Godaddy help, getting content onto your website?
Quick question: Godaddy help, getting content onto your website? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Recent sales have seen some good prices for blog names, FreeBlog(s).com each going for mid $xxxx, for a similar amount.. is already at high $xxx on a namewinner auction, will probably go in to $x,xxx, very difficult to find good ones at reasonable prices..

What other sales do you know of?.

What blog names have you got?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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I reg'd quite a few earlier in the year. I was a bit overzealous but I still like a lot of them:.

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Baobiz, half of those are great blog names. I had a blog name, and sold it for 10$...

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Thank you. I want to keep one of them for my personal blog, whenever I get around to developing one. The rest I'm trying to sell. Their on Ebay now, check my sig if you're interested in any of them...

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Damn, my warped view of the world did it to me again. It may be that I am to old and I don't get/relate to the world of blogs so I guess a blog about absolutely nothing for us dimwits would be

(we really need a KOOKOO Smilie)...

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I hav how is this name? plz comment..

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I don't have any so far, but this may be worth looking into! Then again, maybe it's too late already - most of the cool names are probably gone..

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Weird,I just registered a Blog name before popping into (24 OVT with EXT France).

It's my only one...

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I've got and

Think these will benefit from the recent blog hype?..

Comment #9 won't, all the traffic will go to But has potential..

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Nice you got some good ones..

They will be worth some $$ some day...

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I have:.




Also have:.

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Kool I will get my blog names soon then..

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I have.

.. recently accepted by.

, for the minimum $5,000. Ah, worth a try...


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A few I have.


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I got, I wanetd to develop it, but now I need to sell for $$$..

Comment #16 - I'm thinking about developing this one into a "" type site.....

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I regged cos I wanted to start a rated/ranked league blog directory for NFL, MLS, EPL, etc. Now's on the backburner cos I don't have time..

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I have the following:.

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Blog domains were the first ones I invested in (the ones that started my addiction, that is)! I have the following blog domains:. (gets about 65 hits per month from day one). (around 18-20 hits per month). (to "bleg" means to beg for money via your blog). (stands for "Don't Read If Busy").

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You know, I thought you were joking at first...then I read this:.



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This is a good reg. The .org extension suits this name..

The other good one is

Both have potential imho..

Nice ones here! is rad. So is

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Briman1970 I'm quite interested in some of your domains here..

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Can I say it? Blog sandwich is delicious!.

I have, after you eat a sandwich you would be Blog Full..

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Haha! I've always wondered what a blog sandwich would taste like apparently it's a BIG sandwich! I'll take Mayo on that please...

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This is a VERY nice name!! In my experience, the search engine 'bots are suckers for the XXXBlog.TLD name and will rank them high with minimal content and updates. I would develop this, put some google links on it, and go from there...

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Only blog HostGator I've got is.

Got it from a GD backorder a looooong time ago, just thought it sounded nice...

Got a couple of low $xxx offers, but I'm in no rush to sell yet....

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Dude, throw up a blog on this one! You'll probably get better revenue than parked, and you'll get the ranking and backlink process going, making the name worth more for your sale....

Good Luck!..

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I've thought about it, but I'm not much of a blogging person myself, so.......

Maybe later...

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Make me an offer... almost every HostGator I own is for sale right now!.


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I have following :.


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