Free iPage web hosting with Frontpage extension..?

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My question is Free iPage web hosting with Frontpage extension..? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Hi all.....

Havent posted here for a while... been finishing off my iPage site and wondered if any of you guys would be able to help me with a few tweaks....

Please forgive my coding just a designer that has finally realised I'm gonna have to learn this stuff my myself!.

Anyway.... I'm working on my personal iPage website and am having a few probs...!.

The URL is.


First of all... i'd like to get the grey coloured section at the bottom of the design to 'stick' to the bottom of the browser.... ive tried making it 100% height, but apart from that I dont know what to do....i really am stuck with this one... any thoughts anyone?.

Id also like to use some sort of pop-up window to display my fullsize images in the portfolio section once a thumbnail has been clicked (i.e. from here.


) .... thing is, I want one of those 'modeless' windows (is that the right term?) that has no tool bar and doesnt disappear behind the main window until you close it.. does anyone know how to acheive this??.

If anyone can help i'd be very grateful, the sites not finished yet so some of the text is a bit ropey.. but comments and crits are welcome....

Thnx in advance.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Somebody should start coding a.


For this forum.

Maybe he is one already! I want proof he's not!.

No offence..

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Hmmmm.... something tells me that this forum is not what it used to be....



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With your "15" total posts I am curious what the forum used to be like?.

Usually when a thread does not get much response it just may be because nobody has a clue what you are asking..



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Hmmmmm, heres an idea.... instead of making arsey comments, why not just ask for a better explanation.....

As for my 15 post total.... as I know (knew) nothing about html (by my own admission), why would I contribute to a forum for html help.... this isnt a difficult concept to grasp is it?.

As for the forum not being what it used to be....

I rest my case.

Thnx...but ill try elsewhere..

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Erm, not everyone logs in every day, and for those who log in from work, they aren't usually about on a Saturday or a Sunday..

You have to give a thread at least 3 or 4 days to run it's course. If there is no response after that time, you should.


The thread to see if a new response can be found...

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Hmmmmm, heres an idea.... instead of making arsey comments, why not just.


A better explanation.....

Sorry we did not live up to your expectations..

We further regret to not drop what ever we were doing to jump at your command..

Around here luv, it's a give-and-take kinda place..

Folks are willing to help when and where they can..

But it goes both ways, you can't just take without giving back to the community by participating...

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