

Alternatively, if you feel strongly about classes in the link tag, then you must correct your CSS code and create class specific link styles, such as this example:..

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Well I suppose that makes some sort of sense.. but either way I am to correct what people "consider" sloppy by adding more characters to a file I have yet to encounter a problem with. I will keep this good advice in mind but as they often say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and it certainly ain't broke.. and I just so happen to like my very slightly smaller .html and .css files. There is very little being determined in each aspect of my css file as you can see here..

.sub {.

Font-family: Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;.

Font-size: 7pt;.

Color: #FFFFFF;.

Text-align: center;.

Text-decoration: none;.


A:link {.

Color: #FFFFFF;.


A:active {.

Color: #18B4E8;.


A:visited {.

Color: #FFFFFF;.


A:hover {.

Color: #ADBDD6;.


The only conflicting bit of data is the colour of the text.. but after many many times on the page I have yet to see that cause any issues. So basically instead of having to type more in the .html document and/or add all the same lines from the .sub class to each of my links or defining a different link class as Kenneth suggested... well I can just leave it like it is..

I thought one of the biggest things about being a coder was keeping it clean and simple.. and one of the biggest things about being a web designer was keeping file size to a minimum.. so while it may be unorthadox, I don't see it being unhealthy to think outside of the box from time to time. Of course if something goes screwy I'll come back and let you know so you can say "I told you so.".


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