Godaddy how do check my traffic logs?
My question is Godaddy how do check my traffic logs? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: There is a Really Great HostGator Name listed at

I really would like to Own it ,but it is listed for $5,000 USD.

I can only afford to pay $8.00 USD for it..

What can I do...

I Really want to own.

What can I do ,except continually email the management of Greatdomains \.

Why Because this HostGator is already mine and I regged it at for $8.00USD.

But Greatdomains Continues to list it for sale at $5000USD..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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I was confused as heck at first....

I ran into the same problem, but not with a company as big as odd..

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As I stated I have , all I get is boiler-plate responses stating they will remove the listing ..

This has been going on for three weeks..

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You've got actually nothing to worry about Bare. It's good that one of your domains is listed at GreatDomains, and if it does get sold then you are the one who gets the money anyway, as simple as that. If you do own the domain, then no one in this world could initiate the transfer except you. It's pretty simple, eh? or am I missing something.....

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Yes ,Point is It is not for Sale.

And If I listed Your car or House for sale ,would you like that..

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Well, I guess that is where I am missing the point.

Anyway, good luck!..

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Strange.They've never listed any of my names w/o 1st receiving a signed contract. Maybe it was supposed to be and they screwed up. I have had instances where they've returned my email in hours, and at other times it's been a couple of weeks. If they don't have a contract w/ you to sell, they can't sell it so it's more of annoyance than a serious problem. But annoyances are a pain, nevertheless...

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Grilla ,It has been listed apparantly for some time.

The previous owner let it drop and it wasn't grabbed ,I regged it ..

I have even emailed them saying just change the for sale listing to my details.

The Idiotic email they sent back said "We will not be listing your HostGator because of our policy" ,but they continued to list it..

I have even filled out an offer form to try to contact someone other than the email robot ,but to no avail...

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US$8.00 for .cc at godaddy?.

Can you tell me how? ....

I can only get US$18 for one..

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If you listed it for sale at 10 times + it's actual value, and by some miracle it sold, I would love you forever...

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That is kind of weird but like other people said, they can't sell it without you. Sell my car too please?..

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This HostGator was mine, listed by me. I will email.

, and ask them to remove it, since I no longer own it. Hope this helps. Pm sent to Barefoot..


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Thanks FranK.

I will keep you posted on progress..

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I emailed.

, advising them I let.

Expire, and no longer own it. I asked them to remove it from the listing..


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Wow... such a great man, it seems to be a happy ending then. GL BFT..

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Ta-Tah! Another example of members working together to find solutions at Name Pros, the place to Buy, Sell and Discuss HostGator Names"!.

(This message was brought to you, courtesy of the warm and friendly Staff at Name Pros.)..

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I'd give em' a phone call and have em' remove it immediately on call...

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Addendum to saga.

I have just received EMAIL From saying they have removed listing (Don't have a clue about that one).


I am in Australia and Phone calls to USA is not a Cheap option..

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Dear Frank,.

Thank you for contacting Great Domains..

We will remove from GreatDomains listing..

We hope this information has been helpful. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email..

Best Regards,.


Customer Care.


1 703.421.5828 Fax..

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Wiw... at least there's something legally to look at.

BTW the looks good today. BFT congratz..

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That is just a useless Flash File because I haven't Setup a webpage yet.

Just got Email from a real person at Greatdomains..

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Progress Update despite their Email ,it is still listed.

So I can only assume they like it .So I sent an email requesting they pay me for it at their own displayed price..

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They make changes to their GoDaddy site every Weds. Willing to bet it doesn't show up next Weds..

No offense meant, and I say this good naturedly, but I sure wouldn't want to be at one end of a snafu, if you were on the other end...

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How true ,Grrilla.

I was peace loving ex-hippy , but not anymore..

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Lately, they haven't even been making changes once a week. But I am sure it will be removed the next time they do..


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Not so Great Domains continue on their course of not knowing what the customer wants, I would be very surprised if they actually make money. I think it is just a front to help them sell .tv/.cc names.

I own which they have for sale but I never listed it so they do not have permission and have not replied to emails .I wonder how many others they have listed that do not have agreements.

They list some very strange names whilst rejecting others - / were considered unsuitable, check out some of those that are listed- weird.

At least a couple of you got replies from them - even if they were wrong..

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