Godaddy, Domain and iPage web hosting Problem.?

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Quick question: Godaddy, Domain and iPage web hosting Problem.? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... Hello,I am new to the forum,and I have a question,I am not sure where to post it,so I will just ask it here,I hope that is ok.......I need to know a certain HTML Code,and have looked all over for it,let me explain what I need to do...I have some images on my iPage website that are three in a row,I am wanting to write the name of those image under each one,all I have been able to figure out is what I already know,and it is not working it knocks everything all out of it's place,If someone knows how to do this I would be grateful if you could give me some hints..

Thanks April..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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In the UK I get free web space with the ISP I pay for. about the same price for unlimited access to the web and 20meg of server space. Surely your ISP provider offers you the same?.

If not I would look at local ISP's and see what they can offer you, pick up a computer mag for some local advertising. I would not pay for the service you are getting..

I would not suggest you host from home if you are just starting out with html. Learn this first. iPage hosting from home will have you pulling your hair out if you don't learn all the backend software that goes with it. Take it one step at a time..

But that all depends on what tech background you have. I am presumeing you are new to all this...

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Well the problem is that my iPage website is 34 MB at the moment and getting bigger,so I need more than 20 MB of space,And yes I am kinda new at this,been doing it for about 3 monhts,but like I said I catch on pretty quick,I had my iPage site up and fully functional in 2 days,and had no skill when I made it,I just went and looked at others source codes and learned from those,I am pretty good at figuring things out.but if you think that I would not be able to do it,well you know more about it than I will except your oppinion,You may be right,hoting from my home may be a little too advanced for me,do you know of a good host that has a good deal of bandwidth limit?and I need about 50 MB of disc space,free or cost is fine with me just as long as my iPage site stays up,Well thanks for you time and your help..


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If you're concerned about space, most of all... then consider compressing the hell out of your graphics..

There's a proggie called "Advanced JPEG Compressor" out there that you should look into. and if you have GIFs, it can do those as well, although I would recommend Ulead's GIF compression utility for that. you'd be ASTOUNDED at how much space you can save..

And how much downloading time you can save your users!!!!..

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Sure it is down at the moment,it should be back up in a few hours though,here is the link.



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They are compressed as much as possible,I have Ulead Gif,Psp,and all thother programs,you see I make email stationary,Thats why my iPage site is so much in MB,each one is a download,and they average from 50 kb to 100 kb each..


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Maybe you could compress them even more? you'd be surprised how much the average web surfer doesn't notice...

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Well they are compresses so much that you can already see splotches in them,I don't want them to look too awfull bad,after all they are going by the thumbnails to see if they like the stationary,they are all an average of 5 kb's thats not alot is it?.


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To host it yourself will be quite troublesome. sure you can do it but you will have to have Cable and a server installed and a DNS router. also is recomended to have win2k at least on your computer. it seems that you bandwidth is what you're having trouble with. make sure nobody is linking to your iamges as that will cut it down and it should be ok. never seen to many sites where the band width gets cut off because to many people visit your site.

Take donw all your images and see if that is the problem...

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Thanks so much for your input,My husband will be helping me whith making our own server,he isn't real familar with HTML,But he is great with computers,So together I think we will be able to figure it out..

About my website,I get an average of 300 viits per day,I'm not sure if thats considered alot since this is my first website.and it isn't in search ingines,it is just in directories for the type of content my webite has.I am positive no one is linking to my images for 1. they would have no reason too,they wouldn't do them any good,and 2.I have a webstat to keep track of who visit my iPage site and where they are comming from..

About taking all of my images off,well I will pass on that,I have over 400 image on my site,and are scattered through out about 30 pages or so and I don't even want to think about taking them all off,and then having to put them back on again,besides all my viitors would be emailing me asking me why my iPage site was so screwed up,and I don't have time to reply to that many all seems like too much trouble,even if it were my images,knowing that wouldn't do me any good,cause there is nothing that I can do about that,they are optimized as much as I want them to be,From what I have read,bandwidth is a mixture of the size of your images and how many hits you get,so I am sure the images have something to do with it anyway..

Thanks so much for your help,If you have any more suggestions on this topic,I would be happy to hear them..


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$15 per month?! Blimey, for that you can host your iPage site with a real iPage hosting company..

Take a look here for example:.


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Well April, I can almost garrauntee it is your images. if you have a bandwidth of 5.5gig and you are down because you exceeeded that than it is definatly your images..

I get 3000 hits month and I don't come close to that bandwidth, then again I don't have very many images. so, 300 hits (a day?)..

You have had it for 3 months and you aren't in the search engines yet and you get that many hits? hmmmm not sure if I believe that...

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Ok I tried the cell,and I didn't like the way it looked,Could someone just tell me if there is a way I can make a big space between a sentence?.


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The table method is the best way. what did you not like about it?..

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Well hon..The type of content on my iPage site is very well known,I make stationary for incredimail,You probably have never heard of it,it is kind of like how you use backgrounds with Outlook Expres,exept a way better way of doing it,anyway,I have a link on each stationary I make,wich is shared by many people on the net,and that is where some of the trafic comes from,the other is a iPage site called the bomis ring for incredimail,it is a directoory for incredimail users and lists all the best incredimail sites,and mine is # 10 out of a few hundred,that is where the rest of my trafic comes from,I am sorry you do not believe me,I am not a liar and do not like being called one,If you go to my website(If it is up) you can look at my counter,I also have a webstat that tells me how many viitors I get,and have it to where it only counts 1 visitor 1 time for that day,so there are no duplicates,Thanks for your input..


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Well, I didn't intend to call you a liar and sorry if it came out that way. it is just hard to believe you get that many from only being on the net for a little time. anyway congrats on the success of you site. so now to the question of this thread...

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I just didn't like the way it made the boxes around the images,Is there not a way I can just center text under each image,I have seen it done on many ohter websites,I just don't know how to go about it.So there's not any other way?.

Sorry for being so much trouble.I'm just trying to learn..


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It's no problem. the boxes around the images? is this from the table you made or the link. now this is from your angels page.

Notice on your closing links you have them backwrds. I changed them around. so don't do this <a/> as they are supopose to be like this </a>..

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Ok,now thats more like it!!Exactly what I wanted!!Thanks so very much for your time,and I undersatnd now that you wasn't intending to call me a liar,sorry I snapped at you.Thanks again for your help,it is much appreciated!!!.


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Your welcome, just look at it and see what you did wrong the first time you did it. you can also expand the table padding and spacing. just play around with the settings and you will see how it works pretty fast...

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Yea I see,so I just set it to 0 for no border,another question,the last image....the text underneath it is not centered,and I have looked at it,and it is exactly the same as the rest,how do I fix it?.


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Ahh I see my fat fingers hit to many keys. check the spelling on align in the <td> tag..

Sometimes my fur gets in the way..

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