Godaddy is go-screwing me, please help!?
First question I have is Godaddy is go-screwing me, please help!? Thanks for any response. My other question... I got an offer on a name for $2000 I wanted to use said I would pay the fees, Buyer said can he use paypal he Is verified, score of 84..

I asked RJ for advice which he gave and thank you RJ..

Next I call paypal, surprisingly they say don't use paypal admits to knowing they have rotten rep In HostGator industry. THis person was very good on the phone and very helpful. I said because domains are not tangible, she says yeah it's hard to fight for you because banks won't accept most things as proof of delivery. I said a push can be proved she said banks don't care they are not going to take the time to look at that stuff. SHE said they will accept proof of delivery so come up with a contract and something tangible worth whatever like a cd talking about how to start a website and word it that the HostGator will be included. Deliver it so if they charge back we have the proof the banks want..

DOes this make senses ? WOuld it hold up? Jberryhill if you are reading would love your input especially..

Maybe this is away where domainers can be protercted better by PAypa. it surprised me they were very reserved Understanding their bad rep and said it was mostly banks fault what else can they do?.

I get scammed for $50 ok $2000 NO WAY so don't know if can chance using paypal...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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Good plan. BUT make sure you have no other accounts attached to your PayPal account, such as credit cards or they may withdraw funds that way. To be safe, have a second PayPal account with only the one 'disposable' checking account attached...

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THanks for the replies guys this seems like a lot of BS to go through because PAypal cannot verify PUSHES as proof on the phone htey were like a HostGator is a physical good we jsut cannot getbanks to recognize a push...

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Yes, but for the time spent, you'll save a good chunk of change on Escrow fees...

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It would seem fishy to me that the buyer wouldn't use any escrow service if you're offering to pay for it. If you do use Paypal, I hope for your sake everything works out. I did have one problem with someone with a name I sold on the Bazaar. The guy paid for the name, I sent him the name, then he complained to me saying he paid twice. I said no, he paid only once and sent him proof that I received only 1 payment from him. He then sends me "proof" that he sent 2 payments, except the "proof" had both payments with the same payment #.

What a bunch of crap to go through to save myself $12 that he was trying to scam from me! It was the principle of the matter though...

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Hey, even the Crooky has a good heart. should be the first option, IMO, but if the buyer is a member here well you can see his/her reputation to decide if you guys should go with Paypal...

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Politely explain to the prospective purchaser that you have contacted Paypal and that they suggested you use another service for the tranaction. Explain to this person the reasons for the rationalization by Paypal, that domains are not a tangible item and that this caused some consternation regarding it, then formulate your decision based on the answers the prospect gives to this logical argument against the use of Paypal in this transaction...

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I would definately go with Midano's idea..there is no way I would push a HostGator if the banks don't approve a push as proof of delivery. ( I didn't know that by the way ).

Good luck, let us know if everything goes well..

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1. Personally, I don't know why you need to politely explain anything. A buyer that tries to get out of using escrow is shady at best, especially when YOU are paying all the fees. Sure, we all want to sell a HostGator for XXXX but you have to look at the situation realistically. Don;t let dollar signs blind you. That's usually a recipe for disaster..

2. Please check PayPal's TOS. I though it was against policy to have more than one PayPal account? I could be wrong but you need to check. If it is against policy and you open a new account and do the transfer idea that was suggested, sure you may be able to dodge fraud but you will also risk losing your PayPal accounts. If the buyer initiates a refund request and PayPal obliges (and they will) they will try to take the money from your account. Since there is no money in your "disposable" bank account from which to take the granted refund and you will refuse any request by PayPal to deposit money so they can take it from you to cover the refund they had to give your buyer, what will paypal do? Well, it's likely they will suspend all your accounts.

They will not be happy with you even though you are protecting yourself and you have the right to do so..

PayPal does not care about your rights. They only care about your compliance with their policies..

And I don't blame them. Business is business..

