Godaddy free trial and pricing legitimate?
First question I got is Godaddy free trial and pricing legitimate? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. 10.squatter: Domain-squatters make use of spelling errors, companies not registering their domain, or people confusing the names of top level domains (like – and with “.squatter”, they could have their own top level HostGator to abuse..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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.sucks would be a great suffix for many sites!..

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Nice one, I like it. How about one just for Namepro members? .np anyone?..

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Afraid ,Already exists .np is Nepal.

How About .IMHO.

So I can reg "Reg-Fee.Imho"..

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Oh, lest I forget. ".ster" also has some definite possibilities for names that "need branding".. would be my choice for a great sub-domain to market to the ".com rules" crowd. Might provide a great oppurtunity to get into some of those deep pockets, although, might work as a possible alternate..

.LLL, .NNN, .LNL, .NLN, .NNL, .LLN, .NLL and .LNN would be useful in helping to make distinctions in the 3 character market..

.drop would be good for showing names that were previously registered but were later dropped. Very intuitive, that one. And .sniped would be good for indicating that a drop was missed and that this name was your second choice..

This may be a little bit of a forced acronym, but do you think that ICANN would consider a new name? Something like UCANT-THEYCANN??.

Gee whiz. What a great thread!!..

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.cp for cell phones.

.mm for mobile media.

.hc for health care..

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Nepal’s ccTLDs are COM.NP, ORG.NP, EDU.NP NET.NP, GOV.NP and MIL.NP, so –RJ- still has a chance!..

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.np is reserved for Nepal,but not used at present..

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Somebody should read the history of .ws, and do the same for .NP!..

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True. But you might be surprised by just how much clout the boss has. -RJ- could go to Nepal and cut a deal that is similar to the deal that Verisign cut w/ Tuvulu to market .tv as .tv. But I think -RJ- is the kind of dude that thinks that .np would be better served if .np was associated w/ Nepal and managed by the Nepalese. I did overhear that he may have been having talks w/ the National Public Radio, (NPR), but don't quote me on that...

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HAS to be .ebay to account for all of the useless names that apear for $50,000,000.

A .ebay name means that the name is trash and the owner doesn't have a clue!..

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I would have to say .wtf because after seeing some names I am like WTF?..

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Could also be used for an adult site, if placed properly...

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How about .dontbuythisname I could have used this one a couple times.....

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.free for the names people can't sell,have no traffic or are simply worthless.....

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.lol for sites that are funny.

.newb for new domainers.

.forum I would like and

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Wow, this is addictive! Um, speaking of which....

How 'bout .ADD for all of the addicts and school kids who are climbing the walls?.

-and- .crab for all of the crabby old men, (and women), who are out there?.

-and- .nerd would be a hit. I would reg ImA.nerd, cause -db- just called me one the other day...

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I want zilla.zilla. What happened to the zilla site/forum?.

I am pi**ed at the state of Missouri cause a handicap vanity plate is limited to 4 characters. I really wanted a zilla license plate. A couple weeks ago it was available...

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How about PR1 PR10.

So all those HostGator name owners who wear it like a badge of honour.

Don't have to keep telling us the PageRank.

Plus I could Reg.

Pr10.pr10 with a PageRank of pr0.


.BFT so I can have my own little empire..

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.god! it will take over .com!! and rule the world!..

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I thought Missouri was the "Show me" state. Seems funny that they would place restrictions on vanity license plates. When I was a kid, I remember flying over a state and the stewardess' had to pull all of the alcholic beverages when they hit their airspace, but I think that was Kansas..

Maybe Zlla. At least, Missouri domainers would get it. The zilla forum is in a holding pattern, (maybe over Kansas)..

Hmm...I'd never thought of a special ext for ditch diggers, and sports book gurus, but it would only be fair that they have a tld to memorialize their trades along w/ all of the other trades and interests groups in the world..

All of the yucks aside, .pics makes alot of sense and could be very useful, IMHO. I have also thought of .gfx in that vein, but .pics is more appealing and .pix, although shorter, is too reminiscent of pixies, in my mind...

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It may have well been MO in the days of the 'blue laws'. There were no booze sales (except 3.2 beer) on Sunday and most busnesses closed. They were done away with when the 2 big cities learned how much business was going to neighbor states. It wasn't all that long ago that grocery and drug etc stores had to close their liquor sections on Sunday..

The license problem is while there are normally 6 a/n characters allowed the handicap vanity plates have the wheelchair symbol and 4 characters. The people who wrote the regs had their heads stuck somewhere. There is plenty of room but rules is rules...

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.bet - similar to the .xxx extension, the idea would be to herd all gambling sites into this extension, making it easier to filter and regulate the industry..

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Long time ago, there was this guy Gary Anderson that was all for .TM. or trademark. Reason? you should only claim tm rights on this namespace...

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.Why For those Names that are Just plain Weird.

.Who For WHOIS servers.

.DNS For DNS Servers.

.Buy For Those names people Reg. and then put up for sale.

.Scam For the Internet Scammers.

.Warez For those sites that Nobody knows.

.help HowTo SItes such as.


.Yuk For those who need to find.

.Bad Micheal Jackson Fansites.

.Boy Micheal Jackson's Favourite Fansites.

.Pay eCash sites.

.Spam For all the Spammers ,make it easy to filter out.

.Dumb For those Spammers ,who don't know how to Hide their Email address..

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.proxy- for scammers who have been banned from forums and think they can sneak back in w/ a new IP address, user name, and email address and are using privacy guard to cloak the whois for all of their domains. Than, instead of the day or so that it takes, before we nail them again, it could be automatic. But, come to think of it, that wouldn't work out so well, because it would be a bit counter-productive on their part, to reg the tld. Oh well.....

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They might get past the first line of defenses, but they can't escape the....

Rocking Monkey!.

I still think .me or .my is a good idea..

Blue laws... In South Carolina (By county?) WalMart has to rope-off all sections of the stores that aren't medicinal or food until 2:00POM on Sunday. No alcohol sales in stores as of Saturday night, all bars must close at 2:00AM Sunday morning... And that was all as of last weekend.


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2 other time and bandwidth savers that would be, particularly, useful when performing searches for relevant information and materials would be.





, (standing for either.


As in empty, or.


As in don't bother, would be designated for sites that are de.


Of any useful purpose..


, is related to .void, but more specifically designates the GoDaddy site as being a generic, universal, "one stop shopping", find everything, page w/ links that direct the search to other similar pages. (Important to note: relevant ppc pages- like the ones that I park my names on- would not be impacted by .dir.).

Of course,.Dir and .Void sites, should be distinguished from.


Sites where the visitor is redirected a countless number of times to the same page, where it is necessary to "vote", each time before continuing. This is a technique that is often used on cheapskates who are looking for something free, (often at sites offering unsavory materials), and is implemented by GoDaddy site owners for the dual purpose of boosting the sites traffic stats and as a means of giving their visitors, "a gift that keeps on giving"...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.