Free iPage web hosting demands templates?

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First off, Free iPage web hosting demands templates? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Hello,.

I am currently making a jokes section for my website..

How I want to do it, is to have 12 sections of jokes.

Such as, Osama jokes, Blond Jokes, etc..

And then I want around 4 or 5 pages with 15 jokes per page for each section..

I was recently just puting the first pages for each section togeather and it took me forever becouse I hade to make everyother joke to have black and then everyother to be blue.


1 = red.

2 = blue.

3 = red.

Like that. So you can tell when another joke is starting..

I also have to put <hr > tags in there to help seperate and a number bullet list also. It took me a while to make one page for one joke catagorie. there is no way ill get this done. Any Ideas of a joke diplaying method that I could use that would be faster and easyer..

Ill attatch a page of what pages currently look like...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Grego, don't be fooled. Netscape does recognise a lot of css. tha tpage looks fine and it colored like IE. the only difference is that the borders are thicker in IE, that is all...

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One question, do I have to have that thing at the bottom telling about the editor, if I use that editor?..

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Ofcourse not...... I just put it there for you to get it.....

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I would actually just make a template that's set up using tables. That way you can set it up to only display using say 70% of the screen. As it is I have to read all the way from the left to the right on a 1280x1024 screen. Normally, people prefer to read shorter sentences. Therefore, it would be wise to decrease the width of the jokes...

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I would use php and mysql, but that's just me.

That way you could add jokes to any portion of the database, and on the submit form have some options like this:.

Joke color, category, etc....

That way when it is entered into the database it is already the specified color, and also, when you pull the jokes from the database you would have one line of code that defines the way the jokes are printed, like so:.

Or something to that effect...

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I'm with Will on this one. It looks as though your iPage site could benefit from the integration of a database (MySQL, postgresql, mssql) and server side scripting (php, asp). You may want to consider this as an enhancement at some stage...

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Guess I better go bye a book on php and all of that programming stuff and learn it..

Is it hard to learn, I knew I would have to learn it sometime but I think I should learn the rest of javascript right now and the jokes can wait..

And if I use php does that mean I have to end the page with .php?.


I hope not..

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Yes you would. either name it .php or .phtml or .php3 which ever one your server will allow...

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Believe me, if I can get it working then anyone in here can. I am just a lowly Project Manager and can't program for toffee. I found php really easy to pick up and learn, also there are some great resources and help on the Net, Usenet and forums (like this one)..

What do you mean by learn the rest? I think if you waited until you had learnt everything there is to know on javascript then you will never move on to other stuff..

I learn stuff as and when I need it. If I need some client side scripting, instead of installing someone else's script I will read up and ask questions on how to achieve what it is I am after. Then I try it....doesn't work....ask more questions...and eventually get it to work (insert more "doesn't work"s in there).


Right now and the jokes can wait..


Why? You have the perfect excuse for learning PHP. Learning something is so much easier and quicker if you can apply what you read and learn to things you want to achieve yourself. I learnt php & MySQL purely and simply because I wanted a Ski Resort other I use it for all sorts of stuff..


...and if I use php does that mean I have to end the page with .php?....

I hope not.


Like Scoutt says, yes you would. Why do you feel this would cause you a problem?.

At the end of the day you have nothing to lose in learning PHP and everything to gain. If it all goes horribly wrong then you are only back to where you are now, no worse off. All you need to get it working is Apache, PHP and perhaps MySQL. All are free. If you want more specific PHP help on installation, configs, etc then post in the Server Side forum where you will receive good help from the more experienced people, like Scoutt. (I might answer some of the easy ones.


Good Luck whatever you decide...

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Hi There-.

I just took at look at your page, and checked the source. I re-iterate what the other folks have been saying regarding Cascading Stylesheets. Webmonkey has some pretty decent tutorials in the basics. Also, check out the O'Reilly book "Cascading Stylesheets".

Homesite, by Alliare is a great tool (and free to preview for 30 days on their website) that allows you to stay close to your code and avoid a lot of the code bloat that gets put in by WYSIWYG editors (like Frontpage ACK!) it also comes with a version of Top Style this is a handy little interface that helps with the building of style elements..

Another suggestion for your page...

While I agree that adding some programming to your page might be fun it is also time consuming if you don't know it. You could probably create the effect you want by doing the following..

Create your list of jokes at the top of the page thus:.



<a href="#dead">.

1. How many dead people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?</a>.



<a href="#flies">.

2. How many flies does it take to screw in a light bulb?</a>.


Make each of them an anchor link (also called a bookmark).

To text in the bottom of the page.


<a name="dead"></a>.

None they're dead.</p>.


<a name="flies"></a>.

Only two.but it's difficult to get them in there.</p>.

Good luck..


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