3. Use escrow. If the buyer objects he is most likely up to no good...NP member or not. Good NP rep or not..

4. Use escrow..

5. Did you ever ask the buyer why he objects to using escrow even though it will cost him nohing? If not, ask him and please post the joke of an answer he gives you. We can all use a good laugh..


This is silly seeing how you can just use escrow and it will not cost the buyer since you agreed to pay all fees. Besides, never trust a PayPal employee. They jsut read from scripts. Just because they tell you it will work, it does not mean it actually will..

7. Use escrow...

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Yo, Its silly to not be able to verify a push, what do you think it could lead to?..

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I guess he wants to use PayPal as it's quick and simple, as long as no problems arise obviously....

How about asking him to pay via Check, once the check clears, push the name. I've also accepted funds via Wire Transfer to my bank account, went very smoothly...

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If he wants to use PayPal for it's speed, why would he want to send a check and have to wait 7-10 business days for clearance?.

Yes, I agree that it's silly that banks do not accept pushes and other electonic means of proof for no-tangible items. In this computer age banks are way behind the times. They need to step up to the 21st century because merchants lose out big time due to thier inability to keep up...

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Not quite. If Paypal is unable to yank the money from payee's linked bank/credit accounts, they will simply send an apologetic email to the payer UNLESS THE PAYEE PAYS EXTRA FOR OPTIONAL INSURANCE. So even if they lose on one transaction, they balance it with these fees..

Your transaction is over $1000 and HostGator names are not "physical goods" anyway..

Been there. Paypal's "seller protection" is a joke, so protect yourself as best as you can...

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You can say that again..

Thanks for the clarification on how it works if you have no funds in any account. I hope you are right. If so, this makes me like PP more as it gives me, the seller, more power in my transactions. I'll have to look into it..

Still, is one allowed to have more than one PP account? I'll have to check into that. As much as PayPal sucks, I realize that sometimes it is agood idea to have a PayPal account...

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I dont know his reason for not wanting to use Escrow, I just mentioned one possible reason why he might want to use PayPal..

The Check method was only a suggestion, if he says no to Escrow and Check well I'd think twice about making a deal with them..

Its to protect both parties.....

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Yes, go into the most protection as possible, it will save you in the end!..

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Here is the reply after I said I will pay fees or accept amoney order or a bank wire:.

Really only want to do paypal as I'm trying to keep the government from finding out about my paypal funds... by spending it before the end of year..

If you're going by what DGC says can you try asking him if he would trust someone with this rating?.

It means i've had 85 successful transactions.

Business Account Overview.

Name: Homeblock Internet Services (Dan Caban).


(Add email).

Status: Canadian - Verified (85)..

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That's a bunch of BS because it does not matter how fast you spend your paypal funds becuase it's all recorded electronically. The trail is already there the minute the funds get placed into an account. That's just about the stupidest excuse I've ever heard even if he does believe it..

Be careful this guy is most likely trying to scam you no doubt..

As a buyer he must understand your position and if he does not he's either up to no good or he's just plain dumb. I wouldn't risk it being the latter..

You are nice enough to pay escrow fees even though it is his obligation and still he won;t budge. He has no reason to refuse if he is honest. It costs him nothing and it protects BOTH of you..

I would not waste anymore time with a person like this. Just tell him....


You have to stand firm with people like this because they waste too much time and you may end up losing your HostGator in the end..

I don't mean to be rude, but if you ask me this is a no-brainer, really..

Also, be careful when accepting money orders or even cashier's checks. People think that they are as good as cash and that as soon as they get it they can send the product. Not so. There are a lot of fraudulent money orders out there. I treat money orders just like checks and wait until they clear and the funds are deposited into my account. I actually wait 3 days after th efunds show up to make sure...

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I agree with you Z it is a no doubter I told him no way he has no logical business sense..

Thanks for your time and the input, same with Gene and Midano. ty..

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