Godaddy Hosting and Bitnet hosting Domain?
First off, Godaddy Hosting and Bitnet hosting Domain? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... Please help. I spent some time and money getting my ducks in a row, only to find out I made a dumb mistake about misunderstanding what godaddy's 'alias' hosting means..

This might be kind of a newbie question but my situation is something like this:.

Say I have 50 HostGator names:.



Lets say I only developed

For the pupose of adding value to each HostGator I want to develop each of the other domains ( - and get them indexed in search engines without paying an extra $3.95 a month godaddy hosting for each domain..

I don't want to:.

I dont want to forward each HostGator like this ..

I dont want to pay $3.95 x 49 names each month for godaddy hosting..

I don't want to use 'masking'..

What are my free or close to free alternatives with godaddy? Of my 500 megs for one hosting acount I have only used 70, it just seems like a waste that I can't host a bunch of 1 page sites the way I want. I was told 'alias' domains will only point to and not a seperate index page..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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A reseller account will be you best luck. you can get a small reseller plan for.

Pretty cheap...

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Thanks for your help everyone, I think I'm making progress:.

These terms are kind of new to me: "reseller account" and "add-on domain". I just talked to some in the chat room who I asume has a 'reseller account'. I gave a couple bucks worth of np$ for the month and the name '' to setup the account. I was given dns details, and a web-address and login that lead to cPanel (which I'm not familiar with after beign a gadaddy customer for years). The first screen in cpanel has 'addon domains'. In 'addon domains' it has:.

New HostGator Name: ok I think I enter here?.

Username/directory/subdomain Name: I don't know what to put in here (username)/ ???????? / ???.

Password: I hope I don't need a new password for every domain, no big deal though.

My most important question are:.

-When someone surfs to that they go to, not or some variation..

-Also that google is going to be cool with this and properly index as

Thanks again for your help..


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From one with experience the cheapest is sometimes (actually in hosting nearly always) the most expensive. Lack of support, poor uptime or oversold/slow servers can cost much in time and headaches. I pay $35 for a 50 HostGator reseller with lots of extras. Support is first rate but when thinges work well who needs support. In over a year I have contacted support twice because of problems. They are proactive and often have things fixed before a ticket can be filed.

Stats last 3 months.

2005 July 1 outage 0 hrs, 26 mins, 54 secs uptime 99.931%.

2005 June 2 outage 0 hrs, 7 mins, 28 secs uptime 99.983%.

2005 May 0 outage 0 hrs, 0 mins, 0 secs uptime 100.000%.

For the year 2005 4 outage uptime 99.988% that kind of uptime aint bad!.

Oh yes a reseller/multiple HostGator account is your best bet. Also a good one comes with your very own ip (I have 2 by default) and you can have your own name server...

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Hear ! Hear ! Hark My sentiments exactly ,my own Domains sit on hosting that seems to be expensive .It would be a bargain compared to my losses if I had just one day of downtime.

This game is filled full of people who seem to be afraid of spending money ,yet expect to make millions..

If you can't afford hosting ,how can you afford to buy the domains??..

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Hark, Barefoottech, or anyone,.

Which reseller do y'all use?.

I need PHP..

Fwiw I host a small hand full of sites with Godaddy and am very happy with them for those sites. Those are the sites I've taken my time with develpoing, I wouldn't think of moving them to save a couple bucks. As far as possibly aquiring a couple hundred or more names (the domains I mainly think of selling) To me that's dfiiferent. Hark's example $35/50 is a lot chaeaper than 3.95 each and seems to make sense for this purpose...

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Yeah, hark's got himself a great deal. If I get to the point to need that many I might have to get in touch with his folks too...

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Have a look at.


They are a division of.


Both are very good places for a reseller plan..

And both have large forums...

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Came back after your pl & read rest of this thread. This is general, not specific to HTTPme..

Don't fear C-panel. After a bit it is a good way to manage a server at out level. Creating accounts (adding a domain) is done through WHM (Web Host Manager) and everything from setting up email accounts, managing SQL and installing some software is through a GUI interface (Also WHM is a GUI)..

