Godaddy domains steals 4 letter domain?
First question I got is Godaddy domains steals 4 letter domain? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: Hello! I have a few questions about the godaddy reseller!.

1. Can you change the prices of your domains?.

2. Is the privacy policy & ToS pre-written ? and if someone wants to take legal actions about a domain, would I have to forward them to or what?.

3. I saw had a phone number to call, is that his or godaddys?.

4. Could I make it so they can only pay for a HostGator via p-a-y-p-a-l?.

5. Is there an admin page?.

6. Is it easy to use, and does it take long to install on your domain? like do you need a mysql DB?.

7. fraud...if someone paid via fraud p-a-y-p-a-l what can I do? does the money first get sent to me or godaddy? if it's sent to godaddy can I get fined or anything? please explain this feature! (But isnt it impossible to use a fake p-a-y-p-a-l account on a "httpS://" link?).

8. Do you need to provide the space to host your customers on?.

9. Are you allowed to use adsense on your sites?.

Please help me and explain these!!! Im interested in the first reseller for 99$ a year...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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Except changing some colors and columns in the storefront, you have no access to other parts. So you don't need hosting. And they now give you some free spaces to add one page (homepage is recommended) if you like, so you can use your HostGator not just redirecting it to*@&^&# yourid/.

I recommend you buy it from WWD, not any of the super reseller..

If you want to be a reseller, be the parent, not the son..

I used to be a WWD reseller, and I quit in a month and got my refund. Because I didn't see any future on this, personally I like reseller programs of Enom and resellerzomm, because you can use your GoDaddy site and resell, and your customers even don't know the company behind you. It looks more professional..

But it is up to you. Just IMO. Good luck!..

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I was just about to post the same thimg, Although I have never tried any other resellers mentioned. As far a Adsence I dont see how you can add it to your reseller account Unless it's changed since I was there..

My over all thoughts about WWD is it's OK if you aleady have a customer base. Other wise you will need to spend $$$ to advertise your GoDaddy site name.

If you read the FAQ's on WWD they explain everthing you asked...

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Watch them tho, I bought a SuperReseller about 7 months ago and.

They told me I could sell the domains for what ever I wanted and.

Understood I was going to sell them for $6.75 and that was OK..

Once they got my money they said I couldn't sell them that cheap.

And the salesperson (2 different ones actually) shouldn't have.

Told me that...

And they don't refund monry, after I told them I was going to charge it.

Back and they could kiss my ass they finally did refund it...

I could have sold 75% if not more of the AdultWebmasters if they'd.

Have kept their word....

Now I pay $8.75 at Network Solutions and don't worry about any.

Bullshit, I'd rather pay a couple dollars more and have my own.

Salesperson allthe time a phone call away..... also sold me domains and right before I was going to renew.

Some a few weeks before they died they upped the renewel fee from.

$6.95 per to $13.95 so beware of them also....

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No. I just need about 10Kb, but you may need more if you "design" your layout (take a look at.



Not much, depends on the margin you set and the domains you sell..

I think it's equally safe if you buy from the super reseller..

Yes. No. No, you just set prices, color, and product you want to set, and that's it..


I agree..





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I was going to say somthing but I will be nice...

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Plenty of options for being a Reseller of domains and Related services.

The beggest problem for most resellers is the Limited scope of options avalable..

I Had to signup as 5 differnt resellers to offer all the products my customers.


Godaddy is not alone in their attitude, I Have had similiar experiences with most companies.

You have to weigh up all the options,Advantages a particular program.

Offers,against the dis-advantages..

For example ,I will list my agreements.


Great Reseller GoDaddy site , but Product line-up is Small.

(No .NZ ,European tld Way too Expensive ).




, Great .au & .nz pricing.

( no reseller GoDaddy site provided, gTLD's Way too Expensive).




, (Don't ask , WORST SERVICE KNOWN).


(directi reseller , Best Service for .in tld's).



(Strange company ,They say they are a registrar ,Planetdomain claims them as one of their reselllers).

(My first reseller agreement:- Not active).

So which is the one I use the most ,None ..

I Buy most of my domains at either.




Registerfly doesn't offer a suitable Reseller Agreement at present othrwise I would be a RegFly Reseller in a flash..

(I have purchased 1100+ Domains thru them ).


Has a good product mix..

Their service is excellent and pricing is reasonable..

I myself have been investigating signing for a.


Super reseller agreement.Their TOS is no worse than Most ..

Only you can make the decision to sign with them , you should be addressing your concerns with.

WWD & Godaddy.

BOB Parsons is very straight forward and will allay your concerns...

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Bugs and glitches aside, they expect to launch theirs by January next year...

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