Free iPage web hosting with at least 65mb upload per file?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Free iPage web hosting with at least 65mb upload per file? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Hello I am just starting a new iPage site and am trying to get the layout right, I will provide a link to it below..

What I have done is make a table that is 3 cells wide, the first 2 cells I want to specify the width of them in pixels and the last (3rd) cell I just want to take the rest of the screen, so that way I can have the nice layout I am thinking of but it will also be dynamic for different screen res. Thanks for any help..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Well that got me closer to the goal but with a new side affect, now the middle cell had disapeared, the code all looks correct I specified the middle cell to be 13 pixels but it is not showing at all..


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HTML 4.0 standards require the size attribute to have it's measurement with the number, therefore 100px is correct, and 100 would no longer be valid...

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Here is what you should have:.


<td background="rustsbar.gif" height="13" width="144">&amp;nbsp;</td>.

<td background="rustcorner.gif" width="13">&amp;nbsp;</td>.

<td background="vergrad.gif">&amp;nbsp;</td>.


You need the &amp;nbsp; command in each td that you have empty or else the 100% width will not show that td...

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That makes sense about needing the &nbsp; in there however as my luck would have it it didn't work, am I just doing my normal and just overlooking something very simple? I have probably built 100 tables and I don't have this much trouble, and on this simple of a table to boot...

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I just tried checking your iPage site and the template folder no longer exists, may I ask where you moved it to?..

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Sorry about that, when I uploaded the file I forgot to rename it to index.html and I have turned off directory browsing on my server, so I have fixed it now it is back at.


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<td background="rustver.gif" height="144" width="144">&nbsp;</td>.

<td background="rustver.gif" width="13">&nbsp;</td>.

<td background="rustver.gif" width="*" style="width:100%;">&nbsp;</td>.


I believe that if you use 100% as the cell width in the last cell, your other cells will be crunched down as small as the content will allow, regardless of if you set the width to a fixed size. Since you other cells have no content, they will crunch down pretty small..

Remove the width="*" style="width:100%;" from the one cell and see if your table displays like you want it to. If not, wait for more suggestions...

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Oh yeah try this code:.


<td background="rustsbar.gif" height="13px" width="144px" nowrap="nowrap">&amp;nbsp;</td>.

<td background="rustcorner.gif" width="13px" nowrap="nowrap">&amp;nbsp;</td>.

<td background="vergrad.gif" width="*" style="width:100%;">&amp;nbsp;</td>.


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Ok why are you using a style in the cell?.

<td background="vergrad.gif" width="100%">&amp;nbsp;</td>.

It doesn't matter if the cell is 100% or not, it is empty and will be real small. and IE knows the width="100% as does NS (all versions).

So setting a cell with nothing in it to 100% is not getting you any where. it will only be 2px wide, 5-10px with &amp;nbsp;..

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When using tables use spacer gifs (blank transparent gifs) to force the table the correct size no matter what the tables set 2..

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