You usually get a couple IP's. That IP is liinked (Done at your register) to domain1.ext (your primary account) you will use ns1.domain1.ext and ns2.domain1.ext as your personal name servers..

You add domain2.ext...domainn.ext via the WHM. Then go to your registar and set the name servers for domainXX.ext to ns1.domain1.ext and ns2.domain1.ext. Once the name resolves everything is cool and it is a full fleged www GoDaddy site with all the rights/obligations. I think this is how 'shared hosting' that is sold works..

This is a very brief overview & not nearly as complicated as I make it sound. After a couple times setting up it is 'duck soup'. BTW on my servers each account/domain comes with a full fledged mail server, web mail etc..

I currently have around 40 active accounts 12 are clients & rest mine. Where I sent you has some flash instructions for lots of stuff. Need to join the forum but I don't think you need to be a customer..

While I am quite fond of my provider there are several that are also good but MANY to stay away from. Choosing is not easy. Took me a couple months to decide..

BTW I didn't feel like checking for spelling/typos...

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Thanks hark. I am probably going to opt for Some of my domains have similar topics and the ones that do I will certainly cross link. So that leaves one last small question in regards to.


I may get a dedictated ip address for each HostGator name at an additional cost of 0.50 each per month. I do like the idea of experimenting and interlinking the sites whith similar subjects. I am curently searching google about.


And "dedictated ip adress" and ranking.


And there seems to be different opinions on wether it's helpfull or not. I'll make up my mind by tomorow..

I'm very happy to have figured this out. Thanks again everyone for your helpfull posts..


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From my personal opinion that would be overkill. I have and know other people who link lots of related/unrelated sites in this environment. At least right now Google punishes duplicate content more than IP's. I have a couple PR4 sites that I place links to new sites on. Sure helps getting spiders to stop by. My primary GoDaddy site ranks above the fold (Page 1) on all the major SE's for multiple words.

I do make changes on a semi-regular basis to my most important sites and keep a close watch. My best GoDaddy site gets around 5-6K uniques/Month and eats around 5 gig bandwidth. Not real big but I am quite proud of it. Needs a new design though..

I was just about to post that blue who might be worth a look..

I did not know that but I see a link to HTTPme regarding the LA datacenter. My server is at the NAC. If anyone pops by HTTPme I am gimp there..

A key for me would be that Steven be the head dude for both..

A bit cheaper if doing small sites. I would want to compare specifics of both plan offerings..

Aussie Bob came up with a geat business model...

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I use HostGator for reseller hosting (you must get a reseller plan). I really like them but I do advise that unless you know what you are doing, support can be a real pain. It's not the best support in the world for those that need to constantly ask questions. It all depends on who is working. It's what I call a DIY host. For me, it works great and the server I am on is very fast..

I never checked on the uptime though. What is a good program ot use to check on your uptime?.

Also, be careful of places like Mesopia who claim you can host unlimited domains. It's not true. All the addon domains are actually just subdomains of your main domain. The key is, I find, that most places that use the term "add-on" are not offering true multi-domain hosting but rather unlimited subdomains to your main domain. Besides this, Mesopia is a terrible host with virtually no support. Just stay away..

If you want true multidomain hosting without getting a reseller account, I would stongly suggest They use H-SPHERE control panel, though. H-SPHERE is OK but I think Cpanel is better for the most part. Both have their ups and downs, though...

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I use two main Hosting Suppliers.

Both Use Hsphere (cpanel sucks).

Both are Linux Based (win server sucks).

One is true Multi-domain with 25 Domains limit,25 db's.

(From QuadraHosting Australia).

Other is True Multi-domain with Un-metered Domains,db's.


RoyaltyHosting Canada ,an excellent NPer ,Actually knows his stuff.


Both are US Based servers.

I also purchase Stand-alone Smaller Hosting packages for my managed clients.

Now my point all of this hosting costs me very little and the adsense income from just two of my names pays for it..

US Based Hosting is dirt cheap. Actually too cheap...

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With what you're doing, you don't even need a reseller accunt, it would be much easier if you got a shared hosting account (with CPanel)and added each of your domains as an 'addon domain', then they all get their own folder in your public_html folder.....

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